Original SWAT Kats Story

X-Kat: The Mutant Squadron

By RogueFanKC

  • 10 Chapters
  • 87,417 Words

Set in Red Witch’s Misfit-verse! The X-Men are trapped in Megakat City, and their only hope lies in the lonely and bitter Razor. Read and enjoy the fight for Megakat City as the X-Men and SWAT Kats team up against evil. (10 Chapters – Complete) Rated M for Violence and Mild Innuendo (Individual ratings on each chapter indicate content).

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Author's Notes:

Title: X-Kat: The Mutant Squadron
Author(s): RogueFanKC
E-mail address: I do not like giving my e-mail address link available on the Internet. If you truly wish to e-mail me, go to my author profile at Fanfiction.net and you can view a picture of my e-mail there or review my story there (this story is also found on fanfiction.net under the “X-Men: Evolution” section of Cartoons).  The link is http://www.fanfiction.net/u/249987
Date: April 17, 2005
Rating: T
Warnings: Violence and mild swearing
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of “X-Men: Evolution” for they are the respective property of Marvel Comics.  “SWAT Kats: the Radical Squadron” in this cross-over fanfic is owned by the company, Hanna-Barbara.
Summary: The action-packed climax as the X-Men, the Enforcers and Jake team up to stop Dark Kat’s Master and the Invincible Alliance of Evil!  Yet sometimes, sadly enough, even after the war is over, there is still conflict, especially between Jake and the Enforcers…
Author’s Comments/Notes: None

Chapter 8

Super Smash Mutant Melee

“Seek nourishment upon their carcasses, my children!!” Dr. Viper cackled gleefully in a sickening manner, his eyes glowing with golden anticipation as the vines, roots, and leafy tendrils, all obeying his mind on a whim, surged directly at the Enforcers and the X-Men.  Xavier then sent a telepathic message to the kats and mutants in the group.

X-Men, follow your assigned tactical strikes!!  Enforcers, concentrate on stopping the Black Widow robots and the Pastmaster’s mummies!  Some of the X-Men shall escort you to help with the giants before they wreck the other parts of the city where the innocents reside!  The rest of the X-Men shall deal with Dr. Viper, the Metallikats, the Pastmaster and Dark Kat!!  I shall stay here and stop En Sabah Nur from coming out of the portal to do whatever destruction God knows what he has in mind!!

“That’s fine with me!!  Enforcers, you heard the X-Men!!  Move, move, move!!!  Scatter!!!” Felina yelled, and the Theta, Alpha, and Omega teams rushed out with some of the X-Men as the other faction covered their retreat.  Earlier, Logan, Charles Xavier, Ororo, Hank, Dr. Hackle, and Abi Sinian gathered as much factual knowledge they could find on the Invincible Alliance of Evil and each team member’s strengths and weaknesses.  Based on this, the X-Men were split into squads, each mutant determined on where his or her power could do the greatest damage on the Alliance’s resources.

On cue, Professor X then concentrated as hard as he possibly could on the ghostly specter on En Sabah Nur, trying his best to shove it back into the astral realm with all the brainpower and mental telepathic strength he could muster.  Roaring and furious, the kat-version of Apocalypse sent back its own counter-attack, the apex of time and space and centuries of imprisonment actually honing his mind to absolute perfection as he descended upon Professor Xavier.  Wincing, the mentor of the X-Men held firm, and between the two, it was an extreme and emphatic battle of wills.

Enraged, Dr. Viper tried to prevent the Enforcers and the X-Men from achieving their goals by sending his plants over and underground, hoping to cut them off, but Amara was quicker as she changed into her fiery, molten form, her entire body a gleaming torch of red-hot liquid rock and earth.

“Back off, you little spore!!!” Magma screamed angrily, intent on making Dr. Viper pay for trying to hurt her friends.  Concentrating so hard that her head was spinning, the Roma Nova princess hovered her hands above the cracked pavement of the streets, crouching down low like a skier going downhill.  Instantly, the ground started to shake and quiver before the mutated plant-kat saw multiple geysers of lava erupt from the ground, gushing like fountains and oil rigs, causing the very pavement beneath them to crumble and fill each and every crevice made by his plants with searing heat and magma.  With so many jets of smelted rock, the plants that were topside were immediately seared into pieces as they fell victim to the gushing streams, writhing as they were consumed and drowned by the liquid blood of the earth.  And due to the vast pools Magma summoned from the ground, the vines and roots that were snaking under the surface, ready to pop out and strike, were immediately reduced to smoke and ashes.

With such a protective barrier above and below, none of the plants and flora organisms Dr. Viper mutated for the Alliance could stop the X-Men and Enforcers as they disappeared in the distance

“Looks like your plants aren’t very resistant to lava, you Dr. Frankenstein-reject!!” Magma snarled as she then unleashed a barrage of fireballs, each created by the girl simply picking up pieces of rubble all around her and melting them in her hands before throwing them, “And by the same token, neither are you!  Hope you like ‘mutated-loser flambé’!!”

Dr. Viper managed to barely avoid the lethal mass, though his lab coat was now singed along with his hair, as the green kat then summoned some more of his vines to carry him out of danger, all the meanwhile shrieking with apoplectic malice, “You meddlesome little witch!!!  I’ll kill you myself!!!”

“Not likely, Viper!!!” snarled Wolverine as he suddenly appeared out of nowhere, his adamantium claws drawn out and ready, as he lunged and tackled the mad scientist off his throne of plants, only to send the both of them crashing down to the ground.  Snarling like a dangerous mad-beast, Dr. Viper managed to scratch his way out of Wolverine’s grip and tail-whip Wolverine smartly across the face.  Now vengeful, Wolverine charged at the green villain, but the slimy, mutated alliance member summoned more of his thorny, flowering tentacles from under the ground to snare and rip Wolverine apart, the entire area meshed with the vines.  He was furious to learn quickly that no matter how many plants he could summon, the clawed human could easily dodge and scurry and somersault out of reach, and his claws were unbelievably sharp and durable.  Not even steel blades could cleanly swipe through the outer layers of the plants, yet somehow, the mutant managed to do so as easily as slicing through butter with a hot knife.

Iceman then had a sudden thought strike him as he and Magma kept blasting the plants back with moderate success, despite the fact that Dr. Viper’s armies were multiplying by the second.

“Wait a minute!  Plants are organic, right?” Iceman gasped.

Amara looked a bit lost and frustrated as she snapped impatiently at her teammate, “Yeah, so?”

Iceman then lunged for a small, writhing vine before he grasped it tightly with one ice-covered hand, explaining, “I just remembered from Beast’s science classes on of the few days I actually stayed awake in his lectures!  If plants are organic, then they have a certain amount of water in them along with other liquids, which means every cell and tissue in these things are like chains of water!!  And I can freeze water!  And since these vines are linked to the roots…”

Magma then realized what Iceman was trying to achieve, and she inwardly cheered his inspiration as she watched Bobby freeze the vine he was grasping into a strand of hardened ice, dying immediately from the cold.  And like a domino effect, the ice spread quickly to the other vines connected to the strand Bobby was holding, and before anyone else could comprehend it, the vines all around Wolverine and Dr. Viper began to crystallize in a frenzied, artic death, the ice formed from Bobby’s power spreading uncontrollably like an outbreak, and since the ice traveled down to the hearts and roots deep underground, every one of the mutated vines perished, leaving the green, mutated kat powerless.  No matter how much the mutated, green-and-black striped kat tried, he could not summon more aid to assist him.  And with the ice spreading to the other parts of the city and outside where they were still fighting against the government army and militia factions, each and every one of the plants froze and became entombed in a suffocating layer of ice.  Every one of Dr. Viper’s plants died, and there was not a trace of any of the mutated specimens anywhere throughout the metropolis.

“No!!!” shrieked Dr. Viper as he watched his work be rendered moot, and this gave Wolverine the chance he had been waiting for as he lunged.


Dr. Viper gurgled weakly as his yellow eyes widened, trying vainly to push the mutant’s claws out of his body as he sank to the ground, the life draining out of his body slowly and painstakingly.  Logan was less than merciful as he roughly yanked his claws out of the scientist’s heart with a sickening squelch and watched the dying Dr. Viper croak and gasp weakly for air, his claws dripping with the kat’s green blood.

“I…you…” Dr. Viper managed to gasp before his snake-like voice died in his throat, his eyes going glazed.

“Rot in hell, Dr. Viper,” Logan muttered.

Outside the city limits, the soldiers who were losing heavily to Dr. Viper’s plants were now amazed at the sight of Bobby’s powers going to work as the mindless plants just went limp, no longer having a master to summon and command their every move.

“What the hellkats had just happened?!” gasped an army soldier, his whiskers twitching madly in confusion as he and his fellow privates and generals just stared at the divine intervention with wide eyes, “Ice?!  In the middle of June?!!  In blazing 90-degree weather?!!!”

“It’s the X-Men, sir!” one Enforcer explained as he and the rest of the squads Commander Feral sent to guide the national guard into the heart of the city, “We just heard it on the radio transmission of the Enforcers!!  They’re helping us out!!  They’re fighting Dark Kat and the Invincible Alliance alongside the Enforcers!!  But Lieutenant Feral just called in her status!!  The X-Men and the Enforcers are giving it all they got, but they still need help to stop the Alliance and Dark Kat!!”

“Well what are we waiting for, then?!!  A bleeding invitation?!!  Move out!!!” roared a General from his tank, and immediately, the army and navy charged through the waters and terrains into Megakat City.


“You Enforcers can’t stop us!!” snarled Hard-Drive as he crowed atop of the jagged hill of rock in the middle of the street, holding his precious cargo of the Vertigo anti-technology beam in one paw before spotting the gigantic Cybertron 2 rushing into battle towards the Black Widows with the X-Men, Forge and Shadowcat, riding steadily on its left shoulder, all three of them intent on stopping the robot army of Dark Kat.  Cackling gleefully at the prospective targets, Hard-Drive aimed the Vertigo Beam directly at the two, listening to it whine softly as it powered up for its destructive and debilitating surge onto the little trio.  It would be especially devastating to Forge and Dr. Hackle’s robot considering the mutant’s cybernetic arm and the Cybertron 2’s advanced circuitry.

“Looks like I’m going to be the first to bag an X-Man!” Hard-Drive cackled as he was about to fire, but then a stream of infrared laser radiation, powerful and thin and intensely concentrated, came out of nowhere and along with it followed a surge of white electricity, rivaling that of Hard-Drive’s coat.  In a duo attack, both the laser and the electric blast combined before hitting the apex of the Vertigo Beam, neatly decapitating it into two before causing both useless parts to glow red hot from the building heat and energy flowing directly at it.  Hard-Drive yelped as he dropped the machinery before springing back as it exploded in a fury of flying metal shrapnel and hot sparks.  The anti-technology beam was completely destroyed.  The electrical kat turned around to spot Bezerker and the first Cybertron robot facing him, with the mutant’s hands still crackling from the blast and the android’s eye blinking furiously as it readied another laser blast at Hard-Drive.

