Original SWAT Kats Story

Mad About The SWAT Kats

By Roadkat

  • 1 Chapter
  • 5,158 Words

The SWAT Kats go on an all-around adventure, but as usual get themselves into trouble involving very humorous torture.

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Author's Notes:

The SWAT Kats go on an all a round adventure, But As Usual they get themselves into Trouble involving Very Humorous Torcher. WARNNING!!! This story may be Hazzardous to your Health.

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           ||    <MAD ABOUT THE SWAT KATS >    ||
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           \/      \      ROADKILL      /      \/
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                      \/\/\/\  /\/\/\/


Hiya I guess you came here either because you were curious, or you Just wanted to waste time, well now That your here I….HEY!! KEEP YOUR CURSOR AWAY FROM THAT ‘BACK’ BUTTON!!! I NOT DONE YET!!……much better. Ok this is nothing much, just stupid, ridiculous senseless waste of kilobytes.

WARNING! The text below contains matter that may be injurious to health. Consult a physician before reading. Victims must consult a psyco therapist. By standers must consult a dry cleaner.Victims must be straight jacketed and isolated from normal society.Severe cases must be preped for lobotomy. (Now you know what happened to Lenny Ringtail). Please read with causion.

RATED: PG (Pure Gunk)

The klaxon beeped:-

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!……etc……etc……

T-bone picked up the phone connecting the Swat Kats to the Deputy Mayor.

“Yes Ms. Briggs….?” Instead of hearing Callie’s voice, T-bone heared an engaged tone. Within a few seconds a female voice could be heared:-

“What number are you calling please?”

“Get off the line, operator! This could be an emergency.”, yelled T-bone, trying hard to refrain from ripping off the phone.

“Please deposit 25 cents.”

“Razor, you got a quarter?” asked T-bone, turning to Razor.

“Aw T-bone! After 26 episodes of crashing countless buildings, destroying countless props,Hiring coutless Special Effect companies,Heavy metal groups, Actors and Insurance companies and ramming into Enforcer HQ countless times, each episode with a bugget of $ 999999.99 we’re all out of loose change!” lamented Razor.

“Never mind.” grumbled T-bone. He’s searched his pockets and fished out a coin which he inserted into the slot.

“Here’s yer 25 c.” said T-bone to the operator,”Now can you connect us to where we were connecting?”

“One moment please.”

“Ms Briggs?….yes that’s what I said Ms. Briggs….” said T-bone to the person at the other end.

“I’m sorry sir. We don’t have any brigs here. Try Alkatraz island.” said a voice on the other end.

T-bone gritted his teeth,” Operator….!”

The operator mumbled while connecting to the right place:-

“My dad said you’ll meet interesting people if you take this job. I should have taken up dentistry…”

Finally T-bone got connected to the right place:-

“Yes Ms. Briggs? What seems to be the problem?”

“Just a minute guys, I’ll be right with you.”

Callie put the communicator down and looked at the shop owner at the department store:-

“I’ll take all the pink suits you have. And charge it to the Mayor.”

She then took out the communicator:-

“It’s the Pastmaster ,guys. He’s casting one of his spells at City Hall.I think it spells trouble.”

“Miss Briggs! you said that in the last episode!”

“Oh! God! I think the script writer goofed!

“Not again!”

“Don’t just stand there! Do something! there’re poeple waching this!”

T-bone turned to Razor again “Razor, think of a line!”

“What?” asked Razor

“Think of a line! Think of a line!” said T-bone in a hurry

“Ok EERrrr…….’He might leave the city SPELLBOUND!”

“Nooo! We said that last month!”

“Oh! yeah! Ok how about eerrrrrrrrrr……………’Beleve me he is making a lot spelling mistakes’!”

T-bone turned back to the phone “Well Miss Briggs? what do you think?”

“Personaly I think it’s a little bit corney….But Ok!”

“Phew! Ok! We’re on our way. T-bone out.”


On top of City Hall the pastmaster read his spell book. His eyes widened and his claws trembled. He began to breathe hard with his tounge dropping from his mouth drooling all over the building, At that time the Turbokat landed behind him and the Swat Kats jumped out.

