Original SWAT Kats Story

The Archeiver’s Saga

By Sigma 9

  • 6 Chapters
  • 17,147 Words

Some guy by the name Aug causes random mayhem, and the SWAT Kats get the full treatment of his weirdness.

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Author's Notes:

This a collection of myths surrounding the series to  follow. It’s used only to further explain the story, as this prologue  will be used heavily.  This prologue might also help explain some areas  of the Midnight “Midnite Madness” Magic series. If you do not care for  such a thing, please skip this and continue to the next in the series.

Chapter 1

The Myths of Keilla (The Prologue)

The Creation

Idea By: Kristin Schaeffer

Originated in: 1994

Regenerated by: Ryan Kelley

(Taken from: Resurrection of Eemella)          Once there was darkness. Then, a creature, forged by  the two essences, Lyrr and  Mybyss came into the darkness. She created a sun and a large planet out of nothing. Next,  she made a moon to orbit the planet. The moon began to evolve life. She called this  moon Kumunga. Her planet grew life as well, It became fertle and green. She thought it  so elegant that she made a mountain that wrapped round the planet near the north pole.  She called this the crown. Eemella forged out humanlike forms on both the planet and   Kumunga in her own image. Eemella gave Luna her magic pendent which she called  Orin to protect the denizens of Luna         Eemella couldn’t decide which place she wanted to live. Eventually, she devided  herself into three people and one perodot cat. The two male Eemellas, one human and  one cat, came to the planet they called Luna, but unfortunately, the human Eemella lost  his memory and went by the name Ryan. The cat called himself Catt, and was trapped in  a mountain which was later called Rhyming Rock because one of he rocks in the cave  talked in rhyme. The cave entrance had a waterfall covering it for many hundreds of  years, trapping Catt inside. The two female Eemellas went to Kununga. one, named Ro,  was good hearted, but the one called Roen was evil hearted. Both were constantly  mistaken for the other. Getting each other into trouble. After Eemella broke up into four,  Keilla’s north pole flew off. And now a world is formed.

Destruction of Orin

Remastered By: Ryan Kelley

Originated in: 1989         (This was taken from The book of Stetristy)          On Luna’s north pole, which they, at the time called Topicanna, lived a prince  named Prince. He went outside one day on a walk. As he walked, he found himself in a  desert, Trying to find his way out, he tripped over a pint sized pyramid and disappeared.  Prince had been teleported inside the pyramid. Reaching the top, he discovered a light  pink glowing pendant. He took it and wished himself back at his palace.          Feillixty (pronounced: Felix T), Prince’s cat, who gas more like a grey kat rather  than an actual cat, started looking for his master. Right as he left, Prince had returned.   Fellixty tripped over the same pyramid. reaching the now empty top of the pyramid,  pounded on the bricks. One triggered a few blocks to fall of one wall. Inside the new  crack in the wall was a blue and purple glowing pendant. This was the real Orin. Fellixty  took it.          The pink gem Prince had found was corrupting him. When Feillixty returned home,  he saw his master and knew something was horrifically wrong. Orin caused Prince to  throw down the fake Orin. Shortly after, the real Orin pulled Luna back together,  smashing the fake Orin, now labeled plainly “The Fake” into a million pieces and Orin  shattered into four pieces. The Fake collected itself and returned back to it’s creator,  Mybyss for a while. Orin, on the other hand, ended up in four distant out of the way  places on Luna, probably never to be seen again…. but something went astray. The four  major fragments were flung away, but many millions of pieces, mostly purple, the rest  blue were flung into the future. The purple gems were imbedded in an infant without a  name or a real person to call his mother in a dimension without a name. The blue gems  were placed in the infant’s son when he was an infant.

The Moonstone Gem

Recreated by: Ryan Kelley

Originated in:  1993

(From the original Moonstone Gem)

Adelle Og had a crush on a guy named Olo, but Olo liked a girl named Roque  Crashbal (pronounced Ro-kay   Crash ball). But Roque really liked a guy named Emperor  Auggie Og, and Emperor Auggie Og liked Adelle Og. Adelle didn’t want her brother  marrying her. That was sick! Adelle searched for something that would make Olo notice  her. Eventually, she searched a place called Dazzle Caverns, where Mundunadu the  Sorcerer lived. Dazzle Caverns was directly on Keilla’s lush south pole, while Adelle  lived almost at the north pole. It was a large, skinny mountain. Entering in a cave will  take you through cavern after cavern of crystals that reflect light, even when there isn’t  any light to reflect! She found a blue gem. It attracted her, so she took it home. The next  day, Olo noticed her, only he was too busy noticing her to realize that he walked off a  cliff!

