Original SWAT Kats Story

Planet of the Cheetah People

By Professor Isaac Hackle

  • 2 Chapters
  • 13,674 Words

A “Doctor Who” Crossover, chapters 1-30. Dr. Who (the seventh doctor)and Ace are in search of the planet of the cheetah people when they are distracted by the Daleks, who have set their sights on Megakat City. Also e-mail the author for a special zipped file containing chapters 1-30, along with a collection of wav and image files from both shows.

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Author's Notes:

December, 1996

Planet of the Cheetah People

O.K. This is my first fanfic, so if I don’t have it right, let me know. Send me an email to pihackle@hotmail.com

This is a crossover fan-fiction, and it will hopefully do a good job of what I want to achieve. It’s Doctor Who meets SwatKats, and here’s what you need to know:

1. All the Doctor Who stuff should be pictured as in actors. Not animation. All the SwatKats stuff should be pictured as animation. It’s kind of like the Roger Rabbit effect, but fortunately isn’t anywhere near as infamous.

2. What have you seen so far:

“I have seen both SwatKats and Doctor Who”: This’ll be great. This is a wonderful story featuring the 7th Doctor, Ace, Daleks, The Pastmaster, The Metallikats, and a ton else.

“I have seen SwatKats, but not Doctor Who”: Go to http://www.yahoo.com and search on Doctor Who. Find a couple of info pages, I reccomend Doctor Who in Detail, and all the other pages. If you have a friend with an episode guide, then read through it to get an idea of Doctor Who. it’s really great, and some of the more intricate details will be put into the story in squidgy marks ( the {‘s and }’s). Important Doctor Who things is that he (the doctor) can regenerate, which means he can change bodies instead of dying. he can do this 12 times, and has done so 6. The daleks look really evil, and think they’re the best thing in the universe, and kill everything else.

“I have seen Doctor Who, but not SwatKats”: You’ll be pretty fine off, unfortunately, there’s just the FAQ on SwatKats and episode guide, get them off http://rat.org/kats and read through. it’ll help. The Pastmaster is a deformed sorcerer who’s dependent on a spell book and watch, and the Metallikats are like the cybermen, but there are only 2 of them, and they’re former gangsters.

“I have seen Neither Doctor Who Nor SwatKats”: How the hell did you end up here?

Because of the sharp contrast between the 2 shows, I’m sending this out as a package, with pictures of the major characters.

Doctor Who continuity: This story takes place after “Survival”, the final episode of Doctor Who. It featured people who were mutated into mostly cheetah people, and so as the Doctor and Ace try to find the Cheetah People’s origin planet, they stumble upon MegaKat city, on the planet of the SwatKats.

SwatKats continuity: This story takes place after “Children of the stone” by DJClawson, but doesn’t really use that much from any fanfiction story. It’s just a way to have some links if needed to SK discontinuity. This is also sort of a “Story to end all stories.”

And now our story begins.

{play SK and Dr. Who theme music now.}

Chapter 1



It was a lovely bright day in MegaKat city, and the sun was shining bright, as Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs woke up, and started writing the Mayor’s speech. Nothing much had happened recently. Everyone was either rotting in jail, or scared off to Faroe Lake {yes, I’ve read children of the stone}, and the city was pretty much in a spell of boredom, as Feral had been putting a much needed amount of funds into Skill Improvement for the enforcers, and it was being well taken.

Meanwhile, at MegaKat salvage yard, Jake Clawson and Chance Furlong were having a mid-morning practice run, and were pretty exhausted by it. Unfortunately, neither of them, as well as the Deputy mayor, the enforcers, or anyone else knew what was to come.


Chapter One–The Doctor


“Ace!!!” screamed the scrawny little man.

“Coming Professor”. was his response.

The man, known to the universe as the Doctor, was getting anxious. Ace had demanded that they find the origin planet of the Cheetah People, and as they were just finishing their journey, Ace had been seeming to take things slower and slower until they were essentially undoable because of how long they’d take.

“All ready.”

“Good. Prepare for materialization.”