“Hold it right there, History boy!” yelled Razor.

“Theu Svaat Katsp!?!” Pastmaster said with his tongue hanging out.

Pastmaster was disturbed and he dropped the spell book….cover. Revealing a Play Kat Magazine.

“You fools! You have ruined my pastime! Now I shall bring endless chaos to your city! MUHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!”

“Hey! Latest issue of Play Kat! Ooh! Ooh! Can I see????” said T-bone, reaching for the mag.

“T-boooone!” said Razor.

“P.U!! Razor have you used your Deodorent lately!” said T-bone holding his nose. “Yeah! Why!?” asked Razor

“Then whats that AWFUL STENCHE!!??”

T-bone pointed at Pastmaster “Is that you?”

Pastmaster shook his head “No!not me!”

“Only one way to find out,” said Razor pulling out his Glovertrix “I’ll use my gas seeking missile,”

Razor Fired the missile up but it turned around streaked down and hit directly under Pastmaster’s tail.

“AAAAAHHH!!!” screamed Pastmaster as the missile hit him.

T-bone and Razor tried to hold back their laughter, Pastmaster however tried to do the same with his anger, “Okay so I lied. It’s only natural you know!” said the Pastmaster .

The two Swat Kats pounced on the Pastmaster but he pushed them back with a bolt from his watch.

“Too late Swat Kats! The reign of terror has begun!!!!! *I realy must have a talk with that script writer*”

Pastmaster picked up the Play Kat mag on the ground and aimed it to the sky. A violet bolt came out of the book and hit the sky and opened a portal.

A pie came out of the portal and hit Pastmaster on the face.

“Wah…? How could this be…?”

“Well it’s like this, pastie.” explained Razor,” I switched your spell book with my copy of ‘David Litterbin’s 101 corny jokes’.”

“You’re lucky you didn’t use the ‘Knock-Knock’ section.” said T-bone.

“You #!%$*^&(*&)(&(^&%&#%#!!!!!!” :- (Pastmaster swear words)

“You have ruined everything!!! I dare you to attack me right now!” yelled the pastmaster.

“Wadaya think, buddy?” asked T-bone.

“Let’s mash some tail.” replied Razor.

The Swat Kats pounced on Pastmaster but he zapped them with his watch. T-bone turns into Oliver Hardy and Razor turn into Stan Laurel.

“Well Razor, here’s another fine mess you got me into.” muttered T-bone and hit Razor on the head. Razor wimpered.

Pastmaster looked at his watch with a face and zapped them again. T-bone and Razor wore costumes of the 60’s version of Batman and Robin.The theme song played in the background.

“Holy Quick changes, T-bone! What do we do?” yelled Razor.

“Quick Razor! After him.” replyed T-bone.

Seeing them coming towards him, pastmaster zapped them again. Both turn into heavily muscular, Mr. Universe type tom kats.

“Look how hot we are!” said Razor in the ‘Stallone’ accent.

“I WILL DESTROY YOU!!!!” said T-bone in the ‘Swartznegger’ accent.

Seeing them come again , the pastmaster zaps them again.

T-bone and Razor were dressed up as Elvis Presley and Michael Jakson respectively.

“Thank You very much.” T-bone mumbled.

“That’s it! I’m BAD!” yelled Razor,” And you’re HISTORY! AOWWW!”

Pastmaster shook his watch for sometime in order to correct it He was not getting the right spell. He zapped them again. T-bone found himself dressed in a Romeo outfit with his Juliet (Razor in a dress) in his arms.

“Why T-bone. This is so sudden! I don’t know what to say.” said Razor.T-bone gritted his teeth.

The pastmaster zapped them again. Razor turned into a little girl kat in a pink dress and T-bone turned into a stuffed doll.


“I’M SORRY MADAM, BUT I AM NOT IN THE MOOD FOR THAT KIND OF ROT!!!!” said T-bone in a english type accent.

Razor hugged the T-bone stuffed toy hard.

