Original SWAT Kats Story

Feral’s Choice

By Razor’s Halo

  • 1 Chapter
  • 1,390 Words

(Unfinished) When Razor is injured in a battle with Dark Kat and is found by Feral will his identity be revealed, and, if Dark Kat lives, how will T-bone deal?

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Author's Notes:

Title: Feral’s Choice
Author: Razor’s Halo
E-Mail: Twistedhalo6@aol.com Rating: PG
Warnings: Some violence and descriptions of blood.
Disclaimer: “SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron,” its characters and concepts  are copyright to Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc and are used without permission.

T-bone took the jet into a nosedive, fighting the urge to throw up as  the g-forces came into play.

Dark Kat’s missiles speed downward; he couldn’t dodge. “Razor!” he yelled  “Shoot the missiles! I can’t keep descending!”

The caramel-colored kat in the back of the monstrous jet watched the  screen closely. As the missiles neared, numbers and lights began popping up on  the screen. The kat’s eyes watched the screen intently, his chestnut gaze never  leaving the blinking missile bleeping across the screen.

“C’mon, buddy, we are cutting it close even for me,” the burly striped kat  called back, still watching the ground in front of him rapidly closing.


Commander Feral lay back in his chair, sinking into the soft upholstery.   He stretched and checked the clock. 5:00 pm.  He hated paper work. And, he had  forms galore. Feral shook out his writers cramp and continued writing. About   15 minutes later, the phone rang, the sound startling Feral into abrupt  alertness. Picking up, he identified the voice on the other line as Felina, his  niece.

“Commander, we have a situation!” panted Felina, obviously exhausted.   “Dark Kat has penetrated the outer forces!”

“Why wasn’t I informed of this attack earlier!?” spat out Feral.

“Lieutenant Commander Steele thought we could handle it,” came the  lieutenant’s annoyed reply.

“I’ll be right over.”  Feral hung up the phone and began to stomp up the  stairs to the chopper landing. When he stepped outside, he drew his coat around  him as the cooling evening air stirred up his coat tails, flapping them in the wind.  He jumped into the chopper and took off to the air fight.


“Missiles deployed!” the caramel kat shouted as two missiles shot out of the   jet, hitting their mark and causing a shower of fire to half blind the kats as T-bone   pulled up just in time to see Dark Kat’s ship speed away.

“Crud,” growled T-bone for just as he was about to give chase the canopy was  sliced through with a piece of debris from an Enforcer chopper shot down by Dark  Kat. The jet spiraled out of his control. Controls started to spark thanks to  the mangled chopper pieces that began to fall through the openings in the  jet.

In the back, Razor was struggling to inch backward from the sparking  weapon’s panel. More scrap fell through the canopy, slicing it the rest of  the way and peeling back the metal like a can of sardines. T-bone jerked  around as Razor screamed, but before he could see what had happened, a piece of  metal dropped down rendering him unconscious.


Feral shielded his eyes from the explosions from the fight going on.  He  looked around, observing the scene, when he noticed to his surprise and pleasure  that the vigilantes known as the Swat Kats were no where to be seen. Suddenly,  Felina radioed in.

“Commander! The Swat Kats have been shot down!”

Coldly, Feral replied, “Felina, how are the Enforcers involved in this?  Bring  in reinforcements and continue fire.  The Swat Kats are no concern to us.”

Felina’s voice wavered on the other line.  “Uncle..”

“Continue fire – we will continue this conversation later,” replied Feral.

The Commander ended the transmission and sighed. He was snapped into  awareness by a yell of surprise and joy coming from a small fleet of Enforcer  jets.

“We did it, Commander!  Dark Kat has been shot.  We got the ship and I  think it took out the main control area.  We think he is dead!

Commander Feral stared blankly out at the fear ship, its smoking form  hovered in the air as Enforcers boarded.  He squinted in the darkening sky as  he thought he saw a light escape into the night, but when he looked again, it  was gone.  Shaking his head, he listened to the rest of the transmission.

“The ship is a wreck, Commander.  We can’t find a body, but who on earth  could survive it?”

The Commander brought his chopper close and boarded the ship, its sleek form  scratched and dented.  He gagged as he stepped inside.  The air smelled of  burning flesh.  Creeplings littered the ground, some still smoking.


T-bone moaned softly as he awoke his head throbbed and his eyes were  having trouble adjusting to the darkness around him. From the crickets he heard  he guessed the jet had fallen somewhere on the outskirts of Megakat City.  Tugging on his restraints, he freed himself from the Turbokat.  Rubbing his  head, he winced as he felt a wet spot, blood. Suddenly, he remembered the  scream he had heard before the crash.

“Oh my god, Razor!”  T-bone raced as fast as his throbbing head would let  him to the back of the jet. He pulled back in horror when he got there. Razor  wasn’t there.  The restrains were sliced through and the seat was stained with  blood.

A loud crackle snapped him out of his trance as the weapons panel began  to spark even more catching fire to the grass below. T-bone backed up and started  in a painful sprint away from the burning jet.  He ducked and covered, hitting the  ground hard as what he expected was weapon panel exploded.


Razor awoke.  His head hurt and blood was pooling under him.

Why am I bleeding? He thought foggily.  Where am I?

The caramel kat shakily stood up, cringing as his body protested. He felt  groggy, and he couldn’t remember where he had been. Where was home? Razor did the  only thing he could think to do, walk. He moved slowly and jerkily, his injuries  slowing him down and blood loss making him faint.

At about 6:00 am, he stumbled into Megakat City.  The mile walk had taken  hours and the time was taking its toll.

Razor tripped and resisted the urge to stay down.  He wasn’t sure why he kept  walking or if he had anything to walk for.  He couldn’t remember. Right before  he could get up, a newspaper blew into his face.  The picture on the cover was  of a tall kat, dark brown in color, his face stern.  The subtitle read:  Commander Feral’s Enforcers take out Dark Kat.

Razor turned his head to the side, sending the gray sidewalk spinning.   Something was familiar about that name, but he couldn’t put his finger on it.  That was his last thought before the sidewalk stopped spinning and darkness took  over.


Commander Feral walked down the sidewalk to the Enforcer Headquarters to  retreive his car, a smile stretched across his face.  Dark Kat was assumed  dead and the Swat Kats had nothing to do with it. He stopped abruptly when he  felt his shoes slosh into a puddle.  He rolled his eyes.  Just great he thought  disgustedly.  Now he was wet.  He sighed with dismay as he felt his boot soak  through. When Feral looked down, his expression of disgust turned to sickness  as he saw not water pooled around his black boots but blood, blood emanating  from a Swat Kat lying sprawled across the pavement.

For a moment, Feral wanted to scream, then curiosity took over.  Now was  his chance.  He could unmask the vigilante.  The thought was tempting and, as he  leaned closer, he noticed the blood caked on the mask.  The kat’s tightly shut eyes  began to flicker as if noticing the Commander.

“Umm…. Rrrrr.” The Swat Kat known as Razor struggled to form the words.  Razor’s cracked voice was barely a whisper. “C.. Commander Feral….help.”

All thought of exposing the kat was postponed; it could wait.  The Swat  Kat needed help.   To be continued….  How’d you like it? It was my first story ever and I will continue it soon. If u want to give me feed back, e-mail me at Twistedhalo6@aol.com

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