Original SWAT Kats Story

SWAT Kats: The Arcade Game

By Rob Nolan

  • 1 Chapter
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SWAT Kats: The Arcade Game

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Author's Notes:

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          /_\_____SWAT__\   \/   /__KATS_____/_\
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           ___/ / |The Radical Squadron| \ \___              
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          ||     /--------TITLE:--------\     ||
          ||   <SWAT KATS: THE ARCADE GAME>   ||
          ||     \---------:BY:---------/     ||
          \/      \      ROADKILL      /      \/
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                     \/\/\/\  /\/\/\/

Yo! (Cough! Cough!) S’cuseme I’m still recovering from the (Hack! Hack!Hack! Wheez!) ‘Mad About The Swat Kats’ fanfic! (Uurrr,God!) Military defence documents arn’t allowed in public y’know, Only profesionals like ME could Handle them (COUGH!COUGH! HACK! HACK! HAAAACK!) well almost anyway.

This one is nothing like the first, This one is for every Video Game Maniac in the World: The Winners, The Losers and The Cheaters.

“Hi.” mumbled Chance as he headed for the fridge.

“Hi.” replyed Jake in a low tone eating his cereal.

Chance scaned the entire inside of the refigerator hoping that he would find his lost buried treasure “Nice going Jake! You used the last of the milk!”

“But Chance! I had to use it to…..” Jake shut his mouth with his paws trying to avoid himself from spilling the suprise he had cooked up last night.

“Huh? say what?” asked Chance,

“Errr…I said I had to use it to err…errr…use it as a bicomponent in my new ‘Heat Seeking Crud Missle’.Y’know the one which I’m using the same Crud DarkKat use at us with that Spider Black Widow Thing?!” fibbed Jake

“YEACH!I remember that! It took me two hours to wash it off.But still what’s that got to do with milk?” ask Chance in suspicion

“Like I said, Bicomponent! Thats part of this revelutionary missle….It’s EDIBLE! But because of the rest of the components in the missle it also gives serious indigestion!.And I drank half of the milk this morning, good for your teeth y’know!…..SHHEEEE,” said Jake showing his teeth,

Chance thought for a while and shugged “Works for me! Oh Well! I guess I’ll eating my cereal plain,”

As soon as Chance finished his breakfast he made a 180 degrees angle to the T.V and took up the remote. Plonking himself on the couch, he switch on the T.V, the Screen flash up just in time to show the next scheduled program to be brodcasted “Coming up next, Our Atraction Movie Premier of the Month : ‘The Lieman Show’, A story about a successful T.V star cause he said one lie at a time, followed by ‘The X-Foliates : Strip the Future’ Up next on……”

“NAWT! I already saw those movie!” said Chance as he changed the channel.

“None of that buddy.” said Jake from the kitchen, “We’ve got work to do.”

Chance groaned. “Ri–ght,” he said and went into the garage,This was gonna be one of those days, how Chance hated Mondays. Jake breathed a sigh of relif, He was glad he din’t spill the Beans. It has been a hard week for Chance and he really does diserve this.. ….except about the part he accidently put Super Glue in Razor’s mask but Jake forgave him anyway.The Questions kept running in his head : Is all this worth it? How will Chance react? Is the day going to turn out like how he planned it?. The only thing he can do now is to sit back and watch the show…………….


It’s Afternoon now, Chance plonked himself on the couch again and sighed. He has been really pissed off the past week and he does’t know why, Maybe it was because of the part when his video tapes ‘Great Dog Fights of Mega War II’ and ‘She-Kat of the Year’ delevloped fungus in them. Or it could have been those dreams he has been having the past couple of weeks, very weird dreams, especialy the one he had last night which he was starting to remember……………


the dream…..

The background was black and white,the scean was for electric and complex equipment somthing that would belong to a mad scientist with lightning on the out side. There stood a very mad looking Jake Clawson in a lab coat with drooly fangs, “MuHAHAHAHAHAHA, Igor! The time has come, Bring me the brain!” shouted Jake

“Yes, doctor! but when did we get this brain from?” asked a hunched backed Chance picking up the brain Jake asked for,

“Beats the heck outta me! I’m just a scientist.”

Chance handed the brain to Jake, Jake pushed it in the head of a Commander Feral full of stitches, Chance tured on the power, pouring energy into the so-called creature where Jake was standing beside.

Jake started yelling “LIVE! LIVE! LIVE! GIVE MY CREATION LIFE!!..IT’S ALIVE, IT IS ALIIIIIVVE!!!” then Commander Feral got up with a Growl and was about to attack Jake, Jake back of to Chance terified.

Then the monster spoke “You ^$%#$@# HotShots Vigilanties. I am going to Knot your tails!”

Chance and Jake both yelled “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!”


Chance tried to push that dream behind his head *Last week It was ‘Dr.Jakel and Mr.Furlong’* Chance thought *Could’nt be worse than that dream or should I say Nightmere I had Day Before yesterday…..


the Nightmare…..

The scene wasn’t much, just Chance and Jake talking to each other on the Sofa, “Chance, I have something important to confess to you, I don’t know what the result will be,I just want us to remain pals Ok?” asked Jake

Chance nodded

“Chance…I..I..I am wearing Contact Lenses!”

Chance thought for a while “Oh! thats Okay Jake, I’m taking STEROIDS…..”


*YEEEAACH!!!* thought Chance in disgust. “Hey, buddy.” came Jake’s voice from behind him,

“Yeah, Jake?” he asked simply,

“Wanna see what I’ve been working on down at the hanger?” asked Jake.

“Hanger? Sure.” said Chance. No Doubt, some new thingamajig he invented and wanted to Show off to him. Chance couldn’t wait to see it, All of Jake’s stuff were cool execpt the one’s he claims it to be the house appliances of tomorrow which blows up every time he tests it. He followed Jake down the ladder and into the hanger.The lights were off and he couldn’t see a thing, then he heard Jake’s voice “YEEOOOOWWW!!!” “Jake?”

“Chaaaannce! you stepped on my taaaiiil!”

“Why does it have to be so dark?”

“Thats all part of the supri…..err..Thats all part of the facts of life Chance, If you don’t pay your electricity bills you won’t get power.Simple,”

Chance could make out Jake’s outline switching on the lights. When the room brightend, Chance got such a shock that his Heart and Liver almost switched sides : The whole hanger was decorated, Balloons and coloured bulbs were everywhere and there was a banner above reading ‘Happy Birthday Chance’,

“What the HELL is this CRUD!!?” asked Chance ‘politely’

“What’s the matter Birthday Boy? you forgot?” replyed Jake

“But It not my Birthday,”

“Yes it is,”

“No it’s not,”

“Yes it is,”

“No it’s not,”

“Yes it is,”

“Prove it!”


“You’re on,” with that Chance rapidly dialed on his Cell Phone, “Hello, Mom? What day was I born?” A large gush of wind and Duck like noises emerged from the earphone that blew Chance’s face away from the phone. “Well? What did she say?” asked Jake

“A Couple of things and she said I was born on the 17’th of this month,” replied Chance

“As you can see today is the 17’th,”

“No it’s not,”

“Yes it is,”

“No it’s not,”

“Yes it is,”

“No it’s not,”

“Yes it is,”

“Prove it!”