“Hey! Do you mind, sister!? There are people watching us!!!” yelled T-bone.

Pastmaster yelled in frustration and zapped them again.

Razor turns into a little puppy. T-bone, quite amused at the sight, began to laugh heartily. He suddenly turned into a fire hydrant. Razor skipped up to him…

“AAAAAAAGH!!!” yelled T-bone.

Commander Feral, who was all this while watching all the action pounced out of hiding.

“Enough of this! Pastmaster, you’re under arrest!”

“OOOH! Damn you, Feral! You’re always interfering!” yelled Pastmaster and zapped Feral.

A tv appeared with Feral’s face on the screen. “You can depend on Dippy Dipers. If your baby’s drippy then just use Dippy!” said Feral . Pastmaster used a remote control to switch off the tv.

“And now for you!” he turned to the Swat whatevers and zapped them.

T-bone and Razor turned into sumo wrestlers.

“HA SO! WIS-E GUY EH!? BONZAI!!!” yelled T-bone.They were about to ‘bonzai’ Pastmaster when he zapped them again.

ZAP! They turn into Feral look alikes.

“This is Feral! Bring me chopper backup!” They both yelled together.

ZAP! They turn into Pastmaster look alikes.

ZAP! They turn into Chance and Jake. (?)

ZAP! They turn into Beavis & Butthead!!!!

“Eh-he-he-he! Eh-he-he-he! That waz cool! Eh-he-he-he!”

ZAP! T-bone and Razor turn into King King and Godzilla.

ZAP! T-bone and Razor turn into Dick Dasterly and Muttley.

“RAZOR! Do somthing!” yelled T-bone, and got bitten on the arm by Razor.

“AAOWWW! LET GO OF ME YOU WALKING FLEA FARM!” yelled T-bone, while Razor snickered.

ZAP! T-bone and Razor turn into Darth Vadar and R2D2.

T-bone used his Jedi powers to pull the watch out of Pastmaster’s paw and into his.

“Now I am the master!” he said in a heavy breathing voice and aimed a bolt at Pastmaster.

ZAP! Patmaster turned into Elvis Presley.

ZAP! He turned into Michael Jakson.

ZAP! into a dog

ZAP! into a hydrant

ZAP! into Madonna.

ZAP! into Feral.

ZAP! into Felina.

ZAP! into Callie

ZAP! into the cover she-kat on the play kat mag.

ZAP! into….Errr..errrr….errr..I have no Idea!

ZAP! into a clown

ZAP! into a sumo wrestler

ZAP! into Bugs Bunny : EEEEE What’s up doc?

ZAP! into a fish.

ZAP! into a chicken.

ZAP! into Mayor Manx : AAAAH! MY VAATCH!

ZAP! into Richard Nixon!!!

Now this was toooo much for Pastmaster, and for my poor assistant who’s been typing this shit for me, because i didn’t want to type anything as monotonus as that bit above….(Do you think I’d be stupid enough to go write this CRUD!!!)

“NOOOO! AAAAAGH! ENOUGH! STOP!” yelled the Pastmaster and my assistant.

Suddenly, the watch slipped out of T-bone’s paw. It fell to the ground and created a portal which sucked the pastmaster and the watch in.

T-bone and Razor turned back into their original forms.

“Finally! We’re back to normal. I can’t stand being a trash can robot!” said Razor,”Why couldn’t he he turn me into Han Solo or Luke Skywalker!?”

“I don’t know. I kinda like those Jedi powers.” said T-bone, smiling.

They then turned to see the tv in which Feral was trapped. Razor took the remote and turned on the TV. Feral was still in it.

“Razor, I think you better get Leutenant Feral. The Commander needs a repair Kat.” said T-bone.

Commander Feral was decked up like a beautiful she-kat, “John! Mike! Don’t fight! You can both Have me!!!”

“Roger that T-bone” said Razor, frowning and running off to call Felina.

“I wonder what ever happened to the Pastmaster?” thought T-bone , as he watched Feral screaming as he was being eaten by a Mantis in a documentry film.