The Starfeild Gem

Condensed by: Ryan Kelley

Originated in: 1993

(From the original Starfield Gem)

Recarto Og, stupid brother of Adelle Og, realized the power of the Moonstone  gem. He’d find one just like it and call it the Starfeild Gem! Recarto first looked in his  own backyard for one, then, other places. He asked his father where to look for one,  burbling that one piece of Orin could be found in a desert not too far from the Palace of  the Og, Recarto’s home. Recarto skipped along, and tripped over a pint sized pyramid and  vanished inside. At the top of the pyramid, he found a purple gem. Instantly, he and the  gem were home. The sky didn’t explode like he thought it would. He wondered why.

More Junk!

By: Ryan Kelley

Originated in: 1994       Hey kids! Here’s some junk… er cool stuff for the whole family!  “20,000,000 Ways to use Dental Floss” book, and Designer Dogs! And for the cat lovers,  Cat Ball o’ Boom! For you sophisticated people, glasses that wet on command!  For the  perfect wedding present, a bag of ketchup! For the kids, a new car! For girls, we haves  millions of products that drink and wet such as beds, lamps etc… How about the book   “9,000,000,000  ways to have hot whipped cream!” Or how about the book “5 ways to  send your sibling to Hell!” What about the book “Nine Trillion goggle ways to blow up  your gym teacher without even trying while standing on your head, while driving a car,  while watching TV, while doing your homework, while hanging on a flagpole!” Or our  best seller, “Eat Pizza crust that is a few years old decomposing six thousand nine  hundred  seventy five feet underground while blowing up your gym teacher without even  trying while standing on your head, while driving a car, while watching TV, while doing  your homework, while hanging on a flagpole in just five simple steps!”

The Sun Stone Gem

Summarized by: Ryan Kelley

(Taken from: The Sunflame Gem)

Originated in: 1993        Fufu “Great” Og saw how powerful Adelle and Recarto were. He desired the sane  power. Recarto had said burbled something about one gem being inside the Great Tamma  Jungle which was far, far away. Being that his son never lied, he went there in search.  Some time later, he came upon an ancient abandoned city of fire. avoiding the fire, he  had soon found a yellow gem.

The Linker Gem

Recreated by: Ryan Kelley

(Idea from: The Linker Gem)

Originated in: 1993         Emperor Auggie was out wandering. He was envious that all the rest of his family  was so powerful. Mabye there was another part of Orin, now just known as the gem that  linked Luna and Topicanna back to being one planet. Auggie walked in the Tamma  Jungle. Eventually, he came upon an ancient city. Eventually he found a green gem.  Auggie was home the next day.

Once part 10

Shortened by: Ryan Kelley         Character idea by: Kristin Schaeffer

Originated in 1994

This story changed Keilla forever. Two people were banished from Kununga. The  two appeared on Keilla. Thy looked exactly alike. Black hair and eyes. Only one wore a  black dress while the other white dress. Eventually, they were introduced to the leader of  Keilla one who went by the name Ryan. After much consideration, since one was evil,  and the other good, he let the two stay.

Resurrection of Eemella

By: Kristin Schaeffer

Recreated by: Ryan Kelley

Originated in: 1994

Ryan was talking with the two new arrivals from Kumunga. Ro, who was good  and wore a black dress, and Roen who wore a white dress. They said that they and Ryan  were one. Ryan didn’t get it. Both of said that the answer was at Rhyming Rock, a  mountain with a waterfall. They said something about a black heart stone. Ryan searched  the mountain. He found the giant black stone quite by accident. Finding a cave behind the  waterfall, he found a paradot cat the size of a Newfoundland. The cat called itself Catt.  When returned, Catt related that all of he and Ryan were named Eemella. Ryan was  shocked that he knew this. Ro stated that she was Eem,  and Roen stated that she was  Ella. After a few adventures, they had learnt how to become one again.


By: Ryan Kelley

Originated in: 1994

The dimension Keilla was being bumped out of the universe by a new dimension  without a name to it. Keilla was sent to Forever, a universal junk pile. As Keilla and all  of the dimensions like Keilla were tossed away into another universe, Forever, the  Creator of Keilla consulted with all the other Creators of all the other dimensions in  Forever. Among these were Imp Alog, Blexx, and Chronis. When all agreed to merge the  Universe Forever into one hospitable world. Eemella merged the Universe Forever into  Imperial. All the dimensions were one. A giant plain, that contained everything  imaginable, was placed in this new universe. Imperial is formed.

Origin of Aug:

By Ryan Kelley        Original idea originated in 1995        Summarized concept in year 1996

A small scrawny child had finished a day at school. He was in a field. He heard a  voice in the clouds. It was a girl in a white dress with black hair. He was given a choice  of living a life of immense power, with much tragedy in his life in a new world, or a life  just like anyone else’s. The child decided not to chose the latter.  Around year 2000, the   child’s home planet blew up, forcing him to live on another planet, one called Megaluna.  The child was fourteen.  Over time, he lost everything, including his last name, and his  life several times, but that’s another story to be told another time.

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