Original SWAT Kats Story

X-Kat: The Mutant Squadron

By RogueFanKC

  • 10 Chapters
  • 87,417 Words

Set in Red Witch’s Misfit-verse! The X-Men are trapped in Megakat City, and their only hope lies in the lonely and bitter Razor. Read and enjoy the fight for Megakat City as the X-Men and SWAT Kats team up against evil. (10 Chapters – Complete) Rated M for Violence and Mild Innuendo (Individual ratings on each chapter indicate content).

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Author's Notes:

Title: X-Kat: The Mutant Squadron
Author(s): RogueFanKC
E-mail address: I do not like giving my e-mail address link available on the Internet. If you truly wish to e-mail me, go to my author profile at Fanfiction.net and you can view a picture of my e-mail there or review my story there (this story is also found on fanfiction.net under the “X-Men: Evolution” section of Cartoons).  The link is http://www.fanfiction.net/u/249987
Date: April 17, 2005
Rating: T
Warnings: Violence and mild swearing
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of “X-Men: Evolution” for they are the respective property of Marvel Comics.  “SWAT Kats: the Radical Squadron” in this cross-over fanfic is owned by the company, Hanna-Barbara.
Summary: Jake has now arrived, but to live or to die?  And can the X-Men stop him before he makes his final act of noble sacrifice? And we learn something very stunning about Dark Kat as his plans and the identity of his master is revealed…
Author’s Comments/Notes: Just to remind you faithful reader, as you have now read about the special twist, keep in mind Forge sent them to a parallel universe!  That means that between the X-Men and the SWAT Kats’ worlds, some things may be different…but some things can be eerily similar!

Chapter 7

A Hero Never Stands Alone

“Jake!” cried Callie with relief as Molly the Metallikat, in her insane rage, tightened her grip on the she-kat’s body, almost mad enough to rip the Deputy Mayor into bloody shreds with her bare claws herself.

“Ah, shaddup, Briggs!” snapped Molly.

“Clawson is here?!” gasped Lieutenant Steele, not sure what to feel about the situation.

“He must be here to watch his boss off Feral and Ms. Briggs like the traitorous lap-kat he is!” growled an Enforcer as he was so mad at Jake’s audacity, he was about to point his rifle and shoot the SWAT Kat right then and there.  Yet his friends stopped him.

“What the hellkats are you thinking, Brian?” hissed one nearby officer, “If Clawson and Dark Kat are at odds, let ‘em fight each other out!  If Razor dies, at least he’ll be able to weaken the Alliance enough to allow us to save Feral and stop them!  And if Jake manages to defeat them, we’ll be able to haul his tail back to Alkatraz and take the bounty Feral’s offering!”

“I second that!” agreed another kat, white with brown stripes, “With more than a million dollars at stake, it’ll be enough to pay our salaries for the next four years if we can bring in that SWAT Kat!  Not to mention go down as the greatest Enforcers in history!”

Jake just solemnly stood there, ignoring the crowds and the camera Johnny K. was focusing in on him, aiming his glovatrix at Dark Kat, unafraid of being outnumbered and without any allies or partner in this fight.  He was alone, and it made him all the more eager to join up with Chance again.

“Ah, my dear Jake Clawson…or should I call you by your SWAT Kat alias, ‘Razor’?” Dark Kat purred as Dr. Viper, the Metallikats, Pastmaster, and Hard-Drive glared at the vigilante hero.

“Drop the pleasantries, Dark Crud,” Jake growled as he indicated to Felina and Callie with a nod of his head, “Let them go.  They have no part in this.  Just let them go, and we’ll settle this score once and for all.”

“And why should we do that, SWAT Kat?” snarled Mac as he pointed his blaster at Jake.

“Because I’ll gladly take their place, Chrome-Dome.  Let Callie and Felina go, and I’ll gladly be your hostage in return.  I’ll willingly die if you let them go.”

“Jake, no!!” cried out Callie before Molly then wrapped her arm around the she-kat’s throat in a stranglehold, choking her from blurting anything else out.

“I’m warnin’ you, shut your trap!” snarled Molly.

“Jake…” murmured Felina in sorrow, unsure whether to be touched or to feel irritated at such foolishness.  Yet Dr. Viper was unappeased by the request and offering as his plants suddenly sprung to life.

“Either way, you would still die, SWAT Kat!!  Kill him, my brethren!!  Rip him to pieces and use his remains for fertilizer!!!”  At once, a huge barrage of plants rushed out towards Jake, snaking from various angles and directions, ready to surround the brave kat and gorge him in an instant.

“Hey, this isn’t a fair fight!!” Johnny K. roared in protest from the rooftops, inwardly cheering on Jake loyally and fervently praying that the SWAT Kat would live.

“Leave Clawson alone, you flower-power nutcase!” Steele shouted, now intent on firing a few rounds at Dr. Viper, hoping to help the odds on Clawson and somehow allow him enough time to rescue Feral, Felina, and Callie.  Unfortunately, Dr. Viper was not eager for interference as another separate group of vines and flowering roots erupted from the very ground all the neighboring Enforcers were standing on, and the force of the emerging vines sent all of the Enforcers flying, screaming as they hurtled in the air and crashed down onto the hard pavement.  Luckily for them, Dr. Viper was more interested in killing Clawson rather than paying attention to the Enforcer squads.  Jake just coolly shot a grapping-claw from his glovatrix at the ledge of a nearby building before hoisting himself up in the air, narrowly missing the vegetation as he hoisted himself in the air, the line reeling him upwards, before suspending himself and running alongside the very surface of the building, his paws scurrying across the window-panes, defying gravity.

“What is that fool doing?!” snarled Dr. Viper as Jake managed to avoid a second strike from the herbage, rendering the windows to shards of flying glass, as the brown-furred kat managed to neatly somersault onto the ground in a graceful leap before running down the street, trying to avoid the vines, leading the plants away from the Enforcers, “The fool knows better than to retreat!  There’s no place for him to run!!”

Jake then shot several fluid-filled capsules at the plants, yelling, “Weed-killer bombs…AWAY!”