“Not likely, Hard-Drive!!” shouted Bezerker, “Sorry about your little toy, but you’ve been playing with it for long enough!!  And that goes for the Vertigo Beam as well!!”

“Joke about this, smart-mouth!!” snarled Hard-Drive as he sent a devastating burst of dynamic current at the mutant.  Ray just smiled as he just stood there and let the voltage strike his body as the Cybertron swiftly rolled away from the path of the attack, strafing furiously on its treaded wheels.  The terrorist snorted at the sight, thinking that he had finally killed his opponent.

“Shocking, ain’t it?” the Mohawk-toting kat guffawed in triumph, but the feeling of victory then crumbled away to surprise when he saw Ray stand up from the smoking, ruined ground all around him, without bearing a single mark or burn from the electrocution moments ago.  Bezerker then cracked his knuckles in response, his face breaking into a wide smirk.

“Dude, you have to think of better puns!  Now, Cybertron!!” he yelled.  Hard-Drive then realized he was so intent on killing the mutant, he completely forgot about the android Dr. Hackle sent alongside to fight.  And that gave the android ample time to pop out a strange, pressurized nozzle from its robotic appendage as it aimed and fired a cloud of white, thick, smoky electrical retardant onto the kat, exactly like the Enforcers did earlier before.  Hard-Drive screamed in fury as he tried to rub it off his surge coat, but it was pointless; the stuff stuck like ash and glue mixed together.

“Remember this, Hard-Drive?” Ray said as he ambled up to the Alliance member, “Puma-Dyne actually had some of the leftover electrical-resistant dust they created for the Enforcers, so Dr. Hackle decided to borrow it for this little occasion before we made it into the city.  And by the way, since I have the ability to absorb electricity, thanks for the free recharge, you sucker.  Taking in energy like that give increases my physical strength, not to mention my agility.”

The kat roared as it sprang from its kneeling position, claws drawn and ready to disembowel, but the X-Man, thanks to numerous Danger Room sessions and Logan’s training, quickly and expertly blocked the strike before wrapping his hands behind Hard-Drive’s neck and brought the kat’s face down on his thrusting knee hard.  Hard-Drive felt his snout break as a fountain of blood squirted from his nose vigorously.  Ray then followed the knee-thrust with an elbow jab, a right cross, several more jabs, an uppercut, and a powerhouse straight-punch into the kat’s sternum, leaving the kat winded and flying back to tumble onto the floor.  Yet Hard-Drive then grinned, his face looking like a sinister and demented clown with his entire body coated with white dust and yet his facial fur, whiskers, teeth and mouth smeared with red blood.

“I’m not finished yet, X-Man!!” he declared as he snapped his fingers again.  The Cybertron 1.0 beeped warningly as its motion-sensors and AI then detected a vast, insurmountable group moving all around them like a pack.

“Aw crap!” Bezerker cursed as he saw that he and the Cybertron 1.0 were completely surrounded by an army of pink creeplings, enough to fill up a football stadium.  He didn’t anticipate this one.

At the same time, Felina had just gotten to her position on the ground as she received radio confirmation that the Theta, Alpha, and Omega teams had reached their destinations all over the city and had given the rest of the Enforcers scattered throughout the metropolis the basic run-down.  The X-Men, Cyclops, Jean, Nightcrawler, Rogue and Gambit were with her and a small fraction of the Omegas.

“Enforcers, deploy the hang-gliders and catapults!!!” Felina yelled over her Enforcer transmission, and at once, the Enforcers sprang to action.  Upon the roofs, the kats dragged out large, black and sturdy hang-gliders bearing the yellow Enforcer insignias with their plastic frames and rubber attachments.  Since Hard-Drive managed to use the Vertigo Beam on their jets and Black Hawk helicopters, both Felina and her Uncle then realized that hang-gliders would be the perfect means of counterattack since they required no engines for propulsion.  And since they consisted of plastic and rubber, the non-conducting materials couldn’t allow Hard-Drive to blast them out of the sky with his electric attacks and electrocute the Enforcers.  With effective time and practice, the Theta Enforcers soon had their gliders out and ready.  With several kats counting down fifteen second intervals, waves upon waves of black hang-gliders soared off the rooftops of various buildings and at high levels above the mummies and the Black Widow robots.  A few that weren’t able to gain altitude were easily lifted into the sky by Storm’s help as she summoned a gust of hot air to give the Enforcers some elevation while flying alongside with them.

“Thanks, ma’am!” one Enforcer cheered his thanks to Storm as he and his fellow Enforcers hovered above the mummies and spider-sentinels.  It was like an entire black cloud had descended over the city, nearly eclipsing the bright sun.

“Bombs away!!” yelled another Enforcer as all of the Theta teams released a rainfall of plastic explosives and depth-charges those similar to blow out submarines.  Upon contact, the explosives discharged and the mummies and Black Widows were besieged by a multitude of miniature explosions, each one managing to fray and gorge them bit by bit, eating away at their protective armor in chunks.  Outraged, some of the mummies tried to grab at the soldiers, but luckily, they were all too high for them to reach due to Storm’s continuous winds.  Then the Black Widows aimed their laser-turrets from their robotic jaws before letting out streams of rapid, ultraviolet shots, all of them ready to sear the Enforcers into pieces.  Yet Jean was more than ready.  With a grunt, Jean encased each and every one of the hang-gliders with a protective telekinetic bubble of force, shielding them from the laser blasts, and even in some cases, managing to reflect the blasts directly back at their tormentors.  Encouraged, the Enforcers continued their assault.

On the ground, the Omegas managed to drag out medieval catapults from their hidden positions in the alleys and side-streets all throughout the downtown area in front of the mummies’ paths as a final line to cross before the Egyptian abominations could reach the untouched places of Megakat City and kill the residents and private citizens who weren’t Enforcers and couldn’t defend themselves.  Also used as a tactic resistant to Hard-Drive’s Vertigo Beam, the weapons, made of hardened wood and steel cores and tied together with reinforced rubber and metal strips, were so simple, a kitten could pull the levers that released the launching pads yet were destructive enough to send a huge load of explosives directly at the mummies with much damage.  Simple, effective, and not even the slightest dependent on any motor.  Immediately after they were all brought out into the open, for each catapult, one Omega Enforcer would man the lever while a group of five kats would pile the loading dock with metal barrels of gunpowder, with the large metal cylinders laced on the outside with dried sulfur-paste similar to the heads of matches and nylon rope looped all around.  Once the barrels were loaded into the dock, another cat would lightly squirt lighter-fluid onto the barrel’s metal surface before the catapults were ready.

First wave!!” roared an Enforcer through her megaphone, “Aim…FIRE!!!

On command, the first row of catapults were launched as the operators pulled on the levers, starting the release mechanism as the arm surged forward with a thwoop, sending the barrels flying in a graceful arc towards the mummies.  The mummies, though powerful, were too slow in speed and agility to catch or dodge the projectiles, and all had no choice but to stand there dumbly as the barrels collided with their bodies, striking the sulfur and igniting the lighter-fluid on the barrels which heated the gunpowder inside for an immediate combustive reaction.


One mummy stumbled, a good portion of its face torn off from the blasts as it then suddenly withered and died, collapsing upon itself in an implosive fashion and fading into nothing as the dust, sand and bandages disintegrated into ashes.  However, the rest of the mummies were more or less unscathed, especially the ones in the back of the herd, and vengeful and roaring gutturally, the Egyptian giants charged with their clubs and maces raised high to crush the Enforcers below.  Yet the Omega soldiers were not the least bit intimidated.

Second wave!!!  Aim…FIRE!!!” yelled the Enforcer and as the first file of catapults reloaded, the second row behind them fired their loads at the mummies again, giving them a relentless opposition of explosives and rainfall, and the kats could only hope that with five separate tiers, it would be enough to keep the Pastmaster’s armies busy enough for the X-Men to finish them off for good.

During this firefight, the Cybertron 2 shot several of its polarity-missiles directly at the leading Black Widow spider-bot in the front, ignoring the laser blasts the robotic sentinel shot at it in retaliation, the energy beams reflecting off its shiny, metal surface.  The missiles immediately discharged a pulsating magnetic field, their polarities immediately conflicting with the electrical force-fields surrounding the mechanical spider.  With a brief flicker, Shadowcat and Forge could see the Telsa-barrier dying out, malfunctioning immediately due to the Cybertron’s missiles and leaving the death android unprotected.

“According to Dr. Hackle’s readings, the mainframe for the Black Widow should be in the center of its abdomen!  Unfortunately, there’s no sure-fire way in there!  Dark Kat’s more cunning than I thought!  That entire stomach-area of the Black Widow robot is closed off from all its other parts, so that there would be no way to hack into the system and cause it to malfunction!!  And with its protective armor and nanotechnology, it’ll be impossible to get in there!” Forge exclaimed as he looked through the electronic hand-held PDA Dr. Hackle gave the X-Man inventor to reference the blueprints of the Black Widow architecture.

“Like, can you do it?” Shadowcat asked.

“If I can hack into the mainframe, I should be able to isolate the unique electrical signal Dark Kat is using to protect all the other Black Widows with their own force-fields!  If I can take them down, then it’ll be easier for the Enforcers and for us to destroy them permanently!  That’s what I need you for Kitty.  Phase me into the abdomen, and you should be able to short-circuit the whole spider permanently!  That’ll give me the chance to use my skills and hack into the signals!”

“Like this better be more successful than the alternator, Forge!” groaned Shadowcat as she and Forge joined hands before jumping off the shoulder of the Cybertron 2 while the giant android then set itself upon the other Black Widows.  Using the girl’s phasing powers to walk of air, the two X-Men managed to glide over to the back of the rampaging Black Widow while the Alpha Enforcers shot at it with their guns from the ground and rooftops, trying to distract it from noticing the mutants boarding it.  With barely a whisper, Shadowcat phased herself and Forge into the large, hulking abdomen on the robot, and with a powerful surge and death to its hardware systems, the Black Widow’s eyes went dim before it toppled to the ground, its legs in disarray as it went off-line, ceasing its function and destroying any of the nanotechnology leftover.  Inside, Forge hooked his cybernetic arm into one part of the mainframe and immediately began decrypting Dark Kat’s computer algorithms to hack into the signals.

“C’mon…c’mon…” Forge whispered urgently as time grew shorter.

Shadowcat phased herself back out and saw that three Black Widows had already gotten past her and Forge, and the Cybertron 2.0, though trying its best, were only successful at delaying two of them.  The lone spider was already making its way quickly to the other parts of the city, and no matter how fast Shadowcat could walk on air, she couldn’t possibly catch up with it.  She needed a fast mode of transport.

“Need a lift, X-Kitten?” one young twenty-something Enforcer yelled out above as he guided his hang-glider close to Kitty’s position atop the Black Widow’s head.  The mutant girl beamed.

“Like the correct term is ‘X-Woman’!” Kitty shouted back, but she said it in jest as she took a flying acrobatic leap and managed to catch the bar of the hang-glider with both hands as the Enforcer them flew the both of them out of danger and towards the rogue Black Widow.

