Original SWAT Kats Story

The Mysterious Rider

By Skier

  • 1 Chapter
  • 3,761 Words

The SWAT Kats meet a new ally when a mysterious biker helps them out of a sticky situation with the Metallikats. But, that kindness might have put their new friend in danger of her own. (Complete)

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Megakat City 2:30 pm = The MegaKat City Salvage Yard

“Ha ha! Jake, you got to see this!” Chance said as he called to his best friend. He was watching his favorite show Scaredy Cat (As usual). Him and his friend Jake work at this junkyard. Concealing their real jobs, as the two great heroes…the SWAT KATS. Jake walked into the room where they kept the TV (and the fridge).

“We’ve already seen this one, Chance.” Jake said as he rolled his eyes.

“Ya! But once you’ve seen it once it funnier the second time around” Chance was almost the on the ground laughing. Jake closed his eyes and shook his head. He took the TV remote and turned the TV off. Then they heard it. They both rushed outside to see a dump load of garbage dumped right in front of their door.

“Why you low down! Stinkin……” Chance clenched his fists tightly ,then putting them up in fighting form.

“Chance!” Jake put a hand on his friend’s shoulder as if to stop him from charging. Out of the garbage truck stepped the ugliest of looking jerkos you would ever see! It was Burt and Murray. Two of the rottenest garbage men you ever saw.

“Why looky here Burt!” Murray said as a smug look crossed his face. “The kings of the dump yard have arrived to welcome us.” This remark made Chance clench his fists harder.

“We want no fights around here! You got that!”

“OHHHHHHH! The kings are ordering us to stop! Maybe we should listen….NOT!” At this remark the two jerkos broke into insane laughter. Now even Jake had to growl.. Then a voice came from the entrance of the salvage yard.

“HEY YOU!” They all turned to see a young girl…..a HUMAN GIRL!

“WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU?” Burt spoke for the first time.

“It’s not what. Its who and to answer that I’m Murielle Kat and I am half cat, half-human”she crossed her arms and in a taunting voice she said “What were your parents? Half warthog, half pig!”Burt snarled and Jake and Chance started to laugh. “And speakin of your parents…” she continued “your pop’s so old when god said let there be light, he said “No way I’m sleeping!” More laughter came from Chance and Jake. None came from Burt and Murray.”And your mommy’s so old when the police asked her for he license, she gave them a rock!” At this Burt looked as if he was gonna charge, but Murray stopped him.

“We’ll get them later! We got to roll” then the two got into their junky garbage truck and left. Chance and Jake were still laughing as they approached Murielle.

“Nice job kid!” Chance said giving her a hearty slap on the back.

“Thanks!” she said with a smile “My name is Murielle what’s you guy’s names?” “I’m Jake and this is my friend Chance.”

“Nice names! Well got to go! See you around sometime” she called over her shoulder as she walked out of the yard waving her hand to them. They waved back to her and then walked back in their small house.

“I’ll handle ‘m from down on the ground and you handle ‘m from up there T-bone!” Razor called to his partner from his intercom on his bike.

“Will do Razor!” They were chasing the Metallicats (as usual again!). They had trapped them on the MegaKat freeway. As usual the Metallicats were fighting.


“AND YOU CAN DO BETTER MOLLY?” Molly just growled. Back on the street, Razor was trying to keep up with the Metallicat’s car. Suddenly the car swerved and turned towards him! “I’m going to ram that swat fool!” Max said as he started to charge!

“AH CRUD!” Razor tried to turn but something was wrong! His bike wheels were stuck! Suddenly he felt Something grab him from behind. He was being pulled on to another bike. His bike just rammed into the car. T-bone, who had been watching, stared pain.

“RAZOR!” he called out. When no answer came he hung his head in sadness.


“RAZOR! Are you all right?”

“Yeah, I’m ok and I think we have a new friend,” Razor stared up to see someone hunched over him. The person wore white pants and shirt, a white bandanna, and a white bikers helmet. “Who are you?” Razor asked.

“The name is Mysterious Rider and I am a friend” the rider’s voice was muffled by the helmet. But Razor could tell it was a girl. She held a hand down and helped him up. Behind them came a loud noise. They both turned to see the TurboKat land a few feet away from them. The hatch opened and out popped T-bone. He rushed over to them.