With a loud hiss and discharges of smoke, the fragile pouches of rubber exploded upon contact on the tough exterior of the vines, and the plants once again curdled and writhed from the chemical of tri-chloro ethane eating away at their skin and flesh like acid.  Yet a few small capsules did little to extinguish the life of a whole mass of carnivorous plants.

“Give it up, SWAT Kat!” snarled Dr. Viper, “My specimens are much hardier and stronger now thanks to my mutagens!  Not even your missiles and tricks from your weapons can destroy them, and for every plant you kill, a dozen more shall take its place!”

Yet Jake kept running, and none of the Alliance noticed that Jake was leading them further and further away, all of them lost in the anticipation of the chase.

“This shall stop him!  Prepare to die from old age of a thousand years, Clawson!  Pay for your treachery of allying yourself with Queen Callista!!” shrieked the Pastmaster as the kat-skeleton aimed his clock at the running figure and fired an intense beam of time-magic at the SWAT Kat, but miraculously, Jake managed to make a flying leap, narrowly avoiding the blast and having it hit the plants tailing after him instead.  With a dying wail, the plants withered and shriveled, turning black with death and drying up as they all turned a thousand years old, with the Pastmaster’s magic maturing them at a deadly rate before rendering them to dust.  Dr. Viper was beyond livid as he cursed at his ally.

“You killed my precious pets!!  You killed them!!” he shrieked in incense as he jumped up and down in a furious temper, shaking his green fist at the sorcerer, cursing.

“Ah, stop your whinin’, Doc!  You’ve got plenty of plants where they came from!” Mac, the male Metallikat snorted as he then fired a hot surge of energy from his arm, yet Jake then aimed his glovatrix again at the robot before firing a stream of five missiles.  The metal kat wasn’t the least bit scared.

“I’m not falling for that trick again, Clawson!” Mac bellowed as he incinerated the projectiles with his weapon, but to his shock, the minute they disintegrated, they exploded, releasing their various surprises.  Two let out plumes of black, thick smoke which blinded the Metallikat’s vision while the other three released their contents of hydrochloric acid, the caustic liquid actually spattering all around them and getting on the plants and the android-assassin.  Mac at first cursed as the liquid tarnished his metallic surface, but he later crowed as he stepped out of the smoke and led the chase after Jake along with Dr. Viper and Pastmaster.

“You think that can stop me, SWAT Kat?!  Nothing you do can damage me!!  Thanks to Dark Kat’s nanotechnology we stole from Puma-Dyne, all my circuitry can fix anything you throw at me and it’ll reconstruct my body as good as new, just like Dark Kat did with his Black Widows!  Face it, ya’ chump!  Nothing you can do can stop us from stringin’ your guts all over this town and painting it red with your blood!!!”

Jake then sprinted as fast as he could, feeling the Invincible Alliance of Evil tailing him.  Just a couple of feet more…

Jake then felt himself sent flying as the plants erupted again through the rock in front of him, and riding on the vines were the numerous creeplings joining along in the kill, in the hunt.  Jake cursed.  He was out of the weed-killer bombs, and knowing how Dark Kat reinforced his servants, the creeplings themselves were also probably genetically altered to endure anything the SWAT Kat could throw at him.  It was risky, but…

He had to chance it.  Hopefully, Callie and Felina could be resourceful enough to survive until the Enforcers could rescue them.  With the black-hole grenade hidden in the glovatrix, Jake prepared for the one final shot, his emotions running the gauntlet from relieved to depressingly suicidal.

“Ready to die, Clawson?” Dark Kat asked from the background in his deep voice, almost inviting the opportunity to kill him.

“You first, Dark Crud!” roared Jake, but before he could set off the grenade, to his horror, he found himself suddenly lifted off the ground, only to be restrained by an invisible hand, the air around him crushing him like a vise, pinning his paws to his side.  Fur and paw, every muscle in his body was unresponsive, dead, lifeless!  It was like he was no longer in control of his body!

“Trying to use the black-hole grenade on our little organization, Clawson?” Dark Kat said triumphantly as his eyes narrowed, “I must say I am quite surprised at your willingness to sacrifice yourself for this pitiful race.  It is not every day I am willing to see a kat endure so much to fight the inevitable.”

With a cackle, the criminal Hard-Drive turned into a stream of electricity before immersing itself into Jake’s glovatrix, rendering it useless and non-functioning, the entire glove crackling and smoking from the intense heat and voltage before popping back out into the open.

“Too bad for your little toy, Clawson,” laughed Hard-Drive, “With your glovatrix shorted out, you’ll never be able to set off that black hole!”  Jake then gritted his teeth as he tried a final resort, his paw moving for the little weapon he had strapped to his side.  With a roar, Jake hurled a sharpened piece of steel directly at Dark Kat like a spear, flying so fast, it took less than a second as it traveled in the space between and lodged itself into Dark Kat’s heart.


Jake managed to smile in satisfaction at seeing the shaft of metal embedded itself deep in the middle of Dark Kat’s chest.  It was a sure-shot, a instant kill.  No kat could ever survive a spike stabbed lethally into the heart, but then Jake’s victory melted into fear and amazed dread as he saw that Dark Kat was still standing, unaffected from the fact that he had been brutally staked, as he glared at Jake.

“You now have truly begun to anger me, SWAT Kat,” Dark Kat growled as he waved his paw at Jake, and in a split-second, Jake was sent flying across the air before he crashed against the side of the wall.  Jake groaned, trying to prevent himself from swimming in the blissful darkness as he felt blood dribble down his forehead, matting his fur as he felt himself lifted into the air again by an unseen force.  Easily and smoothly, Dark Kat removed his black-and-red cape, showing that he was wearing a strange, metallic suit of armor riddled with the stolen circuitry and technology from Puma-Dyne and displaying the mysterious relics stolen from the Megakat City Museum, the artifacts embedded into the metal of the suit like trophy gems of decoration, lining Dark Kat’s chest-plate and wrist-armor like decorative ornaments.  And to Jake’s surprise, the metal spike was still deeply lodged into Dark Kat’s chest, bringing forth a little blood.  Dark Kat was unbothered as his left claws excruciatingly pulled the metal spike from his heart before casting it aside with a small clang.  To Jake’s further amazement, the stab wound healed up and closed with a sickening squelch, self-mending itself until there was no trace of the wound left.

