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Mind Merge

By Sigma 9

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Part one of an unfinished two part story. Some weird thing is headed towards Megakat city, for some weird reason.

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(Title: SWAT Kats: Mind Merge Part I - I)
(Coming After: Who knows what)
(Author: Ryan "B-ko "Snoopy" Daitokuji" Kelley)
Author's Note: This story should explain what the show doesn't. Since this is all stuff not 
yet proven, feel free to change any media you want. These are just my guesses. Any 
computer code in a section of this is meant to be there. I also use any SWAT Kats' media 
to influence my stories. It's just my way of writing.
This is the beginning of B-ko's appearances in her trashy work
A (not really) quote from A-ko Magami
You're finished, A-ko!
A quote from me!
All was in place. Project C-16 Plan A was in order.
"Commissioner?" one female said to the commissioner.
"Tell Strike One to launch all units!" the female commissioner said.
"What is our status?" a figure said.
"Strike One is launched, Moriyama. Megaluna will be completely subjugated by nightfall." 
the commissioner said.
It was an average day in Megakat City, nothing was happening. The dull, wintery sky 
covered up the light blue sun and the yellow and green sky. The sky was dark, and a giant 
thunderstorm was the only thing keeping any level of excitement. The same storm was 
going in a parallel dimension, and twice more in two other dimensions......
                          SWAT Kats:
                       Mind Merge I - I
                  Ryan "B-ko Daitokuji" Kelley
Act One:
     The SWAT Kats were out, trying to adapt to a third  in the jet.
      "Maadi, you still like the setup?" T-Bone said into the microphone attachment on his 
      "Yeah! This gun thing works great! While you guys work in the cockpit, I can be in 
the cargo doohickey and blast things! It's cool! Hey, who's in that Enforcer Chopper?" 
Naiome said into her microphone attachment on her helmet, sounding, for once, her age.
      "Uh, Just Feral, nobody important." Razor said to Naiome.
      "You sure we won't blast into an alternate dimension, now, Razor?" Mari affirmed.
      "Hope not." Razor said.
      One of the lightning bolts hit the helicopter below the Turbokat.
      "Hang on, Maadi!" Chance said.
      Razor deployed the grappling hook to the now crippled Enforcer Helicopter. The jet 
started making a nose dive.
      "Wha!!! Razor! Why didncha tell me you were going to do that!" T-Bone yelled.
      "Oops!" Razor blushed.
      When everything was settled, Feral staggered out of the helicopter.
      "Hey Commander! Was that just as good as the doughnut shop?" Chance jeered at 
Feral. Feral took on a look of surprise and ran out of sight, a bit awkwardly.
      "Looks like he can't stand to be seen with us!" Razor said.
      "Hey, HEY! Did you notice he seemed weirder than usual?" Mari said.
      "Hey, Maadi, we have a grudge on the kat. There's nothing you can do." Razor said.
      In nearby town, Gravaton City, the city finally shut down it's alien outer space hotel. 
It was huge and had many long spikes all over it's oval shape.
      Far from the SWAT Kat's planet,  space ships were heading toward the SWAT Kat's 
planet at rapid speed. They were coming close to the furthest planet in the solar system.
Act Two:
      "Commander! Why are you here? You should be at headquarters!" an Enforcer said 
coming up to him. "There's an important meeting coming up and you're going to 
represent us."
      "Right now, I'm trying to comprehend where I am. This place, so strange." Feral said.
      "Commander, are you feeling well?" the enforcer asked.
      "No. Everyone keeps calling me Commander, or Commander Feral, or Feral. 
Everyone is mutated. I must have been put into another dimension." Feral said.
      "Now I can TELL you're not feeling well!" The Enforcer said.
      "If I wasn't, then why would I be here now? The altercations in my mind are too 
much as it is let alone what they'd be if I was mad. Do you agree?" Feral said in a very 
deep voice.
      "Uh, whatever, bye!" the Enforcer said, as he backed away and left.
      "Just great! Now people think I'm some crazy lunatic!" Feral said.
      "Razor, something's happening with the wiring. It's seeping out some green crud." 