Pastmaster found himself in a dark room,He thought he was either in an Alternate dimention or he hit the big litter box.

“Wh-Where am I? *sigh* I’m buying myself a Timex Wrist Watch next time!!” said The Pastmaster as he threw the watch away. “Anyway It dosn’t matter as long as I have rid My self of those Medling Swat Kats!!!! MuHA-Ha-ha-ha-ha-AAAAARRHHH!!!” Pastmaster could’nt belive his eyes when he Saw Elivs on a throne with two body gaurds at his sides. “Ahh Dont like this guy <BURP> Kill’em!” said the king himself as the two Body Gaurds armed them selves with Shotguns. “NOOooooo! I got trasported into the sixtie’s THAT’S IT! I’M GOING TO DELETE THIS $^$%$%@^*&^^%$@#$%^%&* FILE IF IT’S THE LAST THING I…Ooof!!!”


T-bone and Razor we’re about to head back home…..if they wern’t interupted by the klaxon again (SIGH!) T-bone pulled out a black cel-type Klaxon marked ‘MOTOROLA’ and extended the antena “What Now, Miss Briggs?” asked T-bone

“Dr.Viper is at MegaKat Bio-Chemical Labs, stealing Mutagen as usual,”

“Not again! What does that creep want with all that anyway!?”

“Cosmetics! What else?”

“Oh! Okay we’re on are way!”

Razor then spoke “But T-bone, What about Feral?”

Both Kats looked behind at Felina and the Repair Kat try to get Feral out of set. Feral was about to be eaten by the T-rex in ‘Lost world’.

“AAAOWWW! FELINA! Change the channel. I’m missing Baywatch!”

“What do you want me to do? PUT YOU IN A HOT, STEAMY, X-RATED MOVIE OR SOMETHIN’?” yelled back Felina.

“Yeah. That would be nice.” said Feral. Felina gave him her dirty look.

T-bone and Razor looked at each other.

“He’ll be fine.” they both said together.


In Megakat Biochemical, Dr. Viper was searching through the shelf of chemicals.

“Let me sssssee now. Katalysst x-63,…Katalysst x-64,…Katalysst x-65,…. Katalysst x-66,…Katalysst x-67,…Sssome wierd sstuff collected from ‘Nickelodeon Studios’,…Love Potion #9,….Huh?”

Dr. Viper looked at the flask marked ‘Love Potion #9’ which had the same cover she-kat on the play kat mag. printed on it, “I’ll take it anyway,” said Dr. Viper as he shoved the flask in his coat with a mischifous grin on his face. He continued serching “Aaaah There it isss! ‘Katalysst Infinity’!!!!!! With thiss I Sshall mutate every Lawyer in the Ccity into horrifying mutants with their abbility incresed a Thousand times, to obey my commands.With that I shall SSUE THE WORLD!!!”

But then the SwatKats made their grand appearance as usual.

“Not so Fast Nature Boy! We got you with the goods!” yelled T-bone as the SwatKats appeared from nowhere.


“Yeah! its us again! Now come along quiet or I’ll throw this test tube on you!” said Razor picking up a test tube from the table

“DON’T THROW THAT!!!” yelled Viper

Out of shock Razor threw the test tube the other way. Sceen cuts to an area of the room where it looks like Michael Jakson was doing the moonwalk “Woopie!” said the king of pop,But unfortunetly the test tube Razor threw fell on the pop star’s head and his hair caught on fire “Ooo! This is getting serious!!” he said and then, he jumped out the window….. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

And Now back to our story :

“That was my Breath freshener! You Moronsss!” yelled Viper

“It was kind of on the burning side don’t you think?” asked Razor

“What do you expect from the Godzilla Family!” said T-bone

“ATTACK THEM!!, MY MUTANTSSS!!” called Viper

Out of the background emerged charcaters who are cheap rip-offs of X-men and other more rip-offs.A cheap rip-off of Wolverine was about to attack them but then a cheap rip-off Cyclopes stoped him “Wait! Don’t Attack! We may not know whether these stupid, senseless, poor Creatures are good or evil,”

T-bone got steamed, “Piss off!! Four Eyes!! We’re Not Stupid ,Senseless, or POOR! Got That!”

