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Mistakes and Guilt

By Razor’s Shadow

  • 1 Chapter
  • 881 Words

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Author's Notes:

Title: Mistakes and Guilt
Author(s): Razor’s Shadow
E-mail address: htbender2001@yahoo.com
Date: 8/11/10
Rating: K+
Warnings: Violence, strong language
Disclaimer: SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron,” its characters and concepts are copyright to Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc and are used without permission.
Summary: Two new faces have arrived in Megakat City. One with destruction in mind, the other determined to protect the his new home. Who are they and what past do they share?
Author’s Comments/Notes:First fanfic, so please be nice.

Alex stood on his apartment balcony surveying the city around him, marveling at the almost haunting beauty it possessed in the twilight hours. He lightly moved his brush across the canvas, trying to capture the essence of the city’s unique beauty during this fleeting time period. Lost in his work, it wasn’t until the sun began to beat down on him relentlessly that Alex stopped his painting with a sigh. No longer able to work, his mind immediately traveled to his real reason for coming to the city he now considered home, Megakat city. With another sigh he swore a silent oath to defend the beauty of the city. He knew the city had a reoccurring problem with villains, and, while normally the Swat Kats managed to defeat them all, this one was his problem. His adversary wouldn’t destroy another city.


“Hey, Chance, can you hand me that wrench?” Jake asked his friend without looking up from his work.

“Sure thing, buddy,” Chance said before handing over the requested tool. “So, how much longer before you finish the engine upgrades?”

“This should just about do it,” Jake stated, coming out from under the Turbo Kat.

“Awesome, can’t wait to test them out.” Chance couldn’t hide his smile or the glint in his eye at the prospect.

Just then, the alarm went off. “Looks like you will get the chance sooner then you thought, buddy,” Jake said while donning his flight suit.


“Why are you doing this?” one brave security guard asked the unknown villain.

“Why?” the villain cackled, “I’m trying to relay a message to the so called heroes of this city. Well that and it’s fun.”

The security guard looked at the carnage around him and cringed before looking at the monster responsible. “Someone will stop you,” he spat dryly.

His comment was rewarded with a laugh that sent a shiver down his spine. “That would be what I was hoping for.”

“Be careful what you ask for,” Razor stated before successfully sticking the unknown villain to the wall with a mini octopus missile.

The guard sighed in relief at the sight and was all too happy to accept T-Bone’s offer to get out of there.

“Ah, the Swat Kats, I was wondering when you would arrive,” the unknown villain spoke before easily breaking out of the missile. “Too bad you challenged me alone; with your partner you might have stood a chance.”

Before Razor could react in anyway, he found this unknown enemy right on top of him. With inhuman strength he lifted Razor up and threw him across the room with so much force that on impact Razor left an imprint on the wall before slumping to the floor.

“That wall is solid steel!” Razor managed to choke out. “What are you?”

“What I am is of no concern to you. You are after all just a minor annoyance,” was the only reply Razor received as, once again, he found himself lifted into the air.

His life on the line, adrenaline allowed Razor to ignore his pain and fight against his captor. Unfortunately, his opponent’s incredible strength made it impossible for him to break free, and, soon, he found himself being tossed through the air yet again. He braced himself for the impact as best he could.

The impact never came; before he hit the ground someone Razor had never seen before had saved him.

“You okay, Razor?” the newcomer asked.

“Yeah, thanks, and you are?” Razor asked, unable to keep the surprise out of his voice.

“I’m a friend, and I apologize for my trash being in your city,” was the only response he received before this new ally turned his attention to the villain. “Time to end this game of Kat and mouse.”

“You again! What will it take to rid myself of you and your constant interference?” For the first time the villain seemed upset but quickly regained his composure. “Well, I guess it’s time for act 1 to come to an end. Do not be disheartened though, for I promise to come back for act 2 and the end of all those who oppose me.”

Then, an instant later, the room was full of smoke and the mysterious enemy was gone.

“Who was…?” Razor turned to ask the newfound ally only to find him gone as well.

Razor just shook his head before making contact with T-Bone. “Hey, buddy, sorry to report that the person responsible got away.”

“No worries, buddy, we’ll get him next time. In the meantime, I think we should take off before Feral blames this on us.”

“Roger, T-Bone, on my way,” Razor replied before taking one more look back at the room one last time before heading off to the Turbokat, wondering just who the new villain was and what the ally meant about bringing trash to their city.

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