Original SWAT Kats Story

The Doctor is In

By Raymond Liong

  • 2 Chapters
  • 1,555 Words

Dr. Viper is attacking the city with an army, only this time using a mind-controlling gas that he has used to turn Chance and Felina into his mindless minions

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Chapter 1

Razor, working all night repairing the TurboKat. It was recently damaged in a battle with the Metallikats. Then, suddenly an alarm rang.

“Yes Miss Briggs” He said.

“Razor, there’s a problem at City Hall the whole army is heading this way.” Callie Briggs said.

“Maybe they’re having a parade.” Razor said.

“I don’t think so Razor, they’re firing!” Callie yelled.

“I’ll get there right away, Miss Briggs.” Razor replied. He quickly got in the newly repaired Cycletron and headed for City Hall. Meanwhile, at the house of Enforcer Lt. Felina Ferral, is wearing Make-Up.

“Hurry Up, Felina or we’ll miss the movie.” Chance Furlong, the date of Lt. Ferral said.

” I’m ready.” Felina answered.

“Let’s get going.” Chance said. As Chance opened the door, gas entered the room and knocked down the Lt. and her date. A unknown voice said “Hehehe,  first the army,  then the Enforcers, then Megakat City and then the whole world!!!”

At City Hall, Razor tries to defend Mayor Manx and Deputy Mayor Briggs from the entire Megakat City Army! Suddenly a figure appears on top of Megakat Towers. Razor uses his scope to see who it was. To his surprise, it was Dr. Viper! Dr. Viper  yelled “Behold Ssswat Kat! The power of Dr. Viper!” Then, choppers came and started firing at the army. Commander Ferral, leading the choppers yelled “Give Up, Viper!” “Nice try, Ferral !” Viper laughed.

“I have a surprise for you!” Then a jet joined the battle.

“See, Ferral I have your niece working for me!” Viper explained. The two pilots of the jet is Chance and Felina.

“And her date certainly is a good pilot!” Viper laughed.

“Chance?” Razor said, surprised.

Dr. Viper commanded “Get the Enforcers my pets.” In no time at all Chance and Felina defeated the whole chopper squadron.

“Now get the Swat Kat.” Viper Commanded. Razor got so mad he fired at Viper. But Razor’s hit never got close. Chance and Felina blasted it. Razor tried to escape. Being a better pilot, Chance headed Razor off at the past. Felina fired 3 missles. Razor dodged them but was duped. He was so busy dodging the missles he nearly hit a lamp post. Razor shot all his missles at Chance and Felina. Only 2 missiles hit among 10. The jet’s heavy armor took most of the damage. The jet began to slow down because Razor hit the fuel tank! Razor activated his emergency thrusters and escaped. Without Razor around, Dr. Viper conquered City Hall and captured Mayor Manx and  Deputy Mayor Briggs.

Meanwhile, back at the hangar, Razor quickly repaired the TurboKat.

“I’ll need the TurboKat if I’m going to defeat the army, the Enforcers, Felina and Chance.” Razor said. At City Hall, Dr. Viper wonders why there was only one Swat Kat.

“Hmmmm” Dr. Viper thought.

“Felina’s date was a pretty good pilot. Almost as good as the other Swat Kat who wasn’t there.” Dr. Viper said. He called for Chance.

“Are you a Swat Kat?” Viper asked.

“Yes, I am” answered Chance. Dr. Viper laughed. Meanwhile back at the hangar, Razor was still repairing the TurboKat. Until he heard a voice “Hiya buddy.” “T-Bone?” Razor asked.

“Yup.” T-Bone was wearing his Swat Kat gear.

“Dr. Viper wants to talk to you.” T-Bone explained.

“Fight it, T-Bone don’t let Viper control you.” Razor said.

“I told Viper everything.” T-Bone said.

“WHAT?” Razor asked. T-Bone brought out a small spray can and sprayed Razor.

“aaa..gas..aaaohhhh” Razor choked as he fell to the ground.