“You’re on,” with that Chance again rapidly dialed on his Cell Phone, “Hello, Mom? What’s the date today?” The same thing happened only worse, the gush of wind when like a hurricane and the duck quacking noises were louder. “Well? What did she say?” asked Jake again

“You would’nt want to know. But by her reaction I’d say that today’s the 17’th”

“There, Now do you belive me?”

“Aw, Jake this is kinda sudden doncha think?”

“Nah! not at all, besides it was worth my tail to see that look on your face,”

Chance blushed madly “I’m going to kill you Jake,” said Chance with open claws “You can always kill me tomorrow, now it’s time to celebrate!” said Jake with a smirk on his face “C’mon this way to your cake!” Jake led Chance thought the hanger passing the newly painted TurboKat. Behind the jet was a big cake, orange with chocolate stripes, “There you have it Chance, a ‘Chocolate Coconut Malango Lemon Cream Custard Black Forest Delite with Whiped Cream’ baked it myself. Oh! and the milk you were looking for this morning, that was what I used on the cake,”

“YEEAACH!!! Are you trying to say that you used a bicomponent in that new ‘Heat Seeking Crud Missle’ in the cake?!?”

“Errr Chance your not getting the point,”

“Wait a minuite! If this is a Bithday Cake….Then where are all the candles and why did you put that ‘Bride and Gloom Wedding Dolls’ on top of the cake”

“Oh!That! My bother gave it to me as a soveneir, I had to make the cake look Fancy somehow and the…..OH! CRUD! THE CANDLES! I knew I forgoten somthing! Hold on,” Jake’s paw dived into his pocket scearching for an item, then he took out a cigarret lighter, struck a fire and kept the lighter on the cake.

“There! how’s that?,”

“Come to think of it buddy does’nt the cake look kinda….Weird,”

Jake patted Chance on the shoulder “Welcome to GENERATION-X, buddy. Now out the Candles..err….I mean the Lighter”

Chance blew out the lighter with ease “Hey cool!, Buddy. What did you wish for?” asked Jake

“A life,” replied Chance Botherless

“Aw Chance, you wasted a wish,”

“It’s okay Jake, No problem,”

“Yeah, Too bad. Okay! let’s see your presents, We’ll store the cake for Tomorrow,”

Chance shrugged in reply while Jake led him to the TurboKat, “Non-Damage armour, High resistant Speed-of-heat Sheilds, Adavanced Turbo Thrusters, Auxillory Engines, Emergency Alternate Power, Fuzzy Dice, Sterio System from Katasonic, Air freshener, Drink holder and it goes in the speed of errr..errr..it goes very fast. So what do you think of the ajustments?”


Jake cleared his mind “Compact model, very cool stuff, you dig?”

“Yeah me dig, but I still don’t get it.”

“You still don’t get what?”

“I mean All this stuff you put on the TurboKat, it aint for me. I mean what use is it for me? it’s not for me it’s for T-bone. I don’t use it in my life I use it in my job.”

“Oh,” relised Razor “I din’t know that,”

“Hey, thats okay I can enjoy it while we save the city,”

“I know Chance, thats why I brought..SOMTHING ELSE!” said Jake as he handed Chance three fresh new video cassettes he bought from the store,

Chance’s eyes beemed as he gazed at the three cassets in his paw “‘Great Dog Fights of Mega War II Part- II Volume- II’!!, ‘She-Kat of the year: 1 hour longer version’!!!!, (SIIIGH!!) ‘Scardy Kat The MOVIE!!! Plus the Interview with Scardy Kat on the David Litterbin Show’!!!! OH! Jake! It’s sooooo Beutiful!” said Chance wiping his tears away.

“I thought you’d like it and there is more : We’ll dine at the pizza parlor, Go for the new movie ‘TITANIC 2: CRUISE CONTROL’…..”

“But I wanted to see ‘ODD-ZILLA vs. HARD SHELL’,” said Chance

“Okaaaaay Buddy, I’ll make an acception, Let that be your treat ok?” Jake continued “So then we’ll go to the Arcade and maybe Chase some girls like we did on my Birthday. So NOW what do you think?” asked Jake cooly

“Aw Jake!” said Chance as he gave Jake a very hard squeeze, Jake was now talking through his throat “Okay Chance you can let me go now <Squeese> Something is wrong with me! I think I’m getting Anemia or somthing!!!!<Squeese> CHANCE!! PLEASE STOP! MY BLOOD PRESSURE!! MY BLOOD PRESSUUURE!!!”

“Oops! sorry Jake,” said Chance releasing Jake from his Anaconda like arms.

“Thats okay Chance I….Hey! You’ve taken 3 inches of my waist line!”


The Arcade was in the center of Chance’s old neibourhood. It was usually empty on Mondays because Arcades were one of the most highest pay working yet entertaining business in town except the Peeping Booth Arcade, in was also one of the most popular Arcades in MegaKat City, They had the latest imported games and They have High security protection in case some people try to use counterfit Coins, but so much security ruins customer attraction. Pop Perkin’s place wasn’t much compared to the Arcade, it was almost at the edge of the neighbourhood.

After dining at the pizza parlor and going for the movie, the two kats stopped at Pop’s place to buy Chance the latest copy of KatKommandos, Pop knew it was Chance’s day he was born So he gave him a present, not a Comic book but an advice ‘Beware of people who are after your money’ of course after the advice he charged Chance $45 for the Comic, but Hey! he had to make a living anyway.

Finaly they have arrived at the Arcade…..

“Wow! get a load of all those games!” exclaimed Chance

“Yeah! and all from different comanies like VAGUE-GA, UNINTENDO, SONY-N-LAW and ATORNI,”

“I’ve heard that ‘SPACE KAT DEUX’,’DUUM 3D’ and ‘MARKET KOMBAT’ has just been shiped here,”

“So what are waiting for lets go try them out,”

“Before we do that, I want to ask you a question : Where you get the money we spent on everything?”

“See Chance? Now do you know what life savings are all about?”

Chance shugged.

One by One they tried each game, they finaly came up to a lone game in a corner. It looked a little antique on the outside but the dispay seemed challenging, There was no name for it.

“Thats weird whats this game?” asked Jake

“Who cares. It looks cool anyway, Hey! check it out! theres some writing coming on the screen,” said Chance as he looked at the writing comming on the screen <WHO DARES DISTURBS MY REST>

“Cool! the games is acually talking to you,” said Jake


“Radical! the game is acually cursing you from playing the game, look! now it’s switching to swear words,”

“What an Idea! I wonder if there is a CD version on this,”


“Shall we Buddy? I bet I can score that much before you can,” wagered Chance

“I bet the same,”

“You’re on.”