“Hey, you know, you’re kind of cute,” the yellow-tabby male-kat commented as he gave Shadowcat a sly look of interest.  Shadowcat giggled as she rolled her eyes.

“Totally not even!  I already have two…I mean, like I have a boyfriend,” she answered weakly as she hung there precariously on the bar.

“Can’t blame me for trying,” the male Enforcer laughed.

“Johnson, will you quit trying to hit on any pretty female in sight?!” hollered a near-by she-Enforcer in irritation as she eavesdropped, “God, and I thought your thinking with your gonads couldn’t be any more annoying!!”

“Like, this is my stop!” declared Shadowcat and with that, as she and the Enforcer were able to fly above the middle of the robot’s body, the girl let go of the bar and she fell steadily towards the robot before phasing into it like she did with the last one, causing it to topple to the street, dead in its tracks.

Since the rest of the Black Widows were still heavily shielded and that there was no way to directly attack them, Sunspot, Storm, and the Alpha Enforcers concentrated their attacks on preventing the other Black Widows from making headway to injure the innocent civilians.  The Alphas used various explosives and bombs to cause large holes in the streets, making it harder for the sentinels to crawl through without getting their spindly legs stuck.  Sunspot then got a brilliant idea.  Flying down low and covered with sun energy, the Brazilian mutant tore through the foundations of the neighboring buildings underground to collapse directly in front of the robots’ paths, creating effective blockades with the rubble.  With such high mounds of rock and metal in their way, it was causing an effective traffic jam as the Black Widows were forced to slow down at an antagonizing rate, unable to break their way through the rubble.

“Artic winds, weigh down their efforts!!  Slow down the robots with the cold!!!” shouted Storm as she invoked winds of immense speeds and with temperatures reaching sub-zero.  Within mere moments, the entire air was riddled with intense, frigid cold, cold enough to cause the Black Widows’ armors to become frostbitten with ice and crystals, turning white and almost cracking from the strain of the freezing moisture.  Yet despite their efforts, the Black Widows still moved on.

Back on the ground, not too far off…

“Die, you freaks!!” snarled Mac as he and Molly kept firing upon Beast, Cannonball, and Colossus, the green-energy pellets raining down on them like rapid hail.  Callie was hiding behind a crushed car not too far off in the distance with her gun ready, though she could have honestly said she was more anxious than fearful of joining in on the fracas.

“That, my dear Asimovian-antagonist, is a telltale example of the pot calling the kettle black!” Beast shouted curtly as he gracefully leapt over the range of fire before grabbing on to a wooden telephone pole and scurried up to the top like an acrobatic monkey.  Cannonball was able to avoid the blasts by sprinting and diving for cover behind some mountains of rubble before he dashed out using his mutant ability to create a gravitational field all around him as he flew towards the Metallikat like a bullet.  Shocked at the swiftness, Mac aimed his blaster and fired again and again, but to his horror, each energy-discharge, despite hitting directly at the boy, was simply deflected off to the side, the forces all around Sam forming like a protective bubble.  The blond-haired mutant stuck out both of his fists as he collided with the metal kat.

“Hey, Metallikat, here’s a gift from good ol’ Kentucky blood!!” Cannonball crowed.


Mac felt his chest bend inward from the tremendous impact as, due to Newton’s theory of motion, the incredible velocity Cannonball was flying at sent the evil robot hurtling backwards with unbelievable speed and force.  He would have barreled out of Megakat City itself if the series of skyscrapers and buildings didn’t get into his path.

CRASH!!!  BOOM!!!  BAM!!!  SMASH!!!

“I’m gonna kill that country-hick freak!!!” cursed Mac as he felt the nanotechnology kick in immediately, fixing his body, and the rubble from the crumbling roof fall and bounce off his indestructible body.  Despite the damage he endured and the various pieces of metal, rebar, and concrete embedded into his armor, he was still fully functional.  And he dryly noted that he went through at least four walls, all of them having a huge gaping hole contorted to the shape of his flying body.

Meanwhile, an armored-up Colossus was dealing with Molly Mange, the other Metallikat, and the female Alliance member was also discovering that her energy-gun had no effect on Colossus’ protective mutant power.  Becoming desperate, Molly then tried a different tactic as she aimed her blaster high as shot the roof of a nearby building.  The effect was instantaneous as the upper-half of the abandoned skyscraper collapsed upon itself, crumbling and sending down thousands of pounds of rubble and stone and rock upon Colossus.  The Russian mutant didn’t even flinch as he was buried underneath the landslide, and when the dust cleared, Molly could only see the mounds and mounds of brick and mortar than supposedly entombed the X-Man to his grave.

Molly chortled annoying, her accent so thick her words were almost intelligible, “Ha!  Looks like you X-Geeks ain’t so high and mighty after all!”

“At least we are infinite times of a better alternative than you, my dear metal-harridan,” Beast said calmly as he flew out of nowhere, rolling into a ball with his knees and head tucked in, before he struck the Metallikat from behind smartly like an out-of-control metal bearing in a pinball machine.  Beast then fluidly leapt onto the shoulders of the stunned Molly, gripping her with his powerful hind feet before somersaulting forward and throwing the Metallikat skillfully with the momentum, his back claws hurling the robot to come crashing against a telephone pole, shaking the exposed wires above madly.  Beast then got into a martial-arts stance as the android recovered quickly and aimed her blaster arm at the blue-furred mutant.

“I may not know what that word means, but I know an insult when I hear it!!  Lemme show you the end of my gun up close, you freak!!” the Alliance hench-kat snarled as she was about to fire.

“And let me show you the underside of this bus up close, Metallikat!!!” shouted a voice from behind, and Molly turned to see the fleeting image of the bottom, metal surface of a Greyhound bus as it slammed down on top of her with tremendous force, pressing her to the ground painfully.  Beast glanced up to see a dusty and dirt-encrusted Colossus grinding the bus further and further to the street, trying to sandwich the Metallikat and pin her down.  Managing to dig his way out of the rubble immediately and seeing that Beast was keeping her busy, the metal-skinned mutant then grabbed the largest object he could find to use as a club, and with his super-strength, he was able to grip the back end of the vehicle firmly before bringing it down onto the Metallikat.

Molly screamed in rage as she managed to blast the bus atop of her into pieces, sending the auto-parts and metal flying as she managed to crawl out of the hole to freedom, murder burning in her eyes.

“Didn’t you mother ever tell you it ain’t nice to hit a lady?!!” she shrieked as she tried to fire again upon the two mutants, but Colossus was surprisingly quicker as he charged.

“With you, I would use the term ‘lady’ very loosely,” Piotr remarked as he punched Molly hard in the stomach with an uppercut, sending the screaming metal soldier flying up in the air in a graceful arc before coming back to crash on the ground, sixty feet away.

Meanwhile, on the roof of a dangerously close building…

This is Ann Gora, Kat’s Eye News!” gasped Ann breathlessly on the microphone, half of her attention to the camera and the other half to the furious and yet oddly fascinating battle for Megakat City.  Johnny K. was still filming the entire debacle with a bit of apprehension as Ann continued.

What you are seeing here can only be described as pure chaos, folks!  The X-Men, now to be revealed as heroes from another dimension, are actually helping the Enforcers and Jake Clawson, the SWAT Kat, to stop Dark Kat and the Invincible Alliance from taking over Megakat City!!

Yet unfortunately, due to the shields Jean had placed on some of the Enforcers, at that same moment, one of the laser blasts of the Black Widow reflected off the telekinetic bubbles only to strike the very building Johnny and Ann were standing on, striking directly on the very middle of the tower and causing it to cave in, creaking and moaning, falling apart bit by bit.  The sudden decline of the roof caused both Johnny and Ann to stumble, but Johnny’s heart reached his throat when he saw Ann was still tumbling towards the edge and off into oblivion.  At the last minute, the reporter managed to grab hold of a jutting piece of rock, but she was still very close to a lethal drop.

“ANN!!!” hollered the camera-kat in horror.

Ann screamed as she felt her grip on the cracked border of the rooftop slipping, leaving her dangling over seventy stories above a very painful drop as her arms felt like they were being set of fire with the highest concentrations of gasoline.  The beautiful she-kat tried to pull herself up, but she was too weak and there was nothing below for her to use as a foothold.

It was about then that Ann felt her paws slip from the dusty, smooth surface of the building.

Ann screamed again, bracing herself for the worst, but then she felt herself jerked to a painful stop, and looking up, Ann was joyfully grateful to see her faithful camera-kat and friend, Johnny, grabbing her right paw with both of his paws as he hung dangerously from the roof.  It was Johnny that managed to lunge and grab her before it was too late.

“Don’t let go!!” Ann sobbed in fright.

“I won’t, Ann!” hissed Johnny, beads of sweat already started to prick his forehead and chest as he felt himself being dragged down deeper and deeper off the ledge along with Ann, “I won’t!!  We either survive this together or we’ll fall off together!!  Just hang on!!”

Yet it was not lost on the two news kats that Johnny had no place to latch on with his feet as he and Ann were pulled on by gravity, inch by inch, towards their impeding doom as Johnny’s body slid forward.  Nightcrawler was able to spot them as he was teleporting Scott and Gambit to the roof of a nearby building in order to have a better shot at the mummies.

Mein Gott!!” Nightcrawler gasped as he disappeared only to teleport next to Johnny and Ann.

“Hang on!” the blue mutant commanded as he grabbed both of the kats before all three of them were engulfed with a large plume of thick smoke before reappearing back onto the streets about a mile away as the building Johnny and Ann were previously on collapsed upon itself at last.

“Are you two all right?” Kurt asked the two stunned kats.

“Uh…yes…I am,” Ann murmured in shock, though considering the X-Man saved her life, it wouldn’t have been very gratuitous or polite to scream in his face.

The teenager understood however what was going on in their thoughts, so he clarified, “My name’s Nightcrawler, and I’m one of Jake’s friends and an X-Man.  Don’t worry, you two are safe now; you’re both out of the danger zone.”

“Thanks, man,” Johnny K. said with extreme gratitude and sincerity, already starting to like the kid instantly.  Kurt smiled warmly.

“Hey, you’re Ann Gora from Kat’s Eye News, the most talented reported from the news-station!  And you’re Johnny, her best friend and most faithful camera-kat to ever follow her!!  I’m a big fan!  I’ve watched you and your adventures with the SWAT Kats back in our world!”

Ann could have honestly said she couldn’t have been more surprised…and humbled.

Cyclops then immediately jumped to a decision as he saw that their individual strikes weren’t doing much good.

“Storm, Gambit…team-up attack!  Triangular formation…NOW!!!” yelled Cyclops from the streets on his communicator.

