Original SWAT Kats Story

The Paw That Rocks the Cradle

By Rebecca Mason

  • 1 Chapter
  • 198 Words

As she rocks her infant son, Janet Clawson ponders his future.

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The sun shone through the window and into the eyes of Janet. She knew that a full day of mothering awaited her. Her little son (Jake) looked up at her as she peered over the top of his crib.

“Hello, my little cutey pie, and how are you this morning?”

The kitten (being only 2 months old) snuffled and held his paws up.

She carried him round the room before sitting down on a couch. She took a freshly prepared bottle of milk off the table and watched as he started to drink.

Janet suddenly began to think about the future, She saw a dashing young kat in a flight suit and helmet running a high tech training ground, then the same kat dressed in mechanic overalls. She saw the young orange kat’s face and recognized it as being…..Jake?!!

Her little kitten.

Janet snapped out of it as little Jake needed changing and was crying very demandingly. Janet soon forgot those thoughts she’d had.

But, we all know that they came true.

The End. (Hey short and sweet ^_^)

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