Original SWAT Kats Story

Stories About the Past – Secrets Revealed

By Rebecca Mason

  • 1 Chapter
  • 517 Words

An ordinary conversation with Pop Perkins reveals a memory from the past.

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Author's Notes:

Hi there! This is my story about Chance and Jake’s past. This will not have swearing in it because I hate that type of language. My name is Rebecca Mason. My e-mail address is pika88.freeserve.co.uk And now, my story will begin…..

“Hi, Pop, what’re ya doing?” Chance asked Pop Perkins. Pop Perkins was an old grey kat who had known Chance since Chance was a kitten.

“Wha..huh..oh it’s you, Chance.”

“Yeah, it’s me…. Just came to say hello….. Anyway, what’re ya doing?”

“Oh me – hah, just clearing a few things out….. Oh yeah.. Chance, look what I found while sorting through all these newspapers.” Pop reached down and picked up a newspaper clipping.

“Pop, you haven’t been looking on page 3 have you!!!!!”

Pop laughed. “Holy kats, no!! I found this.” He showed Chance the clipping. It was dated around March 16th, 1976.

Chance raised one eyebrow. “What the heck is this?”

“Don’t you remember? It was the day your father came back from the Persian Wars. Look.. read the writing underneath.”

Chance’s green eyes fell upon the writing.

Today Chad Furlong and his flying partner, Max Clawson, returned from the greatest wars of all time – The Persian Wars. The Daily Mews interviewed the Two Heroes.

Chance zoomed down the page onto the interview article. So, you two, what was the highlight of the battle? Chad: Well, the best bit was when we busted that scum’s tail. Right, buddy?

Max: Yeah, we sure cleared them out. And so, we finish up the interview by asking them, “What are you looking forward to seeing again?” Chad: Well, I can’t wait to see my dear wife Charlene and my son Chance. Max: I can’t wait to see Janine and my son Jake. He was born two months ago. I’ll be happy to see him again.

Below the interview article was a picture. It had several faces Chance could identify and, looking further down at the picture, he noticed two little kittens in push chairs. One was yellow with little green eyes and had two brown stripes on both arms. The other kitten was a tanned orange colour and had tufty bits of fur on each side of its fur.

Pop smiled and said, “Recognise them two?”

Chance’s eyes opened wide. “That’s me and Jake!!”

“Yeah, I know – pretty shocking huh?”

“And, those other kittens?”

Pop looked closer at the picture, “Hmmm, that little kitten there is Calico Briggs, Annie Gora, Aby Sinian, Ulysses Feral, and Johnny….”

“So, I grew up with most of the Kats I’ve ever known?”

“Yeah, possibly….. Kat’s alive! Look at the time – gotta close up. Oh well, see ya Chance. If I’m late for tea, Mrs Perkins will clock me round the head. Oh well, see ya.”

“Yeah. See ya’ later, Pop.”

When Chance got back, he told Jake what he’d found out.

“Guess what I found out, Jake! Well, it all started like this……” THE END. (UNTIL I THINK OF ANOTHER STORY)

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