Mari said as her training continued.
      Razor responded. "Wha? That's impossible. There can't be anything like what you're 
saying coming from electrical."
      "Then why is it happening Sure Shot?" T-Bone said.
      "Don't worry. I've got it. Stuff like this happens if some huge magnetic field is 
approaching a large silicon body. It happened once to me." Mari said.
      "Well our air is mainly silicon, and we have magnets on board. It doesn't happen then." 
Razor kidded.
      "No, I mean the size of a planet, ours would work and the magnetic force has to be 
big enough to fit around the object, and even with this concept, it only works at certain 
speeds of approach and on the silicon itself. Something's up. Head back to base. I need to 
check this out." Mari said.
      Back at the hangar, they were greeted by a neon lemon green film offer everything.
      T-Bone gasped at the sight. The film was growing. "Naiome, what is it?"
      "This is serious. We're the silicon, and that means, some huge asteroid or something 
is going to collide with us." Naiome said.
      "Naiome, is this true?" Razor replied.
      "Look, sometimes I'm silly I know. But I've never been more serious." Naiome 
      "Well, why don't we stop it? Where do ya think it is?" T-Bone said.
      "Planet Marislan." Naiome said.
      "That far from here? Well, um when do ya think it's gonna get here?" T-Bone said.
      "Midnight. When it hits, our planet will be gone." Naiome said.
      T-Bone tried again "But-"
      "But we can't destroy it." Naiome said.
      "All right. So, what are we gonna do while we wait for us to die?" T-Bone kidded.
      "Hold on a second, buddy. We were supposed to live for thirty more years, at least, 
and our world should should be there with us." Razor said.
      "Any comments, Naiome?" T-Bone asked, expecting only a baffled reply.
      "If It's not one big object, it's thousands, all put under some kind of shield." Naiome 
Act Three:
      On a space ship 14.5 Astronomical Units (93,000,000 times 14.5 miles) away from 
the SWAT Kat's planet, a plot was taking place.
      "Okay, D, you go to planet Megaluna. Try to find out if this is where our lost princes 
and princess is." a shadowy figure said.
      "Right, your highness. Count on me to get things organized." D said.
      The SWAT Kats were sitting down. Razor had a surprise meal he was going to serve 
Chance and Naiome.
      "Okay." Razor said as he brought the plates in.
      "Finally! Not another salad!" Chance said.
      "They suck! Thanks for the.... what kind of meat is it?" Naiome chirped.
      "Uhh...... I got it free from Ned's Cafe. It was in the lunch menu. It was titled 
'M.E.A.T. (Meat Already Eaten with T)' I figured that would taste better than the 'Ate 
E Megabytes'. I was also tired of hearing you guys whine." Razor said.
      Chance had already started eating. Razor whispered to Naiome  "This is funny. Watch 
the way Chance eats. It's so funny watching him struggle with it." Chance was making all 
sorts of weird faces, trying to chew the M.E.A.T., practicing an A-ko\little kid looking 
way of eating. Naiome giggled.
      "Yeah! I see what you mean!" Naiome blurted out.
      "Huh? Wha?" Chance said as he looked at them funny, still chewing. Both of them 
lost themselves. Chance looked at the off television, then took his stuff to the upper level 
of the garage.
      Razor flipped on the television, and changed the channel to channel 93. There was 
the upper level of the garage, with Chance staring at the blank television upstairs. "You 
see, I installed this for security reasons, but it has some good effects!" Razor said.
      "Awww! He's sitting the wrong way! Hey! The TV's off! Turn this way!" Naiome 
said. Both watched as Chance flipped on the television to channel 99. There, they saw 
Chance Watching the lower level of the garage, particularly the backs of the other SWAT 
Kat's heads, watching Chance watching them and so on. Naiome waved her arm. The 
multi Naiomes on the TV did the same.
      "Hey! I'm on TV!" She squealed to Razor. The multi Chances giggled, slightly. Both 
watched as he turned around and gave a silly look to them. Naiome laughed at the face. 
