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By Sage

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It really was a crazy, stupid idea. (Oneshot – Complete)

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Author's Notes:

Title: Disguise
Author: SageSK/MintySage

Comments: Based on random commentary on the SWAT Kats Discord channel, and because the idea of the Boys discussing their master plan in “Bright and Shiny Future” amused me.

Razor wasn’t kidding. It was a crazy idea.

“It’s a stupid idea.”

“It’s a great idea.”

An idea so unbelievably ridiculous that it’d be a miracle if they weren’t found out.

“They’re not gonna fall for it! They’ve got systems that detect non-metallic lifeforms, remember?”

“We’ll worry about that once we’re inside.”

“How are we even the same height? Are there built-in stilts in these things?”

“Once we’re inside.”

“You have no idea, do ya’?”


The Pastmaster continued to flail in their grasp. “Do you infernal SWAT Kats never stop prattling?!” His tirade was cut short as he was unceremoniously slammed against a wall once they turned a corner.

“Sorry.” The Pastmaster could swear there was a smirk in the taller SWAT Kat’s tone. “Tripped.”

The sorcerer’s mind was made up. Once inside, those meddling SWAT Kats would be the first to go. That is, if those back stabbing Metallikats didn’t get to them before he did. Either way, the second his watch was back in his grasp, he’d make sure that no one would make it back.


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