With a rush, Storm, Cyclops and Gambit all fired their attacks simultaneously upon the leading mummy.  Hot, fierce and intense blue and red lightning gathered from Storm’s hands as she summoned it to descend upon the hulking forms below in a wide attack, and Cyclops’s red optic blast cut through the middle of the electrical storm-cloud like a steel shaft while intermingling with Gambit’s bio-kinetic charged cards swirling elegantly all around the optic energy in a twirling column.  The doomed mummy roared as it was blinded from the intensity of the light show, causing it to shield its eyes dumbly as the electricity, optic energy, and kinetic cards struck the monster at once in wonderful, harmonious unity.  The Egyptian soldier howled in pain as the energy struck its head and upper-torso, causing it to wither and die into dust.

Merde, that one’s bit the dust!!” Gambit cheered from the roof.

Storm shook her head in warning as she summoned a tornado to push back the mummies from crushing the Enforcers and their catapults, shouting all the meanwhile, “But we do not know how to fully defeat them, Gambit!!  We cannot team up all our attacks on every single Egyptian goliath one by one!!  There are too many for us to destroy in that manner, and we need to prevent them from crushing the rest of the city immediately!!  We can’t waste much time on that!!”

“We need to find their weak spots or at least find out what makes the mummies so invincible and resilient to our energy attacks!!” Jean cried as she used her telekinesis to lift several boulders and damaged cars before hurling them at several mummies, scoring a direct strike on their heads but discovering that it didn’t faze them greatly.

“I’m already ahead of you, Jean!!!  I found out where the Pastmaster’s mummies are getting their power!” gasped Abi Sinian as she looked through the records of her laptop during the battle, safely hiding among the sidelines as she spoke through the radio transmitter Dr. Hackle provided her, allowing the Enforcers and the X-Men to hear, “The prayer stones!  It’s the prayer stones Pastmaster stole from the museum!!  Inadvertently and without the Pastmaster’s knowledge, the prayer stones of Rama-Tut must have been utilized by Dark Kat so that he could energize the mummies with the power of En Sabah Nur and make them more powerful than the Great Pyramid could do before!!!”

“So where can we find it?!” Cyclops hollered over his communicator as he blasted the club one mummy was carrying out of its hands, splintering it into ashes and miniscule fragments.

“Based on the Egyptians beliefs of the inner third-eye and the fact that Dark Kat’s master is manipulating them through the astral plane…they should be located in the middle of their foreheads!!  Destroy the prayers stones on the mummies’ foreheads, and they should be weak enough for you to finish them off!!!” Abi yelled back.

Upon hearing this, Rogue suddenly had a brilliant idea as she flew down to the street next to a lamppost.

“Leave it to us!!” Rogue hollered as she grunted and managed to uproot the large, metal and concrete lamppost from the sidewalk, haphazardly breaking it from its electrical connection and leaving the bottom end jagged and pointed.  Tucking the pole in her arms and flying to the roof, she signaled to her Cajun boyfriend with a nod of her head.  Understanding what she wanted to do, Gambit carefully avoided making contact with Rogue’s bare skin as he firmly wrapped his arms around her neck, and without any effort, Rogue carried the lamppost and Gambit up to the skies hurriedly as they ascended directly above the mummy while it was still swatting at the hang-gliders.  It was too late for the bandaged monster as it looked up to see Rogue diving down with the sharpened end of the gigantic pole directly in front of her, raised high over her head.

“YAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!” screamed Rogue as she jammed the end of the lamppost through the forehead of the mummy, spearing it directly through the thick hide and gorging the monster’s brain while crushing the fragment of the prayer stone along with it.  The mummy howled as it tried to swat the mutant goth off its body while awkwardly picking at the lamppost end with its massive fingers, attempting to pluck it out.  Yet Gambit then leapt out of Rogue’s grip and onto the bandaged surface of the mummy’s forehead, nimbly avoiding the slow hands of the mummy as he then touched the metal surface of the makeshift spear.  In less than a second, the entire lamppost started to shine with the intensities of the increasing kinetic energies building up in the pipe’s molecular surface.

“Here you go, homme!!  A little something for that headache, courtesy of Dr. Remy LeBeau!!!” he shouted in satisfaction as Rogue picked him up and swiftly high-tailed it out of the blast radius.  There was a faint gleam as the mummy howled inhumanly.


“Looks like the poor mummy couldn’t keep his head together, eh cherie?” Gambit laughed, making a bad pun, as he and Rogue saw the mummy topple and die, headless, its body above it’s neck cleanly decapitated, as it crashed to the ground with a powerful thud, crushing a few creeplings in the process, before withering into a messy pile of grimy, brown bandages and sand.

In the intervening time, at a different part of the city, the Pastmaster was trying his best to fight off Boom-Boom, Lieutenant Steele, and Lockheed as they brawled with him.  The blond-haired girl was surely relentless as she kept hurling her spherical energy-bombs of different sizes (and on several occasions, she made bombs as large as basketballs), and the Pastmaster couldn’t gain enough time to fight back as he kept getting thrown back from the numerous explosions.  The annoying purple dragon of Kitty also enjoyed the fight as he flew down and kept bombarding the mage with fire, setting his cloak ablaze more than once.  Steele, now intent to avenge Fangston’s death, kept careful aim as he fired over and over at the skeleton, the bullets ripping through the Pastmaster’s body.

“ENOUGH!!!” snarled the Pastmaster as he invoked a burst of magic that sent Steele and Boom-Boom flying off their feet.  Before the two of them could gather back their bearings, the kat of dark magic then aimed his clock at the two heroes before firing a powerful swelling of time magic, ready to turn them all to dust exactly like he had done before with Sergeant Fangston.

Yet before the power of the Pastmaster’s clock could hit Tabitha and Steele, Lockheed then managed to do a very noble and brave act as he flew directly in its path, shielding the kat and the teenage girl.

“Lockheed!!!” cried Boom-Boom as she and Steele saw the beam of magic consume the pet dragon of Kitty, encasing the winger lizard into a ball of fiery, destructive light and sands of times past.  The cloaked orange, skeleton kat-mage cackled with glee as he saw his magic destroy Kitty’s precious pet.

“Ha ha ha, you dim fools!!” chortled the time magician with glee as he aimed his clock again, not bothering to notice that the sphere of light containing Lockheed grew larger and larger, “I got your little dragon, and now, you two are next my little…pretties??”

The last word in the sentence came out in a whimper as Boom-Boom, Lieutenant Steele, and the Pastmaster then saw Lockheed fully emerge from the spell, the magic wearing off finally at last.  Apparently, a thousand years on a kat didn’t work in the same way as on a baby dragon.  Now, instead of an infant winged Lockheed no bigger than a stuffed animal, the evil kat was now staring a very large thousand-year old Lockheed, and it was a stark contrast.  Lockheed was now as high as a two-story house, had to weigh at least several tons, and the length from the tip of his smoking snout to the tip of his long tail was at least the same length of five or six consecutive buses.  His wings spanned a distance of the entire width of the road, from sidewalk to sidewalk, powerfully muscled and pulsating with each heartbeat, along with long, black, unbreakable curved claws, a short neck with a large, scaled and horned head and a mouth lined with oversized, razor-sharp ivory teeth.

“Lockheed?!” gasped Boom-Boom in awe.

“Whoa, talk about your growth spurts!!” Steele managed to utter.

It was then that the adult Lockheed’s eyes glowed red as he frowned at the puny sorcerer in front on him with eager payback, deep, powerful growls emitting from his throat.

“O damned fire and brimstone,” the Pastmaster gulped before he tried to blast Lockheed again with his watch, with a quick lunge, the dark kat-sorcerer was trampled down by the dragon’s giant paw with one fell swoop and pivot maneuver, the living skeleton screaming in absolute pain as Lockheed ground his body to dust.  Steele then saw the Pastmaster’s clock lying uselessly on the ground, and with much disgust, he managed to walk over to the instrument before smashing it into pieces with the butt of his rifle, leaving the mage powerless.

“That was for Sergeant Fangston,” Steele spat with satisfied disgust at the trampled figure of the Pastmaster.  Lockheed then perked his head up, as if he could sense something before, with a massive gust of air caused from his flapping wings, he took off suddenly, soaring high into the air and flying away.

“Lockheed, wait!!  Where are you going?!!” Boom-Boom called out in confusion.

Lockheed was actually coming to Bezerker’s rescue as he saw his friend and the Cybertron being surrounded by an immeasurable legion of creeplings, ready to tear him apart.  With a roar, the dragon descended upon the battlefield, immediately startling everyone as they looked up at the incredible sight.

“Lockheed?” gasped Ray, unwilling to believe his own eyes.

“What the hell?!!!” cried out Hard-Drive, his jaw dropping.  With a powerful swoop, Lockheed managed to lift Bezerker by tossing him gently onto his neck before taking off.  Ray looked over his shoulder to see, to his dismay, Cybertron left behind.

“Cybertron!!” Ray called out in worry, about to force Lockheed to turn around and retrieve the robot, but Iceman then came up, riding on an ice-bridge with Dr. Hackle holding on tightly around his waist, rushing in and freezing Hard-Drive to the ground before the kat-terrorist could even move.

“Don’t worry, Raymond!!  We got him!!  Just help Dr. Sinian!!  She just radioed in and said she was in danger of being overwhelmed by the creeplings!!  They’ll kill her if you do not make it in time!” Dr. Hackle called out as loudly as he could while Iceman created icicles and sent them flying, impaling many creeplings at once and preventing them from attacking them.

“We’re on it!!” Bezerker called out as he and Lockheed flew down where they saw Dr. Hackle was telling the truth.  Abi was completely delimited by a throng of murderous creeplings, and she was truly scared and terrified as the pink demons approached closer and closer.

“Dr. Sinian!!!” yelled a voice from above and coming in fast.  Abi looked up to see to her surprise and delight, the red-haired Bezerker riding upon the neck of a older, bigger, and more powerful adult version of a familiar purple dragon.  Lockheed.  Gripping at the rough hide of the dragon as firmly as he could, the teenager leaned over with his other hand outstretched to the ground as Lockheed flew in close, sending many of the creeplings flying as he barreled past.  Some tried to jump upon the dragon, but Lockheed was too swift for them and sent most of the ambushers reeling to come crashing against buildings and the ground.  The few that did succeed in sinking their claws into the dragon were swatted off forcefully by swipes of Lockheed’s tail.

“Dr. Sinian, grab on!!!” hollered Ray as he leaned over precariously.  Abi dropped her laptop with a crash as she ran before taking a flying leap of faith, using as much muscle as she could to push herself off the ground.  Should the X-Man miss his one chance…Abi would fall prey to the creeplings.

Bezerker inwardly cheered as he felt Abi’s frail paws grasp his gloved hand, and the kat-curator felt herself hanging on as Lockheed rose higher and higher into the air, his wings beating magnificently, leaving many creeplings below furious at being cheated of a sudden kill, as the mutant adolescent tightened his hold on his friend, and with a grunt, he managed to lift her onto a sitting position on Lockheed’s neck, right in front of him.  Lockheed cooed and growled in delight and celebration.

“Dear Lockheed,” Abi murmured with much thanks and gratitude as Lockheed panted affectionately while licking the professor gently in the face with the end of his giant, forked tongue.

