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By Sage

  • 3 Chapters
  • 19,918 Words

Set in an alternate universe where “Katastrophe” transpired a bit differently. Even after five years of MKC’s fall to the Metallikats, a former SWAT Kat fights the system in order to reach one goal: his partner. (3 Chapters – Complete)

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Author's Notes:

Title: Forgotten – Part 2: Stratagem
Author: Sage “Sagey” SK
E-mail: sagesk@hotmail.com
Date: Oct. 31, 2001
May 2, 2002

Comments: Ah! The second part of this puppy! Finals are finally over, and I’ll be working at a job that doesn’t require *too* much working. You can guess what I’ll be tackling during that time as well. ? ::grins::

Many thanks to Kristen Sharpe. What would I do without her awesome proofreading and late night chats that have kept me company as I wrote this down? ::HUGS/Stix::

Also, thanks to my readers for the feedback and awesome reviews. I do hope the second part is as successful as the first.

“The golden rule is to act fearlessly
upon what one believes to be right.”

Chapter 2

“Amazing…” was all Professor Hackle could murmur as he found himself face to face with what was once his own creation. The Cybertron just appeared to be staring back, then turned to look at Chance once the tabby spoke up.

“Um… professor… Is there any way he can… explain everything to us?” he queried.

Hackle looked at the Cybertron once again, then thought about an answer for Chance’s inquiry. “With the main computer connected to him, perhaps.”

The small robot watched them. Exactly what did they mean by ‘everything’? He hoped Jake Clawson didn’t mind if he *did* tell them.

“Come,” said Hackle to the Cybertron. “Connect yourself to the consol.”

The Cybertron complied, Chance watching him as he did so. Once the process had begun, Hackle took a seat.

“So, start, Cybertron. What has been happening?”

Being a computer, the Cybertron finally told them everything. He scrolled down a complete log of his conversations with Jake Clawson on screen. And, it was only in words. Nothing to indicate Jake’s tone or mood.

“Holy… Kats…” Chance whispered, stepping up to the computer to read through the log. The Cybertron stood by him, watching him curiously. Then, for some reason, he found himself fixed on Chance, those shiny eye-like optics never leaving the tabby.

Feeling himself watched, Chance turned to look at the robot, arched a brow, then let a small smile curl around his face when it turned away. Inquistive, he squat down to its level, leaving Professor Hackle to read the rest of the scroll.

“You want to tell me something, don’t you?” Chance queried, looking into the Cybertron’s “eyes” as he did.

The Cybertron watched him, as though processing something fairly important before it replied.


Finally, upon connecting to the Glovatrix once again, the Cybertron had but merely one word appear on the taller kat’s Glovatrix display. “Chance……”

Chance blinked, then gave out a short laugh. “Yeah… that’s me. Works better than ‘ChanceFurlong’…”

“It’s me… Buddy….” came the next display of words. The grin on Chance’s face abruptly disappeared, his green eyes flying wide. Oh, he recognized those words. He recognized it any day… even after five years.

“J… Ja… Jake?!”

A slight pause, then another solitary word scrolled onto the display. “Yes…”

Without hesitation, Chance grabbed the Cybertron by the shoulders. “Jake!”

His heart was beating restlessly against his ribcage, tears forming at the corners of his eyes. A new revelation. Jake *was* there. Maybe not in flesh and blood, but it *was* Jake. And, he was doing the impossible to contact him.

Curious, Professor Hackle turned his attention on Chance.

“Chance! L… listen to me… I can’t…. Can’t… do this for long…”

Chance was puzzled. Surely Jake could keep this up… couldn’t he?! “What… What’s going on?!”

“I have a neural link to Cybertron… I can communicate through him… even see through him…”

If Jake was able to see through the Cybertron, then he could see the obvious wetness surrounding the corners of his best friend’s eyes.

“Jake…” Chance began, then cut it off. Now was not the time for sentimentalism. “Why… How… No. I gotta get you outta there! Let me find you. Where are you?!” Now was a perfect time as any to strike.

But, Jake had other plans.

“Chance…. don’t get yourself killed…..”

What was this?! A warning?! *Jake* was *warning* him?! How dare he?!

“Don’t you DARE tell me that!” Chance screamed. “NOT NOW! NOT after FIVE years!”

“Chance… I can’t hold this….. It’ll find out….”

Why, Jake? Why couldn’t he just get to the point, the tabby mentally cried. He wanted directions, he wanted a way inside to rescue his best friend. Not a lecture.