Chance then gave 'The Finger' to them and turned around. Naiome whispered something to 
Razor. Razor leaned over and pressed his face on hers. Both caressed each other. They 
heard Chance gag. They heard him sneak down to see what he thought he was seeing 
upstairs. When they judged he was watching the fake scene they turned toward him, 
showing that their hands were over their mouths. "GOTCHA!" they chirped.
Act Four:
      Green slime covered the city by the morning. Callie looked out at her yard. No, there 
wasn't anything there, just the electrical was seeping the sludge. The closer she got the 
the inner city, the more there was.
      Ann Gora saw this as the most perfect story, but the cameras were too gunked up to 
work. "Well, fix it! The perfect story is probably being used somewhere else, so hurry!" 
Ann pleaded.
      "Look, Ann. No one can tape this. The gunk keeps coming!" Ann's boss told her. "Look, I'm impressed by this, but we can't do a damn thing about it!"
      Up high, over SimOcean, Moriyama was in rage "What do you mean strike One was 
      "It's about this green slime stuff. The jets have been paralyzed!" Commissioner said.
      Callie pushed her communicator. The alarm sounded in the SWAT Kat's hanger. 
Chance pushed the communicate button, spraying green slime on everything. "We're 
here, Miss Briggs." Chance said.
      "SWAT Kats, Dr. Viper's putting some kind of slime over everything! I'm not sure it's 
him though, but I think he.............." The hangar communicator exploded, showering the 
whole place in slime and sparks. The slime caught fire, turning the whole place into in 
inferno. The SWAT Kats raced out in time to watch the whole place catch fire, then 
      "CRUD!!" T-Bone yelled, as he kicked a pile of garbage. The whole pile fell on them. 
Instantly, the pile was lifted up and shot away like a volcano.
      "I can fix it!" Naiome squealed. A beam of pink light hit the debris. In a few seconds, 
the area was restored. "Yeah!" Naiome yelled, hand on her head, jumping up and down.
      The SWAT Kats flew over the green city. "Yup, there is something coming. It should 
be here in a few minutes." Naiome said to the guys.
      "So we're all gonna go or somethin'" Chance asked.
      "Yeah. Megaluna will never be the same. I have a feeling that something good and 
yet bad's gonna happen when this thing comes, though." Naiome said.
      "How do you know?" Razor said.
      "Call it woman's intuition!" Mari said.
      Suddenly, the rapidly oozing slime stopped, and almost instantly disappeared.
      "Moriyama, the ships are ready." Commissioner said.
      "Good. Attack! But....... leave the SWAT Kats. I have unfinished business with them." 
Moriyama said.
      "Whata you see, Kaoru?" a kat at Masa said.
      "An unidentified alien fleet is going to enter the atmosphere in forty seconds!" 
Kaoru at the control panel said.
      "Sound Enforcers condition B-1!" the kat said.
      Perkins Furlong sat watching re-runs of The OJ Simpsons Starring Ted Turner. a 
communicator beeped.
      "This is operative DC-11319626 Codename: Perikns Furlong" Perkins said as he 
pushed the button on the communicator.
      "We have successfully gotten to the planet Megaluna. Prepare for pickup." the Dark 
Kat but more evil sounding voice said from the communicator.
      "Right, my king. Count on me to get Prince Akigiyama and Princess Ryoko ready." 
Perkins said.
      "Any luck finding Prince Acadi-Dadgutcji?" the voice said.
      "There is one, but no. He doesn't seem to be in your likeness."
Act Five
                           It is Friday the 33, Februanis 1996. Megaluna has been
                     completely subjugated by the alien fleet. Apparently, the flight
                     squadron of Moriyama is trying to fend off this nemesis, but 
                     to no use. This is Ann Gorra, Kat's Eye News.

A radio broadcast said. Since the whole sky was filled with alien ships, the Enforcers, the 
SWAT Kats,  and Moriyama's Strike One were defenseless. Chaos run over the streets. 
While the Enforcers and SWAT Kats were trying to stop many of the panicking denizens 
of Megaluna, Moriyama's squadrons were making havoc worse. Eventually, Feral, Felina, 
Dark Kat, the SWAT Kats, Callie and many bystanders running amok in terror were in 
one spot. T-Bone saw a familiar shape running up. It was his father.
