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By Sage

  • 1 Chapter
  • 243 Words

Because in the SWAT Kats universe there’s no kill like overkill. (Oneshot – Complete)

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Author's Notes:

Title: Oops
Author: Sage SK with collaboration by Kristen Sharpe.
Started: 1/18
Finished: 1/19/18

Comments: … Oops.

That was all the warning that T-Bone needed. Within seconds, the taller SWAT Kat was grabbing his partner by the back of his g-suit and taking off running.

“What… What are you doing?!” Razor could barely move from the death grip, particularly at the speed T-Bone was charging down the hall of the building they were in.

“Gettin’ us outta here alive!” was the response. “I know you too well! Every time you test one of your missiles, every time something involves a wire cut, every time it involves your tools, an ‘oops’ always leads to me being nearly in traction! You messed up, that thing’s gonna blow, we’re outta here!”

Razor couldn’t show the incredulous look he was giving. “I just dropped one of my tools!”

T-Bone skidded around a corner. “Even worse!”

“I think you’re exaggerating.”

“Yeah, well, now I’m defenestrating!” Within seconds, T-Bone threw a startled Razor out an open window, the larger kat following not too far behind. “Jet wings!”

“For Kat’s sake, T-Bone!” Razor barely managed to yell that out before activating his jet wings, bringing himself to a steady flight before facing his partner. “There wasn’t even a bomb! In what universe was that not overkill?!”

Composing himself, T-Bone arched a brow. “Ours.”


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