Original SWAT Kats Story

Baby Day 2: Who’ll be the Hero

By Rebecca Mason

  • 1 Chapter
  • 2,944 Words

The return of the Baby Day. But, this time, the ages are scattered! Will the day be saved by the baby SWAT Kats or *snicker* a young Mayor??!!

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It was just another boring day in MegaKat city. There hadn’t been a crime in weeks. Mac and Molly were in the slammer. Hard Drive decided to take a break from stealing electricity and took to soaking up the sun (but, only for the summer). Dr Viper didn’t wanna come out from his swampy lair (his skin would peel). Dark Kat was probably planning something, but was being really long in doing it. Either way, most of MegaKat City’s katizens were enjoying the holidays.

While some had to work. Callie had gotten so hot she’d ordered a fan (queen-sized) be delivered to her room.

“*Sigh* I wish Manx could write his own speeches!!” Callie complained as the pile of paper work started to mount up on her.

<Elsewhere, at Jake and Chance’s Garage>

The Boys were messing around in the big pool they have out back.

“Hey Jake, last one in the pool stinks like rotten milk!” Chance yelled as he ran (clad in Scaredy Kat swim shorts) to the pool.

Jake, who did not wanna be in the pool last, followed just behind Chance. “Hey… Hey Chance!!!!”

Both dived into the pool at exactly the same time. When they surfaced, they started to argue.

“Jake, I jumped in first!!”

“No you didn’t – I did!!”

“Did not!!”

“Did too!!”

The argument carried on for ages until they came to a conclusion.

“It looked neck and neck to me.”


“Hey, Jake?” Chance asked his orange buddy, who was drying his fur with his (Sci-Fi) towel.

“Yeah Chance?” Jake replied.

“Do I still act like a kitten?”

There was a pause. Finally, Jake answered “No, not at all. Why’d you say that?”

“Ahh,… never mind.”


The Pastmaster flicked through the pages of his spellbook, looking for the spell he wanted to use last time. “Hah Hahh!!!! At last, I have finally found the spell which will help me take over MegaKat City!!!!” (Sound familiar?)

The Pastmaster once again climbed on top of the clock tower. (He loves that place doesn’t he?)

“And now……what the?!!” The Pastmaster noticed that a creepling had snatched his book. “Hey give that back!!!!!”

“Mmmmwweee ibb ib,” the creepling said.

He followed the creepling to Dark Kat’s secret hideout (an abandoned building), where he finally got it cornered. He snatched the spellbook from the creepling.

“And, now……”

But, before he could recite the spell, a tall dark figure (Dark Kat) walked out of the shadows and picked him up. He snatched the spellbook and threw the Pastmaster over his shoulder, sending the Pastmaster crashing into a pile of rubbish cans.

“Hmm, what’s this…… a spellbook?…… Then, that was……” Dark Kat turned and walked towards the small kat, who was brushing a banana peel from his treasured cloak and looked up at the tall kat.

“Soooo, you must be….the infamous Pastmaster,” Dark Kat said.

The Pastmaster backed off slightly. “Yes….. What’s my name to you?”

“My my, being a bit rude are we? …… I’m interested…..”

The Pastmaster felt uneasy. “In what?….. My spellbook?…… Sorry, but those spells won’t work without me.”

Dark Kat’s gleaming eyes lowered. “Fine then….. go ahead.”

The Pastmaster recited the spell, but one there was one thing he forgot to do. And, that was be somewhere high above the ground. Unfortunately, the Pastmaster realized this too late, and the transformation took place. The book glowed bright yellow and the spell covered the entire city.

The Pastmaster suddenly realized what went wrong. “Arrgghh!!! I was supposed to cast it from the highest point in the….goo ga!!”

The Pastmaster found himself falling and he landed on his cloak. He looked over to where Dark Kat had stood. In his place, a smaller version glared at him.

In baby language, the Pastmaster said, “Eh, heh wrong height??”……….

<In the Garage>

Little Jake scrambled out of his over-grown overalls.

(The rest of this is in their baby language.)

“Chance?” “Chance!!!!”

A muffled voice was heard across the room. “I’m here, Jake, and I’m stuck!!”

Jake ran over to Chance’s overalls. “Don’t worry, bud – I’ll get you out.” Jake dived into the clothing and grabbed a small yellow hand.

<An hour later>

“Whew, thanks buddy,” Chance said. “What happened?”

Jake looked at himself in the mirror. He was short and tubby, clad in a diaper, just a small fringe. “I…. we’re… KITTENS!!!!” Jake started to panic. “I can’t believe this has happened again!!!!! I turned everyone back to normal….. If we’re kittens, then that means……”

He rushed outside. Burke and Murray’s truck (that had been coming to the garage) had just stopped. Jake ran (or toddled) over to the still vehicle, climbed up to the window, and looked in. He almost fell to the ground laughing.

Burke and Murray were kittens too. They were tottering around on the seats. Their hats were over their eyes (Burke’s hat was just a little bit lower than Murray’s though ^_^.)

The only kats who weren’t kittens (but young adult kats) were Professor Hackle and Mayor Manx.

Jake told Chance about the problem.