      "Kats of Megaluna! Cease your struggles!" an especially large space ship sounded 
through it's complex sound system. Instantly, all pointed their heads at the black sky.
      The female Naiome- Chance sounding voice continued "We came only to retrieve our 
princes and princess. Twenty four years ago, their starship crashed on your planet They 
were raised as a Megalunian. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience. We have 
found two of our three missing children. We suspect our third child is somewhat purplish 
and about average size, but monstrous compared with your race. He should also have 
some kind of markings on his arms and legs, which is alien to you here. If you know him, 
we'd be forever grateful. Our children are very important to us, for they will grace us with 
an heir. We again apologize for any troubles you have had with them."
      A portal opened up in the center of the craft. It floated down to about twenty five feet. 
Two figures were standing on the portal cover, both elegantly dressed, in a strange 
meveival- scifi way. One was female, and far aged. The other was male, and a deep, 
almost midnight purple. "Yoo hoo! It's me! T-Bone and Maddi's little mommy and daddy! 
Yes! Up here!!" the female kat sang.
      Many of the onlookers made a gasp. "Did she say, my little mommy? Did she? Huh? 
T-Bone, did she?" Mari asked.
      "I-uh.... hrttlf...... butrme...... whamf........ musthvsextonte.........." T-Bone said, unable 
to speak.
      "You got it! Come on, my darlings! It's time to go home!!" the kat chirped.
      Dark Kat seized T-Bone, who seemed to have the brain compassion of Ted Turner at 
the moment. "Uh, T-Bone....." Razor said.
      "Razor, it looks like I never belonged here after all!" Mari said. She gave Razor a hug 
and whispered something about her love to him. "I'm ready, mommy."
      "Okay!" the purple kat said. Dark Kat looked up at him. Tears welled in his eyes. All 
of a sudden he realized his parents weren't taken away by the Enforces, giving him a life 
with his hateful aunt. His parents lived on another planet and were going to leave him. 
Instantly, he discarded his cape. He watched the look of surprise on the two kat's faces. 
He looked almost like the purple kat, with darker patches on his arms.
      "Honey, it's HIM!" the female kat squealed.
      A flash of light nearly blinded all looking at the weird event. Mari, Dark Kat and T-
Bone were on the portal.
      "T-Bone!" Razor yelled at him, but T-Bone still looked like he had Ted Turner's I.Q. 
(which is -000000000000000000000000000000000003, super genus when it comes to 
ways to act absolutely stupid).
      The platform floated back up into the space ship "So long, everyone!"  the girl kat 
      The last thing T-Bone heard from planet Megaluna was Razor yelling "T-Bone!"
Act Six:
      T-Bone looked at his surroundings. It was all metallic. Flags showing strange symbols 
on them hung  in the corners of the walls. Even with the metallic look, the circular room 
seemed homely. The room had corridors spreading out like a wheel around them, and 
each looked the same.
      "So...." The purple kat said convivially "You've got to tell us all about yourselves! First 
off, I'm Tetsuya. King of our planet Marra. This is my wife Morriama." T-Bone winced at 
the name Moriyama.
      "What's wrong, T-Bone?" Morriama asked her son, like one would say to a baby 
puppy or kitten.
      "Moriyama! She- she tried to marry me! She- she was terrible!" T-Bone said 
      "T-Bone, something's wrong! WHAT IS IT? WHAT IS IT? WHAT IS IT? WHAT IS 
IT? WHAT IS IT? WHAT IS IT?" Mari asked.
      Dark Kat clung to his father. It was so long since he felt like a kitten again. he 
watched as T-Bone fell unconscious.