“What? What will find out?!”

The game of twenty questions was starting to irritate Chance.

“The programming… The chip….”

“I’m getting you outta there…” Chance growled.

“Be careful…” Jake was obviously fading. “And, maybe we can talk later… Buddy…”

“Jake, wait!”

“Take care….” And, the Cybertron slumped. Jake had left as if though their conversation had merely been long distance. As if they hadn’t spoken since college and Jake had so happened to look up Chance’s number and called just to say ‘hello.’

Chance was in hysterics. “Jake!” He shook the Cybertron. “JAKE!” His voice was cracking, green eyes wide, tears falling. “JAKE!”

The robot let itself be shook, sending a message.

“I am sorry, ChanceFurlong….”

Shakily, Chance let it go. Teeth gritted, he stood up. Fists shaking, he paced around the room, ears flat against his skull. Suddenly, letting out a cry of rage, he knocked off various old gadgets from a working table nearby, slumped into the wall and slid down to the floor.

Professor Hackle watched him sadly, letting Chance curl himself up in his own misery, crying uncontrollably. He let him be for a while, looking at the Cybertron, wondering what was it that was going on in the mind of Jake Clawson. Why wasn’t he letting his best friend come to his aid?

“Chance…?” he asked after a while, going over to the tabby.

Chance remained crying, silently, but let his ears perk to hear Hackle. Looking up, he saw the professor bending by him.

“Come, my boy… Why don’t you go upstairs and rest?”

The taller kat looked up towards the ceiling, tears falling, green eyes bright and painful. “I dunno if I can now…”

“Why not?” Hackle insisted. “This is a good sign! Jake is still very much himself in some way and has managed after all these years to contact you.”

“He doesn’t want me to help him….”

“He doesn’t want you harmed,” Hackle corrected. “But, I’m sure he does long to be free.”

Chance sighed heavily, finally standing up. “Maybe… I do need some rest…”

Hackle watched him worriedly, then watched as the Cybertron curiously followed Chance as he headed upstairs. However, it didn’t get far once Chance turned to it.

“Please, Cybertron… Don’t follow for now…”

The robot paused, giving out a mournful type of beep. But, it appeared to be more cheerful once Chance managed a smile.

“Thanks for everything.” Chance then turned to Hackle. “I’ll be back down inna few hours…”

With that, all Hackle could manage as he watched Chance retreat was a simple, “Alright.”


It was the usual swill tonight. Nothing to write home about… that is, *if* there was a home.

He was once an Enforcer lieutenant, proud of his occupation, proud of being in the skies with his squadron. There was that longing to be amongst the clouds once again. But those days were long gone. He was grounded now… and had been for more than four years. He was grounded in a labor camp… one of the few the Metallikats had built in order to have their robotic counterparts built. He was told this had once been the Enforcer Salvage Yard. Acres of old cars and jet parts stretched for miles. Pools of oil and rusted tools dotted the ground, and lines and lines of recently washed laundry were laid out to dry. Hadn’t this once been the infamous hideout of the SWAT Kats? Of course, the once underground hangar *was* where the workers slept.

He distantly felt another kat sit beside him, giving out a tired sigh as he did. The former enforcer had to smile at least a bit. Work camp was always exhausting, and even a small break helped every now and then. Then, he looked up to see the ‘other kat’, finding that it was none other than the kat he respected most.

Commander Ulysses Feral didn’t look much beyond disgruntled. His once prideful and lively figure had been stripped off with premature aging. Bits of gray hair were showing on his massive chin, which had once been clean shaven to represent him as a figure of authority.

The younger kat watched him, curious, wondering how his commander was holding. Even here, Feral was still the commander and their superior, and they treated him as such.


Feral merely looked up towards the skies.

“No moon tonight…” he stated matter-of-factly.

The younger kat’s ears pricked forward.

It was a signal.

A double meaning.

The cover of greater darkness had come at last, and the words they’d all been waiting to hear. Feral stood up. “Beginning operation in fifteen minutes.”

The younger kat nodded, set aside his bowl and walked towards his position as Commander Feral made his way towards another area of the camp.

Feral pondered his options. This was the only opportunity they had and they could *not* ruin this operation. Walking into the empty building in the center of the yard, he looked at the only other kat in the empty hallway, monitored only by cameras. He cleared his throat loud enough in order to catch her attention. The once Lieutenant Felina Feral looked up from her mopping, watching her uncle make a slight motion skywards. She understood and gave him an assertive nod. Feral returned the nod and walked back out.

