Original SWAT Kats Story


By Sage

  • 11 Chapters
  • 5,279 Words

Chapters 8-11 Added! Alternate Universe. The Enforcers’ new prototype is coming along well…. more or less. (11 Chapters – Ongoing Series)

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Author's Notes:

Date Started: 9/23/15
Date Finished: 9/26/15

Chapter 9

Gauntlet (Part 2 of 2)

When it came to his grandson’s inventions, Hackle usually didn’t question their purpose. The blueprints were, a good majority of the time, easy to follow. And, picking out faulty measurements was never a problem, especially when his audience was willing to listen and take criticism. But, this…

He took off his spectacles to polish them, then reread the title of the diagram in front of him. “The ‘Glov-a-Trix’?”

“I was going to call it “The Gauntlet.” Jake paused to extend his arms to indicate dramatic effect, then dropped them to his sides. “But, I lost the coin toss.”

Hackle arched a brow. “Chance?”

“I’d rather not get into it. Anyway, what do you think?”

The elder kat gazed back at the design. “You said I wouldn’t be disappointed. All I’m seeing here is a weapon.”

“Yes and no, and here’s where I need your input. Just imagine a ‘weapon’ used not to injure, but to disarm and possibly save.”

Hackle couldn’t look away from Jake’s confident smile. “Alright. You’ve got my attention.”

“I want to combine every possible utility into one. Chance and I aren’t gonna be in the skies all the time, and you know how I feel about guns.”

“As always, you’re thinking outside the box. Just what kind of utilities did you have in mind?”

And, Jake showed him. There were dozens of different sketches, diagrams of miniature missiles and capsules, each indicating a different function and specific target and where it would be placed in the proposed gauntlet.

For the first time that day, Hackle smiled. “My boy, you’re making it harder for me to leave.”

Jake grinned back. “Great! Because that was just the first one.” He rolled out yet another blueprint onto the drafting table. “I call this one ‘The Cyclotron’.”


Bonus Scene:

“Glov-a-Trix? Seriously? That’s what you’re gonna call it?”

“You’re basically mountin’ a Swiss army knife to my arm, Jake. ‘Gauntlet’ doesn’t even begin to cover this thing.”

Jake threw his arms up and headed towards the ladder. “It’s official. You are terrible at names and you are no longer godfather to my future kittens.”

“Aloysius is still a pretty awesome name!” Chance called back. “You just have ta’ get used to it!”

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