Original SWAT Kats Story

Cherry Blossom: Callie

By Rebecca Mason

  • 1 Chapter
  • 941 Words

Kittens Chance and Jake meet Callie – but it’s not the first time.

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Author's Notes:

Hiya, Here is more of the kitten series, based on the adventures of Chance and Jake when they were kittens, In this story Chance and Jake meet Callie (But it’s not the first time!!)

The sun was high in the sky in Mega Kat City. It was a hot afternoon. Mrs Mange was hanging out the washing (including Mac’s Bunny PJ’s ^_^). In the park (most of the kittens in Mega Kat city were there), Aby Sinian was in the sand pit, digging for money (she’d dropped her pocket money). Ann Gora was pretending to host the news (her microphone was a lolly-pop) while Johnny taped her with his new video camera that his dad bought. Feral watched his niece beat up some tomkat that had teased her. He was proud.

Elsewhere, Chance and Jake were playing baseball with some other familiar kats, Mac, Mike (Hard Drive) and Lieter Greenbox. Chance was in back-stop.

“Hey, Mac, throw the ball,” Chance told the young tanned kitten as he turned his baseball cap backwards. “Okay… Hey, Jake, careful I don’t knock ya tail off!” Mac taunted the small orange tom as he got into a pitching position. Jake returned the taunt. “Hey, hey, hey!!!! You worry about your tail rather than mine!!”

Lieter looked at the safe pads in each corners. “Hey, David, maybe we should’ve got more kats!!”

David looked around. “Hmm, yeah, you’re right.”

The game finally started. All was going well until it came to the same kats in the same positions.

“Okay, Mac, when you’re ready….” Chance yelled to Mac, who was testing which position to throw the ball. Jake began to lose his temper.

“Hey, Mac, throw the ball, will ya!!!!”

Mac growled. “Okay, hope you have the salt cos here comes the pepper!!!!” Mac said as he threw the ball.

Jake held the bat. His paws shook. The ball seemed to curve the air (like the Turbo-Kat), but suddenly the wind got up and blew the ball into a garden that was nearby.

Jake screamed at Mac, “What kind of a throw was that?! Heh, excuse me, Mac, but I think your pepper just lost its spice!!”

Mac was angry. “Hey, you take that back!!”

Chance leapt forward. “Hey, Mac, you wanna beat Jake up, you’ll have to get past me first!!”

“Yayyy BUUUNNNDALLL!!!!” David yelped with joy, as he ran to join in.

Lieter just hung around. “I’m not joining in.”

Chance stood his ground as Mac and David ran towards him. “Hey, Jake, run towards that bush… I’ll follow.”

Jake started running towards the destined hedge. “Hmm, I bet Chance has something up his sleeve….” Jake thought to himself. He skidded under the bush and into the garden.

Chance was waiting for the right moment to dodge the approaching tom-kittens.

“Ah Hah!! Here comes Manx…..ready….3…2…1…NOW!!”

Mayor Manx got in the way of Chance (so he acted as a bodyguard). Chance ran towards the bush and skidded to where Jake was. Both kats listened in amusement as Mayor Manx told the other two off – they had seen him and tried to stop but they couldn’t stop in time, so they crashed into him.

Chance and Jake looked around the garden. It was a beautiful garden filled with flowers. There was even a tree with cherry blossoms growing on it. Suddenly the boys got a feeling they weren’t alone.

“Put your Paws up!!” a voice said to them.

They spun around to face a blonde-haired she-kat, who held a bucket of water. Chance grinned.

“Hi there, cutie, what’s your name?”

The She-kitten put the bucket down and smiled.

“My name’s Callie, pleased to meet you.” She put out her paw.

Jake caught sight of her and went all shy.

“Hiya, my name’s Jake,” he said.

Callie giggled at the little kitten’s shyness.

“Aww, how cute,” Callie said.

Chance stepped in between them.

“….And my name is Chance,” Chance said, trying to make a good impression.

They spent the rest of the day finding out about Callie.

“Well my father works as a deputy Mayor and my Mum is a Bank Manager. I’m coming to your elementary school soon. I’ve just come from Pursians private school; I hated it there, so it’ll be nice to make friends with everyone.”

“Cherry honey, we’re having tea now, you can invite your friends if you want.”

“Cool, we’ve only just met you and your parents are letting us stay for tea,” Chance said.

He ran in and sat at the table. Jake found the courage to ask her a question.

“Hey, Callie, why do your parents call you Cherry Blossom?”

Callie blushed. “Well it’s a pet name, because I love picking cherry-blossom flowers.”

“Oh,” Jake smiled, “my parents sometimes call me Sweet-heart….and Chance’s parents call him their little sugar plum.”

Callie laughed. “Hmm, well, we’d better eat our tea before it gets cold.”

Little did they know that they’d grow up saving Callie from evil villains. But for now they were young and the future is not important.

The End.

(Hmm, hopefully I’ll write more kitten stories soon. But I’ve gotta have lunch now, so see ya later.)

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