“Hey what about me?!  I helped too, Dr. Sinian!” Ray protested in mock affront, and then he blushed, smiling, as Abi giggled like a young schoolgirl again as she turned around and chastely kissed Ray on the forehead.

Meanwhile, Forge managed to have Nightcrawler teleport him out of the Black Widow he was working on, now thoroughly finished with his objective.

“The shields are down!!!” yelled Forge over the transmission of the Enforcers and the transmission of the X-Men’s uniform-communicators simultaneously, “I just sabotaged the main electronic signal!!  The Black Widows’ shields are down!!  I repeat: the Black Widows’ shields are down!!!  You can destroy them now!!!

“That’s exactly what we needed to hear!!  Troops, X-Men, let ‘em have it!!” yelled Felina over the radio as the Alpha and Theta let loose with their rifles and the Behemoth tanks.  Storm then summoned dark clouds to form all around her body out of nowhere as she soared into the sky, completely being in her element to its full potential as she felt the winds drop in temperature dramatically and the air crackle with charged particles.  The Black Widows were besieged and cut down immediately as the blitz of lightning absolutely finished them off for good, though there were still many, many more to deal with.  Felina and her Enforcers then fired off bazooka rounds directly at the Black Widows along with the catapults and hang-gliders, and the three-pronged attacks added more of a problem for Dark Kat’s robots.

At the same time…

“Beast, Cannonball, I have an idea!” gasped Callie as she whispered her plan to the X-Men.  Beast’s eyes lit up in surprise before nodding his approval.

“Ingenious, Ms. Briggs!” he praised as he and Cannonball took off while Colossus handled Mac and Molly Mange with his armor protecting him from their blasts.  Using her gun, Callie shot several bullets into the power-box maintaining the settings for the power cables stop the telephone pole, immediately damaging it and causing it to spark dangerously, exposing its circuitry as it went into overload.  Cannonball then flew around, using his power to knock away all the fire hydrants around the vicinity, causing multitudes of water fountains to spew out, and in minutes, the streets were completely flooded, with the Metallikats and Colossus ankle-deep in water.

“Hey, what gives?!” snarled Mac the Metallikat, but Molly the spotted Beast using his massive strength to push over the wooden telephone pole, the aged-brown wood splintering and cracking from the unbearable pressure Beast was applying on it.  Cannonball then landed next to Colossus in the water.

“Peter, grab on!  We better hightail it outta here!!” Sam warned hurriedly and in an urgent tone, and Colossus immediately transformed back to his regular, human form as he grabbed on to Cannonball.

“Oh no, you don’t!!” yelled Mac as he was about to fire upon the two teenagers, but then Callie, shrieking in rage, emptied her gun clip as she fired all her bullets on the robot, distracting him as the shrapnel pelted his face and torso, allowing Cannonball to fly Piotr out of the pool of water freely before Beast managed to topple the telephone pole, snapping the wires off their attachments as the exposed power box along with its attached power cords struck the pool of water Mac was standing knee-deep in.  there was a brilliant flash as Mac’s metallic body convulsed and actually started smoking with little flames dancing inside his body.

Uuurrrrraaaaaaaagggggghhhh!!!” screamed Mac as he was electrocuted.  Molly, managing to scamper out of the water to safety, was distraught on seeing her husband being tortured, and instantly, she charged at Callie.  The Deputy Mayor gasped, defenseless with only an empty gun as the female Metallikat readied her claws, ready to rip the beige she-kat to shreds with her own paws.

“You bitch!!  I’ll kill you myse – !!” Molly screamed before the words died in her throat, her body going limp and every one of the nanites routing her AI and computer-systems went haywire and burned into ashes from the hidden, discrete electrical surge.  Molly Mange then fell to the water-covered street, dead at last.

“Are you all right?!” Shadowcat asked breathlessly as she phased through the Metallikat’s limp form.  Thanks to her powers, she simply phased through the killer robot and destroyed all of its internal networking, her ability to walk through matter also having the dangerous side-effect of disrupting any electrical system.  Kitty was absolutely certain-death to hardware, and not even the stolen nanotechnology could resurrect the Metallikat robot.

Callie nodded, satisfied upon seeing Manx’s murder avenged, before she smiled at the pony-tailed girl and whispered, “Thank you.”

Meanwhile, Dark Kat and his creeplings were having their own problems.  Multiple, true to his nature, created his own army of clones, and with the majority of his creepling servants out throughout the metropolitan area, Dark Kat was dangerously shorthanded as he fought against Razor and the lone X-Man.

“Get off, you little wretches!!!” howled Dark Kat as five or six Jamies were hanging on to his body, punching, kicking, and even biting as Jake tried to take out the rest of the creepling army with the other clones with any instrument he could find seeing that his glovatrix was broken.  En Sabah Nur then spoke to Dark Kat telepathically as the kat-specter as he felt the situation take a turn for the worst.

My faithful servant, we must do it now!!  Summon the souls we need!!!

“Yes, Master,” Dark Kat declared in his deep voice as he managed to throw the Jamie clones off his body with a furious barrage of swipes.  With that, the armor and stones on Dark Kat’s body began to glow again as the winds all around Megakat City began to pick up and swirl all around the breach from the astral plane.

“What’s going on?!  What’s happening?!!” gasped Ann Gora as she saw the sudden change in the environment.

“It’s Dark Crud!!  He’s doing something!!” Wolverine cried out in warning as he managed to hack away at a small group of creeplings.

“Souls of the dead, empower me!!  Empower my Master!!!  Complete the ritual in the name of Seth!!!  Arise and give glory to En Sabah Nur!!!”  With that, Dark Kat howled his last words as the stones flashed and sent tendrils of light, embedding themselves through the hearts of the creeplings all around…and the bodies of the members of the Invincible Alliance of Evil.

“No, this ain’t happening!!” screamed Mac as his soul was removed from his robotic body by magic.

“Impossible!!  No magic can do this!!” screamed the Pastmaster as his body disintegrated into dust as his life essence was drained completely.  The creeplings next to him toppled over soundlessly, their eyes glazed and their bodies limp.

“Why?!” screamed Hard-Drive before his soul was consumed, “Why Dark Kat, whyyyyy?!!  I was loyaaaaaaaaa – !!!

“Goddess…” Storm whispered, turning white in the face and nearly losing her dinner to her nausea.

“What the heck is he doing?!” Steele gasped.

Oy Gevalt, look at Dark Kat!!  He and his master from the astral plane are merging together!!!  They are becoming one!!!” cried out Dr. Hackle on the communicators, and every kat and mutant all around saw that the aged scientist was indeed accurate.  The spirit of En Sabah Nur had managed to throw off Xavier’s telepathic assault and the ghostly head had floated out of the rip in space and time, only to descend upon the glowing figure of Dark Kat, the light now intensifying many-fold and being as bright as the sun.

WE…SHALL…RULE…ALL!!!” Dark Kat bellowed as his mind and psyche melted away to welcome in the kat demigod.  Professor X then figured what was happening as he sent a telepathic warning to all the kats and the X-Men.

Everyone, get out!!!  Dark Kat is merging his body with Apocalypse!!  They’re trying to combine themselves as one, and we cannot stop it!!  I cannot stop them for they are now shielded and if we remain close-by, we’ll all be caught in the tremendous release of magic and energy building up from the process!!!  Don’t you see it?  Dark Kat and Apocalypse are trying to become one!!  Apocalypse has no physical body since he was banished to the astral plane, and Dark Kat’s body is blessed with the X-Gene along with the prayer stones and the indestructible armor!!  Put two and two together, and En Sabah Nur will be able to coexist in this world in Dark Kat’s body!!  That’s why he needed to kill so many kats and civilians!!  With all those innocents killed in today’s battle and when the SWAT Kats were discovered, Apocalypse would be strong enough to use the energy to strengthen Dark Kat’s magic to fuse together!!  That’s why they needed to create the Alliance in the first place!  It was an ulterior motive by En Sabah Nur to ensure they could harvest enough souls to give Dark Kat enough strength to break through the astral plane, free Apocalypse, and allow the two of them to amalgamate into a new, unstoppable being!!!

“How could he do that?!” Magma gasped, “The Alliance members!!  His own creeplings even!!  How could he just heartlessly sacrifice them like that?!”

Cannonball’s eyes narrowed as he spat with scorned contempt, “Dark Crud works for Apocalypse, Amara!  He’d sell his own mother just to eat scraps from his master’s floor like some blind pet!!”

“Don’t waste any sympathy on them, X-Man!” Felina spoke to Amara, “The Invincible Alliance of Evil got exactly what they deserved!!”

“Multiple, Razor, get out of there!!  I couldn’t stop Apocalypse from merging with Dark Kat!!!” Professor X yelled at the distance and seeing, to his horror, than Jamie and Jake were still precariously close to the vicinity of Dark Kat and Apocalypse, with the SWAT Kat too preoccupied to even consider running.  Jamie, on the other hand, was dragging the chains off the Commander who was still unconscious during the whole battle.

“I can’t leave Feral!!” Multiple cried out as he tried to carry the Commander’s unconscious body by himself, but he was so weak from creating so many clones to fight off the creeplings, Jamie could not even manage to lift the large, kat’s body partially off the ground.  The mutant adolescent nearly collapsed under the weight as he tried to lift the Commander up by draping the kat’s arm around his shoulders.  Jake, for the time being, managed to look at the figure of Dark Kat, now completely devoid of any creeplings, and realized this may be his only chance.  Even though his glovatrix was broken, he could still set off the grenade, and Jake was about to sprint toward the cause of his sorrows until he remembered Multiple.  He glanced back to see Jamie trying to drag Feral out of danger.  Jake hesitated.  It was pretty obvious that if he set off the black-hole now, though Jake didn’t care about his life, Jamie and the Commander would surely be sucked in as well.

Jake started run towards Dark Kat again, still intent on finishing the job he needed to achieve.

“Damn it to hell!” Jake cursed as he turned around and sprinted back to Jamie and the unconscious Commander Feral.  Jamie was thoroughly relieved and ecstatic as Jake draped Ulysses’ other arm around his own neck and shoulders, easing the burden.

“Damn you, Feral, I should just leave you here!!” swore Jake, hissing from the exertion as every muscle in his body was screaming and protesting from the strain, as he and Jamie dragged the Commander of the Enforcers out of danger while Dark Kat and En Sabah Nur merged together.

Meanwhile, the battle for Megakat City was not over yet.  The X-Men and Enforcers and the government troops were teaming up to finish the rest of the Black Widows and the mummies off.

“Shit!  We’re out of ammo!!” yelled one Theta Enforcer as he soon learned that he no longer had any more explosives to rain down on the mummies and Black Widow spider-bots from his position.

“Crap!  Me too!!  I’m out!!” shouted another Enforcer as she checked her reserves to find them completely depleted.  Several other Enforcers all around her voiced the same sentiment.

