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Blue and Red Christmas

By Rebecca Mason

  • 1 Chapter
  • 874 Words

It’s Christmastime again… And, this year, an old Enforcer friend of Chance and Jake’s has a surprise.

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Author's Notes:

Hiya, everybody. Here’s a Christmas fanfic. Blue and Red Christmas (Yeah, I know it’s a weird title, but I like it .^_^.)

It was Christmastime in MegaKat City the snow fell lightly onto the buildings, cars, and ground. Some kats were grumbling about how cold the weather was, while the young kats (kittens) were playing in the snow and occasionally getting yelled at by drivers for stray snowballs hitting the side of their cars.

Callie Briggs wrapped herself up warm and made her way home. “I’m lucky Manx was kind enough to let me off of work this Christmas!”

The Enforcers were getting ready for the annual Enforcer Christmas Ball. Feral was checking the invitations list. Mike Furdon (an old pal of Chance and Jake) came up to ask Feral a question.

“Um….excuse me, Sir, but will we be inviting Chance and Jake?”

Feral’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Mike backed off a little. “Erm…. It’s just that… well Chance’s parents were in the Enforcers and….”

Feral was deep in thought. “Oh alright, but invite his parents. After all, they were the best Enforcers my father ever had.”

At Chance and Jake’s Garage…

“Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells. Jingle all the way. We will fix your car even at low pay.”

Chance and Jake fell down laughing. Between giggles and laughs, Chance managed to talk. “Hahh hah! Do you think…. wahhhhahh hahhh…. that that jingle would work?”

Jake was just as hysterical. “Hahhhhhh hah hahhhh I… wahh hahhh… don’t know, buddy…… Woohooohooo.. It’d be a first for mechanics like us though.”

Suddenly, the phone rang.

“Do you think that’ll be Callie?”

“I don’t know. Better answer it and find out.”

“Chance Furlong here – what’s up?”

The phone conversation carried on like this.

Chance: Yo Mike, how are ya? Haven’t heard from you in a while.

Mike: Hiya, Chance. Hey, I rang to tell you about the annual Enforcer Christmas party…”

Chance: Oh… that… Hey, good luck in finding a date.

Mike: Hey.. Hey wait! Don’t hang up! You’re invited.

*Jake in the background was drinking a can of milk; he choked when he heard what Mike said..*

Jake: WHAT???!!!!!!!

Mike: Hey, Jake. Yeah, you two are invited this year…. as long as you bring Chance’s parents along.

Chance & Jake: What??!!! Why?!!

Mike: I don’t know…. Anyway, I’d better go. It may be Christmas, but I don’t think the phone company’ll be very giving. See ya at the ball.”

Chance: Yeah, see ya, Mike.

“Do ya think we should go, Chance?”

“I guess so, Jake.”

Later on the group arrived at Enforcer Headquarters….

“Well, look Charlene… Heh, they never had that when we were there.”

“*Gasp* Wow! You’re right, dear.”

“Hey, look Chance – they rebuilt the runway.”

“Yeah, and the building as well.”

One of the soldiers came out complaining of a ruckus in the jail area. Chance and Jake ran there only to find the prisoners partying in their cells. Chance asked the guard why they were allowed to do this.

“Well, sonny, they may be insane, power mad, and downright dangerous, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy christmas.”

Later on, Charlene and Chad were introduced to Feral.

“Oh my….is that you, Ulysses?”

“Commander Merccus Feral’s little boy?”

Chance and Jake watched as Feral’s face went a little bit pink round the edges.

Jake decided to ask the question. “Um…. Do you know Feral?”

Chad and Charlene were on hand for the answers.

Chad: Well, when you were just a little kitten there was one certain kitten who was a daredevil all around the block.

Charlene: Always doing dangerous things. Never took no for an answer.

Chance: Are you talking about Felina?

Charlene: No, we’re talking about Feral. *Sigh* He was always getting into trouble..

Chad: But, he was an angel whenever we had to look after him.

Charlene: Not that most eight year olds are.

Chad: He admired us a lot because we were the top soldiers his father ever had.

Charlene: Anyway, I’m going down for some punch. Coming, sweetheart?

Chad: You bet, Honeybunch. See you guys later.

“Well, you learn something new everyday, don’t ya, buddy?”

“Yeah…. Anyway, I wanna get some food.”

“Well, that’s something you inherited from both sides of the family.”

Both Kats went down to the party. Chance desperately tried to get a date with a she-kat while most she-kats commented on how cute Jake was.

The End (Till I think up another story.)

See ya later, katfans, and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year .^_^.

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