Jake wasn’t the only one taken aback.  The rest of the Alliance were now staring at Dark Kat like he was the devil-incarnate himself.

“How the hellkats?!” gaped Hard-Drive.

“What sorcery is this, Dark Kat?” the Pastmaster asked suspiciously.  The Metallikats and Dr. Viper just narrowed their eyes suspiciously at the leader of the alliance.  If he kept something like this hidden from his own allies, then it was pretty obvious he had more devious plans and secrets up his sleeve.

“It is of no sorcery, Pastmaster, but my gift, my birthright!  And now, my dear Clawson, I have been awaiting this day with the keenest of obsessions!  My master shall be pleased once he sees that he shall finally emerge from his unjust prison in the astral plane in order to command this world!!”

“What?!” croaked Jake, his voice hoarse and dry.

“Hey, wait a cotton-pickin’ minute, here!” snapped Mac, “You never said anything about no master!!  And what’s this astral plane junk you’re spewing out?!!”

“I should have known better than to trust you, Dark Kat!!” hissed Dr. Viper.

“It is no concern of you, Viper!  And you fools should all feel honored to meet my master for the very first time!!  For it is here, and only here, in Megakat City that I can free him from his prison!!  No other place in the planet has such a thin border between our reality and the astral plane!!  And now, with the deaths and bountiful feast of so many wandering and lost souls, upon the day of the Solstice, the time has come!!  Now, my master, ARISE!  ARISE!!!

“He’s gone nuts!!” gasped Molly.

Jake didn’t seem to think so, especially when Dark Kat’s body began to glow in a dark luster, his entire aura growing more powerful with each second as the purple-demon kat chanted in a foreign tongue, confusing the henchkats, the Enforcers and the civilians all around them.

“Now Master, reveal your might!!!  In the name of your power, break through the doorway of the Inner Eye!!!”

With a roar, the prayer stones gleamed into such harsh intensity, it was like staring into a multitude of suns and supernovas, and the light engulfed the area the Enforcers and the Alliance were all standing on.  Upon the glare, the very air trembled all around the city, and every one of the kats could feel something huge, something powerful, something insurmountable digging its way through the medium of reality all around them.  It was as if every kats’ psyche was deeply connected to the walls of time and space surrounding them and for some unknown reason, they could sense something pushing its way through.

“Oh my God!” Ann Gora gasped, her paw to her mouth in horror as she saw what was emerging from the dimensional rift.  She was so startled, she dropped the microphone she was holding, and the metallic instrument cracked against the stone roof as the sound-input screeched painfully from the interference.

“What the hell is that thing?!!” Johnny K. shouted in fright as he removed his face from the eyepiece of the camera, his eyes so wide, the whites could be seen all around.

As if in slow motion, the kats all around the Alliance could only look on in horror and disbelief as the very air and fabric of reality behind Dark Kat flashed softly in an crooked line of white light before it began to rip open, a tear in the continuum of space and time which slowly yet steadily began to grow bigger and bigger.  The air and winds picked up immediately, roaring higher and higher in intensity due to absence of any medium from the area, and the pressures all around the crowd increased, the howling zephyrs rivaling those of a hurricane.  Though several Enforcers tried firing their guns at the rip and one brave kat even fired his bazooka charge directly in the center, the portal completely swallowed them up into an endless black-nothingness as the doorway continued to swell.  In the rip, everyone could see the swirling masses of lights similar to the colors of the Northern lights, the Aurora Borealis, as the rip in reality now yawned into the size of a football field.

It was then that the Alliance, Jake, the Enforcers, and every kat watching the live footage on Kat’s Eye News saw what was emerging from the portal of the astral plane.

Ann Gora let out a small scream as she took several steps backward.

Johnny K. just stood still in shock, his camera’s eye still pointed directly at the rift and broadcasting the image for every kat in the world to witness, yet the fact that he was still filming was entirely lost to the camera-kat.

Felina Feral had her words fail her, dying in her throat, as she just stared at the figure with a growing feeling of ice threatening to paralyze every one of her muscles.

Callie’s gasps became deep heaves as she nearly hyperventilated any cool air to prevent her from screaming her head off and ease her pounding heart as she unconsciously grasped the Metallikat’s metal paw in some form of support.

Lieutenant Steele fell to his knees, his entire body threatening to buckle as he felt nauseous and the urge to faint right then and there.

Upon seeing the live feed on Kat’s Eye News, the President at the nation’s capital jumped out of his seat from the White House as his Senate and Congress just gasped and murmured in extreme nervousness and dread, truly realizing that this could very well be a national, if not worldly, crisis.  As billions upon billions of he-kats, she-kats, and kittens just watched on TV, morbidly terrified and curious and at an uproar, the President blurted out in alarm, “What in the hellkats is that?!!”

Every one of the Alliance members were just as surprised as the Enforcers around them if not more so.  The Pastmaster was actually afraid; truly, deathly, and bloodcurdlingly afraid for once in his entire existence.  Dr. Viper narrowed his eyes in suspicion upon the sight of Dark Kat’s revealed master, his face twisted with a mixture of aversion and dislike.  Hard-Drive was babbling like a complete idiot as he kept pointing wildly at the luminous giant.  The creeplings were all as still as statues, their eyes glassy and their toothy jaws gaping and ajar.

“Holy kats, Mac!  Who or what is that?!” Molly asked, taken aback and amazed.

“Whatever it is, I don’t like it!” snarled Mac at the sight.

Despite all the oddities Jake had seen and endured while he and Chance had battled evil as the SWAT Kats, despite the adventures of time travel, alternate dimensions, magical entities, ghosts, mutants, and aliens, Jake could have honestly said that this was truly the most horrifying sight he could have ever witnessed.

