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X-Kat: The Mutant Squadron

By RogueFanKC

  • 10 Chapters
  • 87,417 Words

Set in Red Witch’s Misfit-verse! The X-Men are trapped in Megakat City, and their only hope lies in the lonely and bitter Razor. Read and enjoy the fight for Megakat City as the X-Men and SWAT Kats team up against evil. (10 Chapters – Complete) Rated M for Violence and Mild Innuendo (Individual ratings on each chapter indicate content).

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Author's Notes:

Title: X-Kat: The Mutant Squadron
Author(s): RogueFanKC
E-mail address: I do not like giving my e-mail address link available on the Internet. If you truly wish to e-mail me, go to my author profile at Fanfiction.net and you can view a picture of my e-mail there or review my story there (this story is also found on fanfiction.net under the “X-Men: Evolution” section of Cartoons).  The link is http://www.fanfiction.net/u/249987/
Date: April 17, 2005
Rating: T
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of “X-Men: Evolution” for they are the respective property of Marvel Comics.  “SWAT Kats: the Radical Squadron” in this cross-over fanfic is owned by the company, Hanna-Barbara.
Summary: At the X-Mansion, the X-Men are bored and contemplating over their complication of their lives after the tense strains between them and the Misfits.  Forge has invented a new weapon called an “alternator” that will allow the X-Men to view alternate realities for informative reasons.  Unfortunately, a slight malfunction has caused things to go not as planned…
Author’s Comments/Notes: Note that I am pre-using a fan-universe made in the X-Men: Evolution universe called the Misfit-verse. In this universe, the X-Men made allies with G.I. Joe and G.I. Joe adopted the Brotherhood and some other new recruits after Magneto had tried to kill and betray the Brotherhood.  In the X-Men, the members are: Professor Xavier, Ororo (Storm), Logan (Wolverine), Hank (Beast), Forge, Scott (Cyclops), Jean, Kurt (Nightcrawler), Rogue, Remy (Gambit), Kitty (Shadowcat), Piotr (Colossus), Bobby (Iceman), Amara (Magma), Tabitha (Boom-Boom), Ray (Bezerker), Sam (Cannonball), Roberto (Sunspot), Jamie (Multiple), and Lockheed (Kitty’s pet baby dragon)

Chapter 1

Forge, We’re Gonna Kill you!

“Another Saturday with nothing to do,” groaned Roberto, lazily drooping his entire body like a sloth on the couch, the sun streaming in from the window and heating up his bronze skin and black, curly hair.  He wasn’t the only one; all the New Mutants and most of the original X-Men, save the adults and Forge, were trying to spend their current day lounging around the TV and recreation room.

“I know what you mean, Roberto,” Amara sighed as she looked up from writing a letter back to her parents in Roma Nova, her brown eyes registering discontent underneath her dark-brown bangs, “It’s getting to be a big hassle with nothing ever fun happening to our social lives!  I mean…look at our glamorous roles as X-Men!  We save the world, we fight bad guys, we defend all mutant civil rights…all before turning in for homework, assignments, classes, and Danger Room sessions!  And what do we get for it?!  Nothing but bomb threats, death threats, anonymous rude phone calls, criticism, protestors at our front gates and absolute-zero on our free time!”

“What do you mean?  There’s plenty to do here, and if you’re bored, we can all do another round of the Danger Room training, especially since we faltered a bit by several seconds during the Epsilon level ‘search-and-recovery’ exercise,” Scott looked up from his book and commented, amused.  He and Jean were quietly seated on the carpeted davenport of the den, enjoying the sun shining down upon them from the bay windows, reading their favorite novels.

“Scott, get real!” groaned Amara, rolling her eyes.

“Yeah, we hardly ever go out anymore and have fun…although from how we’re normally greeted in Bayville and from how we’re portrayed on the tube, it’s hardly a wonder why,” Tabitha griped from the couch.  Alongside her were Kurt, Kitty, Piotr, Bobby, and a very irritated Rogue who was trying to elbow a very persistent Remy from getting too close to her from his position on the couch, all of them half-heartedly watching another anti-mutant propaganda on the evening news.

