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By Sage

  • 11 Chapters
  • 5,279 Words

Chapters 8-11 Added! Alternate Universe. The Enforcers’ new prototype is coming along well…. more or less. (11 Chapters – Ongoing Series)

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Author's Notes:

Date Started: 11/2014
Date Finished: 8/4/2015

Chapter 7

No Secrets

Chance fumbled for words, deciding that he was a lot more fascinated with the view from his girlfriend’s balcony than the she-kat standing next to him.

He paused momentarily, then continued. “I really appreciate your backin’ us up, Callie. I know you didn’t like the idea at first, but… we really wanted to do this.”

Callie eyed him consideringly, then sighed quietly. “I know you didn’t vote for the guy, but I never thought that politics would fascinate you to the point where you wanted to pelt the mayor with flying fruit.”

Chance started and then stared at her incredulously. “Seriously?!”  That’s what was bothering her, and not what he and Jake had been chosen for?! He then rolled his eyes good-naturedly at her laughter.

“No, but that’s the story that’s being passed around City Hall.” She nudged him gently. “You do realize that you’ve doomed me to countless kidnappings and danglings off bridges, right?”

Chance snorted. “We’re not fightin’ the Green Goblin.”

“No, it turns out he’s purple.” Callie smirked. “First rule of secret identities – loved ones must not know.”

“Because they’ll be in mortal danger?”

“Noooo. It’s because they might hold a grudge over that one time they let your best friend modify their car alarm to throw off burglars and they still have a slight ringing in their ear. And, said grudge may lead to revealing your secret identities to the bad guy.”

“Jake swears that the screaming banshee was a stroke of brilliance.”

“Madness, Sweetie. A stroke of madness. I have to admit the Darth Vader rant at the end was pretty good.”

“I’ll let ‘im know.”

Callie sighed. “Fine, fine.” She picked at the label of her bottle of milk in thought, then gazed back out at the city lights. “Don’t do anything too reckless, okay?”

“You know…”

“You can’t promise that, I know. Still, as much as I trust you and Jake to be careful, just keep in mind that there are people waiting for you to get back?”

That I can promise.” He wrapped an arm gently around her shoulders and enjoyed the mutual quiet between them for a few minutes.

“I’m still a little peeved about the car alarm.”

Chance laughed. “Again, stroke of brilliance.”

“Hmph. You’re lucky I tolerate you.”

“Aww… I tolerate you, too.”

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