There, in the middle of the rip in the reality-time continuum and hovering above Dark Kat, was an ethereal, ghostly specter of a gigantic kat’s head, the actual size of the apparition filling the entire size of the portal itself.  It was certainly large and much more demonic and hellish than any image ever possibly conceived by any right-minded kat.  The entire head was outlined with the faint ghostly outline of spiritual and magical white aura, translucent and ghastly pale, except for the kat’s narrow and slit eyes which were yellow, pupil-less and glowing hotly with rage and wicked glee.  It was so easy to remain numb and motionless from staring at those endless pools of harsh yellow and have the light swallow your soul at once, as if those haunted and dangerous eyes had no soul and life of their own and needed to feast upon other life-forces like a parasite, like a predator on the weak.  The humanoid-kat was bone-chillingly eerie, with strong, gaunt cheekbones, a well-formed cranium and large ears, a thick, muscular neck and a square jaw, formidable and firm.  It was a face of a warrior, a tyrant, and a merciless warlord all rolled into one.  Each tuft of fur on the kat was meticulously smooth and patted down, as if the specter had never been trapped in the astral plane for thousands of years and the kat appeared to be the apex of eternal might, youth, and vigor.  Everything about the head screamed ruthlessness and unlimited power and strength, but deep inside, all the kats could feel something else.  Evil.  Pure, dark, unrelenting and terrifying evil, more dangerous and insane than the Katchu-Pichu demon, than Dr. Viper, than Mad Kat, than every single physical foe and criminal and entity that had ever dared wreck havoc and war upon Megakat City put together.

Everyone felt the cold seep into their bones as the head then finally croaked its very first words in ten-thousand years, each word making the head’s vulpine and sickening smile wider and more disturbing as he bellowed in a deep, harsh voice.




Mein Gott!” gasped Kurt as he and the other X-Men were watching the scene unfold on the TV transmission they had inside their vehicle’s spacious chamber while speedily making their way towards Megakat City.

Roberto then shouted, “What the hell is that thing?!  It’s huge!!”

That’s Dark Kat’s master?!!” asked Forge in shock, “Whoa, he’s not exactly what I’d expected!!”

Scott then frowned as he peered on the face.  There was something familiar about that figure, about the face, about how those eyes and that strange demeanor of superiority and solemn desecration that seemed so…familiar.

Ray shouted, nearly panicking, “We have to hurry!!  We need to go faster!!”

Dr. Hackle shook his head as he explained, “It would do no good, Raymond.  The Cybertron 2 android is going as fast as it possibly can, and despite the ability to progress through rough terrains and mountains, we had to take the long way through the shallow waters leading back to the mainland since the android isn’t built for underwater-travel like a submarine, and we couldn’t simply follow Jake’s Aquain ship by following him across the ocean.”

Jean then suddenly gave a soft scream as she clutched her head painfully, and the Professor X was also following suit, wincing at the swift throbbing in his temples and brainstem.  The disturbance in the boundaries between the planes of reality and the astral plane were painful, the two telepaths being so sensitive to the destructive entry, it was like hot lead was poured inside their skulls and over their brains and nervous system.

“Jean!” gasped Scott as he rushed over to his girlfriend’s aid.  Yet the red-haired mutant soon recovered as she shakily inhaled cool breaths to clear her pounding head as Cyclops helped her back to her feet.

Ororo then helped Xavier get his bearings, but the Professor was now alarmed and concerned.  Such power!  Such hale and ease to tear through the walls and limits of time and space!  This was a powerful foe, more powerful than Magneto and Emma Frost and the Sentinel forces from Trask.

“Charles, whatever is the matter?!  What happened?!” Storm asked in worry.

“Jake has no idea what he is up against,” murmured Professor X as he looked at his students with apprehension, “And to be honest, I have no idea what we are up against either!”

Abi then inhaled loudly in a large gasp as her quick mind then arranged all the pieces of the puzzle in place.  The prayer stones of the powerful pharaoh, Rama-Tut.  A prisoner in the astral plane.  The female curator and professor then knew the identity of the mysterious entity.

“Dr. Hackle, X-Men, we have to stop Dark Kat’s master from coming into our world!!” Dr. Sinian cried out as she hurriedly started typing furiously into her laptop that was balanced haphazardly in the crook of her arm, trying her best to draw out the documents from Megakat City museum’s database via her wireless connection.

“Mz. Sinian, I think that one was pretty obvious!” Sam pointed out, fighting the urge to sound irritated.  Yet the she-kat curator was still adamant as she then broke out her suspicions.

“No, you don’t understand!!  I’ve finally figured out what Dark Kat was trying to achieve and who the identity of his master is!!  If Dark Kat is receiving orders from who I think it is, the entire city and indeed, all of kat-kind shall die!!!  The entire world is in danger!!!”

“Why?!  What’s the big deal, Dr. Sinian?!  What makes this furball more dangerous than Dark Kat?!” Rogue asked breathlessly.

Abi clarified as she drew out scanned images of the Egyptian hieroglyphics and writings about Rama-Tut on her computer screen, “I should have known it was him!  The fact that the Pastmaster stole the prayer stones of the pharaoh kat, Rama-Tut just cemented the theory!!  X-Men, Dr. Hackle, in the legends of Rama-Tut’s rule, there was a side story about a group of desert-riders called the Sandstormers in Egypt who challenged the rule of Rama-Tut, claiming that he had no right to govern over them when he himself was not of their world.  Though most of the population dismissed such charges as pure speculation and crazy-talk, Rama-Tut ordered his guards to capture the desert mavericks, and with a massive army, after seven days of bloodshed and fighting, all but one of the Sandstormers were captured and beheaded for their crimes against the pharaoh.  The one who escaped did not emerge until five weeks later and challenged Rama-Tut to a battle of wills and magic, claiming himself to avenge the death of his father.  In fact, the kat who survived was the son of the very leader of the Sandstormers, a warlord-kat named Baal.”

“But what does this have to do with the thefts that the Alliance of Evil committed along with the thing with Rama-Tut?” Piotr asked, still not getting it.

“Because in the legends, Rama-Tut and Baal’s son fought such a ferocious battle, it nearly destroyed all of the world, and actually led the state of ruins to Egypt as of this very day!!  It was so devastating that it was later recorded as the day the very Earth nearly tore in two!  The fight claimed to result in such awesome displays of power and magic never before witnessed and seemed to threaten the very essence of life itself!  Yet finally, Rama-Tut managed to use his magic and power to kill Baal’s son, and to further punish him for his defiance, the pharaoh sent the soul of the last Sandstormer into the realm of lost souls where the Egyptian God of Death, Seth, would chain him to the prison of the land of lost dreams forever and ever!”