“Aw, c’mon, chere,” Remy pleaded in a suave yet childish, amused sort of tone, “Let me be your teddy bear so that you can snuggle with Remy here, all nice and warm and ready for a little Cajun lovin’.”

Rogue hissed, holding up the remote control, “Keep it up, swamp rat, and you’re gonna be able to change the channels to the TV with your butt!”

“Ooooh!  Remy have no idea chere here would be so kinky!” the young adult winked at the irritated girl.

“Argh!  Will you just get lost and leave me alone, you mangy mutt?!”

“If Remy here get lost, chere then will go find him, no?”

“I’ll find you a nice, quiet place to hide your dead body if you don’t quit buggin’ me, you reject from the New Orleans sewer!!”

“Ah, come on, Rogue…loosen up a bit!  Ah, Remy know!  Why don’t the two of us play hide-and-seek underneath your blankets?”

“Try it, and the things Wolvie and I would do to will make you actually look forward to burning in hell for a lifetime!”

“At least the time Remy spend with you before that happens will be like heaven, eh mon cherie?”

“I will not slam his head through the coffee table, I will not slam his head through the coffee table, I will not slam his head through the coffee table…” Rogue had to mentally tell herself in a furious pace.

“We must really be in a rut if we consider fights between Remy and Rogue as entertainment,” Kurt murmured as he focused more on the banter instead of the evening news, smiling at the dirty look Rogue threw at the blue-furred mutant and the amused look Remy threw at him simultaneously.

“At least it’s like totally better than watching this garbage,” Kitty said, making a face as she saw pictures and footage of the latest riot trashing the city, all for the sake of anti-mutant hostility, “No wonder we’ve been totally expelled for good from Bayville High.  With like, all of the protests and hate-rallies and the Mutant Registration Act going on, we’re seriously lucky all of us are alive and around to even watch this stuff and complain on how lame our lives are at this point.”

“Not that being around is a much better alternative,” sighed Piotr, “It’s not just our Bayville high school.  So far, we’ve been banned and kicked out of the Bayville mall, the zoo, the public library…”

“Nice going, Gambit,” groaned Roberto after hearing that statement.

“That explosion was NOT Remy’s fault!” the Cajun mutant snapped in defense, “If anything, it was the fact that Amara started that book-bonfire that got us kicked out in the first place!”

“Hey, I got startled from the water-main backfiring mess you created, and I lost control for one minute!” Amara staunchly retorted, “It was only a couple of old textbooks that needed to be updated anyway!  The library wouldn’t have missed them!”

“What was scary was the fact that seeing Amara burning her books prompted the other kids over there to burn their books, even though they all conveniently forgot that the books were the library’s,” Sam smiled at the memory as he was seated with Jamie, doing the crossword puzzle from the funnies section of the Bayville newspaper, “I hafta admit, Amara, I’ve never seen kids get so into a bonfire, especially since they all kept cheering you on as a hero for giving them the guts to quit doing homework.”

Jamie then giggled as he piped up, “I remember that!  That was when the head librarian had a mental breakdown, right there and then when he saw the kids burning that prized oil-portrait of William Shakespeare the library had hanging in their main sanctuary!  That was the first time I saw a grown man cry.”

Sam then asked aloud as he focused on a box in the puzzle, “Hey, anybody know a seven-lettered word for ‘mythological bird’ that ends with the letter x?”

“Phoenix,” Jean provided without looking up from her book.

“Gee, in that case, I can’t blame him for banning us from the library, then” drawled Roberto sarcastically as he looked at Amara.

Piotr continued tiredly, “And let’s not forget the pet shop, all five city parks, the Gut Bomb burger restaurant…or what’s left of it.”