Act Seven:
      Razor saw the ships exiting the atmosphere. He just had to be with T-Bone. Life 
really had no meaning without him, he thought. Razor jumped into the Turbokat and 
shakily, it made the climb up toards the sky. After a while, the Turbokat wasn't gaining 
on the ships anymore. Razor looked at the fuel gauges. They were pointing to zero. Razor 
gave a frustrated yell and took of his SWAT Kat uniform with one motion. Underneath 
was a baccini style suit of purple armor with small winglike attachments that could be 
seen from the front modified to fit Jake's body. He also wore a see through purple helmet 
that covered his face. On his arms and legs was skimpy protection there too, but that was 
all. All in all, he'd win first prize in the male crossdressing swimsuit contest. A new 
feature was that it had rockets more powerful than the Turbokat's on it. Razor activated 
the suit and shot out of the cockpit, breaking the canopy glass and destroying the entire 
front half of the jet. "Crud!" he thought.
      T-Bone, who had wakened, was sitting by a window. The rest of the family was 
talking about the life they've lived until this point in future time. He saw a light coming 
from the planet below. It kept growing, developing into a kat with some far into the 
future jet pack.
      "T-Bone, come sit over here. We'd love you to join in." Morriama said. T-Bone 
watched the shape.
      "Come on, silly! What could we have forgotten?" Mari asked him, trying to pull him 
away from the window. Mari's eyes went to looking at what T-Bone was looking at.
      Razor had finally gotten close enough to grab onto the ship. He was about to brake 
the glass, when his hand slipped. Razor's fuel supply ran out and the kat began to fall.
      "RAZOR!!" Mari yelled.
      As Razor fell back to level ground, he thought "I was that close!"
Act Eight:
      A Week later,  the star ships arrived home. Planet Marra was quite different from 
Megaluna. Marra was a planet with a crystal look to most everything. Many things were 
basically smooth with very little angles and lines in them. Chance was feeling shaky. 
Since Dark Kat was three years older than Chance, Dark Kat was going to rule the planet 
in a few days.
      "Look, Tetsuya. I really don't wanna stay here. Everything's fine, but.... I'd like to go 
home for a while." T-Bone said.
      "We know how you feel, Akigiyama. Sure you can return home. This transporter will 
send you wherever you want to go. Just push the purple button on the silver box." Tetsuya 
said. T-Bone pushed the button.
           In another dimension.....
_ __-- __ -- - -  __ --        -_    -   _ _-   - - -- -- __ -- ___ _-- -- -- _ _- -__ _- -    _ _- -  _  


      "I° hu°t°, C°°nc°! M°°e! °°re­" J±±e sq±±±led w±±h p±ss±±±
      A tor  cae u an °ance °°owed i° a so°° wh°t° li°h°
_ __-- __ -- - -  __ -- -_    -   _ _-   - - -- -- ____ _- - _ __-- __ -        -_    -   _ _-   - - -- -- 
(AUTHOR'S NOTE: The aforesaid should look weird, because most of it is in DOS 6.22 
ASCII CODE [Win95 users can go jump in a lake for all I care.] This story will look 
better if printed from the MS-DOS EDITOR, or EDLIN. [Again Win95 users can say 
poor me because I blew DOS away {IT does do that, you know!}])

      T-Bone found himself back at the garage. He saw Jake watching a television show 
still in his "Akigiyama Power Suit 95 It's Gotta Defragger!!!!". Chance heaved a sigh and 
walked in, the world glowed in a white haze. Suddenly, Chance's eyes were closed. He 
felt a draft all over his body. He was lying on top of another as scantily clothed as him 
(the extreme risque). His mouth was intertwined with the other's and the other had his 
paws in a weird spot. Chance drew his mouth away, opened his eyes and screamed.
      "Whatsa matter, buddy? Did I do somthin' Wrong?" the Jake with the tie-dyed 
bandanna around his head (hippie style) asked him.
      Chance walked looked curiously around him. He was outside now. Strange when he 
was inside a second before. He walked in and lunged onto his unsuspecting partner. Jake 
      "Sorry about how I got outside like that. Let's continue where I left off?" Chance said 
as he began to YNXLOTHE HIM AN HIä ïAPNEP.
                            To Be Continued ......
                                 Next Time
      Chance looked at his partner.
      "You sick?" he asked.
      "No, I'm worried about you." Jake said.
      "You act like we were married, Jake! Get with the program! It's 1996 C.E.!" Chance 
      Jake looked at him strangely "Buddy, The year's 1965 H.S."

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