Original SWAT Kats Story

The House on the Hill

By Rebecca Mason

  • 1 Chapter
  • 2,023 Words

School’s out for the summer and Jake’s Net-surfing turns up a local haunted house. What more could a young Chance and Jake ask for?

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Author's Notes:

Hiya. Here’s a story about Chance and Jake when they were younger. They are told about this abandoned old house on a hill and they decide to explore. You can definitely guess there’s gonna be trouble.

Young Chance and Jake in…

Chance held his breath as the last few seconds of school ticked away. The teacher was droning away, going on about History and boring stuff. Finally, the bell for home time rang. All the young kittens got up out of their seats and sped towards the exit. Chance was finally walking home.

“Yes! No more school for two weeks – I can live with that!!”

He saw Mrs. Wild pushing a pram. Chance went over to her.

“Hi, Chance, have a nice day at school?”

“Yes, Mrs. Wild, say who’s the kitten?”

Mrs. Wild looked into the pram and smiled. “Oh, this little kitten…. Her name’s Manga.”

“Ha ha, she’s cute for a kitten.”

Mrs. Wild laughed. “What do you mean, she’s cute for a kitten? All kittens are cute.”

“Yeah, I know, but all they do is cry, poop and drool.”

“Hah Hahh!!! You used to be like that, Chance!!!!! …Oh, I’ve gotta go now, Chance. I think Manga needs changing.” Mrs. Wild walked off down the street.

Chance thought about what she’d said. “Did I really use to do stuff like that!!?” he asked himself.

Soon he was home. Chance sat on the sofa in the living room, watching his family going around. His Dad was at work – at the Enforcers. His Mum cradled Chance’s new baby sister Ragina around in one arm as she was too busy holding the phone in her other hand and yelling upstairs to Chance’s older, adopted brothers Chris and Correy to turn the music (loud rock music) down because she was trying to talk to Mrs Clawson on the phone. Muscles was showing James (Jambo) how to make the perfect paper plane (or paper jet since it looked at bit like a Tomcat fighter jet.) Charlotte, Christina, and Louise were busy doing aerobics in the back yard.

Chance sighed. “If there was an award for the Craziest Family in MegaKat City, my family would probably win it.”

A few minutes later, Charlene came to talk to Chance. “Well, hi, sweetheart, did ya have a nice day at school?”


“That’s nice, hon. Oh yeah, I was talking to Mrs. Clawson earlier on. She said Jake didn’t go in because he felt sick this morning. Maybe you could go over there and cheer him up.”

Chance finally sprung to life. He kissed his Mum. “Ok, Mama, I’ll be home for tea at 6:00, as always.”

As Chance ran off down the road, Charlene smiled and said, “Oh, that Chance – if only he was like that on school mornings.”

Chance arrived at Jake’s house.

Mrs Clawson let him in. “Oh, hello, Chance – Jake’s upstairs in his room.”

Chance opened the door of Jake’s room, expecting to see Jake laying in bed with a bucket not too far from him. Instead, Jake was on his computer, typing frantically. He was researching something.

Chance said out loud, “I thought you were sick!!”

Jake spun around in shock. “No no, you don’t….CHANCE!!!!”

Chance leaned on the bed post laughing like crazy. “Hahh Hahhhh Hahhhhhh oh man hoo hoo I can’t believe it hah hah ohhh!!!!!!”

Jake sighed and shook his head. “Little things please little minds!!”

Chance stopped laughing “Oh man, can’t you take a joke?!!”

Ten minutes later….

“Hey, Chance, I found this really cool story on the Internet.”

Chance sat on the bed eating the chocolate chip cookies from Jake’s little snack bar. “Really!” he said while munching on a cookie. “What type of story?”

Jake got a picture on the computer screen. It was of a battered old house that sat on a tall hill.

“What the…? What is it, Jake?”

“It’s a house.”

“I know it’s a house, but what’s the story behind it?”

Jake turned the computer off and turned on his flourescent blue lava lamp. “It’s haunted!!!!!” Jake then sat on his bed and explained the story behind the house.

“About sixteen years ago, there was an old Kat millionaire living in that house. He had a broken heart because his wife had disappeared while hanging out her washing. And, his only daughter had drowned in the river that ran by the house. He didn’t come out of the house for weeks. When someone went to check on him, one of his butlers, he was found dead at the bottom of the stairs. This posed a classic question for the authorities: did he fall…..?”

Chance continued the classic sentence. “…or was he pushed?” Chance sighed. “If only we could visit that place….”

Jake smiled. “Hey, Chance, we can!!!!”

Chance looked at Jake. “But, how?…. It’s probably a hundred miles away!!”

Jake made a cheeky grin. “Well, actually, Chance, it’s only two miles away.”

Chance grinned a cheeky grin. “Cool, we’ll go tomorrow.”

“Okay, we’ll go tomorrow.”

“Chance, it’s 7:00!!” Mrs Clawson yelled up the stairs.

