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Razor’s Lament

By Sigma 9

  • 1 Chapter
  • 1,073 Words

Razor goes neurotic.

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(Title: SWAT Kats: Razor’s Lament)
(Coming After: Dark Ages)
(Author: Ryan “Jake “B-ko Daitokuji” Shard” Kelley)
This could be a possible prologue to anything! Mabye you can build on it, just
ask me first!
The world lay silent, basking in the glow of the white moon. All slept
well, all that weren’t were thinking thoughts of evil and hatred for one cause
or another. There was one, who lived about fifty miles east of Megakat City (A
person-on-the-west-coast’s thing!!), who had no sleep. All he could see was that
now, he teach his son exactly what he wanted him to be, the end of all his past
rebellions. He would strike through Moriyama. (Moriyama first appears in
Euroatia which probably will never get past act one, and if completed, will not
be available due to it’s content.)
SWAT Kats:
Razor’s Lament
Ryan “B-ko “Jake Shard” Daitokuji” Kelley
Act One:
Far Away, in the day, in the sun lies-the-Earthbound one. Far away,
she shall stay!……………. But then, her flower friend comes to you!
Two-true-blue! That will…. aide you till the end!

The song flowed through Jake’s mind. It was quite beautiful.
Razor woke up with a start. He rubbed his eyes. “Wha?”
“HI!” Naiome sang into his face.
“Quit, Maadi. Maadi…. That’s such a stupid name. Why dontcha change
it?” Razor said.
“I like Maadi! She was cool!” Mari said.
“Well, it still sucks!” Razor persisted.
“T-Bone likes it!” Naiome scoffed. “So THERE!”
“Where’s T-Bone, anyway?” Jake asked.
“Oh! He’s out talking to Callie….. ” Naiome said, looking out a
window ,”hey, look! They’re trying to eat each other alive! Hey brother! Why are
you touching her THERE?”
Jake ran to the window, breathless. There was not a soul in sight.
Razor looked confused for a second until Mari said “GOTCHA!!”
Jake’s face got a slightly redder appearance. “I’ll KILL YOU!” Jake
yelled. All of a sudden, Chance came up into the garage. “You two playn’?”
Chance asked at the weird position Naiome and Jake were frozen in when Chance
came up.
“Yeah! It’s called…. Tennis four Square thingy! Yeah!” Naiome
giggled as she danced about. Jake came up to his partner and wispered into his
ear. “Chance, get her out of here! She should be put up with Lenny Ringtail!
Look at her! She’s crazy!”
“Yeah?” Chance returned, “Don’t YOU have any relatives that are
weirder than most?”
Jake walked away. “Jake?”
“I don’t wanna talk about it.” Jake said.
Chance walked back up to him “Huh? Somthi-”
“SHUT UP!!” Jake yelled.
“Hey, Naiome why don’t you and I go see a movie?” Chance said. Naiome
stopped running about, her eyes lit up (how more could they light up may I ask,
sheesh!!) and a smile went across her face.
The End
(Just kidding!)
“Yeah! Thanks! You’ve never left Jake alone much, so this will be a
treat! Let’s see ‘A Wind Named Amnesia’ !” Naiome said.
“Okay,” Chance looked at the listings. Strangly, there was a show
that was going to play in a half hour. just the time needed to get to the
theater. “Let’s go.”
Naiome gave a shout “Oh, BOY!!”
Act Two:
Looking in your eyes,
How I want the world to go away.
You and I would stay.
And Ill be, forever in your eyes.

Razor was moping about outside. How could he tell Chance about what
he went through so many years ago. Somehow, it was coming back. He felt so shy
and defenceless when his memories came upon him. It seemed like the whole world
waas after him. He needed to talk to someone, but who? The idea hit him! He went
inside and called Doctor Azuma.
A half hour later, a figure came into the garage…….
Act Three:
“Whata great movie!” Naiome sang as they were going home.
“Yeah! No bugs!” Chance said.
“What?” Naiome asked.
“I hate bugs!” Chance replied.
“Oh, oh really….” Naiome said.
“Maadi, are you giong to change that wako name? It’s so…. stupid!”
Chance said.
“HEY, Maadi’s cool!” Mari said.
Chance sighed.
When they arrived home, Jake wasn’t seen. An hour later, he entered.
“Jake, you okay? You look weird.” Chance said.
“Almost drugged!” Naiome said.
“Yeah. sorry I was gone. Just some Moriyama did something to me.”
Razor said.
“Who’s Moriyama?” Chance asked.
“SHUT UP!” Razor yelled.
“Jake, get over it!” Chance insisted.
“I SAID SHUT UP!” Jake roared.
“Just what happened?” Chance asked. “I’m a little concerned, that’s
“Why don’t you just go to Ned’s Cafe AND LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!” Jake
The sound wave carried all the way into Megakat City. The sound wave
had just enough power to knock down a building. Robyn Alexander was ready to
start her first re re re re etc. opening day, when the whole place came crashing

“It beat me again! I can’t take it! I CAN’T!” she moaned.
Author’s note: Does anyone understand this thing so far? I don’t!
“Computer, give me the data on subject R, C-16. Is it finished?”
Moriyamma said.
“Anallyses proves done. Sending data to Ted Turner to make a replica
of this guy so he can do whatever foul things he does to his computer enhanced
robots.” Comp-U-Tor Said.
“Good. Now I’m free to go. God, I hate this DNA extracting job!”
Moriyama said.
N e x t T i m e . . . . .
Mind Merge
(contents unavailable at this time)

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