The blue box, the TARDIS, as known to its crew of 2, materialized safely on the planet. Unfortunately for our friends, they were not aware that they had just landed in the MegaKat Salvage Yard. Unfortunately for anyone, they didn’t know of the coming danger…


Chapter Two–Materialization


The Doctor opened the door and was greeted by two kats wearing g-suits and masks. After his recent adventures though, he wasn’t surprised. Ace soon followed him out, but she was a bit more apprehensious than he was. She felt around in her rucksack and found that she had 6 cans of Nitro-9 left. That made her feel a little bit better, however she was still worried.

“Hello. I’m the Doctor, and this is my friend Ace.”

The kats just sort of looked at another, and then at the Doctor, and then back at each other again, and started mumbling to each other.

“I don’t know if we should let this guy go or what. He just sort of popped up in the hangar. What do you think, chance?”

“I don’t like the looks of him…he looks pretty weird, and doesn’t have any fur or stuff…I guess we could at least hear his story.”

The kats put their glovatrixes down and said one word: Talk.

Three and a half hours later, Chance and Jake were shaking their heads, and popping large amounts of Advil into their mouths, washing them down with cans of milk. Confusion settled in especially about how the two had gotten there in the first place.

“You mean to tell me that that little box over there is a spacecraft that can go anywhere in time and space?” Jake inquired.

“Yes. Would you like to have a look inside?” replied the Doctor, with a bit of a mischievous grin on his face.

“Would be nice.”

The Doctor, Ace, and the two doubtful kats went over to the little blue box, and the Doctor fished the key out of his seemingly endless pockets, and opened the door.

Jake and Chance were startled to say the least. While Chance just sort of stood there drooling with his mouth open, Jake started playing with a few controls. This angered the Doctor who gave Jake’s hand a polite little slap, and sort of shook his finger at him as if to say “Hands off, please”. The two kats just sort of looked at the Doctor, and then at each other, and then at the Doctor again, and decided that he was telling the truth. Little did they know of what was happening at that very moment.

{suspense is building…….}


Chapter Three–Daleks


{NOTE: This is where it gets fun. It’s basically an outlet for all my frustrations with certain SwatKats characters, and a great use of my favorite evil ones from Doctor Who. For the voice of a Dalek, I’m enclosing a sound file of Ace (the more human voice), and a Dalek (the metallic voice), as well as a sound of the Doctor. Fun time…}

High above the planet, beyond anyone’s knowledge, an immense battle cruiser was approaching. The passengers of the ship were very skilled at what they did, and did what they did with pride. They had only one goal in mind: Establish themselves as the supreme power of the universe. They already thought they were the supreme being, but until the one known as the Doctor was out of the way, they could start their conquest.

The head dalek was already getting excited, or as close to excited daleks get anyways, and prepared the ship to land. As it entered the atmosphere, MSA (MegaKat Space Administration) detected it on radar and sent a message to Enforcer HQ, straight to Commander Feral’s hands. This made Feral angry, because they were probably just picking up a satellite or something, and were bugging him over nothing. He was too impudent {I think that’s the right word} to care enough to investigate further.

The ship hit, and it’s crew disembarked. Over 50 of the most cruel, brutal, evil creatures in the entire universe were loose in the city, and no one was even close to being able to handle what would happen next.

Meanwhile, back at the salvage yard, Jake, Chance, and company were watching the news. As Ann Gora announced the ship landing, the kats were getting ticked about having to go save the city again, and the Doctor and Ace looked at each other and turned pale white, as they saw in the background a herd of Daleks moving into the clearing. Ann Gora was too stupid to know not to go near one, and she did just that.

“Excuse me—where do you come from and what do you want here?” asked Ann in her news voice.


Ann, her news crew, and everyone else in the area started to run in panic, which isn’t necessarily smart to do when you have 50 somethings that are more than willing to end your life prematurely, and the daleks took full advantage of this, surrounding Ann’s cameraman, who chucked his camera at Ann, who started rolling tape.



The cameraman, shivering and being freaked out as hell about this whole thing slowly came forward.


The dalek that was the most in command fired and instantly killed the cameraman. It seemed like nothing could happen to save the city now.


Chapter Four–Reaction


{More ventilated frustrations here. More fun.}

Inside the salvage yard, an interesting picture was taking place. The 4 occupants were having a heated argument about what to do about the dalek invasion.

