Original SWAT Kats Story

SWAT Kats: Infestation

By Sam Mulert

  • 1 Chapter
  • 435 Words

MegaKat City is facing a crisis dealing with a female humanoid parasite from another world that feeds off of not only blood from other living creatures, but also combat and fighting. However, the SWAT Kats gain some help from a human girl, who comes from the same world as the parasite and knows much more about it than anyone could have guessed… (Work In-Progress – 1 Chapter)

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Author's Notes:

Title: SWAT Kats: Infestation
Author(s): Sam Mulert
E-mail address: shydirector1999@gmail.com
Date: 12/02/19
Rating: T
Warnings: Gore, Mentions of Blood
Disclaimer: The following content is purely fan creation. I don’t own SWAT Kats or anything else from the franchise. I only own the Original Characters presented in this story. Thank you.

Author’s Comments/Notes: Just got into watching “SWAT Kats”, and this is my first time writing a fanfic about it. Positive comments and feedback is welcome.

It was midnight, late in MegaKat City. The sky was clear and showing millions of stars in the sky. The full moon was bright and shining down on MegaKat City Blood Bank. The night guard was doing his final round before going home. He looked for his keys in his pocket when he heard a door open. He swung around and shined his flashlight in the direction down the hallway.

“He…Hello…?” He called out. “Wh-Who’s there?”

For a second, there was no noise. So, he believed he was just hearing things. He was proven wrong when he heard a ​CRASH​. He immediately dropped his keys that he had finally fished out of his pocket and dashed towards where the sound was coming from. From inside the room where all the tanks of blood were stored. The door was opened completely, and the guard gulped before taking out his gun and going inside the room. He scanned the area with his flashlight when he heard something… slurping. He followed the noise, and the deeper he went into the room, the louder and closer the slurping noise got.

At the very back of the refrigerated room, he saw a figure standing there with broken blood containers at its feet. However, the broken tanks that were supposed to be filled with donated blood… were completely empty. Like, there wasn’t a drop of it left. Whatever was… drinking some blood out of the next container it was singing very quietly.

Mr. Sandman… Bring me a dream…
Make him the cutest that I’ve ever seen…
Give him two lips… Like roses and clover…

The guard heard the figure singing with such a beautiful voice, it sounded so soothing, so feminine… He didn’t realize that he stepped even closer and accidentally stepped on a shard of broken glass and made a loud enough sound to pause the creature’s singing, making it aware of the guard’s presence. The guard froze in terror.

…Then tell him that his lonely nights… are…

The creature turned around fully to face the guard, and he got a full view of the female-looking creature with her stinger-like tail and yellow-green sharp eyes.


The guard was frozen, but as soon as she launched her tail at him, he screamed in terror before being silenced in a few mere seconds.

The parasite had claimed her first LIVE victim in MegaKat City…

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