“Hold on!!  I can teleport more for you Enforcers!  Just keep flying!!!” shouted Nightcrawler’s voice over their radios, and before long, the blue-furred demon-like mutant was teleporting to various hang-gliders, hurriedly giving the Enforcers handfuls of what appeared to be glowing marbles.  The sky was literally full of wafts of black smoke as the odor of brimstone permeated the air.

“What the heck are these things?” wondered an Enforcer out loud as he analyzed the glowing orbs of various sizes and shifting from their luminescence of peach to beige to red in an endless cycle.

“Whatever they are, they work!” exclaimed another as she dropped her handful and watched the beautiful display of miniature explosions rain down on the Black Widow robot below, each orb eating away at its surface bit by bit and exposing its vulnerable circuitry and hardware underneath.

“Quick Boom-Boom, keep it up!” gasped Kurt, a bit drained from the frequent and endless teleporting as he took another bunch of plasma-explosive energy bombs from Ann as she and Steele and Johnny were doing their best to help distribute the bombs to Kurt as he took off again.  Next to them was Tabitha, feverishly making handfuls and handfuls of powerful energy discharges by the minute, sweat dripping off her brow.  It was she who was creating the explosives for the Theta Enforcers to use from their hang-gliders.

“Geez, now I know how it feels to be a one-woman assembly line!” Boom-Boom groaned as Kurt appeared again to take more energy bombs from the three kats.

At the same time, Callie was helping Forge and Piotr with their efforts on an abandoned catapult…

“If I did my math right…this should throw you directly at the mummy’s weak spot!” Forge crowed as he and Callie and Colossus managed to shift the catapult’s position, wheeling it until it was just right and aimed directly at the Egyptian behemoth coming at them.

“Yeah, but how often do you do your math right, though?” Callie asked with a skeptical tone as Piotr then transformed into his metallic armor form, a ready metal projectile.

“Well, if we miss, Colossus can still withstand the impact,” grinned Forge at the two of them.

“Thanks, Forge,” Piotr responded dryly as he jumped onto the platform of the loading dock of the medieval weapon, knowing it was now or never.

“Launch me, my friend Briggs!” Colossus yelled, armed and ready.

“Fire!” yelled Callie as she pulled at the lever with enthusiasm.  With a spring, the Russian, metal-skinned mutant felt the catapult fling him with tremendous force as he flew high into the air, tucking himself into a ball for effective travel before he readied himself for the impact against the mummy’s head.  The last sight the mummy saw was a roaring Piotr as he cocked back his fist and punched with all of his might directly at the prayer stone on the mummy’s forehead.


“Well, whaddya know, Forge!  You did do your math right!!” Callie praised as she saw Colossus punch a gaping hole through the mummy’s head, killing it instantly.

“Was there ever any doubt?” Forge asked smugly.

YES!!!” shouted back any X-Man who was nearby to hear the remark, including Storm and Wolverine.

Forge glared at his teammates before ranting, “Don’t you people know a rhetorical question when you hear one?!”

At the same moment, Iceman managed to ice the very floor a Black Widow was standing on, causing it to stumble, and that gave Rogue a chance to impale it directly into the head with a metal leg she ripped off another fallen spider robot.  The Black Widow went limp before its entire body burst into flames.

“Boy, I’m really startin’ to get the hang of this!” Rogue snorted as she ripped off another spider leg before hurtling it like a javelin at the head of a mummy, causing it to die as she directly speared the metal shaft directly at the prayer stone.

Meanwhile, the National Guard was still chasing down another Egyptian scalawag…

“Crap, the last mummy!!  It’s going to crush the city!!”

“No it won’t!!!” Jean yelled, determined to stop it as she braced herself for a huge effort.  The General just watched, amazed, to see the young, red-haired mutant girl fly off without a thought for her safety as she chased the gargantuan monster and caused it to stop in its tracks.

“Uuuggghhhh!!” screamed Jean in pain, wincing, with her hands to her throbbing temples as she summoned all her strength and telekinetic forces to hold the last remaining mummy in place, preventing it from moving.  Upon finding itself inhibited, the bandaged monster roared in outrage as it started to struggle, but Jean then lifted the mummy completely off the ground, holding it to hover in the air and not allowing the Pastmaster’s monster to gain any foothold on the street.  Taking his chance, Nightcrawler teleported to the mummy’s head in a puff of smoke and his eyes wildly looked around until it found the prayer stone attached to its forehead.  Grabbing at it, the blue X-Man teleported out, taking the prayer stone with him and immediately depleting the giant of its vital energy source.

“I got it!” Kurt crowed as he teleported next to the Enforcers and National Guards, immediately throwing the stone to the ground and smashing it to pieces.  That was all the soldiers needed to hear.

FIRE AT WILL!!!” roared the General as all of the available tanks and Behemoth Enforcer vehicles let loose their rounds and missiles from their turrets directly at the ogre while Jean held it in position, unable to escape.


Jean sighed with relief as she felt the last mummy of the Pastmaster perish and disintegrate before their very eyes.

Lockheed was flying alongside Sunspot as they chased the last Black Widow…

“NOW!!!” yelled Sunspot as he, Lockheed, and Bezerker shot out their powers simultaneously at the leading Black Widow robot while avoiding the laser-fire and missile barrage.  In a beautiful and stunning display, Ray’s electricity surge, Roberto’s sunspot energy-beams, and Lockheed’s stream of dragon-flame swirled and combined together to form a trinity of unstoppable blast of electricity, sun-radiation, and fire, the mass swirling into a large, wide column as it descended directly at the Black Widow.  The death-android of Dark Kat didn’t even have a chance as the powers neatly and effectively cut it in half before causing it to melt and explode.

“You did it!” cheered Abi as she hung on to Lockheed’s neck, “Ray, Roberto, Lockheed, you three did it!”

“No way, Dr. Sinian!  We all did it!  Together!” Roberto clarified as both he and Ray grinned at Abi.  Lockheed growled in agreement as Abi blushed.

Then Ray added with some afterthought, “Of course, my electricity hit it first!  I made the first shot!”

“As if, Ray!  I hit it first!  I made the first shot!” Roberto shot back with an edge in his voice.

“No, I made the first shot!!” Ray growled.

“No, I did!!” Roberto growled back with equal insistence.

“Rivals to the end, I see?” Abi murmured to Lockheed as she watched Bezerker and Sunspot heatedly continue to argue and fight.  Lockheed rolled his eyes and sighed heavily.

Meanwhile, the rest of the X-Men and Enforcers managed to see En Sabah Nur emerge in his full glory, his metallic, gray armor now infused with his body as Dark Kat’s eyes glowed in the exact same soulless-yellow they witnessed before.


“Not likely!!” roared Steele as he, the Enforcers, Callie, Lockheed and the X-Men then converged on Apocalypse, firing everything they had at the new hybrid monstrosity, but with a wave of his hand, the energy and bullets dissipated, vanishing into thin air.

“What the hell?!” gasped Felina.

“Oh crud, this is not good!!” Sunspot gasped as he saw the specialized armor power up from the energy intake, from absorbing their attacks, as it got ready to send it right back at them.  But then Dark Kat started screaming in pain, his onslaught forgotten, as his body seemed to have suddenly lost control.

“Huh?  What’s happenin’ to him?” Sam asked, confused.

Indeed, it seemed as if Dark Kat had gone mad.  His eyes flashed from yellow to white to red as the purple demon-ka was twitching and going into violent spasms, his body actually disfiguring itself and warping into figures not physically possible for any kat, stretching and twisting like silly putty.

WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THIS BODY?!!!” screamed En Sabah Nur as the vessel of Dark Kat was jerking wildly out of control.  It was then that, to the mutant’s horror, he would that he was not the only strong mind and soul fighting for control of Dark Kat’s psyche.

The voice of Chance Furlong roared throughout the compartments of En Sabah Nur’s soul and mind.

Word of advice, Dark Crud: you can’t ever take down a SWAT Kat!!!

NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” screamed En Sabah Nur as he brought Dark Kat’s paws to his head, shaking wildly as he tried to force the intruder out, “Get out, you damned pest!!  GET OUT!!!  This body, this city, this realm, this world…IS MINE!!!

Jake then saw his only chance as he sprinted forward, taking the glovatrix off his paw.

“What the hell are you doing, you dumb hairball?!  Get your ass back here!!!” yelled Wolverine, but Razor ignored him as he leapt onto Dark Kat’s distracted body and jammed the glovatrix into an opening in Apocalypse’s suit of armor.  Picking up a piece of rebar he found on the ground, Jake roared as he held it high above his head and cracked the compartment of the glovatrix containing the black-hole grenade.

This is for Chance, you bastard!!!

With a flash…the black hole detonated as a massive, purple vortex began to form all around them.

“Oh no…” whispered Professor X in dread.

“The black hole, it’s been activated!!” Dr. Hackle wheezed.

“Everyone, hang on to something sturdy!!  This is going to be most troubling!!” Beast hollered.

“Translation: this is gonna be ugly!” Iceman clarified as he formed ice poles for everyone to grab on to as the black hole got bigger and bigger, sucking in everything it could with its awesome gravitational pull.

NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” shrieked Dark Kat and En Sabah Nur as they were both sent to a new form of prison…one that the two of them would never escape as they were both sent to galaxies and times unknown, only to be crushed and obliterated within a mass of gravity and endless darkness.  Jake, being so close, couldn’t escape the damning pull of the black-hole.

“Chance…I’ll see you soon, old buddy,” Jake whispered to himself as he closed his eyes and allowed his body to go limp as he was about to be sucked into the swirling hole of nothingness.  This would be it.

Yet there was a flurry of beeping as Jake suddenly felt himself halted short of being sucked into the void painfully, his body being pulled in opposite directions, as he felt something loop over his chest multiple times before latching on.  Opening his eyes weakly, the brown kat saw that a lassoed-grappling hook made of indestructible, reinforced steel-wire was maintaining an unbreakable hold around him, acting as a makeshift lifesaver around his body, the lifeline taut yet maintaining a firm grip on him.  Jake feebly turned his head to see the lasso was originating from the Cybertron 1 robot, the android immediately springing into action and firing the grappling hook from its chest to snare the SWAT Kat from being sucked into nothingness.  Unfortunately, the black hole was much, much stronger as Jake was still being slowly pulled towards the black portal, dragging the Cybertron along with him, despite the furious backpedaling by the robot’s treaded wheels.

“Everyone, pull!!!  Help out the robot!!!” roared Wolverine as he grasped at the thick, metal wire as Jean encased a protective bubble around Jake so that the extreme gravitational forces of the black hole didn’t pull him apart.  Immediately, all of the X-Men, Felina, Callie, Lieutenant Steele, Dr. Hackle and Abi Sinian grabbed at the wire and started pulling back.  Even with the superhuman strengths of Rogue, Beast, Colossus, and Sunspot, all of the combined efforts could only barely stop Jake from plummeting to his doom as the black hole got stronger and stronger.

After a few tense moments, the black hole sputtered before it shrank into nothingness and disappeared with a gentle whine.

“Wow, Doctor, I am certainly glad that particular invention of yours was not very long-lasting,” Piotr managed to utter to Dr. Hackle in a feeble attempt for humor as he shakily got on his feet.