Chance ran down the stairs. “See ya tomorrow, Jake!” Chance managed to shout up to Jake as he hurried out the door.

Chance stepped into his house. “Looks like I’m home-free…..”

“Chance, what did you say about coming home at 6:00!!!!!”

“Oh, Crud!!!!!”

Chance finally woke up. It was Saturday morning and he was only half awake… He stepped into the shower. Unknownst to him, Muscles had turned the temperature down to freezing cold and, as soon as the freezing cold water hit him, he remembered what he was going to do that day.

“Oh Maaann!!!!! I was meant to meet Jake an hour ago!!!!!”

Chance ran out of the house, down the street to where the foot of the hill,

“Hi, Chance – you’re a bit late.”

Chance put his paw behind his head. “Ha, sorry I was a bit late…. I sorta..slept in… Anyway, what are we waiting for?”

Both kittens walked very slowly up to the house.

Chance was slightly worried “Say, Jake?”

“Yeah, Chance?”

“Is there some kind of curse on this house?”

Jake thought for a while. “Hmmmm, I’m not quite sure.”

“I thought you were supposed to be the genius!!” Chance jibed his little red-orange friend.

“Yeah well, geniuses don’t know everything,” Jake managed to jibe back.

They finally got to the top of the hill. There was a small narrow path leading to the large house and its even larger gardens behind it.

“Let’s go in,” both kittens said to each other.

As they walked up the path, Chance kept looking at each of the windows. He didn’t feel too great about exploring a Haunted House – especially one that had a reputation for being haunted. Just as they approached the porch, Chance stopped all of a sudden and looked up at one particular window.

“What is it, Chance!!?”

Chance turned to his friend and whispered, quite scared, “I saw a white shape flicker across the window.”

Jake began to get skeptical. “A white shape?!! Hmmm, it’s probably some Kat running around in a white sheet.”

Both of them went in, despite Chance not wanting to go in, and stood in the hallway of the big house – or should I say mansion. Paintings of the countryside were plastered on the wall. The stairs looked in pretty good shape, considering they were pretty old. There was even an old Grandfather-clock set in the corner of the wall.

“Well, Chance, what are we waiting for? Let’s explore this place.”


Very soon they were off, exploring every nook and cranny in the house. This included the basement and the attic. But, despite efforts, they found nothing interesting.

“Jake… Jake, I was in the nursery and the rocking horse started to rock on its own and there was no wind and I heard kittens’ laughter and then I saw a young she-Kat kitten in the mirror and….and!!!!!” Chance was a bundle of nerves and, this time, Jake knew he was telling the truth

“Okay, Chance, let’s go up to the nursery.”

They went up to the room where Chance had been checking (the nursery of course) and had a look around. The old rocking horse just sat there, not doing anything. The house was absolutely quiet, and, as for the mirror,…. there was nothing in it apart from the reflections of themselves and the room.

“But, Chance, there’s nothing in here!!” Jake commented as he walked towards the mirror,

Chance hung his head low. “I know…. but, Jake, I saw her (the little she-Kat)! She was there. She must have disappeared when I ran down the stairs to get you!!!!!”

Jake was beginning to grow scared himself. “Okay, I’ll stay with you since something always happens when I’m somewhere else.”

So, they went to the living room, which seemed okay to rest in. But, just two minutes after they sat down, Chance let out a cry of fright. Jake looked towards where Chance was looking and almost fainted from the shock. He saw the old Master of the mansion, his wife, and their young daughter standing there looking at the two young kittens. The Master had a pale face and just eyeholes with no eyes. The other two looked pretty much the same way. Jake was about to question the specters, but found himself being dragged away by a totally freaked out Chance.

“Chance, what are you doing?”

“Saving our sorry tails!!!!!” Chance burst out the door, down the hill, and kept on running.

Once they got to Chance’s house (Jake was sleeping over), Chance put Jake on his own two feet.

“Listen, Jake, if I lived near a haunted barn, I’d check it out. If I lived near a haunted castle, I’d check it out. But, that house has a bad reputation, a really bad reputation!! The she-Kat kitten ghost told me so.”

Jake was puzzled. “Huh….. Chance, are you okay?”

They were now in Chance’s living room. Chance wanted to tell Jake what the she-Kat had told him, but he couldn’t.

“Listen, Jake, promise me we’ll never go up there again…..”

” What did she tell you Chance?”

“I wish I could tell you, but what she told me is just between her and me.”

Jake finally knew it was no use.

…………………….Present Day………………….

“Jake, I think I can finally tell you about what she told me.”

“Really, Chance? What did she tell you?” Chance smiled at him.

“She told me that you musn’t look in the pond.”

Jake made a face. “Don’t look in the pond?!!”

“Yeah, I know it sounds dumb, but she said that something dark lives in the pond. It dragged her down. But, it’s just so horrible to think about and, besides, she had a crush on you and me.”

Jake thought for a while. “Uh…maybe you shouldn’t have told me after all, Chance.”

The End. (sorry if this part sounded a little bit strange.)

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