Original SWAT Kats Story

Off Day

By Sage

  • 1 Chapter
  • 402 Words

Sometimes, it’s best not to ask. (Oneshot – Complete)

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Author's Notes:

Title: Off Day
Author: Sage SK (Dialogue Contribution by Kristen Sharpe)
Date Started: 2/11/2016
Date Finished: 2/11/2016

Comments: This was going to be part of a conversation in a future “Prototype” chapter, but I ended up scrapping it and worked it in as a stand alone fic.

“Was it an off day?”

Jake perked his ears and looked up from his drawing pad. “What’s that?”

“Th’ ‘Plain Old Missile’,” Chance returned, boredly flipping through the channels on T.V. It had been a mercifully quiet day, but there were only so many reruns he could take before his mind started to wander. “Usually you’re pretty creative when it comes to your missiles, but that one was like you ran outta ideas.”

Jake considered his answer, trying to remember when exactly he had decided to add a generic missile to their arsenal. He then returned to his drawing pad. “I had a cold.”

His partner snorted, remembering the particular day when Jake was so sick that apparently not even coherency was an option. “A cold and too many B-movies.”

“The movies weren’t involved. If I’d used them for inspiration, I’d have just armed us with axes, chainsaws and shotguns.”

“So, in ‘Conflict of th’ Cosmos’ where the aliens were taken out by a cold…”

“‘Conflict of the Cosmos’ is a K.T. Mewls classic,” Jake paused to crumple up the paper he was sketching on and took out a fresh sheet. “Even if the movie was bad.” He ignored the dry look Chance was giving him. “Don’t think I haven’t considered weaponizing our colds. Most of the super-villains are immune, though. The Metallikats are robots, the PastMaster’s undead, Viper’s got a super immune system, and I don’t even know what Dark Kat is.”

Chance rubbed at eyes, not believing that he was going along with Jake’s thought process. “If you do weaponize colds, tell me you’ve got a Cold Medicine and Chicken Soup Missile stock on hand.”

“There’s antibiotics in our Glovatrixes. Bottom compartment on the palm.”

“Aspirin included?”

“That too.”

Chance extended a hand. “Hit me.”

The smaller kat snorted and passed Chance a bottle of aspirin sitting on the table. “You’re exaggerating again.”

“Says the kat who wants to weaponize a bad cold. You’re missin’ the lightnin’ in the background and the evil cackle.”

Jake grinned. “You gotta be crazy to fight crazy.”


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