Original SWAT Kats Story

Hard Strike

By Raymond Liong

  • 2 Chapters
  • 1,359 Words

The Metallikats frame the SWAT Kats, who barely escape the wrath of the enforcers.

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Chapter 2

T-Bone, out of desperation, fires a grappling hook. The hook stuck on the cockpit and removed it. Razor was finally able to eject. Suddenly, Mac fired at T-Bone. The blasts blew up the Cycletron. T-Bone was able to duck. T-Bone was about fire his Glova Trix when the Molly grabbed Razor. “Don’t shoot or your friend here is finished.” Molly said. T-Bone didn’t know what to do. Suddenly, Razor fired his Glova Trix at the nearest building. The building collapsed on the Metallikats Razor included. “NO!” T-Bone roared. He quickly searched through the rubble for Razor. He found Razor, unconcious and bruised. Suddenly the Metallikats rose from the ashes and knocked T-Bone down.

The Metallikats were about to fire at T-Bone when Lt. Felina Ferral and the Enforcers fired at them. Molly was about to throw another grenade at the Enforcers when T-Bone fired his Glova Trix. T-Bone quickly grabbed Razor and brought him to safety. He then got extra grenades from Razor. He threw all of the grenades at the Metallikats. Molly was completely destroyed but Mac survived. He shot T-Bone in the shoulder. T-Bone fell to his knees. Mac punched T-Bone in the stomach and threw him. Mac was about to shout him when suddenly a missle hit Mac. It was Razor who shot Mac. Mac was about to shoot Razor when he suddenly exploded.

T-Bone and Razor talked to Felina. “We don’t what happened, they disappeared from the Evidence Room a week ago.” Felina said. “Well, We’d better get home,T-Bone” Razor said. “Roger that.” T-Bone answered.



Raymond G. Liong   P.S.  DJ, This is part of the “DEADLY REUNION” saga. A saga where someone revives all the dead enemies of the Swat Kats. This is part 1. I’ll give you more series of the “DEALY REUNION” saga.

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