“Yeah…and?!” Ray demanded impatiently.  Yet Jean then remembered the feeling of disturbance she just felt seconds ago.

“Oh my gosh!!  The realm of lost souls!  The land of dreams!!  It’s also known as the astral plane, isn’t it, Abi?!  The dimension that coincides with the plane of reality that is a higher level of consciousness and time, only achievable by dreaming or by death according to some philosophers!  That’s the link, isn’t it?!  This powerful desert-kat is trapped in the astral plane, and he’s also Dark Kat’s master!!  That’s what Dark Kat is trying to do, isn’t he?!  He’s trying to free his master!

“Yes, exactly!” Abi replied in dread, “That’s another reason why I guessed it was Baal’s son!!  Today is the Summer Solstice, and according to pagans and kats immersed in magical arts, it is one of the nine days that is the holiest because it is when the boundaries between the astral plane and the real world are the thinnest!  It makes sense now why Dark Kat would command the Alliance to attack on this day!  Because it’s the one few days where he can actually succeed to release his master and allow him to escape into our reality!!!  Don’t you X-Men see now?!  That’s why Dark Kat and the Invincible Alliance of Evil made those thefts, because those were the tools Dark Kat needed to free his master from the astral plane!!!  And he must have chosen Megakat City because it must have been a location where it was weak enough to break through the astral realm!!”

Remy then asked, “But what’s so dangerous about one kat, femme?”

“Because this particular desert-warrior had powers of a demi-god, Remy!!  And if he’s released, he’ll be able to achieve his goal of world-rule!!  It was stated in ancient texts that Baal’s son believed in survival of the fittest, and that in order for all kats to truly survive from the dangers of natural selection and disaster, then they too, must undergo the rituals he had gone through himself and reshape the world in his image!!”

“But how on earth can that be, Abi?!” gasped Dr. Hackle, “Not even the Pastmaster could achieve such a thing, and he himself is a powerful mage of black magic of untold proportions!!  How can one kat of ancient times be able to do such a thing?!!”

Dr. Sinian yelled, “Because in the legends and ancient texts of Egypt, the desert-rider was a kat with ‘abilities blessed beyond the normal kat-kind’!  As in he was born with special gifts of great power and destruction, powers far beyond any capable magic and technology!  Think about it, X-Men!  Doesn’t that sound oddly familiar to you?!!”

Professor Xavier then guessed what Abi was trying to imply.

Professor X then blurted out in horrified awe, “Dark Kat’s master is a mutant!!!

“No way!” gasped Bobby.

“Dr. Sinian, what was the mutant’s name?!  The kat that fought against Rama-Tut?!” Ororo asked in shock.

“The desert-warrior’s name was En Sabah Nur.”

The name instantly clicked in every one of the X-Men’s heads as they then realized the true intent of Dark Kat.  They had all earlier dealt with the exact same enemy in Egypt with Mesmero and failed in preventing the mind-wizard from achieving the very same thing in their world.

“Oh damn it to hell,” cursed Beast, his arms limp at his sides.

“It’s Apocalypse!” snarled Wolverine.

“Goddess, it’s not possible!” gasped Storm.

As their vehicle then finally managed to arrive at the gathering of death, Piotr then added with growing realization, “But…how can he even be let out in the first place?  Those prayer stones have been in your museum all this time, and yet no one else tried to use those relics to free Apocalypse!!  So how is it even possible that Dark Kat’s able to do it?  How can he break the door to the astral plane if no other kat ever succeeded before?”

“That is something I don’t know!” confessed Abi, “The prayer stones have magic in them, but only a kat who is equal to Rama-Tut’s strength and power can utilize them as the keys to break En Sabah Nur from his cell!!  Many kats have tried to harness the power of the holy stones, but none had ever succeeded!  Not even the Pastmaster could complete it if he wished to!”

Amara then asked, “But…then what makes Dark Kat so special?”



“Augh!” Jake managed to cry out in pain as Dark Kat continued to choke him with his telekinetic grip as he stared at both the insane criminal mastermind and his unworldly conqueror.  Jake writher and struggled as best as he could, but the invisible forces were converging on his body, threatening to crush him like a soda can.

The purple kat-demon then smiled a very loathsome, blood-curdling grin of sick, psychotic glee, every one of his teeth showing maliciously.

“Remember my name, Jake ‘Razor’ Clawson.  It shall be the name of the chosen, immortal Superior that delivers you from this world and into the next where your precious Furlong awaits!  You shall take this last tidbit to your grave!  It shall be by the paw of the lone kat who was consecrated with the gift of the X-Gene, the kat who shall triumph over all as ruler and the omnipotent king of all inferior kats!”

Jake’s eyes shot open with complete and overwhelming surprise.  He gasped, “The…the X-Gene?  You…you have…the X-Gene?!

Dark Kat’s grin grew so wide and full of teeth, it was threatening to split his face.

“How pathetic.  Even after all this time, after all our battles and excursions, you still failed to realize that I am not an ordinary kat, Clawson.  And thanks to the Katalyst-X mutagen I received from Viper, my powers have increased by a thousand fold, multiplying from the amount I injected into my flesh and blood that would have killed a normal kat!  Enough to bless me with enough strength to render all walls between worlds completely and utterly useless!”

Jake’s thoughts rushed furiously through his quick mind.  Professor Xavier said that people blessed with the X-Gene had powers and abilities beyond imagination, varying to an infinite amount of gifts of pure destruction and violence.  Yet it only existed in the world and dimension of humans.  So if Dark Kat had the X-Gene…

“You’re…you’re a mutant,” Jake managed to wheeze as the truth dawned on him.

“Ah, but I always have been, my dear Jake.  Ever since I was genetically altered and came into power two hundred years ago, my master has shown me the blessings and wonders of the futures of kat-kind with me to lead these pathetic sheep under the rule of survival-of-the-fittest!”

Jake felt his heart stop, not sure if he even heard correctly.  Two hundred years?  But in order for Dark Kat to even to survive that long…

“Who…are…you?” the battered SWAT Kat managed to choke in a stifled, strained voice.

