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By Sage

  • 11 Chapters
  • 5,279 Words

Chapters 8-11 Added! Alternate Universe. The Enforcers’ new prototype is coming along well…. more or less. (11 Chapters – Ongoing Series)

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Author's Notes:

Title: Prototype
Author: Sage SK
Date Started: 11/26/08
Date Finished: 11/26/08
Rating: K
Genre: General
Warnings: None

Just a random what-if, and I really don’t expect to expand it. It was one of those things that just pop into your head and won’t go away until you write it down. I think it’s pretty self explanatory. And, yes, it’s a “what-if”/alternate universe fic, so please don’t take it too seriously. ?

Chapter 1

“Please explain to me what exactly happened.” Commander Feral wasn’t in the best of moods. It had already started out in what would be perceived as “a long day”, and he wasn’t up to the challenge.

The burly pilot let out a heavy sigh. “Something failed with the prototype, Sir.”

“Exactly WHAT failed?”

“The targeting system froze, and it took us a while to get things back online. We did manage to land safely with the vertical landing.” The pilot rubbed his headfur back tiredly. “My partner is looking it over before giving a full report.”

Feral nodded, standing and going to look out the window. “Is that all?”


“Is that all that failed with the prototype?”

“So far. Nothing else has shut down as far as we’re concerned. There may be a few more glitches until it’s fully operational.”

Feral merely sighed. “I am still unsure of what exactly this project will do in terms of upgrading our weaponry.”

But, he knew exactly why this prototype was being tested. MegaKat City was considered the top city in technological advances, coveted by nearby Chikatgo and New Kat City. And, with advanced technology, even the crooked few couldn’t wait to get their hands on anything that’d help them gain in capital, be it monetary or even political. And, with that technology in the wrong hands, the Enforcers couldn’t afford not to be prepared with something a lot more advanced.

“Do you think you both will be able to give me a report by today?”

“Full report and complete analysis.” There was a tone of pride in the pilot’s voice, but it quickly dissolved as he added, “We should have it operational for another test flight by tomorrow morning.”

“Very well. Again, prove to me why you and Clawson were chosen for this project, Furlong.”

“Yes, Sir.” With a quick salute, the pilot left the commander’s office.

Feral went back to his desk, reading with a tired frown at the memo he’d received from Deputy Mayor Briggs at City Hall. “City under crisis. Please re-evaluate defenses.” And, beside him, the blue prints to the prototype being tested.

Well, the expenses had been covered. It was time to see what the “Turbokat” was capable of.

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