“Razor!” cried out Jamie as he and the others sprinted towards the limp figure lying on the blacktop in the distance, extracting themselves from the crowd of the Enforcers.  Jake was battered, bruised, and almost teetering between consciousness and unconsciousness, but overall, the SWAT Kat was numb, cold, at a loss.  He didn’t know whether to feel grateful for being spared or feeling cheated that he couldn’t end his pain and that he would have to continue living with the guilt in his heart.

“Jake, please be all right,” Kurt said gently as he and Logan helped the SWAT Kat raise his face from the dirt.  Logan, however, knowing how deep Jake’s scars and wounds ran, then lightly rubbed the vigilante’s back, as if starting to see Jake Clawson in a new light for the first time they arrived in this dimension.

“Ya’ did good, hairball.  Chance would have been proud of you,” Logan said as compassionately as he could.  He knew, from experience, that it would one of the few things that could possibly register as meaningful to Jake.

Jake felt his entire body go limp from the exertion and the soreness of his injuries, his heart pounding hard and painfully against his ribcage.  But his heart then stopped for a second when he, the X-Men, and the nearby kats heard the click of a hammer being drawn back from a gun.  Everyone turned to see Commander Ulysses Feral standing not too far from Razor with his .45 revolver pointed directly at the fallen SWAT Kat.  He had just regained consciousness long enough to see the X-Men help the Enforcers fight against Dark Kat and Jake being left completely enervated and helpless.

“Jake Clawson, you are hereby under arrest for treason against the city and obstruction of the law by vigilantism,” Feral said coldly, his yellow eyes narrowed and full of unforgiving cruelty.  Upon the declaration, the other nearby Enforcers aimed their weapons at the weakened Jake Razor Clawson.  Now that the war with Dark Kat was over, the Enforcers no longer had any obligation to side with the vigilante and most, if not all of the kats, were eager to claim some sort of share for the bounty.

The X-Men were furious to say the least.

“What are you doing?!” cried Kitty, “You have like totally no right to do this to Jake!!”

“Silence, X-Men!!  You’re all lucky I don’t have my Enforcers throw you into Alkatraz along with Clawson, or better yet, in some top-level government research lab like all genetic freaks!  Do not bother with this matter!  Step aside and let the Enforcers do their job!!!”

Instead of complying, as one, unanimous and united, all the X-Men, even Lockheed, stood by Razor, unwilling to abandon the kat and their friend.  Jake was immediately hidden by a curtain of human bodies, and even though the Enforcers and government soldiers were encircled all around them, not one of the X-Men budged.

“You will not take him,” Ororo said calmly, though her words had unmistakable steel underneath, “Jake has done no crime, has committed no wrong, and he has fought alongside the Enforcers to stop the Alliance, Commander.  Jake has done nothing for you to warrant taking him to prison.  He even saved your life.”

“It changes nothing,” Feral stated.

“You heartless ingrate,” spat Roberto in loathing.

“X-Men, this is my final warning: step aside or we will shoot all of you,” Feral spoke sharply.

“Then you’ll have to shoot me too, Feral,” spat out Callie Briggs viciously and with a warning touch of danger as she fearlessly strode over alongside the X-Men, flanking Beast and Cannonball, “Question is, would your Enforcers be so willing to shoot an innocent civilian?”

Now some of the officers and the National Guard were beginning to look a bit uncomfortable as they realized that there would be repercussions if Briggs was assaulted or injured in the attempt to bring Jake Clawson to justice.  Feral wasn’t the least bit intimidated from the bluff; he was too damn close to let her ruin his chance.

“You are no longer the Deputy Mayor, Briggs,” the Commander pointed out flatly, “yet apparently, removing you from office didn’t encourage you to take heed of meddling in the Enforcers’ affairs.  And I will personally enjoy seeing you get carted to jail along with your so-called hero.”

“Then you shall have to take us with her as well, Commander,” Abi Sinian announced as she and Dr. Hackle emerged from the sidelines and joined with Callie, both of them glaring at Feral with the air of a beaten-down warrior who had yet to give up while facing an endless enemy.  The Cybertron 1.0 beeped and made a few various mechanical noises before rolling over on its treaded wheels to join alongside his creator and inventor.  The aged scientist smiled grimly at the robot, slightly proud that compared to a living-and-breathing Feral, the android had the better sense of heart.

Feral was now looking murderously scandalized as he growled at the two renowned public-figures in the scientific community, “YOU!  I should have known that you two would have aided Razor in his scheme for this entire debacle!!  Forget Alkatraz!  I’ll see to it that you two scientists shall not even be fit to work with children once I am through with you traitors!!!  You two will never be able to show your faces in this country ever again!!!”

Abi then went up straight, her back pure, unfaltering steel, as she spoke with cold, sharp ice-pricks, “That threat may have worked before, Ulysses, but it certainly shall not hold much as of now.  We hold no fear over you and your Enforcers, especially after today and from what we have seen and witnessed.  I don’t care if my legacy and research and hard-work at the Megakat City Museum goes to shambles, and I certainly do not care what you or the rest of this town shall think of me after this.  But I warn you, Commander: we are not leaving until Jake and the X-Men are safe.”

“You impertinent, stuffy fools!!  You would be willing to throw it all away, your careers, your works, your reputations and standings, even your lives…all for this low-life vigilante?!!” Feral shouted, now turning red.

Dr. Hackle said softly, “Yes, we are.  And defending Clawson after everything he has done for us and the city would lead to no regrets on our parts.  At least Abi and I can meet our Makers with clear consciences which is more than I can say for you, you shmuck.”

The large, strapping kat narrowed his eyes, his gun quivering, as he barked to his officers, “Lieutenants, take Briggs, Sinian, and Hackle out of the way and arrest them for aiding and abetting a wanted fugitive!  Use any means necessary to drag their tails out of here!!”

Dr. Hackle then frowned as he called out, “A word of warning, Commander: you may not find it so easy, at least not without one of your Enforcers getting seriously injured.”

“Is that a threat?  I’ll gladly take in the X-Men if you try asking them to help you out!”

Dr. Hackle crossed his arms as he said concretely, “Please, don’t insult me, Feral.  I would not be crass enough to endanger the X-Men to fight my own battles.  And I was actually warning you in advance to what my Cybertron 1 and Cybertron 2 robots would do to you and your Enforcers if they touch either me or Abi.”

It was then that the soldiers then noticed that the hulking Cybertron 2 was towering over them from behind, cold, angry and waiting for the right moment.  After seeing what the two could do to Hard-Drive and the Black Widows, the soldiers were less than willing to see how the robots would react to their hostility.

“Both of my robots are programmed to attack any kat who tries to physically harm us, and as a side precaution, I have also changed the artificial intelligence to protect Jake Clawson as well,” Dr. Hackle explained, though not without a little worry.  He would never feel good about himself if the Enforcers ignored his warning and got killed by the Cybertrons’ paws; he respected their lives too much.

“You’re bluffing, you medicated, mangy, diapered fool!” snarled Feral, now feeling cornered, “You have hardly made inventions that have worked successfully before due to your blundering track-record!”

Abi then smiled as she said, “Well now…then that makes the actions of the Cybertrons a bit unpredictable, doesn’t it?  Are you willing to risk that, Feral?”

There was a short pause before Feral then pushed forward, his stubborn resolve now being adamant as the fleeting picture of Jake rotting in Alkatraz danced in his head.  He said curtly, “Lieutenants, arrest each and every one of them!”

Lieutenant Steele then solemnly and slowly walked up to the crowd shielding Razor, his face an emotionless mask.  There were a few surprised and furious whispers and mutterings, ranging anywhere from shock to disgust for the young Enforcer who was well known to suck up and step on people for any sense of opportunity.  That was why no other Enforcer followed suit; they wanted to see how badly Steele would make a fool out of himself this time.  Plus, no one wanted to be the guinea pig to try out how seriously the war-robots of Dr. Hackle would attack them if they escorted the scientists forcefully.  Tabitha looked slightly betrayed as she stared at the kat who helped her and Lockheed kill Pastmaster, but she ruefully bit her tongue as Steele stared at the faces of Callie, Abi, and Dr. Hackle.  Callie’s face was cold fire, disdain and loathing; from her past dealings with Steele, she never had much respect for him.  Abi was silent, nonjudgmental and awaiting to see what would happen.  Dr. Hackle looked a bit worried.

Steele took a deep breath, removed his gun from his holster…and turned around to face Feral.

“No, Commander,” Steele declared in a strong voice, though inside, his spirit was shaking, finding it difficult to stand up to his superior who had the ability to make the rest of his life at the Enforcer headquarters a living hell.  Not to mention he could kiss that promotion to Commander good-bye.  Tabitha, Dr. Hackle and Dr. Sinian looked relieved, while Callie was just plain floored.  And so was Feral, but more in an outraged, furious manner, as if he wanted nothing else but to grab the Lieutenant by the throat and rip him apart.


“It means exactly that, Commander.  I won’t follow that order,” Steele clarified.

“You snot-nosed, insubordinate, little – !!” Feral screamed, leaving the insult unfinished as he bellowed, “Forget being demoted, Steele!!  I’ll kick you off the Enforcers entirely!!!  How dare you disgrace the Enforcer name, you bumbling prick?!!  When I’m finished with you, you won’t even be able to get a job of writing parking tickets or being a mall-security guard, you useless failure!!!”

Steele unconsciously grasped thin air with his paw, and Tabitha, realizing how difficult it was to summon the courage, held the kat’s paw with her grimy yet smooth hand in support as Steele shot back, “I can’t say I could care less about it, Commander.”

To add further insult to injury, Steele fumbled a bit as he removed his metal Enforcer badge from his chest-pocket of his uniform and tossed it to the ground in front on him, speaking in volumes.

“You will pay for that, Steele!  All of you will pay for helping that vigilante!” Feral cried out, now getting desperate.  Why was it so difficult for them to see it?  He was upholding the law!  He was doing the right thing!  He couldn’t afford to show leniency, especially not to a SWAT Kat who had been the cause of much of his torment and humiliation of the Enforcers!  Feral was doing this for the greater good, the good of the law!

“Not likely, Commander Feral,” Ann Gora said as she and Johnny K. stood alongside Kurt and Colossus, with Johnny filming the furious Feral with a spare, functional camera he managed to find in the news van, “If you throw Razor in jail and take in the Deputy Mayor and the rest of her friends, I’ll see to it that this footage gets sent to every news station in the country.  I can make your name stink worse than Dark Kat from here to the most desolate countries in the world, especially since we got some good shots of Razor saving your life and defeating En Sabah Nur.”

“Trust us, Feral…we’d be willing to do it and make Jake look like the hero again.  And judging from the stuff we filmed, it wouldn’t take much to convince other kats of the same thing,” Johnny added snidely.

Feral rumbled, “So you two are against the Enforcers as well?!  Then I’ll have your jobs for defying the court-order on the media!!”