The SWAT Kat then heard Dark Kat’s voice drop down to a slow whisper of coldness as the Jake’s sharp ears picked up on the last statement.

“My name is Nathaniel Essex.  And now…DIE.”

With a wave of his purple paw, Dark Kat immediately began to tear Jake apart, right down to the molecular and cellular level of the kat’s body.  Jake screamed as loudly as he could as the invisible forces began to pull at his bones, attempted to strain his nervous system, and proceeded to set every single cell and muscle fiber on fire.  It was pure torture, long, painful, and completely excruciating and merciless.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” yowled Jake as the pain threatened to overwhelm him.

“Stop it!  Stop it!!!  Please!!!” sobbed Callie from the distance, praying for something, anything, for a single chance of luck, for a miracle.

Then the miracle came.

En Sabah Nur then roared in pain, his screams echoing throughout the city and the bay, the tone and timbre of his deep voice sending cold vibrations in the land of metal, glass and rock.

WHAT IN THE NAME OF SETH IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!” roared En Sabah Nur as his ghostly head felt an immediate surge of telepathic assault, one that was far more advanced and powerful than any citizen of Megakat City could ever be capable of.  Yet it was impossible; no one, not even the SWAT Kats, had this much power!

“It’s working!!  Keep it up, Chuck!” roared Wolverine from the distance, and Dark Kat looked up from his torture session on the brown vigilante to see to his anger that the X-Men, Logan and Charles Xavier, were facing them down not too far off.  The purple-furred kat then could sense it, the power of potent, vigorous telepathy, enough to rival his own master’s.  The bald alien, the one in the wheelchair…he would be the first to die.  Dark Kat now forgot his attention on killing Jake as he was about to summon his creeplings to rip the two humans to shreds, but that gave Jean the moment to strike.

Leave Jake alone!!!  With something between a grunt and a shriek, Jean flew down from the air and sent at Dark Kat a stalwart and unstoppable pulse of telepathic rage, her anger and frustration actually causing the very air in between the two to ripple like water before it completely and piercingly speared through his mind’s eye.  With a cry of rage, Dark Kat held his paws to his head, bellowing from the pit of his stomach, as the stranglehold on Jake was obliterated, and the abrupt release sent the poor SWAT Kat flying back fifty feet, barely able to hold on to his consciousness as he crashed onto the street.

Jake was shakily trying to get up from his sprawled position on his back as Dark Kat was recovering from the simultaneous attack of his psyche and mind, holding both paws to his head and screaming obscenities while trying to get his bearings.  Jean then relentlessly kept pounding him with a furious barrage of telekinetic forces and blasts as she hovered in the air, battering the poor criminal like a piñata.

Mac then snarled, eager for a little taste in revenge as he pointed his blaster at the dazed SWAT Kat and fired, the pulsing blast of plasma-energy rushing through the stone and gravel, tearing it apart like wet flimsy paper, as it was about to strike Razor.

“No!” screamed Callie as she tried to fight against the grip Molly had on her as the female Metallikat restrained her forcefully.  Jake wearily looked up at the energy ball about to incinerate him, and he knew that he could never dodge it in time.  Yet to his surprise, there was a familiar string of beeping and buzzing before a familiar object rushed itself in front of Jake right before the energy ball struck.

“What the – ?!” blurted out Mac Mange as he saw that the blast was reflected by a small, metallic kat-robot, the wheeled android taking the full blast by force meant for Jake and emerging without a single scratch.  Jake then recognized the robot at once; it was Cybertron, the android kat that Dr. Hackle designed to help aid T-Bone and Razor as a sidekick and vigilante assistant, and itself did a very efficient job of helping out the SWAT Kats in the past by fighting against the Pastmaster and the Great Pyramid in one past escapade.

“Ha!  Looks like you’ve just made a lousy shot like always, you scrap-heap reject!” Callie sneered triumphantly at Mac, but Molly, being so furious, then exerted her rage onto the Deputy Mayor as she hurled the she-kat on the ground, knocking her senseless as she hit the pavement.

“Laugh this off, Briggs!” snarled the Metallikat as she fired with murderous intent, but to her amazement, the blast went right through Callie’s body, and instead of killing the beige kat, it passed through her intangible body and rendered the ground beneath her into a smoking crater.  The Deputy Mayor was completely unharmed.

“What the hellkats?!” shrieked Molly Mange as she fired two additional, quick rounds in succession, but Callie Briggs was safely drawn out of the range of her blasts as, to the Deputy Mayor’s amazement, Kitty Pryde managed to phase the frightened hostage out of danger.  Callie never felt anything like it, the cool feeling over her body as she felt lighter than air and floating on a frictionless road as Kitty glided the victim on air back to the Enforcers.

Then Dr. Viper shrieked in rage as a combination of molten fireballs and kinetically-charged playing cards flew swiftly in a straight line directly at the vines that snared Felina Feral, and the union of bio-kinetic discharge and searing lava was too much for the plants to withstand as they released their grip on the she-kat, writhing and squirming in pain as smoking, ghastly holes was made through their tough exterior, causing their flesh to bubble into mushy goop.  The death-grip the plants and tendrils had on Lieutenant Feral went slack, but before the dark she-kat could try to scramble out of danger, she felt herself being lifted firmly from the mess of vines by the waist and to her utmost surprise, she was actually flying!  Felina averted her gaze from the high altitude to see a smiling teenage girl with white-highlights and gothic makeup holding her around her waist as the alien female flew Felina down in front of the stupefied Enforcers, carrying her back to her squads and fellow soldiers.

“You all right, sugah?” Rogue asked as she gently placed Felina on the ground.

The female Lieutenant was certainly flustered as she stammered, “Uh…yeah.  Uh…I think so.”

“Lieutenant!!  Get away from them!!” shouted one Enforcer as he and the other officers drew out their guns and weapons, aiming at the various members of the X-Men.  If only Felina could move out of the crossfire, then they could take out these alien freaks once and for all!

Steele then became livid as he roared over his radio, “Enforcers, don’t fire on the X-Men!!  Stand down!!  Repeat: stand down!!!  I don’t think the X-Men are our enemies!!