The two grabbed their coins and started up the game, the screen glew an eerie flurocent blue glow and the game activated. It was like a shooting and flying game, The two battled it out, blasting Space robots, Asteroids, warship, Aleins, Mutants, Lawyers and Perodactyls, Chance was amazed at the variaties of enimies, It wasn’t anything like ‘SpaceKat’ and it was much more chalanging than ‘SpaceKat’.

“Hah! let’s see you beat that!” said Chance, firing at all the obstacells thrown at him,

“Hey! who’s the sureshot in this Godforsaken polt? you or Me?” said Jake and fired some more shots,

“Eerrr..Chance, If this game is functioning then why is the machine not pluged in?” asked Jake turning his attention to the wire lying on the floor then quickly returing to the game,

“Probebly Battery powered,”


“Welcome to GENERATION-X, buddy.”

“Bingo! try and top that!” said Jake scoring higher than Chance,

“No prob,” said Chance cofidently,

“Chance, don’t you notice that the screen is getting brighter and it’s turning into a pretty green?”

“This is better than I thought, it has INDIGLO in it!”

Just then Chance scored 10 more points and reached 24000 points “BINGO!!” screamed Chance in sucess as the triamphant sound rang from the game.

“Errr..Chance, I can’t see through the screen,”

“It’s that stupid INDIGLO thing! it’s ruining the game!” said Chance hitting the game it make it work but the glow glew much brighter

“Chance, trust me…….duck.” with that Jake laid down on the floor, he knew somthing was going to happen. Chance did the same, he sensed it too, Somthing WAS going to happen.

A flash of light emerged from the game, shot right over Chance and Jake and with that light emerged an unusual figure, the figure spoke “Foolish Solids, You should have been wise enough to not listen to my talk! Now that you have crossed the limit, I LORD PAYNE am free from my prison to Dominate the Solid world!” with that the figure shrunk itself and disappeared through a plug point near by, leaving Chance and Jake still lying on the floor.


Jake cleared his mind again “New tough Villan, wants to rule our world, you dig?”


The Glowing figure scanned the city from the sky looking for targets right and left,”Let each and every solid be dissolved into pure nothingness. Victory shall be mine!” with that the Payne zaped many streaks of light on to a number of landmarks, watching them explode Payne now fired on to Buildings,Burning them in flames, Watching the crowd running away from the scene, Payne Felt success in his grasp.


Chance and Jake looked into the screen of the the Video Game, it was black completly. Chance slowly went to touch the screen but nothing happened, it was still a blank monitor. Just then Chance heard a beeping sound, he then noticed it was the comunicator which connects to Callie. “Looks like Payne is doing his business already.” said Jake, Chance picked up the comunicator “Yes Miss Briggs?” Chance assumed in T-bone’s voice,

“Guys, there’s a……”

“Yes Miss Briggs we Know. A Glowing Monster is terrorising the city,”

“Goodness, have I become THAT predictable?”

“Not really Miss Briggs.”

“Good. Anyway he’s at Down Town Square.”

“We’re on our way Miss Briggs,” —————————————————-

“Ha! this is childs play!” gushed Payne “Lets see what I can really do,” and with that he fired a green flamed meteors from his palm on to the ground then he started firing on other sites, then Feral and enforcer choppers arrived “This is Feral, Move in!” ordered Feral Lord Payne smiled at his new challange “Players! it’s about time they arrived, I was becoming bored,” with that Payne fired at most of the choppers, making them drop like flies “He’s a tough one,Uncle!” communicated Felina to Feral “I Know, But we’re not out yet,” replied Feral “Roger that,” replied Felina

“This is Feral, When I give the word, hit him with everthing you got…….. ….NOW!!” the Choppers threw most of their ammunition on Payne but they all went through him, then he fired his meteors on the choppers, “Kats Alive! He’s turning light into solids!” yelled Feral just then his received a trasmission from one of his enforcers “Commander Feral, We’re running out of ammunition we need to return to headquaters to reload,”

“>fine< PULL OUT!” ordered feral

Soon the TurboKat arrived at the scene of distruction “Thanks for the present, buddy. The TurboKat’s better that ever.” complimented T-bone

“See! I told you you’ll like it.”

“Have you got a fix on him yet, Razor?” asked T-bone from the cockpit

“Affirmitive, he’s at Pointer Park.” replied Razor

“Which is right down there,” pointed out T-bone

Lord Payne saw the approching craft in the sky “So, more solids want to play in the game,” He fired green flamed missles this time on the TurboKat, “In coming!” warned Razor T-bone dodged the missles like an expert

“Like I said , The TurboKat’s better than ever.”

“Of course,” Razor said in a modest way

“Razor, He’s firing again!” informed T-bone

“No problem, I think I got just the thing,” said Razor and fired some missles from the TurboKat, the missles collided with Payne’s missles and doused Them with goo.

“What do Know! You *DID* invent a Heat Seeking Crud Missle!” said T-bone impressed,

“Do you think I’d leave off an idea like that?” said Razor proudly

“Razor, Payne’s going into that Abandond Cannery Center,” pointed out T-bone seeing Payne entering the building,

“Land the Jet Buddy, we’d better move in.”

“Roger that.”


As the door was kicked open the two SwatKats dashed in and scanned the the area for Payne, Razor using his Tracker points out Lord Payne’s presence. “He’s in that room.” points out Razor, The two Kats rushed into the room only to see Payne waiting for them. “Okay, waste of gaphics……Lets talk. We know where you came from so you go back to your world and we’ll stick to ours, fair enough?” asked Razor

“No deal, Players! back in my world there were certain elements I lack of. In my world my powers are only virtual, in this world my abilities are Infinate!”

“Yeah? Ok! Let’s see you try saying ‘&#$%#%&%#$##^$%&%#$@%&^*$%%$#&^%$^%^%$ !$!@#$^^*)&&^$%#&)*&&*&^*)%^%^(_%^^$$*%&*^*^*^&$##%$&*&%$%$&^%*$&%#$&&*^&%% &*^&^$@%#$%#$#$^$%&^##&&&*&*^%$#^$%&&(&%^#%#^$&%$%*$%^&%^$*^&$%^%$#%#^&( ‘ Five times in front of your mother!” threw in T-bone

“I have no time for your childish sarcasms, but where your going you will have all the time you need,” said Payne. T-bone and Razor didn’t like the sound of that, but it was for T-bone not to like cause just then Payne threw a beam at T-bone and Bits and Bits of T-bone’s body went out of sight one by one rapidly and it did’nt take long for T-bone’s bits to finish disintagrating.

“T-BONE!!!” cried out Razor

“I Thought I’d make this game challenging for you two, so I brought both of you here for what you saw just now.”

“Where’s my Bud!!?” yelled Razor

“Don’t worry about your partner, He’s safe. But that all depends on him. Now if you excuse me I have some buisness to atend to.” with that Payne escaped Through a near by socket leaving Razor behind still wondering where T-bone could have gone.


T-bone woke up still feeling blank, he felt like he was asleep for hours, like his body was rebuild. Then he openend his eyes which took him a little while to get a clear image, then he looked at his paws and he noticised that his paws looked weird like it was made up of thousands and thousands of coloured cubes, T-bone then looked around to see where he is but for some reason he had a feeling he had been here before but he couldn’t put his claw on it untill all of a sudden it stuck him.

