Original SWAT Kats Story

Manga Wild Series

By Rebecca Mason

  • 8 Chapters
  • 5,264 Words

Manga, a kitten Chance and Jake are babysitting, begins to discover some interesting secrets about herself.

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Author's Notes:

This one is mainly about my character, Manga. Oh well – here it is. First, the Prologue.

Chapter 1


It was a dark night by the river. A tall and young she-kat cradled the bundle she was carrying. The sound of dogs echoed through the night air and shouts could be heard.

“We’ll capture that witch of a she-kat.”

The she-kat hid in the reeds and tried hard not to breathe as the two Enforces marched by. The she-kat thought about her kitten’s life. She found a small boat and put her kitten in it. She was just about to climb in when lights got in her eyes; it was the Enforcers, they had found her. She pushed the boat onto the river, and watched as it flowed down the river. She yelled, “I’ll always love you, my little Mangarrete.”

Two young kats walked by the lake. They were about to kiss when they heard crying. They found a small kitten in a boat. The two kats adopted her and named her Manga.

Present Day. “ARRRRGGGHHH!!!! SOMEONE MAKE HER STOP!!” Chance yelled as Manga noogied him.

“Hahhh Hahh Hahhhhh!!!!!! What’s the matter, Chance? Can’t stand being noogied by a she-kat?”

Jake groaned as he walked into the room. “Manga, quit it – can’t you see Chance has had enough already?”

Manga jumped off Chance’s shoulders as Chance commented, “Why out of all kats did Mrs Wild choose us as kitten-sitters?”

Jake sighed and explained. “Well, Chance, because Mrs Wild thinks we still go to high school and the fact that Manga is friends with one of your sisters.. er..Ragina isn’t it….? Yeah, Ragina – that gives us two reasons as why she still relies on us to kitten-sit Manga.”

“Yeah, good point.”

A car pulled into the garage. It was Miss Briggs.

“Hi, you two – long time no see, huh?”

Chance smiled and walked towards the car. “Good morning, Miss Briggs. It’s nice to see you again.”

Jake walked to where Chance was.

“Hi, Jake – nice to see you again.”

Jake blushed bright red. “Oh h..hello, M..Miss Briggs,” he stammered. “So, what can we do for you today Miss Briggs?”

“Well, I just came to tell you – today they’ve found that court case from fourteen years ago….”

Chance perked up. “Oh yeah, the year the Enforcers tracked the last of the witches….”

Jake joined in. “Oh yeah, and apparently her kitten she had got away in a boat….”

All of a sudden Manga screamed and fainted. Chance, Jake, and Callie crowded round her.

“Manga, are you okay?” Jake said he held Manga in his arms. In her unconscious mind, Manga was dressed in a marine blue gown and a tiara topped her head. She held a strange-looking staff that sparkled with magic. She had strange flashes of a shrouded she-kat and a kitten in a boat. Then, it hit her…….

“I must be a witch!!!!”

She became conscious again. She still looked shocked.

Callie knelt down to Manga. “That was quite a fall – are you okay?”

Manga then just smiled and said, “Yeah, I’m fine.”

The End? (Are you kidding?! I’m already writing the 2nd part of the story!!)

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