Original SWAT Kats Story

A SWAT Kat Christmas Story

By Rebecca Mason

  • 1 Chapter
  • 335 Words

Christmastime with Chance and Jake.

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It was Christmas in MegaKat City. Snow was falling, making roads all slushy. The roads were jammed. Kittens were playing in the snow and Mayor Manx was playing golf in his office. Pop Perkins was selling special copies of Kat Kommandos. In Chance and Jake’s garage the two tomkats were decorating for Christmas.

“Chance, pass me the angel.”

“Chance came in with a mince pie.

“What, Jake?” the big tomkat just managed to swallow the mince pie whole.

“I said pass me the angel.”

Chance got the little kitten dolly dressed in silk with a halo on its head.

“Here ya go, buddy,” he said passing the doll up to Jake.

“There,” Jake said as he wiped his sweaty brow. “Our tree is completed!!” Okay then, Chance, let’s go watch that Scaredy Kat Christmas marathon.”

Chance looked at him.

“But, Jake, I thought you didn’t like Scaredy Kat.”

Jake just laughed.

“Hey, buddy, it’s Christmas. Anyway, I guess I’ve grown to like it.”

Ten hours later, they were ready to go to sleep. Jake got into his bed. He was amazed to see Chance bounding around like a kitten who had had too much sugar.

“Chance, what are you doing?”

“I’m putting treats down for Santa.”

Jake looked at Chance really strange.

“Say what?” Jake still couldn’t believe his friend. “But, Chance, you know he’s not real.”

“Oh Jake, how could you say that – I’ve believed in him ever since I was a kitten.”

“But… but you never told me and I’ve known you ever since I was a newborn.”

They went to sleep and found presents under the tree when they woke up.

“Wow, he came.” Jake just couldn’t believe it.

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