The cheap rip-off’s eyes became red hot with raging fury he started sweating as his fists cleanched then suddenly he bursted out like some Tribal Native as he tore off his suit “AAOWWAAA^&@#$%^%^&$%%#@$!” then he started trasforming like the Incredible Hulk “NOBODY CALLS CYCLOPES FOUR EYES!!!” he said in a Hulk type of voice, The cheap rip-off of Wolverine backed off so he will not get involved in this.Razor did the sign of the cross while T-bone smiled sheepishly. “Hey! Whoa! Peace Dude! I’m sorry, After all we are Stupid,Senseless,Poor Creatures, right Razor?”

“Huh? Oh Yeah we are really Stupid, Senseless and Poor ‘DUH!”

The Battle Began forming a huge cloud of dust all across the room where objects fly from it like shoes, teeth, underwear and Venus De Milo statues. with hitting smashing sounds. Meanwhile……….

Dr. Viper was trying to sneak out the action hoping to get out of sight “Yesss! Let Those Fools take care of my Mutants While I Make My Escape with My AAHHH! MY ‘LOVE PORTION #9’! It’s gone! Damn it! I must have droped it! Well Love Portion first!, Escape later!” Dr. Viper turned back with a mischifous laugh.

Back to the Battle feild : the fight is over and there are unconscious cheap rif-offs lying on the floor,a cheap rip-off of the Ninja Turtle Michaelangelo regained consciousness “Major Bummer! To think We only joined up because Viper was our Relative…” then he blanked out again,

T-bone and Razor searched the place for Dr. Viper But could find no trace of him cause he’s right behind them still looking for his portion, T-bone then spoke “Razor, I’m Bored of this place! So Far nothing happend! this place dos’nt even have booby traps!” said T-bone as accidently leaned on a button which caused a mechanisim that dropped a dosen Toilet seats on Viper, A very Dazed Viper picked himself up shakingly “Wha?”

Razor sat down on one chair which triggerd another mechanisim which this time dropped a carrier ship on Viper, Viper repeted his action “Huh?”

T-bone pulled out a drawer with curiousity which this time triggerd a X-wing fighter from ‘STAR WARS’ to fall on Viper, Viper walked out from the wreaked craft that fell on him and dusted himself of still dazed “OH! YEAH!” said Viper remembering what to do as he collasped spilling the Katalyst all over him and of course he was mutating,

The SwatKats left the sceen not knowing what happend, Viper finished his mutation.He was the same, But now he has Glasses, Brased Buck teeth and a lot of ZITS “OH! NO! I MUTATED INTO A NERD!!!” (Y’know this gives me a idea of a fanfic a ‘Jeckle & Hyde’ spoof : Dr.Viper & Mr. Hemoroid!) “NOOOOO!” screamed Viper ($$#%$%#@# CRITIC!).


T-bone and Razor was about to turn in at last…..But unfortunety the Klaxon beeped again (I can never leave them alone can I?). T-bone mumbled all the lousy words he could think of as he pulled out the Klaxon, he tried to activate it but it din’t work.

“No use Razor, I guess the batteries are low!”

“Well! we’ll just use that phone booth then,” replied Razor

“Escuse me!” said T-bone as he flung out Clark Kent while changing into SuperMan along with his underwear out of the phone booth,

“GREAT SCOTT!!!THE NERVE OF THESE CHARCATERS!!! screamed the partaly dressed superhero as he stomed out of the scene.

T-bone picked up the line “Whats the matter now,Miss Briggs?” “Sorry about the Hubbub Guys, But DarkKat just took some people hostage from The Home Cooking convention, He may have taken them to his Volcano lair,”

“We’re on our way as usaul,” T-bone put down the phone “I still don’t know why hero’s don’t get paid for this job!”

“Hey, Thats the way life is Buddy, Come on lets get to the TurboKat”


At the TurboKat……

“Ok T-bone, all systems are operational you may ativate hover mode.”