“Hey, the manager shouldn’t have promoted that all-you-can-eat special!  Not my fault I ate him out of business!  Besides, he’s happier now!  Last I heard, he cashed in his insurance money and is living a new career as a beachcomber on the Cayman Islands,” blushed Kurt.

“On the upside, you’re the first person I know of to have infamous warning posters with your face plastered on them to every burger and fast-food joint on the East Coast, Blue,” chuckled Tabitha, “not to mention that you’re the first mutant to ever make the ‘Ten Most Wanted’ list of the Atkins Diet Association.  Now that’s an accomplishment!  Hee hee hee!”

“…the local pound, all of downtown Bayville, the arcade…”

“Hey, that guy accused me of cheating in the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 tournament and got me unfairly discharged from the final tier!  He deserved to get a little iced!” retorted Bobby.

“Uh, Bobby?  Considering which body part of his you iced, you’re lucky the guy’s parents didn’t go along with their threat of suing the Institute for endangering the future family lineage,” Rogue grumpily said.

“Let’s face it, you guys,” Bobby sighed, “with the world hating us like this, we’re not going to be able to go anywhere.”

“So what?  At least we can focus more on having time to study and plan on how to build and strengthen our tactics as the X-Men,” Scott provided a bit too eagerly, which prompted a lot of groans all around and a couple of pillows being thrown at him good-naturedly.

Jamie whined, “Scooooooott!  We didn’t want to have being an X-Man rule our life like this!”

Remy then said, “The kid’s right, mon ami.  Being an X-Man is only a part of who we are; it does not govern our life ta’ be shaped as a soldier for the rest of our lives.  We need to grow and live as a family, not as some mutant army Peace Corps.  After all, being a person means enjoyin’ life every now and again, no?”

Rogue put on a look of fake shock, gasping mockingly, “Well whaddya know!  The swamp rat?!  Being philosophical?!  Call the news team quick, Kitty, cause this is a sure moment of a pod-person from outer space!”

“Remy is wounded, chere,” Remy shot back in jest.

“Anybody know a seven-lettered word that starts with w and ends with o and is a word for ‘Native-American folklore’?” Jamie asked to no one in particular in the living room as he concentrated on the crossword puzzle again.

“The word’s wendigo, kid,” Logan (a.k.a Wolverine) said gruffly as he walked in the living room with a beer in his hand before frowning at Bobby, “Hey, Ice-cube!  I thought I told you to wax the X-Jet today!”

Bobby sighed, remembering that he was still on probation, before respectfully saying to Logan, “I already finished, Mr. Logan.  Fifteen minutes ago, and Sam and the other New Mutants can vouch for me on that one.”

Logan still remained cross as he barked, “Fine, but just remember, Icicle: if there’s even one spot on that thing that’s not shiny enough to see my reflection, your ass’s gonna be back in the hangar, cleaning and polishing every jet, bike, and car this mansion has.  So, what the hell were you kids talkin’ about anyways?”

Jean said, “We were all discussing how bored we are now, apparently, considering that the New Mutants think that they have no fun since we’re all forced to stay in the X-Mansion and that we do nothing but study, go to classes, and Danger Room sessions.”

Logan gave a small, noncommittal hmph before seating himself on the easy chair and taking a swig of beer.  The thing with Logan was that he wasn’t much of a person for words, yet despite his violent temper, the kids grew up to love him as a father.

For a while, there wasn’t much else but the sounds of the TV as the X-Men sat around, moping and wondering.

“I miss the Misfits,” Jamie said suddenly.  There was nothing but an uncomfortable silence.  It was amazing how everyone, every noise, every side chatter ceased to be, when all the older X-Men just stared at Multiple, thinking (or in some cases, hoping) it was a joke.  Yet, the miserable look on Jamie’s face said otherwise; the adolescent was serious.

Tabitha then mirrored the look of sadness on her face as well.  She sighed, “I do too, Jamie.”