“So you say, Steele,” shot back a she-Enforcer in disgust at his apparent naiveté as she readied her shot at Rogue’s chest.  Yet Felina then repeated the exact same order, now completely curious to what was going on, though she duly noted that she was still wary of the X-Men.

“I say it too, Private!!  All Enforcers, stand down!!  Don’t shoot at the X-Men!!  At least not until we know what the hellkats is going on and what in the fur and paw are they doing here!!”

“It’s a long story,” groaned Remy as he and Forge ran up to the crowd.

“And we don’t have time to explain!  We have to help Jake stop Dark Kat!” added Forge furiously and urgently.

As the Enforcers were taken a bit aback by this little tidbit, they then became even more befuddled when the saw the rest of the X-Men appear with the renowned Dr. Hackle and Dr. Sinian at their sides, bravely standing up against Dark Kat, his master, and the evil alliance.

“You Invincible Alliance guys are so dead!” growled Tabitha as she readied her body for a full-frontal assault.

“Leave our friend Jake alone, you jerks!” Kitty shouted with uncharacteristic rage and defense, “If you like want to take Megakat City, then you’re all totally going to fight us first!!”  Lockheed roared angrily next to her in full agreement.

Callie gasped with a mixture of relief, bewilderment, and shock as she asked, “Friends?!  You’re Jake’s friends?!”

“They’re telling the truth!  They’re just visitors from another dimension that accidentally found their way into our world!!  They’re here to help us!!  They’re actually teenage super-heroes!!  Like the SWAT Kats!!!” Abi clarified loudly over the din for all the spectators and witnesses to hear.

“So then you’re not working for Dark Kat!!” exclaimed Steele.

Sam shot Lieutenant Steele and the other Enforcers a dry look as he retorted, “Well, duh!  Of course we’re not!  We’re Jake’s friends, and we’re on your side!  If you actually gave us a chance to explain it instead of firing on us from before, we would have told you that in the first place!”

Jake was painfully trying to brace himself on his knees as several of the X-Men rushed over to his side, hoping that they were able to stop the brown kat in time.

“Jake, are you all right?” Scott asked as he knelt down, but the SWAT Kat furiously pushed the leader of the X-Men away roughly, tears of outrage spilling from his eyes.

Damn you, why did you save me?!!!  Why didn’t you just let me die?!!!” Jake roared at the X-Men who were surrounding him.

“Sheesh, talk about grateful, Jake!  We saved you from making a mistake!” griped Bobby sardonically, a little put off.

“You should have just gone home!” Jake hissed in loss and despair as he wept, “You should have just gone home and let me die!  You should have just let me try to take out the Alliance and avenge Chance this way!  Can’t you X-Men see it?!  I wanted to die!!!  I have to do this!!!  I have nothing left!!!

Jamie then felt his heart break as he knelt down and took Jake’s grimy, lacerated paw in his hands, saying with touching sincerity, “That’s not true, Jake…you still have us.”

Logan then smirked a bit as he said, “The kid’s right, hairball.  The X-Men don’t run away, and we also don’t turn away true allies and friends.”

“And what about Callie and Felina?  And Dr. Hackle and Dr. Sinian?  They’re here because of you, to help you so that you won’t fight this battle by yourself,” Kurt said gently.

“You’re not alone in this, Jake,” Amara said softly, limping slightly from her bandaged leg.

“You helped us out, so now’s our turn to help you out, comrade,” Piotr said with fierce loyalty and compassion as he transformed into his metal-form.

“And Remy always repays his debts,” Gambit grinned mischievously as he readied his staff and drew a hand of five playing cards expertly from his sleeve and into his palm.

By now, despite the pain Professor Xavier was inflicting, En Sabah Nur was turning on his servant, his eyes full of malice and blame as he harshly glared at Dark Kat, roaring, “WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS, ESSEX?!!  I THOUGHT YOU ASSURED ME THAT THERE WOULD BE NO OTHER LIVING CREATURE BESIDES YOU WHO WOULD BE BLESSED WITH THE X-GENE AND HAVE ENOUGH POWER TO THWART OUR PLANS?!!

Dark Kat was actually cowering as En Sabah Nur cruelly and excruciatingly assaulted his mind with a furious and nearly lethal telepathic attack as punishment for his oversight, pleading, “Forgive me, Master!!  I thought the X-Men would have abandoned Razor Clawson and left the city to return back to their dimension!!”

“Looks like you made a false assumption, Dark Crud!” Sam crowed smugly.

Dark Kat was still undaunted as he shouted, “I will not fail, my Lord!!!  I will not stop until you are free to reshape this world in your image, my powerful master!!!”


“That’s fine and dandy with me!!  I’ve waited for this moment for a long time!!!” Hard-Drive snarled as he readied his electrical suit again, massive amounts of dangerous and lethal energy of infinite voltage streaming through his body again as the pink, demon creeplings of Dark Kat started to emerge from the shadows and corners of the rubble.  Hank looked all around only to discover that the X-Men and the Enforcers were now surrounded by thousands upon thousands of mutated creeplings, all of them strengthened by the supplies of Katalyst-X by Dr. Viper, more than enough to swarm all over every square inch of the vast metropolis and rip them apart.

“Yes!  We shall still win!  You X-Men don’t have a chance against us!!  And my beautiful pets shall enjoy the new sources of compost!!” Dr. Viper sneered, hissing in a serpent-like tone as the ground started to crack and give way to the scores and scores of vines, roots, and various flora ready to tear Megakat City asunder.

“And even if you could fight us, there’s no way you’ll be able to save the rest of the city, X-Twerps!” laughed Molly the Metallikat as she pointed in the distance where the gigantic mummies and Black Widow robots were wrecking havoc on the untouched parts of the city where still many civilians were cowering in fear, “Face it, X-Geeks!!  You can’t fight us and still stop Dark Kat and Pastmaster’s armies from pummeling this pathetic town to the ground!!”

“I’m going to so enjoy making you regret calling us ‘X-Geeks’, Metallikat,” Scott grinned dangerously at last, the inflamed memories getting him more pumped for battle.