“Roger that,” T-bone pushed a button but instead of the hover mechanisim activating, T-bone’s seat ejected along with T-bone, “T-BONE! YOU HIT THE WRONG BUTTON!” yelled Razor at the mid flying T-bone


T-bone was falling down into a neigbourhood where on one side there was a girl’s Dormitory, T-bone managed to save himself from falling by catching on to one of the window leadges at the Dormitory but not for long…… “AAAAHHH!!! A PEEPING TOM!” screamed one of the girls in the building as she hit his hand with a spiked high heeled shoe, “YEEEEEOOOOWWW!!!” yelled T-bone in pain as fell into the ally.

“T-bone! Are you alright?” said Razor entering the scene

“I-I Think so”

“Well T-bone, Now you really did it! How are we going be dramatic if the pilot does’nt have a seat,”


“It’s Okay I guess I’ll have to call a cab.” said Razor asd he whisled for one, “HEY! TAXIEEEE!!”

Another TurboKat this time yellow checkerd landed next to them, they jumped in the last seat and the jet took off.


In DarkKat’s Volcano lair DarkKat was circling around a hostage tied up in a chair in a dark room. DarkKat was waiting for the hotage’s reply, “Alright you, If you don’t talk right now I’ll electricute you with another 500,0000 and a half volts”

“I shall never talk!!” said the Hostage boldly but then DarkKat electricuted him.

“Listen, We’ve been going like this for the past 3 hours now, you have to give me the secret or I’ll torcher you….even if you are my brother in law”

“I may be your bother in law, but I will never reveal my secret!” DarkKat electricuted him again.

“Okay! If you don’t tell me, I shall make you read this fanfic you are in now,”

“Fanarts or Fanfics may break my Coccyx but comments never jolt me!” Again DarkKat electricuted him.

“Listen, We’re wasting power here!the electricity bill is going to sting in the morning!I am going to tell what I want for the last time : I want your recipe for the ‘Double Deckerd Cheese Salami Flaked Onion Villan Sandwich’!”

“And I will never give it to you! Your Father told you to skip Junk food ever since you were five years old, It’s not good for you, See! it stunned your gowth when you were 10!” And another time DarkKat electricuted him.

“ALRIGHT!!! this is your last chance If you don’t tell me the recipe right now I shall make you star in the sequel of this story!”


“Exellent! lets get started!” said DarkKat as he foked out a notepad and a pen.

“Okay, fist you need some cheese then Salami, Onions….” Just then one of DarkKat’s Creeplings came in “ACK!ACK!SWEEK!EEK!WIA-WIA OOK!”

“SHUT UP! YOU IDIOT! I’m comming to the best part!”


“Crud, i can’t understand what you are saying! speak english!speak english!”

“The SwatKats are in front of the lair, old chap. I suggest you take a peek, i say what?” said the creepling.

DarkKat thought for a moment and set off,

“Don’t go away I’ll be right back,”


Outside the Volcano Lair, T-bone and Razor were trying to get in….

“Well Razor, How are we going to get in there?”

“Don’t Know, maybe we can….”

“SwatKats!” a voice came from the volcano and a big holographic image of DarkKat shone in the sky.

“Hey, was’nt this gadget and this hideout used in ‘Wrath of DarkKat’?” asked T-bone

“*Shutup you fool! people might hear you!*,Ahem! SwatKats I want you to look at this hologaphic image,” the image change channels to different scenes showing the hostages,the guards and the army of creeplings

“The entire lair is surrounded,the hostages are ready to be eliminated and there’s and entire army of creepling at every corner….What do you do?… What do you do?”

“Errrr….Have lunch and think about it?” said T-bone

“Hey, good idea I could use some food!….Lunch Break everyone!”said DarkKat


Meanwhile during lunch break everyone is eating, the creepling are watching Spice Girls and the SwatKats and DarkKat are discussing what they will do from where they left off.