Bobby just looked down at the floor, guilt evident in his features.  Kitty’s face was stony, but Piotr could detect a faint trace of a tear starting to well up in her eye.  Passive aggressively, the Russian mutant gently wrapped his strong arms around her petite waist, trying to comfort Shadowcat.  Kitty smiled at the gesture, but Piotr was still slightly steamed that in her eyes, competing against her affections for Piotr, she still wanted to see that…that hoodlum.  OK, granted, when they learned of Lance’s past, Piotr could have honestly said he felt pity for the earth-shaker.  No one certainly deserved that, at that young of an age.  But didn’t that still show that Piotr was the better man for Kitty, was the one who would be the least likely to cause her pain?  With all that baggage, it would be doubtful that Avalanche would even last with Shadowcat anyway.  Was it so wrong to take the obvious road then?  To do what was going to be inevitable?

Scott’s voice was struggling to maintain its control as he reprimanded gently, “Jamie… as much as I respect that opinion… I think it’s better for all of us if we don’t hang around the Misfits for a while.  After all, things have been a little strained between both of our teams.”

Jean just scowled slightly behind her book, but she kept quiet.  Yet the sentiment running through her head was obviously somewhere along the lines of “Good riddance”.  And it was also obvious that the same opinion was also being repeated in some of the other X-Men, especially Piotr and Gambit.

Roberto sighed, “I have to admit, it really hasn’t been the same without them showing up to bug us.  I never thought there’d be a day when I miss the explosions and fighting and chaos that happened to the mansion.  I mean, it’s so quiet that it’s literally driving me nuts!  I almost wish we could have one more fight with them.”

“I don’t, Roberto,” huffed Jean, “I’m glad they all stopped bugging us and annoying us and disgracing the Institute with their presence.  It’s about time they stopped being so childish and left us alone so that we could concentrate on establishing the goal of mutant-human peace, something that I daresay the Misfits could hardly ever do.”

Amara then snapped as she coldly spoke to the redhead, “Hey, childish or not, it was still wrong to treat Lance like that!”

“Look, Amara.  I truly am sorry that Lance had to go through that, and that he had such a rough past.  But it doesn’t change the fact that he and the rest of the Misfits could grow up and stop acting like such destructive clowns and ruining the name of mutants everywhere!”

“Remy agree.  We’re better off without those losers anyway,” grumbled Gambit.

Rogue gave Gambit a look of disbelief and, dare she say it, outrage.

Kurt then growled uncharacteristically, showing his canines, “What gives you the right to judge them like that?  After all, let’s not forget you’re hardly what I would call the perfect angel!  Does the term ‘Guild of Thieves’ mean anything to you?!”

“Hey, you hated them too, so get off your high horse, Kurt!  After all, you hated all the trouble they caused us, what with the explosions, the fights, the number of times they wrecked the mansion!  Don’t pretend that you feel all bad and guilty when you’re just as glad as any of us that they’re gone for good, you hypocrite!”

Kurt turned a deep crimson, which oddly contrasted against his blue face.

“Look, let’s just drop it, okay you guys?” Scott tried to placate gently, “The whole point is that the Misfits aren’t going to come around any more, and we’re all better off because of it.  We need to heal and get over what they did to us before we can even think of being… allies with them.”

Kurt frowned at Scott, and along him followed equal glares of disdain from Tabitha, Amara, Jamie, and (surprisingly enough) Rogue and Logan.

“Hey, we’re almost done!” cheered Sam, though it was obvious he was trying to lessen the tension in the room, as he and Jamie concentrated on the last word of the puzzle, “can anyone tell us a nine-lettered word that starts with o, ends with g-h-t and means ‘assault’?”

“That would be the word, ‘onslaught’, young Samuel,” Professor Charles Xavier provided helpfully as he wheeled into the living room with Ororo, Hank, and Forge.  Forge was excitedly following and carrying a new metallic gadget in his hands.  The professor frowned when he suddenly sensed the gloomy mood in everyone’s minds; even without simple telepathic probing, Xavier could sense the wave of discontent among the X-Men.  And he didn’t need to read their consciousnesses in order to find out why.  He prayed deep down that it would pass.

