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Little Princess Sara

By Sigma 9

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T-Bone has some weird visions… or are they a reality?

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(Title : SWAT Kats-Little Princess Sara)
(Author: Ryan [Your nickname here] Kelley)
(E-Mail: gvvy03@snowcrest.net)
The sands of time kept shifting. Sara looked out upon the Desert of
Time with mourn. Her time was near an end. The Dark world of Karmast and
it’s infamous protector, the Dark Knight couldn’t keep the Sands of Time
and the Overfeind, namely, Karn away. Karn would destroy all. The
little Princess needed a champion like no other.
Little Princess Sara
By: Ryan Kelley
Part One:
“Okay,” Jake said, slamming down the car’s hood. “Now try it.”
The elderly kat started her car. It ran fine again. “Next time,” she
admonished, “DON’T BE LATE!”
Jake walked back to the waiting Chance in the tow truck. “Gee what a
grouch!” T-Bone said with a smile.
T-Bone started the motor and drove down the dirt road. Jake sighed.
He clearly wasn’t in a talking mood, but then again, neither was T-Bone.
It was a record breaking hot and humid summer. What was worse, the
drafty garage had no air conditioner. T-Bone turned off the road, and
raced down a bumpy road. Jake only glared at him. He hated Chance’s
endless “shortcuts”.
“Hope Naiome isn’t gonna be mad we left her for so long.” T-Bone
said, wiping the sweat off his face.
“Well, it don’t matter, whada we gonna do when we get there?” Jake
said almost coldy.
Naiome was waiting for the SWAT Kats. Her pink shirt was turned
purple from persperation and her blue pants were black in color. “Where
have ya been?” she asked when they drove up.
“All over the place.” Jake said.
“Gee, you guys are all wet!” Naiome exclaimed. “Was it hot?”
“Not now!” T-Bone ghasped. The heat always took a toll on him, he
always liked colder weather.
“Oh man! It’s hotter in here than outside!” T-Bone moaned, stepping
inside the garage. Naiome picked up a brown package from the coffetable.
“Chance, the postmaster brought a package addressed to you. Man! I
wish he’d not ring that cow bell before and after he gives you stuff!”
Naiome said.
Chance looked at it. There was a return address, but when staring at
the small words, the words were muddled into a blob from the sweat on
T-Bone’s forehead. Chance opened the small oblong package. The package
only had a mirror. It was square with an exquisite gold frame. On the
back was a small nameplate that said: Sara.
“I don’t know any Sara!” thought T-Bone.
The picture changed. T-Bone saw a dark world with trees that blocked
out the sun. There was a huge desert near the trees, and a castle in the
shifting sands further back. Then it started to change. The picture
seemed to be of a place like a shrine. Eight collums radiated up into a
point in a sunless world. The collums rotated clockwise.
Naiome and Jake looked from behind. The world behind the glass was
becoming so clear to them. The heat was replaced with a coldness. The
light with darkness. The three found themselves laying on their backs,
Their world replaced by the world behind the glass.
Part Two:
The world they were in was dark, but still light enough to see in.
There were leafy, mossy trees everywhere. The SWAT Kats and Naiome were
under the eight collums, that were fixed to a circular stone platform.
There was a walkway leading left and right where their feet were
pointing. A female kat walked from the right. She was in a white dress.
Her short dark blue hair seemed stylish making her black eyes radiate.
Her soft light brown fur made her look something out of a dream. She
walked to the not rotating collumns that arched into a point. She stood
over Chance, then knelt down and gave a smile.
Chance gave a smile and gave out a groan. Jake and Naiome rose to a
sitting position and started to figure out where they were.
“Hello! You hoo!” Naiome waved to the dream girl. The dream girl
took no notice. Chance came to a sitting postition, and then to his
feet. The cool air made his soaked body feel as if he was trapped in
“My hero.” the dream girl said to Chance. “You are the champion who
will rid our world from Karn, the Mud Munster.”
“Wha?” Chance asked, still in a daze.
“I have all the official merchendice and the whole TV series on
tape!” The dream girl chirped. “I am known as Sara. I am the little
princess of Karmast.”
Chance and Sara walked down the dark lane where Sara came from. “Ted
sucks!” Jake and Naiome heard from Sara as the two walked away into the
The next morning, Chance couldn’t figure out where Naiome and Jake
went to. Sara said that Chance was the only one who had entered Karmast
for over a century. This was all confusing to Chance, but he didn’t
worry about it.
Later, Sara helped Chance ready himself to exterminate the Mud
Munster that controled the Shifting Sands. Sara did whatever T-Bone
wished of her. Eventually, T-Bone was equpiied in something between
Chance’s SWAT Kat outfit and Rambo.
“Go and kick some tail.” Sara said to him. T-Bone gave a wily grin.
T-Bone walked alone through the hot sand. The heat was exactly like
it was before he came to this weird world. From the sky, flying an
Enforcer hellicopter, was the Mud Munster. For some reason, he looked
exactly like Ted Turner. Karn shot everything out at T-Bone. Nothing hit
him. It was all deflected. T-Bone fired a single shot at Karn. The
helicopter exploded and Karn was thrown to the ground. T-Bone fired
multiple shots into the Sabre-Toothed-Monkey-O-Sarus. T-Bone walked back
to Karmast. Sara was there to greet him. The citizens of Karmast were
there, cheering and throwing confetti all ofer the place. T-Bone raised
both arms in triumph. A noise came from behind T-Bone. Sara shreiked.
T-Bone turned back. The crowd was at a hush.
“You fool!! You didn’t kill the Mud Munster!! You killed the stunt
double!!!” Karn yelled something at Chance.
“Chance!” he yelled in Jake’s voice.
Chance received a blow to the back of his head which knocked him away
from Karmast.
Part Three:
“Megaluna to Chance! Come in!” Jake yelled into Chance’s right ear.
“What? Wha?” Chance reproached. Chance could hear Naiome in the
background laughing her head off.
“You’ve been standing in that position for over an hour! C’Mon! What
is that? Can’t be all that bad!” Jake told Chance, ripping out the
golden object from Chance’s hand. It wasn’t a mirror at all. It was a
picture of some kat in a white dress with light brown fur, black eyes,
and blue hair.
Chance blushed that he was daydreaming for that long. He wasn’t
aware that he even was daydreaming! “Chance, What is this?” Jake asked.
Before he could respond, there was a voice from outside the garage.
“Yoo hoo!! Chance? Are you here?” It came from some kat in a white dress
with light brown fur, black eyes, and blue hair. Chance ran out to greet
her with a hug.
Jake and Naiome came out, wondering what this was all about. “Jake,
Naiome, meet my girlfriend, Sara!” Chance said. Then it hit him. Was he
really daydreaming?
And so it was…………..

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