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Sugar, Spice, Everything Nice, and SWAT Kats

By Robina

  • 1 Chapter
  • 657 Words

(Unfinished) A response to the “The Powerpuff Girls Crossover Challenge.” Him casts a spell to destroy the Powerpuff Girls but brings the SWAT Kats to Townsville instead (the mistake Him made will be explained later in the story). How can two kats survive in a city with kindergardeners as its superheroes?

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Author's Notes:

Title: Sugar, Spice, Everything Nice, and SWAT Kats
Author(s): Robina
E-mail address: yeerks16@aol.com
Date: January 06, 2003
Rating: G (It’s Powerpuff Girls!)
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I don’t own any character in this story. SWAT Kats and Powerpuff Girls belong to people who managed to make money off the idea. SWAT Kats is copyright Hanna-Barbera and PPG are copyright Cartoon Network from what I can tell.
Summary: Him casts a spell to destroy the Powerpuff Girls but brings the SWAT Kats to Townsville instead (the mistake Him made will be explained later in the story). How can two kats survive in a city with kindergarteners as its superheroes?
Author’s Comments/Notes: I haven’t seen SWAT Kats in years, so please forgive any character mistakes and if it happens to be a major mistake, LET ME KNOW!  Please?

Chapter 1

Him sighed as he contemplated the latest defeat by those retched Powerpuff Girls.

“There simply must be a way to defeat them,” he thought aloud, “Why I can’t keep letting them,” his voice changed to the angry tone, “stop all of my plans.” His voice changed back to the normal, almost feminine tone. “What to do though?”

After much deliberation, Him came upon a plan that was as good as his others. “Those girls would never harm cats. If I brought forth some cat devils, the girls would be at my mercy.” Him chuckled evilly as he transported himself to the Townsville Park to cast the spell.


“We’re going down!” Razor cried to his teammate.

“Look at Mister let’s-point-out-the-obvious! Tell me something I don’t know!” T-Bone cried back, trying to guide the Turbokat to a safe landing place. Come on…don’t let me down now…

“Hey, is that what I think it is?” Razor asked, pointing towards a portal opening in front of them. T-Bone groaned.

“Looks like we’re going traveling again.”

“And I forgot to pack a suitcase…”


The city of Townsville! A happy little town where happy little people enjoy their happy little lives. Even our three little heroes, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles, are relaxing, playing a friendly game of tag. Look at them chasing each other left and right, right and left. Look out Bubbles! Buttercup is after you!

No Bubbles! Not in the house! Buttercup, watch out for that-


-vase…  The Professor won’t be happy, girls…

“Uh-oh….” Buttercup said, looking at the vase she had broken trying to tag Bubbles. Bubbles sank to the floor, looking guilty as a pink streak raced into the room.

“Buttercup! Bubbles! You know we aren’t supposed to-” Blossom started. She gasped at the broken vase. “The Professor said we were grounded if we broke one more thing,” she reminded her sisters.

“I know. It’s all Bubbles fault. She shouldn’t have flown in here,” Buttercup accused.

“I wasn’t thinking…I didn’t want to be tagged. I’m sorry,” Bubbles spoke up timidly.

“Girls! Girls! What happened?” Professor Utonium asked, rushing into the room. He froze when he saw the vase. “My vase! What happened to my vase?”



“I’ll get it!” Blossom cried, zooming over to the hotline phone. “Hello? Yes, Mayor. Got it. We’ll be right there!” She hung up the phone. “Girls, let’s go!”

The three sisters took off into the air, flying towards Townsville City Hall.

“What’s going on, Blossom?” Buttercup asked as they flew.

“I don’t know. The Mayor said it was an emergency.”

“Well, so’s that!” Bubbles cried, pointing to an opening portal.

“A ship is falling out of it! It seems to be out of control! Come on, girls.” Blossom turned and zoomed towards the ship.


“Ah, great. We’re up even high than we were in ——-” T-Bone groaned.

“Higher?” Razor echoed. “Doesn’t that mean a bigger crash?”

“Yep,” T-Bone strained, trying to level out the descent. “We may not pull out of this one.”

Razor sighed, wishing he’d thought about making something for just such an emergency. As it was, there was nothing he could do.

The Turbokat suddenly evened out, hovered in mid-air, then started lowering to the ground gently. Once it was securely on the ground, three little girls floated into view.

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