“Ohhhhhh..where..where…am..I?” Razor asked as he slowly woke up.

“You’re at City Hall, buddy.” T-Bone answered.

“Yesss, now I have two Swat Kats.” Viper laughed.

“What are you going to do to me?” Razor asked.

“The same thing I did to your friend.”  Viper replied. Viper brought out an injection. He was about to inject Razor when Razor picked the Hand-Cuff and kicked away the injection. T-Bone tried to capture Razor when Razor jumped out the window. Razor parachuted down and ran for it.

“Get him!” Viper yelled.

“I planted a bomb at your HQ so when he lands a foot on your hangar, KABOOM!” Viper yelled. T-Bone got to his senses and punched Viper “Viper, you sicko!” T-Bone yelled and got in a plane and flew off to find Razor. Back at the hangar, Razor rode the Cycletron and left. He already knew about the bomb and carefully deactivated it. When he was about 30 feet away, he brought out a remote control and clicked a button. The  Body Shop went undergound and up came up was rubble. He clicked another button then restarted the bomb and the whole Salvage Yard blew up. Meanwhile, T-Bone was still searching the city when they saw the explosion. T-Bone’s eyes became white. He yelled “NOOOOOO. Not Razor.” He quickly headed for the Salvage Yard. When he landed he quickly searched for Razor. He found Razor. Unknown to T-Bone, it was only a dummy. He yelled “VIPER!!! I’m going to kill you!!!” Meanwhile, at Pumadine Labs Razor steals certain equipment. then he hurried to Megakat Biochemical Labs. Meanwhile, T-Bone headed for City Hall to get Dr. Viper. He fired all the missles in his jet aiming at Viper, who is standing on top of City Hall. Before the missiles reached Viper, A grappling hook grabbed Viper and saved him. It was Felina Ferral in a jet “If you’re going to get Viper you have to get me first.” Felina said.

“I’m sorry if I kill you Chance, I really liked you.” “Shut up and get him.” Viper commanded.

Felina fired 3 missiles. T-Bone dodged them all. Felina  flew behind a building and waited. T-Bone didn’t know she was waiting so he followed. Suddenly, Felina fired most of her missiles at T-Bone. T-Bone flew up to escape the missiles. Knowing he couldn’t escape that way, he turned around and flew down. While flying down, T-Bone’s fuel almost ran out. He slowed down. Felina was behind him and about fired her last missiles. 2 out of 6 missiles hit first. T-Bone was about to eject but it was jammed. The other missiles were about to hit when something blew them up first. It was Razor, riding the TurboKat.

“RAZOR!” T-Bone yelled.

“I finally finished the TurboKat.” Razor said. Razor fired a grappling hook. T-Bone grabbed it. T-Bone was pulled into the TurboKat.

“I thought you died.” T-Bone said as he enters the cockpit.

“I found about the bomb when the plans for a bomb were posted on the wall. I put a fake dummy to fool you so you won’t know I’m alive. I then went to Pumadine and Megakat Biochemical Labs to get the neccesary equipment to finish up the TurboKat.” Razor explained. Suddenly Felina started firing her machine gun. T-Bone dodged them.

“Time to fire our own machine gun. Fire Cement Machine Gun.” Razor said. Felina was hit in the engine.

“Our engine’s clogged.” Felina said.

“Do something!” Ordered Viper. They plummeted down. Felina and Viper ejected safely. T-Bone landed. They ran to where Felina and Viper landed.

“Hold her for a sec. T-Bone.” Razor said. T-Bone held Felina so she wouldn’t move. Then Razor brought out an injection.

“Good thing I got the injection Viper almost used on me and reversed the effects.” Razor explained. Razor quickly injected Felina. Felina also came to her senses. Dr. Viper ran for it. He called the army.

“Let’s get to the TurboKat.” T-Bone suggested. They quickly got in the jet and flew off to defeat the army.

To be continued…

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