“Who’s this?” “T-bone meet Mysterious Rider.” The rider held out her hand to T-bone who took it. Suddenly a huge explosion came from behind them. They turned to see the Metallicats car come busting right towards them. They all jumped out of the way just as the car was about to hit them.

“I think it time you two used that jet of yours!” the rider called out as she scrambled to her bike.

“The lady’s right, T-bone”

“Then lets kick some Metallicats’ tail!” T-bone called out as him and Razor boarded their jet. They blasted off in hot pursuit of the Metallicats. Not noticing the Mysterious Rider not following.

“They can handle this on their own” the Rider said as she took off in the other direction.

~ ~ ~

“BINGO!” Razor called out as he hit the car with the TurboKat’s grappling hook. The jet lifted the car and the Metallicats up into the air.

“WHY YOU MANGIN.” Max called out.

“Hey watch your mouth!” Razor called back. He then looked at his partner who was looking worriedly from side to side out the TurboKat’s windows. “What’s up T-bone” he asked worriedly.

“Razor that biker..” T-bone said in a worried voice” she is gone!”

“You sure?”

“Positive. She is nowhere around.” Razor then noticed that the Rider was nowhere around.

“Maybe she went home.”

“Maybe. I just hope she is alright.” T-bone said as they blasted off to the Enforcer headquarters to drop off the Metallicats.

~ ~ ~

Murielle turned the keys to open her apartment door. She threw her biker helmet on the couch and sat down next to it. “Well Rider you’ve done it again” she said as she looked at the helmet next to her.

~ ~ ~

Murielle walked into the huge office. She glanced around at all the paintings. The were all of Mayor Manx. “Man whoever this Manx guy is he sure is rich,” she said as she stared at the huge picture above a small door. Suddenly the door opened and a young female Kat stepped out.

“Yes mayor I understand” the woman said as she closed the door. She turned and started to look at her papers and walk at the same time. She walked past Murielle and was about to go out a door at the other side of the room when Murielle called out:

“Ah Miss.” The woman shrieked a little and dropped all her papers “Oh sorry didn’t mean to startle you” Murielle said rushing over to help pick up all the papers.

“Oh its all right” the Kat bent down to pick up the papers. Then they both glanced up at the same time and their eyes met. They both glanced away. “So you the new intern?”

“Yep! And you must be Deputy Mayor Briggs” Murielle said standing up.

“So you heard and what is your name?”

“Murielle, your loyal intern” at this she gave a small salute. Briggs laughed a bit at this. “Well your first job loyal intern is to get me to Enforcer headquarters” at this remark Murielle smiled. She was all ready with a solution for this problem.

~ ~ ~

“Whoa! Watch it! Slow down!” Miss Briggs called out as she hugged Murielle tighter. They both were on Murielle’s motorcycle. “Are you sure this your only transportation?”

“The fastest one I got” Murielle called back. And sure enough, only a few minutes they were in front of Enforcer headquarters. Murielle parked her bike and hopped off. “After you Miss Briggs” she said as she held out her hand to help Miss Briggs off the bike. Miss Briggs took the hand and hopped off. She was happy to get off.

“I’ll be right back,” Miss Briggs said as she walked up the steps to the Enforcer building. Murielle sat back on her bike. She stared up at the huge building.

“Nice bike, were did you get it?” a voice came from beside her. She looked to her left. There stood a young woman Enforcer. She was in full Enforcer uniform. She smiled and Murielle couldn’t help but smile back.

“I got it from my dad” the smile faded from Murielle’s face “He’s dead now.”

“I am sorry. I didn’t mean to bring anything up.” The woman held out her hand to Murielle which she took “My name is Felina.”

“I am Murielle.”

“Well it’s nice to meet you.”

“Murielle! Oh! Hi Felina” the two girls turned to see Miss Briggs come down the steps of the building.

“Well I got to go. Nice meeting you Murielle and nice seeing you Deputy Mayor Briggs” Felina said. Then she walked up the steps to the building.

“Well, shall we get going?”

“Sure! Hop on!” Murielle said as she got on her bike.

“OHHHHHH! NOT AGAIN!” Miss Briggs whined. But she got on and they blasted off.

~ ~ ~

“Well dropped off Briggs and now I have the afternoon to myself” Murielle thought to her self. Suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her side. “The Swat Kats they’re in trouble!” she said quietly to herself. She put on her biker outfit and ran out of her apartment, down the stairs, and out the door to her bike. “Well there goes my afternoon!” she said to herself as she put on her helmet and blasted off on her bike.

