Original SWAT Kats Story

Chance’s Temper: His Mother’s View

By Rebecca Mason

  • 1 Chapter
  • 228 Words

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Author's Notes:

Hi there, I just wanted to submit a short story about Chance. I admit I like Chance and I get kinda upset when someone writes something nasty about him. Chance isn’t dumb at all (slightly breaking into tears) and, remember, Chance can become really angry if taken the mickey out of. But, aside from that, here is the story.

My li’l boy Chance is such a friendly tom-kat, with a pure heart of gold. He’s willing to help anyone in a jam. But, this young kat has a dark-side too. It’s when he is made fun of that it shows the most. When he was two years old, he had violent temper tantrums. When angry, he could throw several bricks across the room so hard that they’d leave dents in the wall (luckily, I managed to fill those in). He’s unusually strong for a kitten and can become worse than a bull in a china shop when angry!!!

Nowadays, his temper tantrums have softened down a teensy bit. Jake told me that just the other day Chance smashed their t.v set (not sure why), and so he got a new one. Then, Chance messed that one up by spraying paint on the screen. Jake’s now got another t.v. Luckily, Chance hasn’t smashed it…..yet!!!!!!!!

I now finish my account on Chance’s temper with a moral… My son Chance is a very fragile tom-kat with a short temper. Please don’t anger him. He has feelings too!! Everyone has. Oh well, I’m done.

The End. (A strange, but deep from the heart story.) Man, that was a short story!!!!!!

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