“Kat Alive! I’m in the starting demo of the game!”

Thats what T-bone noticed, He can see the heroes fighting the villans but their actions can’t harm him. But he didn’t noticed that when an enemy jumped in front of him and started stooting at the hero behind him not at T-bone, he got shocked when he saw the bullets comming to him and he equally shocked when he saw them pass through him and tried to hit the hero behind him. T-bone could somehow see a vision of the outside of the game in his mind, he could see that the arcade was abandond because of Payne’s sudden appearance, T-bone also noticed he had a rather large gun in his paws, he tried to pull the triger, instead of a gunshot the background changed. T-bone looked around again and this time the backgroud was a wrecked city with text verticaly scrolling up next to T-bone, he remembered seeing all the wrecked buildings around him and red horison but it was’nt as real as this, it more than 3D in his veiw, it was real. He never read the text when he first playing, normaly when he plays a game he always skips the story of game and plays right away, he thinks he can always read them later. This time he descided to read cause he thought it could give him some info on how Payne got him here, Although it was hard for him to read the text that is close to him T-bone made an effort staying focused at the text that were above him now. T-bone skiped the information he did’nt need as he repeatingly saying ‘Blah’ in his mind untill he came up with to :

‘…….you must rid the planet of Lord Payne who wants to feast on the planet of the civilzation of lost endangered souls between the border of Earth and Hell. It all rests on your paws now. Good Luck!’

T-bone sneered at the last line on the text “Great! They telling me to kill a guy who not there. Actually this proves that Payne must be the main villan of this game. Going over 24000 points pulled him out maybe it’ll pull me too.” said T-bone.

The screen now changed, T-bone found himself somewhere on a street of the city he was in earlier before during the introduction. T-bone moved forward, then sudenly he was attacked by a robot which blasted easily,

“If I remember the last time I played, this robot is supposed to be followed by a huge mob of robots, am I right?”

T-bone’s prediction came true, a whole bunch of robots started gathering up and closed in on him. “>Ri—ght!<” mumbled T-bone. The robots tried to jump T-bone but he shot them all when they came close but more robots kept pouring in, T-bone had to admit that this is more tough than what it was when he first played.

*This is going to be very very very uncomfortible* thought T-bone


Razor exited the Cannery Center only to find the Enforcers heading his way. Commander got out his car and headed towards Razor, Razor could tell that Feral is going to go through his usual speech.

“Aw C’mon Feral! We did’nt any damage so far!”

“Actualy I came to ask you where that Glowing Monster went,” said Feral

“I dunno! He said he has some buisness to atend to,”

“Humph! All Kats who says that phrase ought to be arrested. Now if you excuse me SwatKat I have some buisness to atend to.” with that Feral turned to leave while Razor shugged,

“Commander, wait,” called Razor

“Yes? What is it?”

“I don’t Know where he is but I do Know how to Know his presence,”

“And how do you know how to know what you don’t know?” asked Feral in a sarcastic way.

“Quite simple actualy, you see Payne zapped himself through a plug point in the Cannery Center, so he must have traveled through the Power line, since he had already been to Pointer Park he must have gone the other direction and to continue his reign of distruction he’d go to the closest section of the city through the power line,”

“And closest one is 56’th Hogan street.” finished Feral

Just then an Enforcer ran up to Feral “Commander, reports say that the monster has just been sighted at 56’th Hogan Street.”

Razor smiled and elbowed Feral at the rib “See? What did I tellya?”

Feral gave Razor a dirty look “Well that was real fancy. By the way wer’nt there suposed to be two of you?. Where’s the other mangey one?”

“Thats what I’d like to know.”


T-bone is now in a different area, this time it look like a sort of Jungle, T-bone was sudenly confronted by a Kat like Mutant who did’nt give T-bone time to fire, the Mutant tried to punch him but T-bone blocked it’s punch with his arm but when the Mutant’s fist struck T-bone’s arm T-bone yelped in pain and backed off far, T-bone could’nt understand what happened, the Mutant’s force was’nt so much to give that kind of pain. T-bone looked at his arm which he used to block the punch and noticed that the area where the mutant punched was glowing red. “I only expected a Bruise!” said T-bone

Then the Mutant approched T-bone but T-bone blasted him and looked at the score, “Great! only 19354 points to go now!” he said sarcasticly, now he was attacked by some Perodactyls, T-bone could tell by experience that this Is’nt going to be easy.

“I hope Razor is doing better than I am.”


Razor positioned the Jet high above 56’th Hogan Street using his tracker to dectect Payne, he panned the city section like a book untill he found the sign he was waiting for “Bingo, I got a fix! and judging by all that damage down bellow I’d say he’s close,” Indeed he was, Razor could see Payne on top of a near by building throwing his rays everywhere, Razor landed the Jet nearby and used his grapling hook to elevate himself to the top of the building and appear behind Payne. “Scuse me 3D Boy! But I got a question for ya!” yelled Razor behind Payne

Payne got startled and looked behind “You!? Why don’t you leave alone!?”

“I’m not leaving untill you tell me where T-bone is!” said Razor

“Look, I already told you he’s safe and futher more….WHAT THE!!!!”

“Huh?” wondered Razor

“Your Friend Crossed three levels!!”

“Wha..you can see him? How?”

“I can see the Solid world and my world simutaniously,”


“And playing well too, I have increesed the difficulty of the game, nobody can cross three levels at that kind of mode. He’s be out at no time…which I have to avoid, So if you excuse me again I have some more buisness to. In the Meantime I’ll leave you some some friends of mine to play with.” with that Payne shrunk himself and disappeared through a near by powerline.

“I wonder what he ment by ‘Friends of his play with’,”

Razor looked back hearing noises and saw something huge head towards the building.

“Now thats a good answer,” said Razor


T-bone was now stooting at some aliens, the backgound was a industry like place, T-bone hit the last alien which finaly scored 24000 points and the triamphant sound rang from the game, “YES!” screamed T-bone, but nothing happened after that “>crud<” said T-bone. Then T-bone heared Payne’s voice”Why leave so soon, you have a lot more games to play,”

“Payne, do a big public service by going to hell.”

“Agressive player aren’t you?. I suppose thats why you could survive all my challanges,”

“It’s nothing when you know that every challange villans give, they always gives you a chance instead of killing you imidiately.”

“I KNO—W! We just want to have fun thats all! Besides I can’t have fun in the Solid World while I’m in here, So I left that pleasure to my freinds,”


“Generous of me, was’nt it?”

*When I send Burk and Murry here, let’s see how he likes having monsters in his world!* said T-bone in his mind in his usual angry mood.

“So, What I do to get outa here?”

“You thought just because I got out of here by 24000 points you could too. For a real live Solid can only have one life and an amount of six hits to be exact, when an enemy comes in contact with you, you’ll lose one hit which explains the glowing arm.” T-bone looked at his glowing arm finaly realising what had happened “Your fear of death saved your life, thats why you passed with acurricy. To exit the game a Solid have to earn more like say………. …..60000 points!”