~ ~ ~

Megakat City-Salvage yard-2:00Pm

Murielle and Callie walked through the salvage yard at 2 PM in the afternoon. Murielle was still rubbing her eyes from sleep. It took her and Callie the whole night to finish the mayor’s speech. They entered a small shack at the end of the yard. The shack looked cozy enough. There was a fridge and a TV and even a cool picture of Chance and Jake dressed in Enforcer uniform. Murielle picked up the picture and studied it a bit. “Well x-Enforcers huh?” She laughed a little at the thought of the two pals, she had only met a month ago, were once Enforcers. Callie didn’t even notice her looking at the photo.

“Chance Jake” there came no answer” They must be out back I’ll go get them be back in a jif.” She scooted out the door. Murielle looked after her and then put down the photo. She wandered off to check out the rest of the shack. She entered a very small kitchen. There was a pot on the stove. She lifted the cover and a foul smelling scent came into the air. She quickly covered it again, but the smell was so bad she staggered backwards and hit a small red button. She turned just to see a small hatch open.

“Helllllo” she said as she stared down the dark stairway. She put one foot then another. She stopped at the bottom step and could not move an inch further. She saw a jet, the Swat Kat’s jet and their bike. She bit down a gasp because she then heard voices coming from up top. She ran up the stairs and hit the button.

She was just in time because just then Callie, Jake, and Chance came strolling through the door.

“Hi Murielle, you look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Chance said chortling.

“Or maybe she smelled your cooking Chance” Jake said. Chance glared at him. Murielle just stood there with a wide, scared look on her face. Callie put a hand on her shoulder.

“I am going to stay her a while okay? You can head on home” she didn’t have to tell Murielle twice. Murielle left in a hurry and after she left Callie said: “Do you think she knows?” Chance and Jake looked at each other.


Murielle sat in her apartment. She was thinking hard about something she didn’t want to but what she had to. A picture flew through her mind. Of the Swat Kats and their jet on the ground burning. NO! She would not even think that! She had loved the Swat Kats ever since she heard about them. She would not let them die without a fight! Suddenly there came a knock at the door. She walked over to it and opened it. There sat Jake. He was wearing an Enforcer’s jacket and plain old jeans. “Ah Murielle can I come in for a sec?”

“Sure come on in” Murielle said stepping away to let him in. But as soon as he stepped in. She felt the feeling! The feeling that something was wrong! AND IT WAS!

“Get down” Jake yelled as he grabbed her and pulled her to the ground. Two arrows whizzed past their heads. Murielle screamed as Jake pulled down. She had not seen the Metallicats sneak into her apartment through the fire escape.

“You’re days are numbered MYSTERIOUS RIDER!” Max said as he pointed his gun at her. She gasped. They knew but how? She thought.

“You were the only human around these parts! So we just put two and two together” Molly shifted uneasily as Jake growled menacingly. Jake leapt at Molly. They both fell down in a jumble.

“MOLLY!” Max yelled as he pointed his gun quickly at Jake.

“I don’t think so!” Murielle yelled as she jumped and wrapped her arms around Max’s waist. He fell down with Murielle on top of him. As those two fought, Jake and Molly had rolled into Murielle’s bedroom. Jake was trying to knock Molly out with punches. Finally she was knocked out. That’s when Jake heard it. A gun firing! NO! He thought over and over as he rushed into the other room. There stood Murielle holding Max’s gun. She had grabbed it and fired. She hit Max full in the chest. She dropped the gun and started to tremble.

“Murielle” She didn’t let him finish. She fell down in total shock. Jake caught her just before she hit the ground. He then saw it. The helmet on the ground next to his foot. “They were” he looked down at her face “right.”

“Jake you can’t be serious.” Chance said as he tied the Metallicats to the chairs they were sitting in.

“I’m dead serious! Chance I saw the helmet that proves it!”

“SHHHH! JAKE! I just got Murielle to go to sleep! She was in total SHOCK for an hour you know!”Chance walked into the next room. He closed the door that led to his bedroom were Murielle was asleep.

“She is a brave kid. She got Max pretty good.” Jake looked out the window. It was raining. Chance looked at him. He really does care about that kid, Chance thought, and do I care as much as he does?

“I guess you guys were my heroes and I want to be like you so I just disguised myself and went on ahead” Murielle looked down at her feet.