“And Jake has us as well, Pastmaster,” Dr. Hackle said as he and Abi stood side by side next to Professor Xavier, “Your mummies may be more powerful due to En Sabah Nur, but they are not invincible, especially now that my faithful Cybertron is here.”

“Yeah, right!  Like we’re going to be scared of a stuffy museum she-kat and an elderly professor in diapers whose inventions aren’t worth more than the hairballs from my ass!” laughed Hard-Drive.

“If you were referring to the Metallikats, then I’ll agree with you on that one,” smiled Dr. Hackle.

“Watch it, you withered, old bag!” snarled Mac at the subtle insult.

“That fool is lying!!” shouted Pastmaster as he pointed a bony paw at the frail professor, “My mummies have dealt with that Cybertron robot before, and we still managed to defeat it!  It is nothing but a mere puny attempt, a pathetic excuse of a technological marvel!”

Dr. Hackle then said softly, yet intensely with pride and warning, “That was the first Cybertron.  Your mummies might find it a bit harder to defeat Cybertron 2, my newer and larger model.”

It was then that the Invincible Alliance of Evil saw the large, hulking sentinel appear slowly in the distance, the ground beneath their hind paws quaking softly from the treaded, heavy-duty wheels the metal-sentinel used to roll itself into view, towering over the zeniths of the neighboring buildings and casting a formidable shadow over the alliance.  What Dr. Hackle stated was true.  This Cybertron was well over five-hundred feet tall, every square inch of its metal surface shiny, new, and reinforced with durable materials harder than reinforced steel, a gigantic rectangular, upright body armed to the smallest niche with an arsenal of missiles, lasers, weapons and tactical war instruments.  In fact, it was inside the specialized compartment that the X-Men, Abi, and Dr. Hackle were able to arrive to the city speedily, riding inside the gigantic giant.  In addition to the mammoth size of its robotic claws, which were large enough to encircle an entire building with its paw-span, its head was quietly analyzing the battlefield with thousands upon thousands of optical fibers, infrared sensors, and gamma-lasers, readying its AI for its two sole missions: to stop the Invincible Alliance of Evil and protect the city.

“After the past incident with your mummies and the Katchu-Pichu demon, Pastmaster, even though the SWAT Kats declined the invitation, Dr. Hackle constructed the second Cybertron immediately afterward just for certain emergencies such as this,” Abi added, enjoying the look of dread on Pastmaster’s face.

“Oh holy hairballs,” cursed Hard-Drive upon seeing the behemoth.  Yep, the Black Widow death-robots and the Pastmaster’s mummies might have a bit of trouble with this one.

Meanwhile, Scott turned to Jake who was still on his paws and knees on the ground, saying with great compassion, “Razor, I know you wanted to take them out by yourself and end your pain, but this won’t help matters if you die recklessly and leave Megakat City in the mercy of Dark Kat and Apocalypse and the Evil Alliance.  Yeah, it wasn’t fair to you or T-Bone.  Jake, I know what it feels like to feel no one else can shoulder the burdens you and Chance endured, to feel like there’s nothing left in your life you’ve got going for you, and if anything, I respect that.  We all do, Jake.  We don’t want to take Chance’s place in your life and your memories, and we don’t want you to be the sacrificial hero, but we do want to help you out because it’s the right thing to do, because deep down, we’re all SWAT Kats and are willing to fight and die for our friends, for our allies.  You are a hero, Jake, and you have a right to this fight more than anyone else in the world…but X-Men never let a hero and friend stand alone.”

Jean then knelt down in front of Jake and gently clasped his face with her hands, whispering softly, “Chance died to do the right thing, Jake.  We don’t want that to happen to you too.  If anything, we want to see the look on Dark Kat’s face when he and the rest of those creeps pay for everything he did to you.  We don’t need to help fight…but we want to.  After all, we wouldn’t be X-Men if we didn’t save the world, even if it’s not our own.”

Jamie then piped up encouragingly, “C’mon, Jake!  Chance would have wanted you to give Dark Crud and his Alliance of Idiots a beating that would even make Feral wince!  T-Bone was never one to resist the opportunity for a brawl!  And neither would Razor!”

Cold fire then started to intensify in Jake’s soul as his pain, his anger, and his determination flared more brightly than it ever did in the past month, as the brown, unmasked SWAT Kat slowly got up before looking around at the X-Men, the humans from another world who were all so willing to fight by him, and Dr. Hackle and Dr. Sinian, ordinary kats who couldn’t offer much but still risked everything they had, before he stared with angry courage at the Alliance and the head of En Sabah Nur, his voice shaking.

“Let’s kick some tail, X-Men!”

“Start the showdown then, you losers!!” Hard-Drive challenged as he and the Alliance prepared to charge for the bloodbath.

“Hey, what does that make us?!  Kitty litter?!” snorted Lieutenant Steele in the background, pretending to be insulted, as he and Felina stood in front of the remains of the Alpha, Theta, and Omega Enforcer teams, all of them incredibly encouraged at the sight of the X-Men willing to fight alongside Jake.  Logan then gave a gruff nod.

“This job’s too big for the X-Men alone.  We could use your help, Lieutenant.  Hell, we could use all the help we can get to take out Dark Kat and his master.”

“That’s good enough for me!!!  I’m not leaving without my Uncle!!” yelled Felina, encouraged, as she then hollered at everyone around through her radio, “Enforcers!!!  Fight alongside the X-Men!!!  Help the X-Men stop the Invincible Alliance of Evil!!  Help the X-Men and Clawson fight!!  Follow ‘Operation: Full Force’!  Repeat: Full Force!!!  We’re all going to take Dark Crud and his master down once and for all, TOGETHER!!!”

The Enforcers cheered, their will to fight and protect now multiplying ten-fold.

“Well, why the hell not?!” crowed a young Enforcer.

“I’d rather fight alongside a freak than submit to Dark Kat!!” yelled another private, and her sentiment struck a similar chord with all her teammates.

“Let’s do it!!” Jamie cheered.

“For Chance!!!  For everybody!!!  For the city!!!” Callie yelled additionally as she took a pistol Steele handed to her to use for the war.

As one, the X-Men and Enforcers and surrounding kats roared the ever-so famous SWAT Kat motto, their voices ringing courageously across the city.


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