“What’s that you’re carrying, Forge?” asked Jean as she spotted the strange mechanism.

The mutant inventor eagerly blurted out, “Behold, my latest invention!  The alternator!”

Every one of the students and Logan just gave Forge a really odd look.

Sam then asked in humor, “Forge, did you forget ta’ take your Valium prescription again or what?”

“Remy thinks that when they were handing out names for inventions, our little Forge here must have been last in line,” snickered Gambit.

Hank then explained to the kids, “What young Forge meant was that this device acts like the image inducers we have at the X-Mansion, except it is actually more realistic and can physically create such illusions.”

“So why call it the ‘alternator’?” Bobby asked, piqued, as several of the students got up and gathered all around Forge and the adults.

“Do you remember when we all traveled through the portal to Mojo’s dimension with the Misfits and Shipwreck?” Hank asked.  Ororo rolled her eyes at the memory and so did Logan, Remy and Piotr.  All four of them vividly remembered the traumatic experience of having the miniature Colossus and Avalanche clones come to vie for Kitty’s affections.

Forge then explained, “I just thought how it would be cool to view other dimensions and see how we would look like in different realities and alternate worlds!  You know, sort of like how we saw the X-Men being led by Magneto and how in another alternate dimension, we had the two Shadowcats fight each other.  Well, this is how we can see what we would look like in alternate dimensions!  The alternator is like a TV that can tune in to the specific frequency of an alternate universe by setting in coordinates of the tenth dimensions of time and space, and voila! We get images of how things and people look like had they been in different dimensions!”

“So it’s like a spy-cam, but only for different dimensions and realities?  That is so totally cool!” marveled Kitty.

Ororo then explained, “It may also aid us in the future.  Do you remember that when we visited the reality that Magento was now currently leading the X-Men after the Professor was attacked and had to be taken care of by the alien race, the Shi’ar Empire?  The Beast in that reality told us to beware of something called the Legacy Virus, and that should it ever come to pass in our timeline, all we would have to do is inject the virus into Logan, and his healing factor mutation would produce the antibodies needed to save humanity.  So as of now, because of that warning, Professor X and the staff are well-prepared for such a disaster.”

“Oh, I get it,” Rogue said, “So if we use this alternator-doohickey, we may be able to find out some more about bad stuff coming our way had we all been in some alternate universe and use the knowledge from that to equip ourselves of any enemies and troubles if they happen in our world too.”

“Affirmative,” Hank nodded with his blue, shaggy head as he turned to Forge, “May I suggest that you are welcome to do the honor, Forge?”

Forge announced in a gleeful voice, excited, “Here we go!  Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be amazed!  I’m setting the coordinates for the ninth-dimension, alpha x-y plane, in the phi-orbital!”

With that, the Native-American mutant pressed a couple of buttons before turning on the red switch, and instantly, a beam of light shot out of a lens from the very front of the hand-held machine.  With a wide berth, the white beam spread out into a circle before immediately projecting out an image.  Interested, everyone peered into the circle to see what they would be witnessing in another alternate universe.  What they saw was some sort of grand city.  It was certainly a beautiful sight.  The megalopolis was huge, littered with tall skyscrapers and buildings along with grand parks, cleverly designed towers with a touch of Renaissance artistic look, all perfectly next to a scenic view of a wide, sparkling river, clean and glittering under the setting sun.  To tell the truth, it was surprisingly similar to New York.

“Um…what are we supposed to be seeing?” Sam asked, “This doesn’t look really different from New York City.  Heck, this doesn’t look like anything different from any burg here!”

“Remember, Sam, looks can be deceiving,” Professor X replied, “Just because the city does appear to be normal, it could be most likely that the world could be astoundingly different in ways we cannot comprehend nor imagine.”

“Maybe this is where the X-Men are gonna live in the future or perhaps this is another reality where we lived in some major city instead of Bayville,” suggested Tabitha.