T-bone cried like a little kitten inside himself hearing this.

“However you did pass three levels, and you could pass the other three as well, which I can’t allow. So to make this game not so boring I can link up to the rest of the games in the Arcade, drawing out some of their information to here thus making this game a part of the rest of the games as well,”


Payne cleared his mind this time “Game connected to other games, You’ll be a dead duck, you dig?”

T-bone wondered where did he heared that before. “Oh! Yeah! swell, cool! I’m real happy for you……can I go home now?”

“Enough of this talk! prepare to play now!”

The machine of the game shot a beam of light and hit another game and stayed in that position like a clothsline.

T-bone’s body felt a force pulling T-bone in extreme speed then there was a flash of light.

T-bone’s eyes recovered from the flash of light and now saw himself in a cockpit, It was not the TurboKat the dash board was orange with red, then he looked through the canopy the background was familiar. It then sturck T-bone when he saw an green enemy saucer head towards him which T-bone basted with lazers, “‘SPACE KAT DEUX’? I’m inside the game and I’m flying the jet?!” T-bone then gave a big ‘YEEE-HA’ and started blasting the enemy saucers,

“Radical! If only Razor can see me now!”


Using his grapling hook, Razor elevated himself down the building seeing the thing come towards him, he quickly landed on to the seat of the TurboKat and started the jet and hovered up, Razor saw the thing close now and still closing. The thing looked something like a Giant Robot, not a Macrobot but something different like an Alien or somthing else but whatever it was it was after Razor.

Razor flew the Turbokat away from the Robot but it still gained on him Razor tried to shake the machanical creature but still did’nt do any good,

“Leave me alone! There’re other Hotshot Masked Good Guys in the world, pick on them.” shouted Razor to the Robot. The Robot then started firing lazers at Razor, Razor used all his force to dodge the lazers, after all he’s not T-bone.

“Why is it that all Bad Guys are so temperamental!?” said Razor looking back at the machine charging towards him, When Razor looked forward and was astounded to find that he was heading close towards a ragged glass Skyscraper. “CRUD!!” yelled Razor and pulled down the stick as hard as he could using up all his might. The jet pulled up, only a slight end of the Turbokat scraped aganist the building.

Razor breath his sigh of releif then he looked down to see what happend to his large chaser, The Robot stoped in front of the building then all of sudden bits and bits of the Robot disappeared and some of the bits exchanged their positions leaving the robot distorted.

Razor looked at the ‘mixed up’ machine “Woah, the guy went to peices.I don’t beleive it! he actually admits he’s ugly,” Razor menuvered the Jet to get a closer look, he noticed that the robot was moving but very slowly trying to get out of the path of the building. “By the time he gets out this adventure would be over. Must had somthing to do with that Skyscaper,” Razor was interupted by the distress band in the Turbokat which Razor answered.

“Razor here, whats up Miss Briggs?”

“I’m in the Mayor’s Office, and I got a very big problem here.” said Callie worriedly into the Communicator seeing the big Perodactyl flying towards the window of City Hall, *Great, NOW she has to be predictable* thought Razor

“Where’s the Mayor now?” asked Razor

“Where else?”

“The Golf Course?”

“No, under his desk!”

Razor thought for a while “Does the Mayor have any mirrors?”


“Does he?”

“Are you nuts? The Mayor’s got a whole collection of mirrors. How do you think he got that pose with his paws in his pocket and an opened watch in his paw.”

“Good, then you have take one of his mirrors,”

Hearing this Manx poped his head out of his desk “TAAKE WONE OF MY MIR-RAS!! ARE YOU CRAAZY!?”

Razor let out a sigh “Tell the Mayor it’s for a good cause,”

Callie quickly grabed one of the huge mirrors from the Office and trailed it to the window “Now what, Razor?”

“Focus the mirror on to whatever is heading towards you,”

Callie took careful aim, trailing the mirror side by side and back to forth trying to get the Perodactyl’s image on the surface of the plane but the result showed another Perodactyl appearing beside the other.

“Razor, What’s going on? there are now two of them !”

“Two of them?!” Razor thought deeply, he looked up to jumbled Robot he escaped from early, and tried to figuer out the difference between the two conditions, then he finaly found a patern.

“Miss Briggs! Make a crack on the Mirror, Now!”


“Sorry Mayor. But like he said, it for a good cause.” said Callie as took a paper weight from the desk and slamed it on to the plane causiing a very large dent. Both Perodactyls joined to form one and started to jumble up forming what the Robot has become. “It worked!” said Callie triamphantly

“Phew! Looks like we found their weakness then, Are there any more of those things in the city?”

“Yeah, they seem to be every where, the Enforcer ar’ent having any luck,”

“I better tell them about their weakness. By the way, hows the Mayor?” asked Razor

Callie looked at the Mayor still whining and mumbling about the loss of his mirror. “He’s fine,” replied Callie

“Ok, I’ll go inform the Enforcers. Whatever you do keep that mirror focused, It’ll hold them for a while.”

————————————- T-bone destroyed the enemy saucers like how he handled them in real life and dodged them with the talent he uses with the other villans. But after he shot down a lot of crafts he didn’t expect one of the crafts to comfront him and shoot a lazer beam at him, T-bone craft shook with the impact and the front part of the Jet began grow red. “CRUD! JEEZ! GODDAMMIT!…..(Uuugh)YOU have messed your laaast Game!” with that T-bone finished the craft off with his lazers.

“Not bad, not bad at all,” came Payne’s voice “But you are still not through yet,”

The machine shot another beam from the monitor and connected to diferent machine,

“Listen before we continue, can I use the Bathroo….” before T-bone could continue he started warping to another game. This time T-bone found himself in a narow street and an opponent in martial arts uniform far in front of him waiting in an attacking pose.

“Wait a second, I haven’t played this game since I was 10,” remembered T-bone

The opponent lunged at T-bone but he backed off “I remember I learned one combo move the last time I played this, lemme see now….” T-bone took a step back then one step forward, three step back then finaly gave a kick in the air with the result of a force that took over T-bone’s body and suddenly T-bone uncontrolibly rushed forward and gave a series of punches, kicks and fying kicks rapidly to his opponent, knocking off blood from his jaw. T-bone resparated out his breath “WhadoyoKnow? I remember!” but just then the opponent recovered and gave a blow at T-bone’s shoulder which started glowing red, T-bone yelped in pain and gave his opponent a final kick at his jaw causing him to fall dead.

“Ok, Who’s next?” commented T-bone.