Chance almost toppled over with shock. “Mayor Manx?! Hahhh!!!!! We’re doomed!!!!!!”

“This doesn’t look too good, buddy!” Jake said, looking at Chance who had just finished swapping (the sleeping) Burke and Murray’s hats.

Chance was grinning as he viewed the sleeping twosome, “Heh heh, look at that Jake…. Huh?… Oh yeah.”

Jake wandered around, worried about what had happened.

“How did this happen? I thought I’d saved the day last time…. unless….. Unless the Pastmaster cast the spell again!!”

Chance heard his friend’s mumbling and waddled over. “Huh? what d’ya mean last time??!!”

Jake turned to look at Chance. “Nevermind, Chance…… We’ve gotta find the Pastmaster’s spellbook and turn everyone back to normal.”

“Huh??” Chance replied.

“Well, Chance… Can you imagine the Mayor trying to save the day?”

Both Kittens thought:

<Mayor: Yes, okay…. Just after I’ve finished several rounds of golf…. Oh drat, I missed that hole!!”>

Chance and Jake giggled before getting into their overgrown Swat Kat suits.

“Hey, Jake…. I wish…. that our suits shrunk too!!”

“Yeah, I know, Chance, but they’ll have to do for now!”

<Meanwhile, all the villains bump into each other>

Mac couldn’t resist making a joke. “Heh, it’s a small world!!”

“No, Mac, we’re just small,” Molly said, correcting him.

Hard Drive rolled an egg over to them. “Hi, tom-kats…. and she-kat…. Look what I found.”

They all looked at the egg. It seemed to sway back and forth slightly.

“Oh…My…. I think it’s going to hatch!!” Molly squealed.

They all gathered round.

“Is it gonna be a dinosaur?” Mac asked.

“Maybe it’s gonna be a…. sabretooth tiger,” Molly said.

Hard Drive pondered. “I hope it’s gonna be a manta ray…. so I can absorb it’s electrical energy.” He grinned.

Then, the egg finally hatched and there was……Viper!!

“Oh darn.”

“Awww, I wanted a sabretooth!!”

“I wanted a manta Ray!!!!”

Little Viper frowned. “Heyyy, sshow sssome resspect!!!!”

“Who did this to us?” Molly asked.

“Yeah, that’s what I wanna know,” Hard Drive said inquisitively. “Is this who your looking for?” a small, but otherwise dark, figure said.

“Is it?” said both of the Manges.

“Could it……be….??” Hard Drive said, stepping back.

The figure spoke again. “Allow me to introduce myself….. My identity, as all of you know, was Dark Kat until this strange…. thing…. happened…… Now, I’m called Dark Kitten. I have the culprit who caused all of this – the Pastmaster.” “Eh….heh…..h..hi, everyone.”

The Bad Kats gathered round the little Pastmaster who suddenly burst out, “It wasn’t my fault – Dark Crud’s creeplings took my spell book!!”

Dark Kitten’s yellow eyes narrowed. “Oh sure, blame it on my innocent creatures…… Hey, wait a second…. If we’ve been turned into kittens, then that means the Swat Kats have become kittens too.” An evil smile spread across his face.

Molly scowled “No way!! we’re not joining forces again I still haven’t forgot the last time we did that and you betrayed us”

Viper nodded, “Yeah you ssaid that we would have the city divided into our own partsssss!!”

Dark Kitten failed to listen to them. “Just think – we’d have complete control over the city….”

Hard Drive began to carry on DK’s evil speech (or daydream). “…..and all the Swat Kats would want is their teddy bears.”

Slowly, the rest of them were wheedled into Dark Kitten’s plan. And, their familiar (evil) laughs echoed in the alleyway.

Chance and Jake were riding downtown in a pram that Jake had found (although he’d added a few things on it).

“Jake, I’ve got ta hand it to ya – you’re a genius,” Chance said, admiring the pram’s interior, which included a steering wheel and brakes.

“Thanks bud,” Jake replied, keeping his eyes on the street. “We’ve gotta find Callie,” Jake continued.

“Yeah, but Jake, where would she be?”

Jake thought for a moment. “Well, where did Callie used to go when she was younger?”

Chance raised one eyebrow. “Why should I know?…… Well, she used to like going to the park….”

Jake smiled. “Then, hopefully, that’s where we should find her.”

“Hey, Jake, maybe we should put on miniature Swat Kat uniforms.”

Jake slammed on the brakes. “Aw crud, I forgot… We’d better go back to the garage.”

Chance grinned. “No need, li’l buddy.”

“What d’ya mean?”

Chance grinned again and pulled two small versions of their costumes, complete with helmets and bandannas.

Jake was amazed. “But, how did you…..”

Chance started to blush. “I put them in the washing machine and, when I got them out, they’d shrunk.”

Jake just laughed. “Hah Hah, at least it saved us from doing all the work.”

They got to the park in two minutes.

“Hmm, maybe you should’ve put rocket boosters on the back, Razor,” T-Bone said as they jumped out of the pram and onto the soft grass.

“Well, I didn’t think it would matter since we’re not going to stay kittens for long….. I hope!”

