Original SWAT Kats Story

Manga’s Diary

By Rebecca Mason

  • 1 Chapter
  • 956 Words

Manga Wild takes a moment to reflect on the surprising turn of events in her life in the aftermath of finding out about her real family. Set in the universe of the MBI/SK RPG.

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Author's Notes:

I’m gonna try and write a fanfic based on the M.B.I/S.K R.P.G, starring Manga. It’ll be based off one of the things that happened in a plot.

The sunshine shone in through the bedroom window and into young Manga Wild’s eyes.

“Argghh!!” she yelled as the boiling warmth bore through her peaceful sleep. “Ahh man!! I’ve really gotta try and sleep further away from the window,” she said with a small growl as she rubbed her eyes.

After she had done all the usual stuff (Have shower, brush teeth etc), she sat in her little study area and got out a A-4 sized red book with a small lock on it.

“Right…let’s see..,” she said as she took a little key out of her skirt pocket and unlocked the book’s lock. Then, she took a pen from a tub beside her and began to write into the book.


Dear Diary…..

On Thursday I found out another secret to my past.. You probably wouldn’t believe me.. but I found out I have a big brother.. His name is Alex Weathers… He’s an agent in the M.B.I. I know it may seem crazy.. but it’s true.

It all started when Alex’s sister Victoria came to visit her brother.. She’d got into trouble with the Mayor, so Alex and Trina had gone down to Enforcer Headquarters to help her.. I came walking along.. although it’d started to rain. So, I went with them to Alex’s apartment and, while he went to make some tea, me and Victoria had brought some photos. Victoria had a photo of her mother, and I had a photo of my mother.. and, when we looked at them,… they were… they were.. the same.. the same she-kat.

I couldn’t believe it at first…and, when Alex saw it, I don’t think he could either since he ran out into the rain. Trina went to see if he was alright… Turns out he’d run all the way to the docks and ended up getting into a fight with some fat disgruntled dock kats… They weren’t friendly either. Trina told me that Alex was alright..although he had a sprained ankle and an injured fist… Although, I kinda fell asleep on the sofa… Eh heh… but when I woke up I found a blue crystal in my pocket. On Friday night I saw Alex again, although he was tired. Turns out that him and Trina had been hunting down criminals. Something about a chemical or something like that called U4? The poor guy practically fell asleep right in the middle of the floor! He wanted to give Trina a disk with all the information about the U4 mission on it, but I did it since it was obvious he needed the sleep. Yesterday, I’d been doing research on the Weathers family.. Turns out they’d lost their youngest daughter who was no more than two weeks old in a boat accident. Even though they’d escaped, their baby daughter hadn’t.. She was still in the boat.. and the strong currents pushed it downstream… The thing is…the youngest daughter hadn’t died… Why would I know? … Well.. because the youngest daughter was me.. because my adoptive parents said they’d found me in a boat… Heh, I must of drifted a really long way then.. but I’m thankful they found me… since a few minutes after they’d taken me out of the boat and walked away from it… the boat was struck by lightning.. Then, it sank. Me and Alex were talking about that, and he said that he could just remember that horrid day.. He’d said about how the weather had been weird that day and how upset he’d been to of thought he’d lost his baby sister, although I cheered him up a bit when I said that I wasn’t dead… I was right here, alive and well and he’d never have the sadness of losing me again… Afterwards, he asked me if I still had the crystal that he’d given me. I said yes and took it out of my pocket. He explained that it was a dreamstone.. It wards off bad dreams, and that it had been given to me at birth by my mother…. He said that he’d kept it close as a keepsake of me.. and said that it should go back to its rightful owner. I just smiled and nodded… And now, the dreamstone crystal is a keepsake of my real mother…..

Well, I reckon that’s about all the newest news from me… ‘Til next time. See ya later.

-Manga Wild.


Manga yawned and put the pen back in the tub and locked the diary up.. as well as putting the key back into her skirt pocket.

“Well…now I better go and meet Harley and Ragina at Kitt’s Burger Bar,” she said with a smile and made her way downstairs. “Hey Mum, Dad, I’m going to Kitt’s Burger Bar to see Harley and Ragina. I’ll be back at dinner-time,” she said to Mr and Mrs Wild.

“Okay Manga.. you be careful,” Mrs Wild said to Manga who just nodded and went outside. The End.

And, before I go, I would like to say that Alex Weathers belongs to Edward Weldon and Trina Korat belongs to SageSK. And, I’d like to thank everyone in the M.B.I/S.K R.P.G. Hugs and Pixie stix, Pie and Doctor Pepper to all of you .^_^. See ya later everyone. -Rebecca.

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