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By Sage

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Chapter 6 up! Alternate Universe – He had watched helplessly as his friend walked away from everything they’d both stood for. Now, he was on a mission to get him back. (6 Chapters – Work In-Progress)

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Author's Notes:

Title: Mayday
Author: SageSK
Date Started: 8/24/16
Date Finished: 7/17/17

Comments: Has it really been this long since the last update?

Well, heck! Let’s check up on Chance, shall we?

Chapter 6

The facility rested behind a holographic wall within the Megakat Canyon. It was located, rather conveniently, between two key points: the reactors located in Megakat City to the west and Puma Dyne to the east. Below, hiking trails snaked along the desert floor, leaving hikers unaware of the complex hidden in the canyon hills.

Hiding out in the open. Dark Kat was never known for being subtle. And, his followers knew that.

Chance Furlong was on his third punching bag. The remnants of the previous two lay discarded in the corner, hints of sand spilling out of large holes he’d have to re-patch later. He usually had a few minutes before he’d be called for his next assignment, and he found it somewhat fulfilling to take his aggravations out on something before getting into the jet. Better than some*one*, he had to admit.

As Dark Kat’s top pilot, he never had a reason to leave his jet. His assignments were simple – distract the Enforcers while Dark Kat’s minions did the grunt work. Simple enough, although rather tedious at times. Maybe if he had…

He stopped, then went back to his workout.

Right. The mission. Focus on the mission. Make him pay for what he did.

A mission that was nearing a year. Quite honestly, he was getting a little fed up. Aside the usual tech theft, Dark Kat hadn’t made any grand plans nor mentioned any updates on his schemes to take over Megakat City.

If anything, Dark Kat’s schemes usually resulted in long-winded presentations of what he was going to use the stolen tech *for*, presentations that the pilot could’ve easily done without.

Chance stopped. Was Dark Kat stalling? Stalling for what, exactly?

“Or, maybe he just likes ta’ gloat,” he muttered, throwing another sharp hook into the punching bag. Most megalomaniacs did, and Dark Kat was no exception. It was almost laughable.


An uppercut and sharp roundhouse kick broke the chain holding the punching bag with a swift snap, sending it into the nearest wall.

Chance was getting impatient. If Dark Kat didn’t decide what he was going to do, and soon…

She was Dark Kat’s top engineer, “Turmoil” to her connections on the Internet. Anything Dark Kat named she would have it or its location in a heartbeat. And, when that piece was located, the henchmen were sent, and with them flew the distraction that kept the Enforcers at bay while Dark Kat collected his prize. A distraction that she had to admit was hard to ignore.

There had been casual talks and there had been flirting (on her end), but it became clear that Furlong was enamored with this mission Dark Kat kept drilling into his followers’ skulls every waking moment.

Her efforts to catch his eye would have to wait, at least for now. Dark Kat’s ace pilot was needed.

She stopped in time to see a punching bag fly into the wall next to the doorway. Ah, so the top pilot was getting antsy.

“You are needed.”

Furlong threw up his arms. “Finally.” He grabbed a towel before turning to her. “He figure out what he wants ta’ do, or is he sendin’ me out for more puzzle pieces?”

“He’ll brief you, but I suspect you might not like the answer.”

“What a surprise. Guess whatever gets me outta this facility for a day is welcome.” Furlong paused to rub at his face. “What about you? Dontcha’ get bored listenin’ ta’ him ramble all th’ time?”

The she-kat shrugged. “I get busy eventually. He does pay well for my skills.”

“So, you’ve never stepped foot outside.”

“I did propose you take me to dinner, Chance.”

“And, like I said, I’m bad company.” Furlong smirked before continuing down the hallway. “Thanks for keepin’ me updated.”

So, the top pilot wasn’t thrilled. With the right incentive, it wouldn’t be hard to bring him to her side. Dark Kat could be intimidating, but he could also be careless. At times, Turmoil told herself, her genius and black market connections came in handy, especially when they could help her get Dark Kat out of the picture.

The briefing, it turned out, was just another long-winded speech. Chance had purposely taken his time changing into his uniform, hoping to catch the final moments of the ‘presentation’ before he was sent on his mission. Instead, it dragged a lot longer than it should have, leaving him boredly leaning in the back mentally counting down the minutes.

“I trust I am not boring you?” Dark Kat’s booming voice snapped him out of his musings.

“What? I wasn’t nappin’.” The burly tom repositioned himself against the wall, ignoring the rest of the room’s glances. “Just thought that you loved hearin’ the melodious sound of your own voice and figured ya’ didn’t need an audience. So! You gonna keep readin’ us more of th’ manual, or are ya’ finally gonna push that doom button you keep braggin’ about?”

“Patience. This component you’ll be stealing is the final key to my device. You’ll get your reward soon enough.”

Chance rolled his eyes before tying on his mask. “Only you would make pushin’ a doomsday button a lot more complicated than it needs ta’ be.”

He ignored the leering face of the hooded kat as he made his way to the hangar. It wasn’t that he didn’t take Dark Kat seriously. Far from it. But, if this was the only way to get the job done, then he had to goad the demonic kat enough to get his plan into motion a lot quicker. Besides, he was fully aware of what kind of “reward” awaited him when this mission was over.

Final key, huh?‘ He put on his helmet before running a hand along his jet’s side. “Wonder if this’ll be our last flight, girl?” He smirked bitterly. He’d been flying on stolen technology for nearly a year, pushing its boundaries, tinkering and improving it while Dark Kat provided the weapons.

Technology that, if handled correctly, could have been used for a different purpose.

“Jake would be jealous if he saw you now.”

He leapt into the cockpit, his mind now back to the task at hand. Fingers danced around the console, bringing the engines to life. There was a storm coming tonight. Perfect.

“Well, girl, let’s make this flight worthwhile!”

And, with that, the Dark Blade disappeared into the starless black skies.

 To Be Continued…

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  1. MoDaD says:

    Regarding Chapter 1: You know, now that I think about it after this, picturing Callie as a crime boss doesn’t seem so far-fetched an idea (whichever universe).

    And, a great follow-up, which reminds me I need to re-read some things as it’s been awhile since I last did. Looking forward to the additions you’ve got planned 🙂

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