“You nuts! YOU’RE A KID MURIELLE! Hero stuff is for us to do.” Chance turned his back to Murielle.

“Chance is right Murielle!” Jake looked very sternly at Murielle.

“But.” she couldn’t finish because the alarm went off in the garage.

“Let’s move Chance”Jake called over his shoulder. He quickly pulled off his entire clothes to uncover his Swat Kat uniform. Chance did the same thing and they both climbed into the TurboKat.

“Hey wait for me!”

“NO MURIELLE! You stay here! You hear me!” Chance yelled as the TurboKat’s top closed. The Swat Kats blasted off leaving Murielle in their dust.

“IF THEY THINK I AM JUST GOING TO WAIT HERE, THEY GOT ANOTHER THING COMING!” Murielle grabbed her helmet and coat and jumped on her bike and rode off. She didn’t even hear the Metallicats call out:



“ME!!!!!!!! WHY YOU!!!!!!!!”

“There’s the disturbance. It looks like Dark Kat” Razor said as he looked out his window.

“Yep! So let’s rock and roll.” T-bone said as he piloted the TurboKat down towards the Megakat Labs.

“Hey T-bone you don’t think you were to hard on Murielle. Do you?”

“She needs to learn that this is not all superheroes and games.”

“T-bone, how did you feel about your favorite hero when her age?” T-bone didn’t answer the question. The TurboKat landed on the roof of the building. T-bone and Razor hopped out of the jet and ran to the door that led from the roof. They didn’t get to open it though. All of the sudden they were blasted back. They looked up to see Dark Kat and some of his kreeplings standing in the doorway.

“Hello Swat Kats, it’s so very bad to see you” Dark Kat said with his evil voice.

“Hey we;re not happy to see your face either Darky” T-bone said over a growl.

“I grow weary of this” He pointed one finger at the Swat Kats “Kill.” Suddenly the kreeplings lunged at the two Swat Kats. T-bone fired his netting at the kreeplings. Five of them were caught.

“T-bone Help!”

“RAZOR!” T-bone turned to see his best friend slide off the side of the building with a kreepling. “Noooooooo! ” he yelled as he felt his heart jump into his throat. He then put his head to his chest. Then he heard:

“Hey T-bone, I guess your words don’t work on me!” He looked and saw Razor and Murielle on, what else, Murielle’s bike of course and it was flying. “I bet you didn’t know my bike could fly did you?”

“Murielle I thought I told you to stay back at the hanger” Murielle looked down at her feet. “But” T-bone smiled “I am glad you didn’t listen.” Murielle’s face brightened up right away after that.

“Ah guys can we chat later?” Razor said as he bagged two kreeplings in his netting. One of the kreeplings went after Murielle. She punched it in the face and knocked it into the wall. T-bone grabbed two of the kreeplings and knocked them into Dark Kat who fell over from the impact. Dark Kat sat up and rubbed his head. Then he saw Murielle. He had an idea. She didn’t see it coming. He grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her back into him. She kicked and screamed but his hold was too strong.

“Hold Swat Kats! Or she gets it! Dark Kat pulled out a knife and put it to the girl’s neck. The Swat Kats quickly turned their heads.

“Murielle!!!!!!” Razor said as he threw a kreepling across the roof.

“Let her go Dark Kat!” T-bone said through clenched teeth.

“Not until I get what I want! And further more OUCH! YOU LITTLE BRAT!” Murielle had stepped on Dark Kat’s foot and had broken away from his claws. She then kicked him through the door to the building.

“Not bad, for a new Swat Kat” T-bone said with a smile.

“You really mean it?!” A big grin crossed her face.



“Ah guys, sorry to ruin this great moment but Dark Kat is gone” Razor said pulling his head through the door where Dark Kat had fallen.

“Crud!” T-bone said over a growl.

“Don’t worry guys well get him next time,” Murielle said as she grinned.

“Yep and with you with us nothing is going to stop us! Give me paw!” T-bone said as he stuck out his paw.

“To the Swat Kats! May we always win!” Razor said as he stuck his paw on T-bone’s.

“To the Swat Kats!” Murielle said as she did the same as the others.

“ALLLLLLLLLRRRRRRRRRRRIGHT!” they a said together as they gave a huge high-five together.


This is my first Fanfic so don’t hurt me okay! LOVE THE MYSTERIOUS RIDER! jeff227@sover.net

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