This was it.

Walking to another area of the yard, he gave out a slight whistle. The Megakat Anthem. It had to do.

The others caught the signal, scrambling in no time to pre-arranged positions.

Feral reached under the hood of a car and took out a basic Enforcer blaster, watching as his men did their own duty.

One slid a blaster from the dirty clothes he was washing.

Another slipped out a blaster from the back seat of a beaten up vehicle.

This was it. Their moment had arrived. It was time to get out of this pit from the bottom realm and seek their freedom.

The camp guard, a kat himself, one that had been promised his life as well as monetary value in exchange for loyalty, never saw the blast coming towards him. In fact, it came so sudden that he’d passed out without a sign of shock. The Enforcer that’d blasted him had started the fight. The first gun shot. The battle had begun.

“MOVE!” was the only word Feral screamed out that night, running into the work camp and blasting into the opposition. Some kats joined to fire at the guards in cover fire, others bolting for the perimeter fence, taking innocents with them.

At that point, Feral turned to look for Felina. Surely his niece was among those yearning for freedom.

The ebony haired she-kat was there, alright, heading towards the fence, herding along a couple of kittens that stuggled to keep up with the others. There was no time. Quickly, he ran to scoop up one of the kittens, holding him close. Felina nodded to her Uncle, taking the other kitten in her arms and made a run for it.

Feral followed, firing behind him towards the incoming guards as Felina dove through the hole the others had made. He checked to see if anybody else remained as the last group ran out. Only guards rushed forward. Any kats that didn’t want to be involved had long since hidden. He gave it no further thought. Firing a few more shots, he ran out the fence and hurried on, out of the spotlights’ range and into the nighttime swamps beyond.


“It’s the end of the line… *partner*!”

Chance looked behind him, eyes huge, staring back at the kat that’d been chasing him to the dead end he found himself in. His pursuer was standing at the end of the impossibly long, dark metal hallway, eyes glowing red.

“Jake, wait!” he pleaded.

The smaller kat’s eyes were narrowed. Some kind of bladed weapon was noticeable on one arm, a gun mounted on the other. Not one trace of fur or flesh remained save for Jake’s face. He’d become a full machine.

“Wait?” he taunted. “Well, I suppose I should savor this… After all these years…”

“What’re you talking about?!” Chance demanded, arms spread out.

“The five years I’ve hunted you… You. The very last obstacle in my path.”

“Obstacle?!” Chance couldn’t help but let the growl welding up in his throat emit through his clenched teeth. “I’ve been trying to get you OUT of here for the past five years!”

“But, I don’t want out.”


Jake’s features turned into a crazed look. “It’s my destiny to conquer this city!”

Destiny?! What did destiny have to do with this?! Neither he or Chance believed in fate!


“You were *never* powerhungry!” Chance cried. “Your biggest fear was hurting people, for the love of Mike! Think of all the people you’ve hurt during these five years of terror! Doesn’t that *mean* anything?!”

The words appeared to have hit Jake like a stray bullet. Instantly, he visibly quivered. Faintly, but it was a shudder nonetheless.

“This is… This is my duty!” he stammered.

“Your duty is to protect the innocent!” Chance shot back.

“NO!” The smaller kat screamed, covering his ears. Unaccountably, he had hands again. No weapons in sight.

Chance paused, eyes wide, yet quizzical. Could it be…?

“Your duty is to free the city from evil!” he insisted towards Jake, taking a step towards the orange kat.

“NO!” Jake screamed. “There is no evil! It’s… It’s right! It’s all right!”

“It’s wrong! And, you know it!”

Jake collapsed to his knees at Chance’s persistance. His hands never broke free from his ears, as though creating a wall. As though protecting Jake from the harsh words that Chance Furlong used in order to prevent him from reaching his goal of conquest.

“NO!!!!” He curled up into a ball, shaking. “No…” His words turned into sobs. Was this true? Was what he’d strived so hard to obtain so wrong? He tried to put two and two together. Why was it so wrong to dominate? Distantly, he felt a hand on his shoulder. And, it made him quiver even more.

“Jake… It’s over, Buddy.” The voice of Chance Furlong was soft, concerned, caring. “Lemme get you outta here…”

“Chaaaaance…” Jake whimpered.

“C’mon… let’s help you up…”

The smaller kat let himself be helped up, legs wobbly. “Chance…” He looked at his friend, their eyes meeting, his own no longer red. They were their usual soft and amber color.

