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By Sage

  • 11 Chapters
  • 5,279 Words

Chapters 8-11 Added! Alternate Universe. The Enforcers’ new prototype is coming along well…. more or less. (11 Chapters – Ongoing Series)

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Author's Notes:

Author: Sage SK and Kristen Sharpe
Date Started: 4/18/2013
Date Finished: 4/21/2013

Chapter 6


“Wow.” That was all Chance could manage as he walked into what would be his and Jake’s living quarters. “Scare the mayor with flying fruit and you get banished to the salvage yard.”

Behind him, Jake snorted. “Wonder what would’ve happened if it’d been watermelons?”

“Execution.” Their superior paused to set down a box he was carrying. “Consider yourselves lucky.”

Chance smirked as he gestured to the garage building. “Let’s see what the hangar looks like before we call it ‘lucky’. Because upstairs isn’t impressin’ me much.”

“I’ll be sure to tell management,” Cougar returned dryly.

Jake grinned. “So long as there’s a complaint hotline.” He stopped at what appeared to be a trap door in the center of what was the ‘living room’. “Here?”

Cougar nodded. “It connects to an underground hangar. You two gonna explore it or what?”

“I vote you go first in case of rats.”

“Nice try. As your superior, I say get down there.”

Once Chance descended down the ladder and fumbled for the light switch, he let out a low whistle. “Jake, you gotta see this.” He stepped down the few stairs to the hangar floor to better admire the view. The tremendous space filled with several pallets of supplies, their magnificent jet on what appeared to be a landing platform and a series of crates that were no doubt the TurboKat’s missiles.

Beside him, Jake managed a soft, “Whoa.”

“I think you’ve got one other load out in the yard ‘in disguise’,” said Cougar as he joined them. “These came with the construction crew.”

Jake nodded. “Plenty of space to build even more stuff.” He could already feel his gears turning.

“So, is there a runway?” Chance asked, running a hand fondly over the TurboKat’s side.

“Ready to go when you are.” Cougar joined the pilots on the platform, pushing a remote control that sent them and the jet down to the runway below. “This used to be an old Megawar II bunker. Feral figured we’d find use for it one day. Guess this was it.”


Jake nodded in agreement. “So they had to make a few updates. Any chance anyone else knows about it?”

“This one was never made public. And, remember, you’re to fly into the city from different angles, just like working from headquarters. Keep everyone guessing where you’re actually coming from.”

“Roger that,” said Chance as they ascended back to the hangar.

“There’s also the issue of your callsigns. You can’t use the same ones you’ve been using in the Enforcers. Remember – as far as the city and your fellow Enforcers are concerned, ‘Hotshot’ and ‘Sureshot’ were discharged.”

Jake sighed. “I guess it makes sense if we’re gonna be undercover… So to speak.”

“Yeah.” Chance scratched at the back of his neck. “No help for it.” He thought about it and after a few minutes pointed a finger upwards. “Got it! ‘T-Bone’. Like the head of the Kat Kommandoes.”

Cougar arched a brow. “Really?”

“It goes with his personality.” Jake barely finished that sentence as he was grabbed in a headlock. “See?!”

“And, what goes with *your* personality, smart guy?” Chance demanded, giving his partner a noogie.

Cougar chuckled. “A synonym for ‘shortness’ wouldn’t exactly strike fear.”

“Hey…!” Jake managed.

“Hmm…’Smart Guy’? ‘The Brain’?”

“Only if you’re Pinky!” Jake shot back and, as he got out of the headlock, added, “Call me Razor.”

Cougar smirked. “T-Bone and Razor. I suppose we can live with that.” He walked to the nearest drafting table and set down a manilla folder. “Here’s your first assignment.”

“Look at that, Jake. He’s already putting us to work.”

Chance and Jake watched curiously as Cougar laid out the folder’s contents.

“This maniac’s starting to be a bigger headache than we thought. We don’t know much about ‘im, and this is the best we could find. He calls himself Dark Kat.”

“Already going for the edgy title, huh?” Jake said as he reached for a mug shot.

“Ugly, too,” Chance added.

“Let’s hope that’s all it is so you can bring him down. Get ready, SWAT Kats. The test run is over. Your first official mission starts now.”

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