“I say we go in with the TurboKat and blast ’em”

“No, No, No. We can’t do that. You don’t know the daleks. They’ll just blast you out of the sky. We need to make a more strategic approach.”

“But why? These robots are tearing apart the city!!!”

“Because the daleks are ruthless killing machines, who’ll stop at nothing to rule the world.”

“Sounds like the Metallikats.”

“No Chance, they just wanted to take over the city and kill Ms. Briggs.”

“Oh yeah, sorry Jake.”

“So what do we do?”

“Simple, Ace. We get in, and, much as I hate to say it, you give them the can. The Nitro-9 can.”

{Nitro-9 is an explosive Ace came up with in the series. The explosions done for it were pretty cheesy, but it’s still a cool idea to have someone who just goes around blowing the crap out of anything she doesn’t like. Actually, this doesn’t happen. The Doctor hates Nitro-9, but oh well.}

“I like that one, professor.”

Jake and Chance looked at each other and came to a conclusion: They would each take cyclotrons, and the Doctor and Ace would do whatever they wanted. The Doctor didn’t like this idea, however:

“We have to stay together. The more of us fighting the daleks at the same time, the more confused they’ll be, and the better chance we have of defeating them.”

“Yeah, but if we hit them from two different points then we can confuse them even more.”

“Oh very well. Come on Ace. Into the TARDIS.”

“Right, Professor.”

The TARDIS dematerialized, and T-Bone and Razor took off, and the retaliation had begun.




{Sorry no one got exterminated last chapter. This one kills off one of the most annoying and hateful SK characters. Enjoy.}

During the time when the SwatKats and company were arguing, the daleks were having a field day, exterminating everyone they found. Ann Gora, naturally, got all this on tape until they found her. She was too busy watching everyone else that she didn’t watch out for herself. She learned that lesson quickly.




The chirp that followed was as this:





The babbling rouse of dalek excitement led way to one firing, and exterminating Ann Gora.

{You all loved that, didn’t you??? HUH??? HUH???}



Chapter Six–Others


Sauraman, the Pastmaster was not pleased. The intruders had ruined all his hard work. HE wanted to take over this miserable world, not have some stupid robotic aliens do it instead!!! So he decided to personally attack the daleks. He went to the docks and found himself immediately picked up by dalek defense.


Sauraman, the Pastmaster didn’t even have time to blink. He was exterminated quickly, and the bones that made up his body disintegrated, forcing his soul into the vortex, to find another body to inhabit.


Chapter Seven–What’s With Callie???


{For those of you who are obsessed with Callie, bite me.}

{This chapter is for DJClawson, whom which I share an opinion with on Callie.}

Callie Briggs was not having a good day. After doing thirty or so revisions on the mayor’s speech, she then had to do all the cities paperwork, and do all the pr work, and sit around at Enforcer Headquarters for a few hours. So when she got back to City Hall, and found out about the daleks, she just started banging her head against a wall, and passed it off as one more bad thing to happen, even though the SwatKats would probably handle it.

Meanwhile on the docks…

The daleks had set up base in the warehouses, and decided it was time to call in reinforcements and were taking control of the city little bit by little bit. They had moved up a block or so, and were ready to attempt to teleport one into the main government statue, or City Hall, in layman’s terms.

The teleportation had worked, and three daleks made their way to Callie’s office, exterminating every security guard in their way.

When the daleks showed up in Callie’s office, she was two things: pissed off and scared. She was pissed off because it was another horrible thing to happen to her, and frightened because if you were surrounded by 3 evil killing machines, you’d be frightened, too.


“I can’t do it!!! No one rules the whole planet. There’s just the mayor, and he’s out golfing.” whined Callie, trying to save her skin.



“EXTERMINATE!!!” blast. Callie screamed when she saw the blast, and didn’t have time to think, as she died painfully.

{Close up of callie being dead.}

{That felt so good. So good. CALLIE IS DEAD!!!}


Chapter Eight–Enforcers Down


{play SK and Dr. Who theme music now}

Felina Feral was in a good mood. After five days of boring maneuvers training, she was pleased to finally get some use out of what she’d learned. Boarding a tank with her Uncle Ulysses, she got ready to fight. They approached the dalek central, and started firing at everything they saw.

