Original SWAT Kats Story

Baby Day a.k.a Jake’s Worst Day

By Rebecca Mason

  • 1 Chapter
  • 1,056 Words

Nearly all the city’s population gets turned into kittens thanks to the Pastmaster. Only Jake and a middle-aged Felina can save the day, but there’s a problem – the Pastmaster is a baby too….

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It was morning in MegaKat City, the sun was just coming up over the horizon and in the streets a few kats were up and walking around, many of them were going to work. Callie Briggs pressed off on her alarm clock  and very slowly got out of bed Mayor Manx was playing golf (surprise surprise!!)at Mega Kat springs and Feral was in the doughnut shop having  a quick snack.

Apart from that everything was quiet until “Wahhh hah hah hahhh!!!” echoes of laughter filled the air. Chance Furlong was practically cracking up into fits of laughter. He was watching his favourite cartoon  “Scaredy Kat”  that he absolutely loved. His buddy Jake came in looking  serious.

“Chance?” he said to his friend but the big tabby was still in fits of laughter “Chance?”  Still, the big kat didn’t listen.

“CHANCE !!!!!”

Then, Jake finally lost his temper and stamped up to the blaring t.v and  switched it off now that caught chance’s attention.

“HEY WHAT’D YA DO THAT FOR!!!!” he yelled.

“I just came in to tell you  that …..

” he thought of an answer.

“Well, I…I have to go and get  some food and some six packs of milk.”


But elsewhere in MegaKat City the Pastmaster had a plan to take over MegaKat City.

“Right, now where is that spell….?  AH HA!! HERE IT IS!!!!” He got his  watch and raised it into the air, he then recited the words out loud. All at once  a bright light spread over the city.

“HAH HAH HAHHH IT’S WORKING !!!!!!” he yelled as screams pierced the sky. But, the Pastmaster was enjoying listening to the screams so much that he didn’t notice  how close to the edge he was. ARRGGGHHH!!” screamed the Pastmaster as he fell  headlong into the magicstruck city.  As he fell, he began to shrink a bit and then  he could just see, in the reflection of his watch that all his fur had came back and  his eyes.  His cloak did slow down the speed at which he was falling and so he came  to land on some soft garbage bags at that point Jake was coming back ……

Jake was coming back from the supermarket carrying bags of food. He noticed that  the streets were kind of empty (which wasn’t surprising since half the population of  the city were now in diapers). Jake began to wonder to himself – why is the city so  quiet?  He passed the garbage bags in which the Pastmaster was struggling to break  free.  The poor thing was so scared he squealed.  Jake almost dropped the bags onto  the ground.

“WHAT THE ?….HOLY KATS !!!!”  He put the bags gently on the ground before running to free the kitten who was still struggling in vain to get out of the nasty, smelly bags.

“There, there, little guy – I’ll help you.”  He picked up the kitten slowly – he wasn’t that used to handling kittens – and held the tiny thing up to have a closer look. The kitten seemed to bear a faint streak of silver fur on the top of it’s head, a streak that looked a lot like the Pastmaster’s….  Jake suddenly realized who the kitten was.

“Pastmaster but…but how??”

In a panic Jake picked up the food bags with the Pastmaster under one arm, and  rushed home to the garage/salvage yard.

“CHANCE..  CHANCE, ARE YOU HERE !!!!” he screamed.  Almost in reply, Jake heard Chance laugh, but it wasn’t the loud big laugh that he had heard earlier but a squeakier version.  Jake ran through to the front room…  There on the sofa was Chance in enlarged clothes which almost seemed to cover him.

“Don’t worry, buddy – I’m here,” Jake said as he rushed to help the kitten out.

The little Chance sat looking up at this big kat who was looking down at him. Chance felt like he knew this kat. He then tried to say “Jake,” but it came out as “DADA.”

Jake couldn’t help laughing at little Chance’s mistake.

“HAH HAHH….  Well close enough I guess.”

Then, Jake picked Chance and Pastmaster up and ran out the door he looked in  every shop window he saw loads of kittens.

“Oh no!!” he thought, starting to get worried.

Later on the garage was full of kittens – these included Ulysses Feral, Mayor Manx, Callie Briggs, Ann Gora and Jonny.  This also included a mixture of the bad guys as  well.  In fact, all of them were there.  Jake wiped his forehead with his paw.

“Just when i thought it couldn’t get worse….”  He trailed off. The place smelt  terrible; he knew what this meant.

“Mega Diaper Changing Time!!!!” he said, almost fainting.

“Chance, (pant pant) come back here !!!!” Jake shouted at a diaperless Chance  who was crawling at top speed.

“No change. No change,” the kitten replied, climbing the t.v before pouncing  onto the sofa.

Felina came in with the t.v remote.

“Oh, Chancey,” she called out. “If you don’t let Jake put your diaper on, you won’t be allowed to watch Scaredy Kat.

“Scaredy Kat!”  Chance screeched to a halt.

Later on, when all the kittens were asleep, Jake put the Pastmaster’s cloak  around him, raised the watch and reversed the words from the spellbook.  There was  a gigantic flash and he found a normal, grown-up Chance next to him.

“Hey, buddy, what’re ya doing?”

Jake looked around; there were no kittens anywhere.


“Hey, Jake, come on – we’re going to have that competition.”


“Yeah, the chili pepper competition.”

“Oh, ok, Chance.”  As Jake sat down to eat the peppers he smiled about the day that he could only call baby a.k.a his most tiring day ever.

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