“Oh will you wake up, you sleaze?!” snapped Tabitha, “Even we can see it!!  They’re not against the Enforcers!!  They’re just against you for the way you’re treating Jake like a criminal!!  The way you’re ruining his life!!  He didn’t deserve the crap you did to him!!!”

Then Lieutenant Felina Feral walked up quietly, her head bowed, before taking her place along with Jean, Ororo, and Professor Xavier.  All the Enforcers around them gasped.

“Felina?”  Feral felt his whole world crumble when he saw he niece defy the Enforcers along with the rest of the traitors.  Felina didn’t say anything, but she gave her Uncle the deepest look of sadness and pity.  She didn’t want to do this, but she had no choice.  She owed Jake and Chance this…and she also wanted to save her Uncle from making a mistake.  The biggest mistake of his life that he was too narrow-minded and stubborn to realize.  Feral was truly shocked to the core; he didn’t know what to do now.

Callie then spat, “How blind are you, Feral?  All of us can see it!  The X-Men, Felina, Ann and Dr. Hackle and Dr. Sinian!  Even some of your Enforcers!  This isn’t right!  This isn’t justice!”

Yet whatever words that were going to leave Callie’s mouth next died in her throat as she then saw Jake limp his way out of the protective line that she, the X-Men, Hackle, Sinian, Steele, Felina, Johnny and Ann formed in front of the SWAT Kat to stop the Enforcers from taking him away.  Jake’s eyes were shining with hurt and pain, but the haunted and mercurial ex-Enforcer managed to firmly push his way into the line of fire.

“Razor, what the hellkats are you doing?!” Johnny cried out.

Ann was now crying in loss as she shouted, “Jake, you don’t need to do this!!”

“Jake…” Jean murmured in sorrow as she then sensed his thoughts, but she did not try to stop the SWAT Kat.

As the puzzled Enforcers kept their eyes and guns beadily homed in on the approaching figure, Jake managed to limp his way forward until he was directly in front of Feral himself, the gun the Commander was holding how quivering directly at Jake’s forehead.  Feral was furiously confused.  What in the name of Megakat City was the fool trying to achieve?  If he attacked Feral directly in plain sight, the Enforcers would shoot him.  If Jake tried to kill the Commander, well, then it would further prove to the world what a menace he was and how he deserved to rot in Alkatraz.  And in his condition and without his glovatrix, Jake couldn’t possibly run away and escape, especially with the area surrounded by so many Enforcer and government soldiers.

There was no possible way out of this.

Yet Feral then could have honestly said he had never been more shocked and appalled when Jake gently placed his paw over the Commander’s gun, their paws touching, before guiding the barrel down until it directly rested in Jake’s chest, pointing directly over his heart.

“Kill me,” Jake hissed jadedly.

Even though it was barely a whisper, everyone all around could hear the request.  Callie went numb as Abi Sinian placed both of her paws over her mouth.  Johnny K. nearly dropped his camera, and both the Cybertron 1 and 2 androids beeped mechanically, furiously.  Each one of the X-Men felt pity and sorrow for Jake, even, surprisingly enough, Logan, but they did not make a move to protest or stop the SWAT Kat.  Even though they cared, they could not meddle in this; how else could you stop someone who has nothing else to live for?  Felina unconsciously clenched her paw in a fist, her eyes glassy, as Lieutenant Steele bit his lip hard, causing it to bleed a geyser.  Ann felt tears spring to her eyes again as she fought the urge to scream at Jake for his stupidity.  Dr. Hackle then turned his head a bit to the side as he closed his eyes and whispered, shaking, “Oh Jacob, you…you fool.”

Feral and the rest of the Enforcers just stood there, blinking and unsure.  Jake’s voice then dropped into a plea, a tone of fatigued begging as his eyes were now streaming.

“Please…kill me,” Jake repeated.

Feral then tried to regain control of the situation as he growled at the SWAT Kat, “I don’t do requests of vigilante scum like you, Clawson.  I’m not going to give you the easy way out, especially since it shall be all the more satisfying to watch you rot in prison for all the times you and T-Bone hindered the Enforcers and endangered the city with your reckless shenanigans.”

“So just shoot me and make it easier for the both of us, Feral.  I’ve already lost everything else, and there’s nothing more you could take away from me.  We both know that I won’t go to Alkatraz willingly.  I’ll die or break out first.  So I’ll make it easier for the both of us.  Kill me.

“Don’t tempt me, Clawson,” Feral spat, but one could now notice that his paw holding the gun against Jake’s chest was quivering, hesitant.

“What else do you want me to do?!” Jake screamed, his voice now hoarse as he did his best to allow his sobs interrupt his anger, “You’ve won!!  You’ve won, just like how you’ve always damn well wanted!!  I don’t give a crap anymore!!  I don’t care that the SWAT Kats are public enemy number one now!  I don’t care how the Enforcers can gloat over how they could stop the Alliance when the SWAT Kats couldn’t!!  I don’t care if the Enforcers are the better heroes than the SWAT Kats are!!  I don’t even care about my own goddamn life and reputation anymore!!  Just end it now!!  Take my life!!  Put a bullet in me!!  At least then I’ll be wherever my buddy Chance is!!”

“Jake, stop!  Please!” begged Callie, now weeping, unable to bear to watch this any longer.

Ulysses Feral felt his breath quake inside his lungs as he felt everyone’s eyes bear down upon him and Clawson, clearly wrestling with the decision in more ways than one.

“Oh God!” sobbed Amara, holding her hands over her mouth as she wept.

The Professor then had the most damning mind-vision spring to the surface:

It was late in the Enforcers Headquarters, past the wee hours of the morning and Commander Feral was by himself at his office, with a half-empty bottle of vodka at his desk, left untouched along with various files and manilla-folders strewn around his desk.  Instead of taking a break or sleeping, Commander Ulysses Feral was just numbly staring at the window, watching the cloudless starry sky and with a newspaper angrily clutched in his left paw.  The newspaper’s front page was showing a picture of the SWAT Kats, T-Bone and Razor, both of them cockily standing in front of their jet, the Turbokat, with their glovatrixes armed and ready along with the caption, “SWAT Kats Break Mob Ring: Are the Enforcers the true city protectors?

            The look on Feral’s face, however, was a sad mixture between resignation, simmering fury…and longing.

            Feral then said quietly, almost as if the SWAT Kats themselves were nearby and could hear him, “This is what you two do, isn’t it?  You help kats and stop the bad criminals.  Unselfishly.  Without any thought of compensation or fear of not following the law, without any caution for any sort of backlash on your reputations or status, without even being hindered by the very same law we enforce so tirelessly.”

            There was a pause before Feral’s voice became bitter.

            “You two may be the best thing for the city, for the world.  Kats love you, look up to you, stand by and defend you regardless of what they are told.  Even my very niece is taken by you two…damn you.”

            Feral’s face grew hard and cold as he growled to himself, “You blasted two are everything I aspire to be…and everything I never can be.  You SWAT Kats are so damned lucky to not be a Commander, to not be a kat of the law.  I’m too damned weak to change that…but I’ll also be weak enough to try and drag the both of you down.  God help me, I’ll be counting the days when I can see you two kats fall from grace because so help me…I’m jealous of you two and for what you stand for.”

“Oh Feral,” Professor Xavier murmured quietly in sorrow.

“Do it!” hissed Jake in pain as he choked on his sobs, “Isn’t this what you always wanted?!!”

Feral just stared at Jake, his eyes troubled, seeing the SWAT Kat’s brokenness.  Felina then realized the true answer, the true reason why Feral hated the SWAT Kats so much…and this wasn’t what he wanted.

“Uncle,” Felina whispered, praying for him to do the right thing as tears stung her eyes.

With his finger shaking on the trigger…Feral lowered the gun and placed the safety on his pistol, his face full of defeat and his eyes closed.

“I can’t do it, Clawson,” he shakily said.  At a loss, Jake sunk to all fours, numb and lifeless, his burning grief caught in his throat and silencing his voice as his eyes kept watering.

“It didn’t stop you from doing it to Chance,” Jake managed to choke out huskily without glancing upwards.

Feral then gave Razor a look of shameful pity, as if he finally realized the extent Chance’s death had over this entire ordeal.

“No…it didn’t,” the Commander agreed hesitantly as Callie rushed over to Jake’s side and cried along with him as she hugged the brown kat around his neck, mourning for Chance as the X-Men and Enforcers looked on, their hearts pained as one despite the difference in species.



“So…what’s going to happen, now, Jake?” Callie whispered softly as she stroked the side of Jake’s matted face with a delicate paw later that afternoon.  Both she and the brown SWAT Kat were sitting on the broken sidewalk, contemplating, while the Enforcers and the government soldiers were doing their best scourging throughout the city with the aid from the Cybertron robots.  In a weird way, the reunion between the two kats was a bit uplifting.

Razor was silent, brooding, before he said, his voice shaking with troubled spirit, “I’m not sure.”

“I think I might be able to help you somewhat, Jake,” Callie provided, hoping that somehow, she could be the one to help the SWAT Kat heal from the hell he had endured for the past month, “Manx handed me the job of Mayor before he died, and I’m sure the Megakat City Council won’t veto against the decision, especially since Felina is willing to testify that Manx was in his right mind while making the political move.  And now that Megakat City has been spared, the council will be more than willing to try to make up my forced-resignation since they need a kat who knows how to keep this city together after the tragedies that occurred.”

Jake was silent, but he still managed to glance Callie with a half-hearted smile.  Callie continued with rising hope.

“I’m sure that as Mayor, I’ll be able to get a full-pardon for you from the various charges made against you by Feral and the Enforcers.  And I think if we can get you into Witness Protection, then you might be able to hide and live out a relatively-normal life somewhere where you can finally not have to be worry about being hounded and chased by the media and criminals.  And I think if you were interested enough, Felina said the Enforcers could use your talents and expertise to train the new recruits of the city unit, and I know Puma-Dyne is already inquiring if you would like to be a researcher for them in their weapons-defense program.”

Jake still was glum and morose at this.  It wasn’t what his heart was telling him, what his spirit was begging for as a respite.  His wounds ran too deep for him to settle down in that way, for him to live in whatever Megakat City could possibly offer.  Callie had tears in her eyes again as she begged the brown kat, desperate to find something to make him happy, something to bring him back to life, something…to give him closure.

“Jake, please say something.  What do you want to do?  What do you need?  If there’s something else you’d rather do and stay in Megakat City as a junk-yard kat at the salvage yard, I’m sure I can get you assigned back there again if you’d like.  Please, Jake, just tell me what is it you need to heal from this, and I’ll do anything in my power to help you.”

Jake then gazed at the ruined parts of the city before locking his pained eyes on the X-Men, all of the teens gathered around Logan, Hank, Ororo and Professor Xavier as if the X-Elders were the kids’ patrons, their elders, all of them being…a family.  Even though they were all outcasts, they were a family of outcasts.  Just like how he and Chance once were.

A family.

Jake then sadly shook his head at Callie as he whispered softly, “I think I know what I have to do now, Callie.”

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