Gently, Chance held him by the shoulders. “Are you…?”

Jake’s face was pained. “The chip’s trying to take over again… Chance…”

“We’ll take you to Hackle’s to remove it. Just hang on, Buddy. I’m here… I gotcha.”

“Alright.” Tiredly, Jake leaned into his best friend, holding on for support.

Chance smiled. At least Jake seemed to be regaining recognition of who he was before. All they had to do was get out of this metal fortress and back at Hackle’s. It wouldn’t take long, Chance figured.

“C’mon. Let’s go before…”

He abruptly paused, looking up, eyes large as Enforcer SWAT team snipers dropped in from every direction. Enforcers?! How?! How did they infiltrate Metallikat Headquarters?! When did they do it?!

“There he is!” one of the snipers yelled to his comrades, laser rifle raised to take aim at Jake.

Chance felt his blood run cold, his fears taking a toll over reality. No… NO!

“NO! Don’t do it!” he screamed, rushing out to stop the sniper. “He’s trying to…!”

He was unable to finish his sentence as the targeting laser came to bear on Jake’s chest. Ignoring Chance’s pleas, the sniper merely followed what he’d been ordered to do.

He fired.


Chance’s screamed echoed across the room, the frightening images of the laser forever burned in his mind. He woke up, panting, crying, eyes looking out and around until he realized where he was. He didn’t figure it out, however, until the Cybertron came up to his bed side, beeping softly. It’d followed him despite Chance’s earlier orders.

The tabby looked to a side, catching sight of the robot, and then buried his face into his hands. “Crud…”

The Cybertron beeped again, softly, trying to give out the facsimile of a worried tone.

“I’m… okay…” Chance murmured, feeling a robotic hand on his nearest arm. He sighed heavily. “I’ve gotta get him out.”

Another worried trill came from the Cybertron, eyeing Chance curiously. Surely he wasn’t planning on going out there again?

“I’m sorry, Cybertron. The Enforcers are gonna shoot ‘im on site if I don’t go.”

Chance Furlong was serious. Moving around so he’d be in Chance’s view, the Cybertron made a mock sort of salute while uttering a determined beep. He was going, too.

Chance chuckled. “I can’t talk you out of it, can I?” He sighed as the Cybertron shook its head. “Alright…”

The robot connected itself to Chance’s Glovatrix while it still remained on the table by the bed. “I can help you get in… And, JakeClawson may contact me again…”

“Alright… But… I gotta get in without getting caught…”

“I could provide a distraction…”

“A distraction?”

The Cybertron nodded. “I could re-wire some of the systems….”

Chance pondered his options. “Can you give me a map of the area?”

Complying, a map appeared on the display. Now, if the Cybertron had ever witnessed what the non-metallic life-forms called a “conniption,” then that was probably what he would have called Chance Furlong’s reaction to the grid. Never had it seen anybody overreact to something like that… not even Jake Clawson when he was in one of his bitterest moods.

“THAT PLACE IS HUGE!” Chance squacked.

“And, it is well fortified…” added the robot.

“Great…” Sighing, Chance sat on the bed again, thinking. After some dwelling, he turned to the Cybertron again. “Can they detect life forms?”


“Can they detect life forms… within metal?”

The Cybertron scanned this option for a minute. “If it were properly insulated, the scanners might be confused… The machines used generate an equal amount of heat to that produced by a kat’s body, so they are unable to scan by heat.” It paused, catching the gleam in Chance’s eyes. “You mean to disguise yourself?”

“It’s the only idea I have.”

The Cybertron nodded assent. “But, it is currently 3:34 a.m. It is your recharge cycle.”

Chance had to chuckle at that. Recharge cycle indeed. It’d be 5:00 a.m. and he’d still be out that door in the blink of an eye. “I can’t waste anymore time. Five years is enough.” Yes, five years had been enough. Now that Chance knew a way in, nothing could stand in his way. Not even sleep.

“Your recharge cycle is important to proper functioning… and moreso for my creator,” the Cybertron insisted, somehow hoping that they hadn’t woken up Professor Hackle all this time. “My creator should not be awakened at this hour… His systems are aging and require additional time to properly recharge….”

“We’re going now.”

“You do not have your disguise… Both you and my creator need to rest.”

“I’ve gotten enough rest.” Chance stood up. The old feeling of adrenaline was pumping through his veins once again. “C’mon…” He made his way out the door after putting on his Glovatrix.

The Cybertron gave out a noisy sigh and followed.