“MOVE IN!” ordered Commander Feral, All of the Enforcers fired every single of their arsanal into the giant strutures but none of them penatrated. “Uncle, this is getting totaly ridiculous. We’ve reloaded our ammo twice now. And still we haven’t made a damm srcatch!” said Felina

“I know Felina, I think it’s pointless too. But we still have no infomation about them,” Feral was interupted by the TurboKat flying overhead,

“The SwatKats! what are they doing here?” asked Felina

“Probably, they want to show off by saying they’ve come up with a solution and making me take orders from them and stealing my spotlight and…”

“Okay okay, don’t bother,” cut in Felina. The Turbokat landed next to the Ferals, Razor jumped out of the cockpit and headed towards Commander Feral, “Commander Feral, I think I know how to stop these things,” said Razor

“I Knew It! I Knew It! I Don’t know Why I’m needed in this City! I was planning on having coffee and doughnuts in the morning, But nooooo I had to drag my tail out here watching all those Cruds aimlessly wreck this city, wasting almost half of our ammo and NOW you give us a sugestion that’ll make ME go change my plans!!! PEOPLE! I CAN’T WORK LIKE THIS!”

Razor turned to Felina and shrugged

“Don’t ask, Don’t say, Don’t think,” replied Felina

“Can I continue now, Commander?” asked Razor, Feral nodded his head rapidly with his jaws locked.

“Ok, you see….”

“Forget the details. go straight to the point, how do you stop them,” interuppted Feral

“Errr….deformed mirrors,” said Razor in breif

“Okay I think I can…..D-d-Deformed mi…..!!!” Feral was stoped by Felina when she put her finger on his snout, Feral put his paws up to show that he is calm then Felina released her finger.

“Ok SwatKat tell me, how will a peice of reflection stop those cruds?”

“But you said no details,”

“What are you? a stray? just answer my question, don’t do what I say!”

“Yeah, but…”

“No buts!”

“Okaaay. Ya see, we already know that those things are made of light, so the diformed mirror works because the light rays emmited from the enemies when reflected will be difused or scatterd due to the diformation of the mirror which will change the form of the enemy from it’s origanal state to a scattered form because of the scattered light and the scattered light will scramble it’s data rendering it slow and will remain slow untill it get’s out of range of the diformed plane which will take a very long time but the plane must be diformed or else the rays will be in their normal position focusing in another direction creating a clone which will be a real pain in the tail for everyone.” Razor let reperated out his breath after saying the explanation in mere 10 minutes.

Feral and Felina looked at eachother with a confused look on their face.

“See! I tried to warn you!” pointed out Razor

“But if it only stalls them, what will we do with it?” asked Felina

“We can leave that to MegaKat City’s research team, they can analise it and find a way to destroy it later,”

“So, what do we used then?” asked Razor

Felina snaped her fingers “We can use Fun house Mirrors,”

“There! your neice is got the idea,” said Razor

“Ok, so now we know their weakness. The Enforcers can take it from here, so stay put SwatKat.” demanded Feral. Razor just raised his paws in the air as an act of innocence and walked towards the TurboKat,

“I thought I told you to STAY PUT!!” called Feral

“I thought You told me not to do what You say!” called back Razor

“GGNNNNNNN!!! Oh! Fine! Do what you want!!” yelled Feral fustrated and walked away

Razor stoped and thought for a while then turned around and called for Felina “Lutenent Feral?” Felina turned around and headed towards Razor


“Listen, can you do me a favor? I gotta go and help T-bone….”

“T-bone? what’s with him?”

“I’ll explain later. I need you to take care of the TurboKat,”

“Sure, I’ll keep an eye on it,”

“Nah, I can’t trust what will happen to it. I want you to fly it.”



It was the last lap and T-bone was holding a close second trying to pass the racing car in front of him to get out of the racing game, T-bone passed the car at first and used all his concentration on his control of his car, Finaly he crossed the finish line.

“I always wanted to play ‘The Greed For Speed’” said T-bone

“Then try this for size.” came Payne’s voice

T-bone warped again to another game, this time he found himself in a blank room with coloured boxes and lightbulbs all layed in a row behind him facing the screen, then T-bone relised what game he is in “A MEMORY GAME!!!?? I’VE BEEN TO 3 DANGEROUS LEVELS IN 3 DIFFERENT MACHINES AND YOU GO PUT ME IN A &^*$#%@(! MEMORY GAME!!? I want some Action! I want some voilence! I want some BLOOD!!” T-bone warped again to a different area only to find himself in a Wrestling Ring and a huge muscular opponent heading towards him, T-bone raked his face with his paws “T-boooone I hate yooooooou!” mummered T-bone.

Razor entered through the door seeing T-bone and his challange through the screen of the machine,


“Razor? s’that you?”

“Yeah buddy, it’s me. Hold on I’m gonna help ya,”

“Hurry up, If I Die I’m Dead!” said T-bone dodging the blows of the Wrestler

Razor went over to the control panel and the exit buttons countlessly,

“That ain’t gonna work buddy, I’m part of the game now.” informed T-bone.

Razor went over to the side of the game and tried using his Buzzsaw in his Glovotrix to cut open the game, he thought he could maybe hotwire the Game and control it’s circuitry, but some strange force which worked like some sort of invicible force sheild prevented Razor from cutting open the game and scorched his Buzzsaw. Razor just put away his Buzzsaw like he refused to be bothered and thought,

“Wait, I got it!”

Razor then went over to the counter, smashed the counter box and grabbed as many coins as he could,

“All for a good cause Razor?” asked T-bone

“All for a good cause,” replied Razor as he started up his side of the Machine, Payne’s voice blasted again “So another player wishes to intefere. No mater, If one player goes the other follows,”

Razor gulped as he grabbed the controls of the machine, he also controled a big wrestler and was standing at the side of the ring. T-bone went quickly to Razor’s player and taged him, now it was Razor’s turn to fight, he wasn’t very good in games but he was a sureshot and good in strategy thus he can anticipate the opponent’s move that gave an advantage to Razor.

T-bone rested on the side of the ring “So, what are ya do’n here leav’n the Jet to those enemies outside?”

“Don’t worry buddy, the jet’s being gaurded.” said Razor still concentrating on the game,

“By whom?”

“Lutenent Feral.”

“Luntenent Feral!? But even if she could gaurd it one of those enemies might wreck it, Payne’s bound not to show mercy. He might have send on of those things looking for the jet,”

“I figured that out T-bone, That’s why I asked the Lutenent to fly it.”

“She’s Flying it!?”

“Ya, since she’s the best pilot on the force I thought she could handle the Jet. And besides If other Enforcers don’t have much luck she can even the odds,” said Razor as he inserted another coin to recharge his hits,

“Works for me,” shrugged T-bone

Razor finaly knocked down the opponent, the screen warped again and T-bone and Razor’s player found themselves in mediveial type of castle and zombies, ghosts and werewolfs surrounded them,

“Aw Naw! Not this, Not ‘Dark Palace’!,” whined Razor

“Ooh I loove this Game!” said T-bone excitedly seeing all the monsters close in,

“Alright ye Household Problems, Your in for…” T-bone stoped when he saw a Rake instead of his Blaster in his paws,

“Hey, where’d my Blaster go?”

