Original SWAT Kats Story

A Broken Promise (A Broken Soul)

By Quick Shot

  • 1 Chapter
  • 657 Words

Razor agonizes over the one promise Chance broke. Not related to the ‘Too Close’ series.

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Author's Notes:

AUTHOR: Quick Shot

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is only short. And has nothing to do with my other stories.


DISCLAMER: I don’t own anything to do with the show.

TITLE: A Broken Promise (A Broken Soul)

The hanger was empty the TurboKat gone and with it the cocky pilot. Only Jake is sitting down in the hanger, still in his flight suit. He’s been down there for two days now, not moving, just staring at a blue and partially red piece of metal.

He mumbled something as he sat on the cold cement ground, looking at the chunk of metal in his paws.


His eyes began swell with water as he held the metal tighter.

“Why did you break your promise?”

He closed his eyes as tears ran down his face.

He remembered back to when Chance promised.


“Wait, Chance, before we go out to let Megakat City know about us, let’s make a promise to each other,” Jake said, standing by his locker with a freshly marked R on it.

“Ok, what?” Chance asked, standing by his locker with the letters T-B freshly marked on it.

“Let’s promise if one goes down the other goes with him, no matter what. We go as a team.”

Chance hesitated for a minute. “Ok, buddy, I promise, if we do go as Razor and T-Bone, we do as a team.”

Jake said with a smile. “I promise too.”

“Good, now let’s rock and roll, partner.”

“Chance, you didn’t keep your promise, why? I remember you told me once that you never break your promises, so why did you? I never even got to say good bye.” More tears ran down Jake’s tearful face.


“Don’t worry, Jake, I promised you I wouldn’t watch any Scaredy Kat today. Chance Furlong always keeps his promises,” Chance said from the couch.

“Chance, the only reason you promised not to watch any Scaredy Kat today is it isn’t on today,” Jake said from in the garage, wiping grease off his paws.

“Yeah, well I’m keeping my promise, ain’t I?”

Jake rolled his eyes and went into the kitchen.

“That old saying is true…. You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone,” Jake whispered, dropping his head.

He felt so alone, so betrayed. He just wanted to lay down and die; he wanted to be with his partner and see his trademark smirk so bad.

With Chance gone, so was part of Jake’s soul. Jake felt like a part of him died with Chance, the best part of him.

Chance’s promise wasn’t the only thing he broke. Jake’s soul also broke.

What hurt Jake the most was the fact that he never got to say goodbye to his big brother.

As Jake sat in the hanger alone, he thought he heard someone whisper to him.

What he thought he heard whispered to him was, ‘I’m sorry I broke my promise, lil brother.

Jake thought he was going crazy; he looked around the hanger quickly. Nothing…. He was alone.

He looked back at the piece of metal, and then dropped his head.

“Chance…,” he whispered softly as a single tear dropped on the piece of metal.

“I want you back!” he whispered softly again.

“Why? Why did it have to be this way? I just don’t understand why you broke your promise,” Jake whispered again.


NOTE: That piece of metal Jake was holding is a part of T-Bone’s helmet.

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