Original SWAT Kats Story

The Weakness

By Razaar

  • 1 Chapter
  • 540 Words

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“Dark Kat, come out with your paws up.” Commander Feral yelled into his megaphone.

“Come on, Uncle. You don’t really think that lunatic is going to give up do you?” Felina asked him.

“I was just giving him fair warning. Move in.”

Suddenly Dark Kats’ voice boomed out of a loud speaker on top of the building he was hiding in.

“Don’t come any closer. I have hostages and if you try to stop me I’ll kill them.”

“That’s just great. Hold your fire.” C. Feral yelled to his troops.

**Inside the building**

“Do you think he’ll really let us go?” whispered one of the hostages.

“Shut up. You mewling bunch of cowards. If I lose, you lose. You see I’ve rigged this place to explode and while I make good my getaway, you, in approximately two minutes, will cease to exist.” Dark Kat motioned to his minions to move out with the things he had stolen. He pushed the button on his control device to set the timer. “Have a nice day.”

“No don’t leave us here. My son…” one of the hostages trailed off.

“That doesn’t matter to me.” Dark Kat said to the hostage, and walked out the door leaving them tied up and helpless.

As Dark Kat was escaping in an access tunnel for the buildings wiring, he stopped and listened under a vent to the crowd, suddenly a kitten ran through the crowd and began to cry for his mother, Dark Kat began to have a flashback…

There was the dark street; he and his mother were out walking. They were just trying to get home, when suddenly a group of kats dressed in dark clothing and ski masks jumped them. They began to beat his mother and she called to her son “Run” so he did. The next day the Enforcer’s announced that they were not going to pursue the case. Dark Kat’s mother had died on the way to the hospital. Since that time an awful rage and hatred for the Enforcers had consumed him.

Suddenly Dark Kat snapped out of it. He heard the sound of the Turbokat overhead. Dark Kat knew what he must do. He grasped the grating in his paws and pulled on it with all his weight and tore it off. He pulled himself up through the hole. Several Enforcers charged him and he knocked them away.

The Turbokat had landed and Dark Kat walked up to the SWAT Kats. He stood there, watching them. He pulled out the control device and hit a second button. Inside the building the timer stopped.

He walked up to T-Bone and Razor and held up his paws, waiting for them to take him in.

“I realized that I have become that which I sought to destroy. Take me in.”

The two SWAT Kats looked at each other and then at Dark Kat. Razor reached out and tied Dark Kats hands together. Then led him away.

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