It had once been a city of prosperity, its citizens living life as they always did. Nothing was unusual in MegaKat City. Business increased annually. But, so did the attacks.





And, it was nothing new to Commander Feral. He’d watched the city grow. And, he’d watched the increment of crime as well. Psychos that were out to conquer the city and bring it to its knees with no remorse.

He’d done what he could to protect his city. He really had. But, even his Enforcers were unable to stop the robots. Even those annoying SWAT Kats had been welcomed to help at any time. But, he’d heard that one of them had joined forces with the wrong side. Why? He didn’t know. And, the other SWAT Kat had barely kept his ground until the Turbokat had been destroyed.

What *had* happened to Furlong? He’d managed to catch him without his mask when the robots attacked, but never saw him again once he and his Enforcers had been imprisoned.

Probably sent to another work camp.

He sighed. Five years had worn the commander out. Now, standing among the swamps to watch the city lights, he wanted to gain his pride *and* his city back.

“We have fifty of our men and over half that many weapons.”

Feral perked his ears upon hearing Felina’s report and nodded. “What about the others?”

“Roughly thirty.”


“Some burns, nothing severe.” Felina smiled a bit at that. At least they made it out without a single loss.

“Good,” said Feral. “We’ll gain some strength and then attack.”

Felina nodded, making her way to stand beside her commander and father figure, looking out towards the city lights with him.

“Do you think we have a chance, Uncle?” she asked stiffly, her face set, determined.

Feral only sighed heavily once again, his eyes never leaving MegaKat City.

“I can’t guarantee a victory, Felina… But we’re the only hope left.”


“What do you think?”

The Cybertron rolled behind the Chance across the lab, the tabby’s metal feet clattering about the linoleum floor. It eyed his “disguise,” thinking that they *should* have woken Hackle or they’d both be toast.

“I believe we need assistance…,” it admitted.

Chance let his ears droop. “Lousy, huh?”

The Cybertron merely shrugged.

“What gave it away?”

“You do not resemble any of the machines that service the main citadel…. And, your tail is protruding.”

Chance sighed, giving the robot a mock sneer and a raspberry, only to be returned with a recorded sound of the same thing.


“What is all this noise?” Professor Hackle came shuffling in, half asleep, his tail dragging noiselessly across the floor. Pausing, he looked at Chance.

The tabby looked up from his intellectual conversation with the Cybertron and towards the professor. “Um…” He then looked at his “attire,” and watched it as it slowly fell apart, bit by bit, wincing as every piece of metal fell to the floor in a clatter.

At that, all Hackle could do was arch a brow.

“Perhaps if you started at the beginning?”


If it had ever been given the ability to laugh, the Cybertron would have. Unfortunately, all it could do was just comment on Chance’s new disguise, even it did look absurd on a non-metallic life form.

“This is much more effective.”

“I can’t breath…” Chance complained, trying to find an air hole somewhere. “It’s stuffy.” His voice was muffled, almost metallic in a way.

“There should be suffcient airways,” Hackle stated, then circled the suit and looked for any obvious mistakes. “Can you walk?”

‘Can I walk, he asks,’ Chance mumbled thoughtfully. ‘I have enough trouble trying to move and see in this thing.’ He complied, taking a step forward. However, no sooner did he think he’d gotten the hang of it than he fell back. Arms waving violently, he landed on the tiled floor with a heavy clang. “Ow.”

“I see we need a bit more of work…” Hackle went to work on the knee joints, the Cybertron leaning over Chance to help him sit up.

“I can’t feel my back…”

The robot gave him a sympathetic sound, waiting for more instructions.

“Cybertron, perhaps you should fetch something for Chance…,” said Hackle.

“A can opener would be nice…”

The Cybertron gave Chance the facsimilie of a glare, a beeping sound saying that it wasn’t amused.

“No offense!” Chance said quickly, breathing a sigh of relief as a pleased beep indicated that he’d been forgiven.

“The knee joints should function better now.” Hackle and the Cybertron helped Chance up, the smaller robot giving Chance better support from behind to prevent him from falling again.

After much practice, Chance discovered he could walk normally, Hackle watching nearby and mentally debating modifications. Upon this task, all Chance could do was wonder. If he was able to walk in this metallic contraption, how good would he be running and attacking?

He didn’t bother to think it twice. Moving his arms about with more ease, he attempted a backflip, a roll and a somersault.

Landing, a single word escaped his metallic-like lips. “YES!”

