Original SWAT Kats Story

Invasion of the Fleas

By Rebecca Mason

  • 1 Chapter
  • 1,131 Words

MegaKat City has a flea epidemic!

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Author's Notes:

Hi there. Here’s a fic that was inspired by one of the Swat Kat Games me and my friends used to play… Without further ado, here is my fic.

It was morning in MegaKat city. The sun had barely risen, and the sky was a pinky colour with just a hint of yellow. Most Kats were still asleep in their beds, especially Chance, who was snuggled up in his own bed. But, Jake was up and ready for work.

*sigh* “Chance always was lazy in mornings,” Jake sighed. He walked down to the main garage. “Uh oh, looks like we’ve got an appointment with that old lady’s car again!!” Jake gasped as he looked at the calender.

But, elsewhere, a group of fleas had recently lost their old home and were looking for a new one… That new home was… MegaKat City!!

“Agent Jake Clawson, this is your mission – should you choose to accept it. …. Your mission is to wake up Chance. This can be a dangerous mission, so make sure you’re prepared,” Jake mumbled to himself as he entered the room. “Wake up, Chance.”

“Mmmrrrr,” Chance growled.

Jake them came up with an idea, “Oh, Chance, Callie’s car has an appointment at our garage.”

Chance shot out of the bed like lightning. “I’m up!! I’m up!!”

Jake laughed at that. “Hahh Hahhhh!!!!”

Chance was just about to pounce at Jake when the alarm went off. Both Kats thundered down the stairs.

Jake reached the alarm first. “Yes, Miss Briggs?” He could hear Callie’s voice – by the sound of it she was screaming.

“Swat Kats, please come right away!!!!….. Fleas have infested….. the city!!” Her voice trailed off.

“Don’t worry, Miss Briggs, we’re on our way!” both Kats yelled into the communicator.

*Less than two minutes later.*

The Swat Kats arrived at the scene.

“Miss Briggs, are you okay?”

Miss Briggs had loads of black things on her and they were biting her. She was scratching vigorously.

“It’s what I tried telling you…. But, it’s not just me….look!!” She pointed to other kats. They were all scratching as well.

“Looks like an outbreak of fleas….,” T-Bone said as he analyzed the scene.

“Couldn’t flea spray kill them off?” Razor suggested.

Callie shook her head. “It doesn’t affect them.”

“Hey, Razor, we should catch one and take it to Dr. Zyme.”

Razor nodded. “You’re right.” Razor ran after a flea and trapped it. “Got it.”

They took the flea to the scientific research centre.

Dr. Zyme examined the flea very carefully. “Hmm, well, I have to say this is the first breed of flea I’ve ever seen that can withstand flea spray.”

T-Bone and Razor exchanged looks. Razor was the one to speak up.

“Does that mean they can’t be killed?!”

Dr. Zyme looked up at them and smiled. “Yes, they can be killed, but not by normal flea spray… They can, however, be killed by a special flea spray… A flea spray which contains Katalyst 68.”

“Alright!!!!” T-Bone and Razor did a high five.

“But..,” Dr. Zyme continued.

“But?” Both Kats stopped and listened.

“Dr Viper stole the formula last week… Erm…, Swat Kats?” Dr. Zyme noticed the Swat Kats had gone.

“You heard what Dr. Zyme said, buddy… Dr Viper stole it, so I guess we’re off to MegaKat Swamp.”

T-Bone kicked in the accelerators. “And, we’ll be there in no time flat.”

*At MegaKat Swamp*

“Urgh!! This place never changes!” T-Bone exclaimed as he eyed the now muddy TurboKat.

“Can’t worry about that now, T-Bone – we have something else to take care of.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

They crashed down into Dr. Viper’s laboratory.

“Ssssswat Katsssss!!!!!” Dr. Viper said, surprised.

“Just thought we’d drop in,” T-Bone just couldn’t resist saying.

Razor, however, was straight to the point. “Hand over the formula, Viper!!” he spat at the reptile.

Viper’s eyes narrowed. “No Chance!!”

Razor and T-Bone leapt at Viper, who had his tail at the ready. Surprisingly, Viper succeeded in knocking them back.

Both Swat Kats leapt at him once again. He raised his tail, heading for another strike, but this time he missed them. T-Bone and Razor fired the Glovatrix (spider missiles). The Spider Missile opened up and wrapped itself around Viper.

“Now, are you gonna hand over the formula or would you rather face the Enforcers?” Razor asked the scientist.

“Why sssshould I?” Viper replied.

T-Bone grabbed Viper by the scruff of his lab coat. “Cos you’ll answer to me!! I eat snakes like you for breakfast!!” T-Bone threatened Viper, his teeth bared like a wolf closing in for the kill.

Viper actually started to panic. “Okay, okay – you win. Here’ssss the formula.” He gave them the formula.

“Thanks, Viper,” T-Bone said as he handed it to Razor

“Come on, T-Bone – we haven’t got a moment to lose.”

*Back in the city*

“I wanna thank you Swat Kats for saving our city,” Mayor Manx said as he congratulated T-Bone and Razor.

Callie was really grateful too. “Thanks, Swat Kats. I don’t know what we would’ve done without you.”

Feral acted how he normally acted when the Swat Kats saved the day. “Humphh!! I suppose I should congratulate you two, but I bet that my Enforcers could’ve done better.”

Razor nudged T-Bone. T-Bone grinned his trademark toothy grin.

“Oh, Feral, Viper’s all tied up in the swamp. I suppose your Enforcers could take him in.”

Feral growled as they went off in their jet laughing their heads off. *That Evening*

“That was quite a good threat you said to Viper, Chance,” Jake said staring in awe at his buddy as he sat watching Scaredy Cat.

“Oh the thing I said about eating snakes like him for lunch…. Eughh, I’d never do that for real – it would leave a bad taste in my mouth.”

Jake grinned. “Viper especially.”

Both of them started laughing and the sun set in MegaKat City.

The End

Well, this has to be one of been my best fanfics ever. Well, I’ve gotta go now – see ya.

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