Original SWAT Kats Story

Family Reunion

By Rebecca Mason

  • 1 Chapter
  • 643 Words

The Boys go to visit Chance’s family.

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“Come on Chance we’ll be late!! ” Jake yelled as he rushed out the door.

Chance came walking slowly out the door hardly showing any enthusiasm. “Oh, Jake, do we have to? You know you haven’t been over to my house since you were ten!!” Jake heard his buddy complain.

“Oh, Chance, don’t be such a kitten.”

Chance once again opened his mouth. “Goo ga ga,” he said sarcastically.

Once they were in the truck Chance pointed out that he should drive. “But, buddy, I know this really cool short cut.”

Jake looked at his grinning friend, who was trying to look angelic. “No way, Chance, you are not driving!!!!”

An hour later they were speeding down the highway and they finally came to an apartment house. Once at the door, Chance yet again made a complaint but Jake stared him down. The door was opened and there stood Chance’s dad looking more or less like an older Chance, only with glasses.

“Hi there, son!” he cried out. “Hey, Charlene, look what the cat dragged in.”

There was Chance’s mum in a sapphire dress. “Oh, my baby, you’re back.” She rushed forward and hugged her son

“ARGCH!!!!” he replied. “I’m happy to see you, too, mum, but… could ya stop… squeezing me!!”

“And this must be… Jack Clawson?”

Jake decided to correct her. “Ermm, it’s *Jake* Clawson.”

She blushed. “Oh, sorry Jake, these old eyes ain’t what they used to be.”

An hour later when they were settled down in the living room, there was another uproar.


This was followed by an “Oh, so that’s what this is!”

As the two kats entered the room, Chance’s (…) opened wide.

“Tabs, Ragina.”

Both kittens looked at him.


Soon, when everything settled down, they got talking. Jake laughed as Charlene showed him photographs of Chance when he was a kitten.

“What happened on the day he was born?”

Charlene smiled.

“Well it all happened twenty-two years ago. You see, I was pregnant with Chance, but before I could tell Chad that I was expecting, he went off to war. For nine months I could feel the little kitten within me growing. One day I was going shopping – Pop Perkins was driving me there – when all of a sudden it started I felt pain and cried out. Pop sped down the road. Once I was at the hospital it was a race against time. Chad had a message called out to him that I was in the hospital and he wasted no time in coming to the hospital to see me. He found Pop in the waiting room wandering around nervously. Before he could ask what happened, the doors opened and a nurse yelled ‘it’s a boy! Congratulations!’ And that’s when Chad saw me holding Chance. Oh, Jake he was so cute and tiny. He’d barely opened his beady little eyes. His yellow fur was so shiny it almost glowed with brightness. That evening Chad and I were thinking on what to name him when I said, ‘how about Chance?’ Chad asked why and I said, ‘because he was born in a chancey hour.’”

Jake scratched his head in confusion. Later on, when they got back to the garage, Jake looked at Chance guzzle down two cans of milk soda.

“*Sigh* Now I know what she meant,” he said, and went to sit next to Chance to watch a mega Scaredy Kat marathon.

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