Beside him, the Cybertron trilled happily. Chance was ready.

“I’m ready, Doc!”

“One moment.” Hackle stepped over to him, pressing a button on the arm. Chance’s Glovatrix folded out upon command. “Here are your main weapons. It works the same way as usual. Your other arm will display your tri-dimensional generator. And, I’ve patched a text program with a link to Cybertron into your helmet. His words should appear just to the left of your field of vision.”

Chance grinned. “You’re a miracle worker, doc.”

Hackle returned a small smile, glad that he could help. Deep down, he still felt that he’d been the cause for half of it – MegaKat City’s fall, Jake Clawson’s “treason” to his fellow kats…. everything since his creation of the Metallikats. And, if he’d only had but one dying wish, it was to be forgiven for all his past mistakes.

“I’ll bring Jake back. That’s a promise,” Chance said, as though reading the old kat’s mind. Laying a hand on his shoulder, he looked into his friend’s eyes. “Thank you… for everything.”

“Good luck, my boy,” Hackle returned.

Chance grinned, then motioned to the Cybertron. “C’mon… they’ll be waking up inna couple hours.”

With that, the small robot… and the facsimile of a robot, were out the door.


“And, you’re certain that Commander Feral and many other prisoners managed to escape?”

“Yes, Ma’am.” The guard took in a deep breath. “I believe that they’ve managed to run into the MegaKat Swamps…”

His party nodded on the other end of the line. “Thank you. Notify me of anymore news.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Upon hanging up, the party turned to her advisors. “It’s time. I suggest we attack now. Any opinions otherwise?”

No negative statements came from the table.

“Then it’s settled. We strike tonight.”


It was funny how he never complained about the padded table… or how uncomfortable it was if he really cared. But, there was no bed for him. He was now a machine… or half of one anyway.

“Rise and shine, partner!”

Jake grumbled internally, slitting an eye open at the voice. Never in his life did he *hate* the sound of that sentence, much less that last word in it. The word “partner” brought back bad memories… memories of what his life used to be… the life he wanted to have once again. But, these were abruptly erased as the microchip took over once again.

“Don’ wanna oversleep, do yas?” asked Molly Mange, standing beside her husband as they watched Jake.

“Whyever would I want sleep?” Jake sardonically asked as he sat up.

“Whatevah,” returned Molly.

“There’s rumors of a work camp raid that occurred last night…” Mac added.

“Rumors?!” Jake arched a brow. “And, you don’t know for sure by now?”

“They’s true. That clown Feral escaped.”

Jake’s eyes narrowed dangerously. “Have you already dispatched units?”

“They were dispatched overnight while you were dozing,” Mac stated, an accusing tone almost noticeable in his metallic voice.

Jake only gave them a mean look, nodding at their words. “Sounds like my agenda is catching the Enforcers you lost…” he returned in the same tone. He moved to his computer access terminal.

“Then have fun. Molly an’ I have a few work camps to attend to.”

“Right…” Jake got his systems up and running, looking at the readouts as they left. Personally, he thought they didn’t do anything around their headquarters other than gloat about their conquest of MegaKat City. Bah. Sometimes just the sight of those two bucketbutts disgusted him… particularly their constant bickering and idiocy. How he put up with it, he didn’t know. But, all that would soon change. Very soon.


“It’s time.”

The once Enforcers and various volunteers looked at Feral as he stood up, watching him expectantly as he readied his blaster. Their time had come. Some willing, others almost hesitantly, stood up with him.

“I can’t guarantee we’re on the path to victory… and I’m not going to stand up and do the ‘Uncle Tom’ speech. We’re the only hope for MegaKat City now. Those who feel they’re in the need to back out, do so now.”

No signs of backing out came. No one dared to challenge him. To tell him that their small band of Enforcers and volunteers couldn’t take out an entire city of renegade robots. Now was the time to reclaim their beloved city, and their lives once again.

“Then I put my faith in you. Accepted in the past or not, you are all Enforcers now.”

The kats saluted, some better than others. Feral could only give them an unusual smile, but he sobered in a heartbeat.

“You have your orders. Move out!”


To Be Continued

Inspirational Music:

“Lost Souls” – AFI

“Sacrifice Theory” – AFI

“Fall Children” – AFI

“Paint it Black” – GOB

“In the Heat of the Night” – Bryan Adams

“Only the Strong Survive” – Bryan Adams

“Living on a Prayer” – Bon Jovi

“Wanted Dead or Alive” – Bon Jovi

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