“Don’t you remember the plot in this game?” said Razor, T-bone turned to see Razor’s player in ragged village like clothes carrying a shovel, he also found out that he was in the same type of cloths too “The plot in this game is that we’re supposed to be angry pesants chasing out a Vampire from his castle,”

“Oh,….I did’nt realise,” said T-bone sarcasticly


Felina Feral tried to get used to the jet that was unknown to her, Razor DID say that the weapons controls were already programed, he didn’t say anything about the flight controls. Felina looked down to see what was the enforcer’s status, Now that they know the weakness they all rounded up Tanks, Jets and troops with all the Fun-house mirriors they brought from the Amusment Parks in Megakat City. The Enforcers are making progress, they’re finally catching up to those enimies and freezing them at their tracks, but the city is sure going to be crowded. Felina then confronted a T-rex like Dragon, the animal roared and spat up flames at the TurboKat where Felina did her best effort to dodge them. Felina then remebered Razor saying that the weapons panel was already programed, “Guess I have no choice but to fire,” with that Felina took aim and jabbed the button on the stick with her finger, One missle fired from the jet steaked down to the ground, Felina recognised the missle she fired from of her preivious encounters with the SwatKats, “A Flash Bulb Missle?? How the hell is that gonna help?” wondered Felina. The missle’s nozzel opened, but there was no bulb in it, in fact the missle’s nozzle open widder forming a concave posision, the missle landed on the ground far enough to catch the Dragon on the concave plane in the missle causing it to scramble like the rest of the enimies.

“Looks like this is gonna be fun,” remarked Felina


T-bone and Razor are now in another game, the background was now in the player’s veiw of sight with a paw holding the blaster at bottom of the screen, it was also a split screen with one T-bone controling and another Razor controlling.

“First time playing ‘Fluke Nude’em 3D’ T-bone?” asked Razor

“Hey, Your a sureshot! you got an advantage!” replied T-bone

“T-bone, I’ve just been thinking….”

“Oh sure! NOW you think!”

“Wait…..I think I got It!”

“Got what?”

“No time to explain, I gotta go. Keep playing ok?” with that Razor pushed the exit button and his player got disabled, Razor was glad there was an exit button or else he had die to get out leaving T-bone dead too, it was sheer luck which helped Razor.

Payne’s voice then sounded “So, The cowerdly player wishes to leave his partner to his doom.”

T-bone had some thoughts when he heared Payne’s comment “Razor! He better not be right!” said T-bone

“Don’t worry T-bone, I’ll be back as soon as posible. Just keep playing,” With that Razor exited the arcade

“Yeah, but…..Aw hell!” said T-bone dropping the subject and sneering at his challange. Payne voice blasted again, “Your lucky that Cursed button was there,” T-bone just grined as a response.


Razor hoped that Felina could postion the jet like how T-bone could always steady the the Turbokat whenever he picks up Razor in the Cylotron, Razor could see the Turbokat flying overhead and lowered to him, and the doors below opened to greet the Cylotron. Razor changed the Cyclotron into missle form and inserted into the Turbokat’s Bomb bay. Razor was now sitting on the gunner’s seat with Felina at the Pilot’s cockpit.

“Now will you tell me why ya called me ta pick you up?” asked Felina

“I need to go to ‘Enforcer Headquaters’ and I need your pesmission to get access to one of the sections,” explained Razor

“I’m gonna need some reason for that…….besides setting some booby traps for my Uncle, of course.”

“Nah, only T-bone would do that.”

“Speaking of which, Where IS T-bone?”

“He’s in where does things down there came from.”

“Ok where did THEY come from?”

“Well, you see….”

“Woah! Hold it!, Don’t explain it in that ‘Language’ of yours.”

“Ok, I’ll try my best…….”


After landing on Enforcer Headquaters, Razor and Felina entered a room bellow the Headquaters, the room was almost dark with the fan rotating above them. Razor was then confronted by the security guard,

“I’m sorry, SwatKat. But only enforcers are permiited here, You can set your booby traps for the Commander else where.” said the Security Gaurd

“Don’t worry he’s with me,” put in Felina

“Lutenent Feral? I know you and the Commander have fights, but I didn’t know you’d help someone plant traps here to get even with him?!”

“Uumm…We’re not here to plant any traps for the Commander,” cleared Razor

“Ya, that’s right. We need the keys to the locker,” explained Felina


“Pleeeeeeasssse,” gritted Felina

The Security Gaurd feeling defeated handed Felina the keys,

“Why do you all think We want to set traps for your uncle in here?” asked Razor as he and Felina headed for the locker,

“Call it ‘Enforcer Rumor’. So, Now are you going to tell me what are we doing here in the ‘Evidence Room’?”

“There somthing here, somthing that can solve this whole thing,”

“And it’s somewhere in the Evidence Locker?”

“Correction, It’s right here!” Razor held out a farmiliar coat with metal plating on different areas, Felina then recognised the coat.

“Is’nt that Hard Drive’s old Surge Coat? Don’t tell me your gonna wear it and go inside the game!”

“No Way. After what happened to this Trench, no one would ever wear this,”

“Whadaya mean?”

“Remember what happened ten months ago? When Hard Drive was taking over all machines in MegaKat city? well, we had to stop him by taking control of his Surge Coat somehow…..”

“Is that the part when you implant that Virus shit?” came the voice from the Security Gaurd from outside the locker

“You uploaded a Computer Virus in his Surge Coat?” asked Felina

“Well, ya. That Virus is supposed disable all functions in the Coat used by whoever is wearing it, But the Virus was programed to let Someone else control the funtions, namley T-bone and Me. So we actually controled the Coat along with Hard Drive himself.”

“But what’s that gotta do with the situation we have here?”

“If I could control Hard Drive with that virus, Maybe I could control the Game itself,”

“But is the Virus still live? It been in there for ten months y’know?”

“Don’t worry it should last for Six years. I used a control unit in my Labtop back in the TurboKat to control Hard Drive, I could use it to control the game funtions and get T-bone out of the Game. Which leaves Payne a mere toy like Hard Drive”

“Y’know, speaking of Hard Drive, Remember the part when you controlled him to do ‘Ballet’ in front of the Enforcers? That was too funny!” came the Security Gaurd’s voice again from outside

“Yeah, I thought it was funny too. The guy was reduced to stealing Tanks after that.” chuckeled Razor

“Err..Razor, shouldn’t you be going now? You DID say there was no time to waste.”

“Oh Yeah! I’ll go get my Labtop from the jet and be off. You better ask the Commander to call off the research team, I have a feeling he won’t be needing it anymore, y’known how he feels about wasting time.” with that Razor left with the Surge Coat

“Roger,” replied Felina


Razor came back into the Arcade with the surge Coat and His Labtop seeing T-bone now playing Ice Hockey,


“Don’t worry Bud, I’ll get ya out,”

“If I don’t get out, donate my presents for charitey will, ya?”

“Now T-bone, you can’t be THAT cruel,” said Razor as he inserted a metal with two wires connected into the slot of the game, after entering various commands on the LabTop Razor then read on his screen : ‘WARNNING : VIRUS LOCATED. DO YOU WISH TO CONTINUE? [Y/N]’, Razor gave a triaphant ‘Yes!’ now that he knows that the Virus is still Live. Razor typed some codes down in order to control the Virus and the Game, it was’nt easy to figure out the program in this game cause the program was too vast like someone’s memory. After figuring out how the game ticks, Razor typed a command in the progam’s language. T-bone’s enemies all vanished out of the screen and the background went blank. Payne’s voice thundered when he found out about this, “WHO DARES ALTERS MY PROGRAMMING!!??!”

