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By Sage

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Razor was never going to let T-Bone live it down. (2 Chapters – Complete)

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Author's Notes:

Title: Uniform
Author: Sage SK
Date: 5/23/17

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Uniform

T-Bone should’ve known better.

Razor knew him more than anybody they had ever lived with, worked with or hung out with. Knew him more than their former fellow pilots back at the Enforcers. Knew him more than his own family. Scarily, probably more than he knew himself. Razor also knew that he’d never betray his own city like this.

And, he should’ve known that Razor’s reaction would be over the top. Still, his partner could’ve at least tried to look shocked, or even surprised. At least for the remainder of the ruse while they got away.

Instead, Razor had doubled over in laughter despite the guns being pointed at him.

“What th’ heck are you wearing?!”

T-Bone mentally sighed, forcing himself to keep the scowl on his face as his partner wheezed for air and Turmoil’s pilots looked on in confusion.


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