They both spotted Callie sitting on the grass making a daisy chain. “Miss Briggs,” both tom kittens shouted as they ran up to her.

“Oh T-Bone, Razor, I’m so happy to see you both – something weird happened.”

T-Bone nodded. “Yeah, I know – we’re a lot younger than we should be.”

Callie nodded. “Yes, and look at Manx…”

The three kittens saw what looked like Mayor Manx in his clothes he plays in for golf… only he looked like he was in his mid-twenties, was slimmer, and the meaning of the name Manx seemed to show in him (Bravery and Courage).

T-Bone looked at Razor. “Kinda hard to believe that’s Manx, huh buddy?”

“Y..Yeah…,” Razor said back.


T-Bone and Razor sat in the park as Mayor Manx played golf.

Suddenly, T-Bone stood up and began walking towards the Turbo Kitten (The Pram).

“Hey, T-Bone, where ya going?” Razor asked his buddy.

“I’m gonna find the Pastmaster and reverse this spell…. Because, if we don’t turn back to normal,…. I might never marry Callie!!” answered the little yellow tabby.

“Good point!!” Razor replied.

Soon, they were going around the city in their little vehicle.


Dark Kitten, Baby Viper, Mac, Molly, Pastmaster and Hard Drive were on the look out for the Swat Kats (Or Swat Kittens in other terms).

“But, Dark Kitten..,” Baby Viper said, “..What happensssss if they sstill have their weaponssss? They’ll win easssily!”

Dark Kitten grinned an extremely evil grin (Too evil for a kitten to pull is all I can say!)and replied, “Yes, Viper… But, just because they’ll have their weapons doesn’t mean they’ll be able to fire them.”

Molly shuddered and whispered to Mac, “He’s planning something – I just know it!!”

Mac nodded. “I’m with ya on that one, Molly.”

Pastmaster was pouting. “Hmphh! I can’t believe it…. working with Dark Kat… eh… I mean Kitten. I was a lot older than any of them before this happened.”

Viper heard him. “Consssider yourssself lucky. At leassst you weren’t born a few hoursss ago!!”

At that point, the Swat Kittens came running (well..sort of) down the alleyway.

“Freeze, Dark Crud!!” both Kittens yelled, practically throwing themselves at Dark Kitten and his little group.

“Give us that watch, shorty!!” T-Bone shouted at the Pastmaster.

The little sorcerer scampered away from T-Bone and fell backwards.

“Acckkk!! I can’t get up!!” he cried.

Viper really didn’t want to get involved in any of this…. Well, maybe a tail whack or two at the Swat Kittens. He swung his tail at Razor, who jumped, and successfully hit Mac.

“You stupid fool!!” Mac yelled. “You were supposed to get that Swat Kitten.”

Viper bared his little fang (It was the only tooth he had at the moment) at Mac. “Well, hey, what did you expect – I’m only 4 hourssss old!!”

Both kittens started attacking each other.

Molly saw this and sighed. “Look’s like I’ll have to do this myself!!” (Now, just so you know, she doesn’t have those weapons of hers and neither does Mac.) She then proceeded to run at T-Bone. (She’s gonna scratch him.)

Razor saw Molly heading for T-Bone, ” Hey T-Bone Mange at 12:00!!” Razor yelled to his buddy.

“Right,” T-Bone said and dodged Molly. He then ran towards the Turbo Kitten and pushed the canopy (the pram hood) over him. “Hey, Razor, I’ll distract Molly while you get the watch,” T-Bone said as the pram trundled off.

Molly leapt onto the canopy and began ripping it with her claws.

“Hey, Lady, don’t mess with my jet…..I mean….pram!!” T-Bone yelled at Molly.

Then, T-Bone slammed on the brakes, which sent Molly flying over the top (A reason as to why you should always wear your seatbelt) and she landed on the ground, knocked out.

Razor, in the meantime, had succeeded in grabbing the watch. Then, who should turn up but Commander Ulysses Feral and his enforcers. Feral looked to be around ten years old and the enforcers ages seemed to vary.

“You’re under arrest, Dark Kitten!!” he said as the Enforcers put the handcuffs on the purple villain.

Felina put handcuffs on the Pastmaster. “The same goes for you, Pastmaster!!” the young She-Kat said. (Felina looks to be around five ^_^.)

The Pastmaster would have struggled, but it was no use. “Noooo, no, it’s not fair!!!!” was all he could say. (Not that Felina or Feral could understand it.)

Very soon, they’d rounded up Mac and Molly, Viper and Hard Drive.

And, they’d got Pastmaster to turn everyone back.

Mac, Molly, Dark Kat, Pastmaster and Viper yelled at Hard Drive. “Why didn’t you do anything?!”

Hard Drive gulped and thought of a quick excuse. “Erm…..My electricity suffered a power cut!!” he said quickly.

They all just groaned.

That Evening…….

“Well, I guess that’s another Baby Day over and done with,” Jake sighed as he relaxed in front of the T.V.

“Oh yeah, you were going to tell me all about that,” Chance said.

“Oh….Alright…. Well, it all started like this….” The End…… I finally finished it ^_^ (Now, I’ll be able to do more stories.)

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