“Great work, Razor! Now getme outta here before…..” before T-bone could continue the screen suddenly flashed up again and T-bone felt paralized, Razor’s Labtop’s screen flashed up with the words entering ‘ACCESS DENIED’

“Crud! I’m off line!……..And I thought only Internet lines have that problem,” said Razor

“I not going to let all of you go THAT easy!” yelled Payne

T-bone goarned in his mind waiting for what Payne has in store for him next. T-bone now found himself in a sort of Futuristic type of Warehouse with moss and vines covered everywhere and smoke emerging from damaged Circuits, A glass bubble like Window shows nothing but space outside. Payne hovered over T-bone in his ‘feirce’ look,

“Do you know what this place is?” asked Payne

“Greeat! Now Your asking Triva! Why don’t ya Take a hike!” mourned T-bone

“This you fool, is the place where the player gets to defeate the Main Boss. ….Namely ME! I’m tired of all this, So I want finish this right now! no more wasting Time!”

“You better go for it, buddy. This may finaly get you out of the game,” came Razor’s voice

“Good enough!” accepted T-bone

“Fine! Let’s Start!” with that Payne threw a flaming meteor at T-bone, T-bone dodged the attack but Payne threw more meteors, T-bone used all of his reflexes to avoid them. Then T-bone started firing at Payne, all of the bullets penetrated Payne but nothing happened.

“Huh?” exclaimed T-bone

“Supprised? I had a chance to all Alter the program myself, unlike you I have no hits! I am now Invinceble!” with that Payne threw Flaming arrows at T-bone, he did his best to dodge them but one of the arrows hit T-bone’s leg, T-bone held on to the temorary pain and hid behind a crate in the area.

“Whoah! he sure is making his Point,” said Razor as he saw T-bone’s glowing leg from outside,

Then somthing struck T-bone’s mind, somthing that overwhelmed him, “Point?” whispered T-bone, T-bone turned his attention at a certain area of the screen and his smile then shifted to an evil grin

“Hey Payne, I think your lying about you have no hits!” called off T-bone

“Of course I have no hits! I cannot die, I can never die!” called back Payne

“You expect me to belive that?”

“Ok, I’ll prove it. Shoot me with everything you got!”

T-bone stepped out and started pumping his ammo into Payne but nothing happened to Payne no matter how much penetrated his body, T-bone turned his attention back to the certain area he looked before and was overjoyed to see the meter rising with each shot he gave Payne.

“Convinced enough? I told you I had no hits! You are a very confused player here,” said Payne

“Wrong Payne, It’s YOU who is confused! just because you have no Hits does’nt mean I can’t score any points!” with that T-bone pointed to the score, Payne looked to see that T-bone has scored 59999 points, one more point to get out of the game.

“Gameover, Payne!” said T-bone as he raised his Blaster to shoot

“NO!” yelled Payne and threw everything he had on T-bone, T-bone ran for cover, in the process he got hit again, as T-bone hid behind the crate for shelter from Payne’s weapons he found himself to be flickering along with his glowing wounds, Payne then stoped and waited for T-bone to come out.

“T-BONE! you only got One more Hit left!” informed Razor

T-bone looked at his situation, Payne only needed one more shot at T-bone and T-bone needed one more shot at Payne,

“I guess it’s now or never,” sighed T-bone and leapt out from the side of the crate and started firing his Blaster as he fell, Payne fired his arrows as T-bone was in mid-air, anyone could guess who going to win from that moment. Payne mannaged to dodge the bullets but one of The bullets T-bone fired hit him earnning the last point. The arrows Payne fired missed T-bone but when he fell into the ground one of the arrows headed staight for him and was preped to meet his nose, T-bone shifted his head as hard as he could and the arrow hit the floor next to him.

The triamphant music sounded as the bullet hit Payne which caused the entire game to shake and fizzle with electric volts, the entire background started breaking up, T-bone felt some kind of heat building inside him and held on to himself for impact.

“NNNOOOOOOOO!!” screamed the fizzling Payne and then came a flash that covered the game.

Razor could see the effect outside too, the flash emerged from the screen which threw T-bone off from the game and landed on top of Razor, both kats fell. The Machine expolded like a Nuclear Bomb, only thing was that it exploded vertically, not horizontaly. After the explosion Razor went over to T-bone,

“T-bone, are you okay? talk to me, buddy!” said Razor as he shook him, T-bone’s eyes opened like it was daze and T-bone wavered while he was awake

“But Maw! I don’t wanna do my Homewoik, I wanna whach T.V!” with that T-bone collasped


The Enforcers saw the all the Enemies Vanish into thin air, Commander Feral Sunk his head on to the roof of his car and started banging his fists

“I tried to warn you to call off the research team, Uncle.” said Felina next to him, Feral continued to bang his fist.


Jake came out of the kitchen with a cup of coffee and headded for Chance who was on the couch,

“How ya feel?” Jake asked

“fine,” said Chance not bothered “I feel like played that thing for hours,”

“Oh Chance, eer…listen I’m sorry about the way things turned out, Y’know about the treat and all,” appologized Jake

“Hey, It’s okay buddy. really, I’ve got somthing from all this,”

“What’s that?”

“Remember my birthday wish? I wished for a life,”

“Ya, so?”

“Well I think it came true. In just one day I’ve learned how to master six different games, in different levels. Just think of all the wagers we could win?”

“Chance, forget it.”

“Yeah, your right. I’m so tried to think of anything.”

“Not even the rest of my treat?” smiled Jake

“Not even that….umm, what treat Jake?” said Chance closing his eyes

“Chasing Girrrrrrls,” tempted Jake,

Chance’s eyes poped up open, he tried to make an effort closing them but he couldn’t, Chance snarled at Jake,

“You really know how to spoil a guys rest!”

Jake lept to his feet and so did Chance,

“C’mon, time’s a wasting! and I’m having the big ones,”

“No Way! you always have the big ones, why can’t I have the big ones?”

“Cause they are too tall for you, you can have the ones your size,”


“Them too tall for you, only suits me, you dig?”

“No, I don’t dig.”

“You do to.”

“I don’t.”

“You do.”

“I don’t.”

“You do.”

“I don’t.”…………

The argument continued as they headed for the truck.

—————————————————– /\_______/\ / \ \ THE END / \/\ _ /\/ \/ \/ Author’s Note: In one of my upcomming stories, I’m in desprate need of some New Villans. So please send me some ideas, will ya? Absolutely any Villan will do. Evil Villans, Missunderstood Villans, InGenius Villans, Nerdy Villans, even tED tURNER if you don’t like him so much, any will do. So send me your ideas and suggestions to azadhi@hotmail.com, you just might see them in the story.

seeya in the next story,

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