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Razor’s Soul

By Quick Shot

  • 1 Chapter
  • 1,264 Words

(Unfinished) Razor gets Katnapped by a new villain in Mega Kat City. And, this new villain tries to make Razor half robot. Will he? Not related to the ‘Too Close’ series.

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Author's Notes:

AUTHOR: Quick Shot. (‘Weedy’)


DISCLAIMER: SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron,” its characters and concepts are copyright to Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc and are used without permission.

SUMMARY: Razor gets Katnapped by a new villain in Mega Kat City. And, this new villain tries to make Razor half robot. Will he? I guess the only way you’re going to find out is to read.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a work in progress. Not sure if I’ll go any further with it right now… But, I will finish it one day.

TITLE: Razor’s Soul (Working title)


Jake groaned as the sound of the alarm went off .awaking him from his slumber. He pulled his covers off, sat up and looked at his alarm clock on his bedside table.

He said in a sleepy tone as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, “Three am…”

The night before Jake hadn’t got much sleep from working on making more missiles and repairing the TurboKat from their encounter with Dark Kat and Hard Drive in the same day.

He heard Chance run past his room; he stood up and made his way down to the hanger dressed in only a pair of shorts.

As he climbed down the ladder, Chance had just finished talking to Miss. Briggs and was making his way over to his locker.

“Hey, Jake, there’s a new lowlife in Mega Kat City,” Chance said without one hint in his voice that he just got up.

“Yeah, and he obviously doesn’t sleep,” Jake said as he zipped up the front of his suit.

“What’s the matter, pal, can’t handle gettin’ up a little early?” Chance now full in his fight suit said as he ran over to the jet.

“No, not really,” Jake mumbled as he put his helmet on, also full in his flight suit.

When Razor was in the jet, they took off like all other times.

“Hey, I know what will wake you up, Razor,” T-Bone said as he looked back at his partner.

“Yeah, what?” Razor asked.

T-Bone just smirked his trademark smirk and turned back to the front. An instant later, the jet was doing a nose dive. When they were inches from the ground, T-Bone pulled the control stick towards himself. The TurboKat obeyed his command instantly by levelling out. T-Bone then made the jet go upward, then instantly levelled the TurboKat out.

Razor wasn’t really prepared for what T-Bone just did, and he felt a bit dizzy.

“Well, are you with the living yet, zombie eyes?” T-Bone asked with a big grin on his face.

Razor shook his head to get rid of the remaining feeling of dizziness before he answered.

“Don’t do that again. I’m not really in the mood for your crazy stunts, T-Bone. Just tell me what we’re dealing with,” Razor said, not in any tone but a sleepy one.

“Ok, well, Callie told me he likes Katnapping kats and making them half robot, and by making them half robot he can control their body,” T-Bone replied.

“Sorry about what I said before, buddy… I just haven’t been getting much sleep these days, but I shouldn’t take that out on you – it’s not your fault,” Razor said with a sigh.

“Hey, bud, don’t worry about it. So, what’s your plan?” T-Bone said as he looked back at his partner.

“Well, let’s just see where he is and what he’s doing,” Razor said as he rubbed his chin.

“Roger that.”

“Umm, T-Bone, where is this guy?” Razor asked.

“Callie told me somewhere near Mega Kat Park,” T-Bone answered as he made the jet bank to the left where Mega Kat Park is located.

Just as the guys were over Mega Kat Park, an alarm went off in the cockpit.

“It’s Callie,” T-Bone said before he answered. “Yes, Miss Briggs?”

“SWAT Kats, the guy you are after just went into the subway. I’ve got to go; the Mayor’s coming,” Callie said in a whisper and ended the tranmission.

“The subway, that’s just great – the TurboKat can’t fit in there,” T-Bone said.

“But, the Cyclotron can, pal,” Razor said, now fully awake.

“Good idea, we’ll..” Before T-Bone could finish his sentence Razor stopped him.

“Hold on, T-Bone. What if he decides to come out of the subway while we’re down there? I’ll just go down, ok?” Razor said, interrupting his partner.

“Ok, Razor, just be careful,” T-Bone said as he made the jet go low to the ground so he could launch the bike.

“Hey, you know me, pal,” Razor said before he launched out of the TurboKat and into the empty streets.

“Yeah, I know you,” T-Bone said with a bit of a laugh to himself.

On his way to the subway Razor didn’t have to dodge any traffic. Everyone was asleep, something Razor wished he was doing.

T-Bone followed Razor in the air. He flew behind Razor.

As soon as Razor was in the subway, T-Bone was on the radio to make sure it worked ok.

“Razor, do you copy?”

“Affirmative, T-Bone, but I don’t see this guy…” Razor didn’t get to finish his sentence when a loud static came over the radio.

“Arr, what the heck was that?” T-Bone said as the noise pierced his ears.

“Razor, do you copy? Razor, buddy, talk to me!” T-Bone said, but the only answer he got was static, not as loud as the first wave though.

Razor was trying to get through to T-Bone as well, but, like T-Bone, he only got static as his reply.

“Crud, T-Bone, can you hear me? T-Bone, do you copy? What just happened? Maybe it’s to do with the..” Before Razor got a chance to finish his sentence, a deep tom’s voice interrupted him, coming from his communicator.

“Your partner can’t hear you, and that’s all thanks to my little communicator. It jammed yours and allowed me to talk to you over your radio,” the voice said coolly.

“Just who are you?” Razor asked slowing the Cyclotron down and coming to a stop.

“Me, just call me Android. I’m like you, Razor. I love to invent new things,” the voice answered, not changing his tone.

“I’m nothing like you! You’re a criminal! You invent things to hurt kats. I invent things to help them and to stop scum like you!” If there was one thing Razor hated, it was a criminal saying he was like them or they are like him.

“You better watch your tongue, Razor.”

After Android said that, Razor felt something hit his back. It felt like a pin was just stabbed into his back. Razor reached and grabbed whatever hit his back.

When he saw what it was, his eyes widened. It was a dart.

Razor started to feel weak and even drowsier than he already was. He couldn’t keep his eyes open, and he fell to the ground out cold. The Cyclotron also fell over, not on Razor; it fell the other way.

A figure came out from the dark and picked up Razor’s body and disappeared back into the darkness.

Author’s note: That’s it for now. Just need to finish my Too Close series, and I will get stuck into this one.

Quick Shot out.

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