“Hey, I see some sort of sign,” Scott pointed out, “Forge, is there any way we can get a close-up view of the city, perhaps see what’s on the sign?  We might know more about this city and whether or not we have a place in that parallel universe if we could get a better look.”

“Hold on a minute,” Forge said as he tried to fiddle with the settings of the alternator again, but then a screaming voice broke through the quiet den.

“Get back here, Lockheed!!!” screamed a voice from the hallway in rage, and the X-Men turned to see the purple pet dragon cackling madly in a high-pitched hissing glee while the red-and-blond haired mutant, Ray Crisp, chased after him with a furious look of hopping rage.  And everyone could notice the fact that his dark, woolen sweater now had some dark-brown, runny dragon dung on it, smearing the fabric (and a good portion of his head) with the reeking mess.  Lockheed was hissing and giggling madly, flying gracefully in loops while enjoying the chase.  Some of the X-Men could have sworn that the dragon was actually laughing.

“Think it’s funny, you Barney-demon reject?!  Let’s see how funny it’ll be to have you have ten thousand volts shock your system!!” Ray snapped in his blind anger as he started to build up a furious blast of electricity from his right fist, the energy starting to pop and crackle alarmingly.

“Leave Lockheed alone, you creep!” Kitty angrily warned as she stamped her foot on the carpet.

“Ray, calm down, man!” Roberto tried to soothe his teammate as he tried to put a hand on Ray’s shoulder.  But Ray was beyond reasoning.

“I’ll calm down when I fry that overgrown lizard!!  Die, you little dragon-spawn!!”  And before anyone could stop him, Ray let loose a furious blitz of electricity at the purple, pet dragon.  Unafraid, Lockheed managed to skillfully execute a simple barrel-roll in the air with a flap of his wings and dodged the searing stream of energy aimed at where he was a split-second ago.  Unfortunately, Lockheed was directly behind the alternator Forger was holding in his hands.  With a crackle and an intense rush, the alternator was subjected to hundreds of voltage and watts of pure energy, hot, heavy, and extremely damaging.

“Oh no!!  My invention!!” cried Forge as the alternator hissed and sparked madly, quivering from the overload to its circuitry and energy components.  Yet, surprisingly, it wasn’t causing any pain to Forge who was still holding it.

“Why aren’t you dropping it?!” shrieked Amara in panic, “It’s going to explode!!”

“It can’t!!” yelled Forge as he tried to stabilize the alternator, “I built the alternator device from non-conducting metals and from the spare parts of the remote-control dimension-rift machine we got after you guys came back from Mojo’s dimension!!  No matter how much damage it takes, the alternator won’t explode or heat up and conduct energy, so we’re safe from anything the alternator does!!”

Apparently, Forge had forgotten the popular expression, “famous last words”.  All of a sudden, the alternator started beeping and flashing madly, shaking even more up to the point where it was actually starting to blur slightly as it vibrated and hummed, as if something was starting to build up.

“Uh…kid?!  I don’t think it’s supposed to do that, is it?!!” Logan yelped.

“It’s not!” Forge yelled, now fearfully alarmed as the alternator then flashed before creating a huge, purple-blackish portal, swirling and crackling with thin streaks of electricity and blue energy, as a gigantic rip in time, space and reality formed in the middle of the den.  Almost immediately, the rift grew and grew, increasing in size by ten-fold every microsecond, and the entire room started to quake and rumble due to the inward force of the gravitational pulls of the portal.  And to the collective X-Men’s horror, the pull was getting stronger and stronger.

“Forge, turn it off!!” yelled Bobby.

“I can’t!!  It’s stuck!!” Forge cried as tried to shut down the alternator.

“Hey, I can’t teleport out!!” gasped Kurt in horror as he tried to drag Rogue, Kitty, Piotr, Tabitha, and Bobby out of the room, only to find out that he couldn’t jump out of the room.  No matter what, the brimstone clouds emerged and disappeared over and over, only to reveal that Kurt couldn’t teleport from the exact same spot.

