Original SWAT Kats Story

The Last SWAT Kat

By Rose Wheeler

  • 1 Chapter
  • 481 Words

(Unfinished) Jake has some weird dreams about some unicorn who keeps claiming they’re related.

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Author's Notes:

This is a crossover between the movie The Last Unicorn and Swat Kats

(Author’s note: *this means the unicorn thoughts* (**means the unicorn’s speech (cause it’s mental) )

“Hah, beat you again, buddy,”Jake exclaimed, catching his breath.

“I let you,” Chance protested.

“Yeah, right.”


“You’re on!”

If they had looked, they would have seen a flash of white and a unicorn who observed them.

*Jake, is that you?* A tear came to her eye. *But . . . what of the other, NO, not THE enemy of the Unicorns*

If she looked carefully enough, she could see both of their true forms, faint, but there. The wind slightly blew, and her mane moved with it as she headed back toward the others to tell them what she saw.

“Come on, buddy, admit it,” Jake exclaimed, his eyes red with fury.

“No way!” Chance denied, but then saw how angry Jake was and confessed. “Alright, alright I give in; you won.”

“Let’s head in.”

“Race you.”

“You’re on!”

*********************************Later that night *******************

“Jake, come back,” a white unicorn spoke to him. “Please, Jake, come back to us. Your father is waiting. Come home. Your friend is no friend at all. Come home, come.”

With that, Jake woke up with a start, breathing like he had won a ten-mile race. Then he saw something through the window. Could it? He got dressed and went out to have a look, knowing he could never fall asleep.

Once outside, he saw something he thought he would never see, a unicorn.

“Jake,” the Unicorn called.

“Who are you?” Jake asked.

“I am called Mia, sister of Mira, but also to you, Jake.”

“You were in my dream! But . . . how?”

“You merely saw but an image of me, thought-speaking to you, just as I am now.”

“You said that my friend is no friend at all. What did you mean?”

“He is one of the Unicorns’ forever enemies changed into a kat.”

“What was he originally?”

“A human.”


“It’s true. You must come back; your father needs you,” Mia said just before she got covered in a net from a mini spider missile, which knocked her off her feet.

Jake whirled to see Chance standing there, his eyes full of more hatred than ever.

“Why did you . . . ,” Jake asked, his voice full of confusion and his eyes full of disbelief.

But, Chance didn’t answer, his eyes just glowed, like he was possessed, and he raised his glovatrixs at Mia.

“If you’re going to kill her, you’ll have to get through me first!” Jake suddenly exclaimed stepping in front of Mia, and Chance raised his glovatrixs . . .

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