Original SWAT Kats Story

Shadow’s Story

By Razaar

  • 1 Chapter
  • 1,215 Words

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Known only as the ‘Shadow’ he slipped along silently. He was stalking. The wind blew his tangled, dirty blonde fur softly. He sat watching from a building ledge. He saw his quarry slinking along behind a lone she-kat. He bared his fangs savagely and put a paw on the handle of his skinning dagger which was strapped around his waist. His eyes gleamed softly as he dropped to the dim street below. He moved along dodging broken glass and trash. Stalking, stalking. As the mugger made his move, the she-kat screamed and that was Shadow’s cue. He leapt forward and drove a wide dagger through the criminals’ throat. A gurgle escaped the muggers throat and he fell over on the ground dead. Shadow glanced at the she-katas he pulled out the skinning knife, he noted she had passed out. He sniffed at her face and she stirred slightly. Shadow turned back to the dead criminal, but before he could begin his work, his keen ears heard the sound of the Enforcer sirens. Shadow crouched and layed his ears flat. He retrieved his weapons and climbed up the side of a building. Shadow sat on a ledge and watched the scene below.

“Oh man, Lestrade, you gotta see what this she-kat did to this guy!” Officer Bantry was crouched examining the knife wound. Detective Lestrade waved him out of the way and looked at the wound.

“It wasn’t any she-kat who did this. This was done by somekat who knew what they were doing.” Lestrade glanced over at the paramedics and watched them helping the she-kat recover from the shock. He leaned over closer to Officer Bantry and whispered, “When they examine him at the mourge, they’ll find his vocal cords severed.” Without another word Lestrade got up. Bantry took a deep breath and coughed.

“Phew. It smells like someone who hasn’t taken a bath in a year!” He remarked. Lestrade seemed to roll his eyes skyward, in reality he was looking at the side of the building.

“You’re just smelling your upper lip.” Lestrade quipped. He had seen what he was looking for. Lestrade grabbed Bantry and pulled him accross the street away from the building.

“What’s the big idea?” Bantry asked. Lestrade shushed him.

“Just look over my shoulder nonchalantly. Look at the third floor of that building.” Lestrade said.

Bantry looked up and caught Shadow. Shadow swayed back and forth a little. Bantry looked back down quickly, snapping back to attention on Lestrade.

“Do you think that’s him?” he asked. Lestrade nodded slowly. Shadow couldn’t hear waht was going on, but from his vantage point it looked like idle Enforcer gossip.

Lestrade had quickly come up with a plan to capture Shadow. Whether or not he was the right kat, they had to check. He had two Enforcers hide in the dark shadows while two other Enforcers stood below and taunted Shadow until he came down. And come down he did.

Shadow hissed and dropped to the ground. He charged around the corner after the Enforcers. Luckily, they were fast enough to get away. Shadow crouched near a car. He saw the she-kat sitting in an abulance. He loped over and peeked in.

Suddenly a net enveloped Shadow and he shrieked and lashed out in rage. This only suceeded in getting him more tangled. Finally he gave up and lay still, worn out by the exertion. He felt a slight prick as one of the paramedics sedated him, then sleep closed in on him.

Chapter 2-Caged Tiger

When Shadow awoke, he found himself in a cell in Enforcer Headquarters. He became aggitated when he discovered his knives were missing. An Enforcer whose badge proclaimed him to be ‘Steele’ tromped up. Steele smirked and held up Shadow’s knives taunting him with them. Shadow snarled and leapt at the bars. He pushed his paws through and slashed the air in front of Steele’s face.

“Give me mah knives! NOW!” Shadow yelled.

Steele stepped back a little farther smiling visciously. Shadow lashed his tail and chattered his teeth.

“Bath time, stinky.” Steele said. A group of Enforcers walked in and gave Shadow a bath by spraying him down with a hose. After the water was shut off Shadow hurled dire threats at them.

“I’ll kill yah all! Tis DEATH!” he shrieked. Steele took the hose from the Enforcers and sprayed Shadow with it.

“You should enjoy baths you stinkin’ murderer.” Steele said squirting Shadow again.

“I’m gonna chew you up and spit you out, you scum…” Steele began. Before Steele could finish, Shadow had whipped off one of his waterlogged boots and hurled it at Steele. The boot struck him directly in the forehead knocking him unconcious.

“Chew on that ya creep.” Shadow said watching as the snickering Enforcers drug Steele off down the the stairs by his feet. Shadow shook most of the water out of his fur. He shivered and curled up in the dryest corner of his cell, finally he dozed off.

Chapter 3

“Jeez, poor guy. They locked you up in there all wet.”

Shadow jerked his head his head up and looked at the speaker. A young Enforcer she-kat stood outside his cell. Shadow got up and poked his nose through the bars, she came closer pulling out a set of keys.

“If I were to move you over there into that cell by the window, you wouldn’t try to run away now would you?” she asked. Shadow shook his head no.

“Ah’m too waterlogged to go anywhere. Wot could ah do but drip on you?” he asked as she unlocked the door. Shadow came out and retrieved his left boot which had been lying where it had landed after it knocked Steele out. Then he followed the she-kat to the new cell. She opened the door and locked him inside.

“There now. My best guess is you’ll be getting a cold…” She said. A loud yell was heard and a high pitched whining scream. “That’s just Steele getting bellowed at. My name is Sargent Rinkly O’Reilly. But you can just call me Rinkly. Everyone else does.”

“Much better…but still not much like mah lair.” Shadow said as he inspected the new cell. “My real name you can’t know, but you can just call me Shadow.”

“Lair? Is there a story behind all this?” Rinkly asked.

“There is. Ah can tell it to you if you want to hear it…” Shadow offered.

“How’s tomorrow. I’ll bring a friend if you don’t mind…” Rinkly said.

“Tomorrow’d be just fine. Not like I really have anything pressing to do…” Shadow said sitting down on the cot. Rinkly smiled at him and left on her rounds. Shadow yawned and stretched out. It was only a matter of time.

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