Original SWAT Kats Story

Hard Strike

By Raymond Liong

  • 2 Chapters
  • 1,359 Words

The Metallikats frame the SWAT Kats, who barely escape the wrath of the enforcers.

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Chapter 1

One night, T-Bone and Razor were testing their new “stealth missle” when suddenly an alarm rang. They went to check it out. When they got to the bank they saw a robot robbing the bank. The Swat Kats were about to attack when out of nowhere missiles came straight at them! T-Bone was able to dodge them but a missle hit the Enforcer Building. The rubble fell on the TurboKat and they crashed on enforcer HQ. The robot had already escaped. T-Bone and Razor got out of the damaged jet.

“It’ll take a year to finish repairing the TurboKat.” Razor said. Commander Ferral came to them and said “You’re under arrest for damaging the Enforcer Building.”

“It wasn’t us Ferral.” T-Bone replied.

“Don’t tell me the missles just came out of nowhere.” Ferral said.

“Well,yeah.” Razor answered.

“Nice try, Swat Kats.” Ferral replied.

“Cuff them, Felina” Lt. Felina Ferral came and slowly cuffed the Swat Kats.

“I’m sorry guys,there’s nothing I can to do.” Felina said. The cuffed Swat Kats were slowly brought in.

“Remove tthe masks, Swat Kats!” Commander Ferral ordered. In a swift move, Razor kicked Ferral in the stomach and T-bone knocked down the two guards behind them. Razor took the keys for the cuffs and removed their cuffs. They ran for the nearest exit. The guards tried to shoot them. Before they escaped T-Bone got hit in the shoulder. They hijacked an Enforcer plane and escaped. When they reached the hanger, T-Bone’s wound became worse. Razor got the first aid kit.

“Thet was close.” Razor said while bandaging T-Bone’s shoulder.

“OW! Watch it Razor!” T-Bone yelled.

“What’ll we do next?” T-Bone asked.

“First, get the TurboKat and repair it. Then clear our names.” Razor answered.

“But how’ll we get the TurboKat back?” T-Bone asked.

“Simple, We’ll just borrow Berk and Murray’s truck and get the jet back.” Razor said.

“But you’re staying here ’till you get better.” “No way!” T-Bone replied.

“I’ll call Felina and ask her to take care of you for a while.” Razor said. He changed his and T-Bone’s clothes. Then Jake called Felina.

“Sure, I’ll take care of Chance for ya’” Felina answered. Minutes later, Jake brought Chance to Felina’s house. When Jake got back to the salvage yard. Berk and Murray were there waiting for him.

“Yo Jake, Where’s Chance? Is he too scared to come out?” Berk teased.

“No, he’s sick. What are you doing here?” Jake said.

“We just got back from Enforcer HQ, the Swat Kats left their stinking jet behind.” Berk said.

“Here, we got it. Sign this so we can dump it.” Jake signed the paper then Berk and Murray dumped the damaged TurboKat.

“Adios” Murray said before they left.

“Well, I least I don’t have to borrow Berk and Murray’s truck to get the TurboKat.” Jake said.

Meanwhile, at an abandoned warehouse, 2 people were talking.

“We did it. Thanks to Prof. Hackel’s invisible rocket launcher, we made it look like the Swat Kats fired those missles at the Enforcer Building” the first person said.

“And with these metal implants, the Swat Kats never suspected it was me Mac Minge, who robbed the bank.” the second person said. Meanwhile, at Felina’s house, Felina was trying to feed Chance his medicine.

“No way, I’m eating that crud.” Chance complained.

“You are going to eat your medicine whether you like it or not.” Felina said.

“Nooooavdbhjvkkkkkh…” Chance said while Felina gave his medicine.

“See, it wasn’t so bad.” Felina said.

“Wasn’t so bad!! It tasted very bad.” Chance said.

” I’d better call Jake and see how’s he doing.

“Hello, Jake how are you?” Chance asked.

“I’m dead-tired trying to repair the TurboKat.” Razor answered.

“How about you?” “My wound is feeling better.” Chance replied.

“See ya’ soon.” Then Chance put down the phone.

“By the way, Chance look what I rented at the video store.” Felina said.

“What?” Chance asked.

“SCARDY CAT” Felina answered.

“Cool, let’s watch it.” Chance said. Meanwhile, Jake was still trying to repair the TurboKat.

“Man, I am bushed!” Jake said. When suddenly the alarm rang. Jake answered it.

“What can I do for you, Miss Briggs?” Jake asked.

“The Metallikats are back!” Callie said.

“I’m on it.” Jake replied. He got dressed and rode the Enforcer jet they hijacked.

“I modified this jet so that it’ll be a snap to fly it. I also gave it a new paint job and new weapons.” Jake explained. He went to the site where the Metallikats were. Meanwhile,Felina and Chance were watching “SCARDY CAT” when Felina’s beeper beeped.

“Uh-Oh, Sorry Chance gotta go.” Felina said.

“What’s the matter?” Chance asked.

“Metallikats are back.” Felina answered. Then she left.

“I’d better call Jake.” Chance said. But no one answered. He quickly rode a taxi back to the salvage yard. He got dressed and took the Cycletron and went to look for Razor. Meanwhile, the Metallikats were heading for Pumadine Labs to get their Metallikat Express back. Razor was already behind them. He fired 2 OCTOPUS MISSILES. The Metallikats blew it up before the missiles reached them. Molly suddenly threw a grenade at Razor. The grenade hit the wing of the jet. The jet went crashing down into City Hall.

“Gotta eject.” Razor said. But the system malfunctioned. Razor couldn’t eject. T-Bone was close by.

“Gotta do something.”  T-Bone said.


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