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By Sage

  • 11 Chapters
  • 5,279 Words

Chapters 8-11 Added! Alternate Universe. The Enforcers’ new prototype is coming along well…. more or less. (11 Chapters – Ongoing Series)

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Author's Notes:

Date Started: 2/12/2013
Date Finished: 2/13/2013

Chapter 4


“The numbers don’t lie, Commander. Crime in Megakat City isn’t your average mob war or bank robbery anymore.” Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs rubbed at her tired eyes as she let Commander Feral look at the reports. “I was hoping you could update me on what you intend to do about the growing threat of… well…”

“Megalomaniacs, monsters and aliens, oh my?” interjected Captain Cougar. “Increasing our defenses aside, I’d suggest we figure out what’s in the water at the treatment facility. Maybe someone flushed an extra dose of ‘crazy urge to take over city’ down the litterbox.”

“You asked us to increase our defenses, Deputy Mayor, and we’re doing just that,” Feral returned. “You did see the reports on the prototype we received from Puma Dyne.”

“I did, and I was hoping you’d tell me that the two pilots you selected for the project are worth the time and money.”

Cougar grinned. “They’re two of my finest, and I can say that without bias.”

Callie quirked a brow. “Even when they’re scaring the Mayor with bananas?”

“Isolated incident,” said Feral. “They’ve been given a warning.”

“Not to mention that it’s not hard to scare the Mayor,” Cougar muttered.

Callie covered a laugh behind a hand while Cougar ignored the glare his superior was giving him. “In either case,” she continued, “it would be beneficial to the city that you accelerated the project before things get any worse. We need to be ahead of these… megalomaniacs, as you call them.”

“If we intend on creating a team of Enforcers with a specialty in advanced weaponry and tactics, then we have to be sure Furlong and Clawson are prepared.”

Cougar nodded to Feral’s statement. “They’re more than prepared, that I can guarantee. They’ve done major modifications to the TurboKat that’ll give these maniacs a run for their money.”

“Unfortunately, we are at a disadvantage if the TurboKat is seen flying out of Enforcer headquarters,” said Callie. “If word got out that the Enforcers were creating such a team…”

Feral frowned. “The prototype can’t be kept here. At least, not anymore.”

Cougar considered his options. “Not to mention that my pilots are limited to what they can do here, even with Puma Dyne providing all the parts. Clawson’s shown me several proposed additions for the TurboKat, and not just missiles, either. Those two have plenty of potential, and with the right equipment…” His eyes lit up. “There is plenty of material at the city salvage yard, and it’s right outside Megakat City limits, so no one would be the wiser. Maybe if we provided them with a separate hangar while we arranged to send the parts disguised as junk?”

“If you believe that will work, Captain Cougar, then you’ll have my support.” Callie stood up and gathered her belongings. “Commander Feral, there is still the matter of the incident with the Mayor.”

Feral nodded. “I did promise a reprimand, Deputy Mayor. Consider it done.”

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