“So what if we went around the rear and make a surprise attack from the inside?” asked T-bone

“That will be impossible.My creeplings will attack before you could make your surprise attack,” said DarkKat boldly

“Hey, we can always use the mole missle,” suggested Razor

“Ha! do you think I’ll fall for that again! The entire lair is protected by super agrasite armor. You might as well give up! I thought of everything. Want a roll?” DarkKat offered

“Oh! thank you. Not so fast DarkKat! I have a plan!” said Razor as he whispered the plan to T-bone.

“Razor, I like your style!” complimented T-bone

“What? What? Whats the plan?” asked DarkKat with curiousity

“You have to find out yourself DarkCrud!” said T-bone

“Humph! secrets! first the recipe now this.Oh! our break is over! time to go back to work,”


We Now return to where we left off…..

“Well SwatKats do you surrender or not?”

“DarkKat! why go through all this when we can settle this two on one?” ask Razor

“MuHa-Ha-Ha-Ha! you fools thats your plan? I have the strenght of five and you’re only two, I have cybernetic implants and you don’t, I….”

“Yeah! Yeah! Whatever! lets get it over with!” said T-bone

“Okay, Bring them up here!” ordered DarkKat

The creeplings lead the two kats in the lair to a room where DarkKat was waiting. “I still don’t know what your plan is, But lets hurry up my bother in law is waiting and I still want to get that recipe,”

“Wait not yet <Whistel> Stunt Doubles!!” called T-bone

apporching the scene were two enormous muscular T-bone and Razor doubles while the other left to watch the show.

“Its times like these I wish the show was’nt so violent,” mumbled DarkKat

scene only cuts to T-bone and Razor watching their doubles beat up DarkKat since the other scene is not appropriate for viewing.

Somehow DarkKat managed to escape the battle.

“You may have won this battle, but one of these days I’ll get my recipe for My ‘Double Deckerd Cheese Salami Flaked Onion Villan Sandwich’ all for myself!”said DarkKat as he jumped into a jet “We shall meet again SwatKats! Mu-Haw-Haw-Haw-Haw-Haw-Haw!!” DarkKat pushed a button but instead of his usual escape his seat ejected along with him. “OF ALL THE JETS I HAVE I HAD TO GO TAKE THE JAPANIESE VERSION!!!!”

“T-bone! DarkKat is escaping!” pointed Razor

“Let him go!” said T-bone


“Cause he’s heading for the same neigbourhood where I landed,”

Indeed DarkKat started falling in the same neigbourhood where the girl’s Dormitory,And he caught the same window leadge T-bone caught…… “AAAAHHH!!! ANOTHER ONE! HOW DARE YOU!!!” screamed the same girls in the building as she hit his hand with a bigger sharper spiked high heeled shoe, “AAAAAOOOOOWWWWW!!!” yelled DarkKat in pain as fell into the same ally where he found A nerdy Dr.Viper and a full of buck shots Pastmaster sulking,

“Oh! you too huh?” said Viper to DarkKat.


Meanwhile T-bone and Razor goes back to get the TurboKat,

“It’s been A long day huh, buddy?” asked Razor, tired.

“You Betcha!” said T-bone.

But suddenly the Klaxon stared beeping agaiiiiinnnn?

“Aw Naw! Not again! GOD! WHADAYA Have agaist us?!!!” whined Razor

T-bone pulled out the Klaxon “Razor, for once in my life I am going to do something really sensible right now!” T-bone threw the Klaxon in a garbage can.”C’mon Razor lets head home,” they both exited the scene crossing Felina still trying to remove Feral this time in a Murder Movie where the Killer is trying to rip Feral “FELINA!! GET ME OUT OF HERE BEFORE I GO ABSOULUTLY WILD!!!” yelled Feral “Tell me somthing I don’t know!” remarked Felina. Scene cuts to the Klaxon left over there with Callie is still trying to reach them “Guys? Guys? Shoot! Okay you can send the stunt doubles again!”


. . |\_____/| / \ \ THE END / \/\ /\/ \ / ^

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DiceGirls : Dice up your life

And much more!

copywrite Roadkill all rights reserved.Fanfictons read separately; Batteries not included….and don’t even *think* of copying my logos!

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