“That’s portal must be preventin’ you from getting out of there!  Everyone, let’s scram while the getting’s good!” Sam yelled as he grabbed Jamie and Ororo’s hands, ready to dash out with his mutant power.  Logan and Roberto were about to grab Hank and the Professor, and Jean tried to contain the portal’s gravitational forces by surrounding it with a telekinetic bubble, but before anything could be done, the portal flashed, and with a small explosion, the rift in time and space engulfed every living organism in the den before disappearing, taking the X-Men and Lockheed to worlds unknown.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” screamed all the students and the instructors as the G-forces caused them all to plummet amongst the whirlpool of reality and light, the wormhole swerving and converging in all directions like an out of control roller-coaster.  With such extreme pressure tearing at their bodies from all directions, it was unbearable.  Luckily, Jean acted quickly.

“Everyone, hang on!!” she commanded telepathically, her words echoing in everyone’s mind like a stern order, “I’m surrounding us with a force-field!!”  With that, Jean used her telekinesis to encase all of them with a bubble of translucent force, the opposing orb pushing back the crushing feelings of the portal and preventing the X-Men from being permanently damaged from the acceleration and speeds.  Before the X-Men could even gawk at the fascinating and eerie sights of the rift, their trip came to an abrupt end at the end of the tunnel, engulfed in a white, blinding illumination.

With a yell, all of the X-Men crashed hard on something gritty and solid, like pavement.  Groaning, the X-Men shakily got up, disoriented, dizzy, and bruised, but otherwise, all right with no broken bones or critical wounds.  The Professor’s wheelchair was slightly battered, but still fully functional, and Forge’s alternator was smoking, charred, and non-responsive, but aside from that, the mutant inventor could see that no parts were badly damaged and smashed.  The tear in the space-time continuum had vanished without a trace.

“Is everyone all right?” groaned Hank as he rubbed his aching elbow unconsciously.  Scott and Jean immediately did a head count, including them, to see if any of their teammates had been separated from the trip.

“Nineteen?” Jean asked her boyfriend.

“Nineteen,” Scott nodded in relief, “Every X-Man and X-Woman has been accounted for.”

Lockheed then flew by, a bit wobbly, before landing softly into Kitty’s arms.

“Well, twenty if you include Kitty’s dragon,” moaned Scott.  Meanwhile, the X-Men and the New Mutants were in awe as they realized their surroundings.

“Uh, homme,” Remy gulped, “Remy don’t think we’re in Bayville no more.”  The Cajun mutant spoke the truth; to everyone’s horror, they were now all in the middle of a city, the very city they had been observing earlier through the alternator before Ray blasted it.  Except now, the civilization no longer seemed so pristine and peaceful at the close-up.  Instead, it was more like a metropolis war-zone.  Rubble and cracked streets were apparent everywhere along with huge masses of overgrown vines and plants hanging limply from damaged buildings and torn down offices, almost as if Willow, the Eloi mutant, had used her powers to go completely out of control.  There was a small fire here and there and craters, smoking and charred, embedded in the buildings and roads indicated that there had been several explosions.  Logan himself caught whiffs of gunpowder, nitroglycerin, and ozone with his sharp nose, sure indicators of guns and weaponry being fired and used.  Jamie then spotted a sign not too far away.  It was bent, charred, and even had a corner blasted off by some awesome firepower, but the words on it were still readable.  It boasted in grand, white letters: “Welcome to Megakat City, Population: 9,500,000”.

Megakat City??  That sounds…familiar…” Jamie frowned to himself, trying to invoke the memory of why he thought he had heard it before.  Meanwhile, every other mutant was glaring at Forge, their eyes twitching and their hands ready to rip the meek inventor to pieces.

“Forge!!” every X-Man and X-Woman screamed at the top of their lungs, “We’re gonna kill you!!!”

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