The daleks retaliated, firing and blowing up the tanks, followed by exterminations of the enforcers inside the tanks. Commander Feral grabbed his walkie and screamed into it:

“This is Feral. Bring me Chopper Backup.”

{Two Drinks. He’s not in a chopper at the time.}

Enforcer helicopters flew low to pick up the Ferals, and fired at the daleks. They ended up getting a couple of them, but not without serious ammo losses, which ended up bleeding them dry in more things than ammo…

Feral’s chopper pilot was in such a hurry to respond to the call that he didn’t realize that the chopper was almost out of fuel. The chopper crashed, but fortunately out of dalek sight.


Chapter Nine–A brief Interlude


I HATE TED TURNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chapter Ten–Hackle


Jake and Chance decided to make a quick run to Hackle’s complex, and see if he had any weapons which they might use. Hackle, however, was a bit preoccupied.

“Dad–we need something to fight the invaders!!!”

“Oh Yaakov, I have terrible news. The Metallikats have escaped again.”

“There might not be anything left for the Metallikats to take over if the daleks get their way.”

“Yes, but–”


“Here. Take the Neural Scrambler. It might be able to help you in your quest.”

“O.K. Thanx.”

Weapon in bay, the SwatKats took off.


Chapter Eleven–Ace


Ace was in the TARDIS Lab, mixing up every variation of her favorite chemical, Nitro-9. She was lucky that the Doctor took her back to earth a lot, or she’d never get the hairspray cans to mix it in.


“Good.” responded the Doctor. “Let’s just hope it works.”

Ace was getting nervous. She had been making Nitro-9 for a long time, but the triggers always needed work. Especially since the daleks were always bulking up. With the newest one in her bag, she managed to count up 15, which is good, but you can never have too much nitro-9.

“Ready, professor.”

The TARDIS landed by the docks, and Ace prepared to prime her patented explosives.


Daleks were scurrying everywhere, when they finally noticed Ace and the Doctor.



Ace started chucking explosives. She was having a field day, especially when one got inside the dalek’s rivets near the top, and little brown green creature bits flew off everywhere the could be. After 15 minutes of fighting, Ace felt all of her frustrations vanish into blissful happiness. Also, the main dalek contingency, and the whole harbor. A very pissed off Feral approached them.

“You two are in a lot of trouble–do you know how much new docks cost???” asked Feral.

“Oh spin on it. In case you didn’t notice, we also took care of the evil robots that were destroying your city.” said the Doctor, who had a knack for getting out of things.

“You’re not talking your way out of this. YOU’RE COMING WITH ME!!!”

Feral started to drag the Doctor off, when he saw a blue light coming towards his head. It was Ace, with her magic baseball bat

{Dr. Who Reference. Baseball Bat shown in Remembrance of the Daleks, for those of you who care.}

, and she gave Feral’s head a good “Swak” with her weapon.

“Was that really necessary, Ace???”




Chapter Twelve–Metallikats


The cyclotrons got to the docks and were pretty amazed: the whole place had been blown up. O.K. so they weren’t so amazed, because, after all, the whole city had been blown up before during some of their battles. What DID surprise them was that there were no daleks in sight. The little blue box was all that was there. The Doctor was probably inside, as well as Ace.

Razor thought for a moment, and then knocked on the door. It opened, and Razor and T-Bone walked in and started gauking again.

“I STILL can’t believe it’s bigger on the inside then it is on the outside.”

“Oh, you haven’t seen much of it” replied the Doctor.

“Professor!!!” called Ace out of a back room.

“What is it???” asked the Doctor.

“It feels like there’s something outside!”

“We better look out the scanner, eh? And it would be much better if you CAME IN HERE with the rest of us.”

Two silver kats approached the box. They sensed the two were there, so they decided to steal the box, and blast it open to get what they wanted out.

“Hey Mac–This thing’s pretty heavy!”

“Ah quit your whining. You should be thinking it’s light as a feather. After all, I fixed you.”

“You can’t fix anything for crap!”

“Shut up.”

The Metallikats took the box to their hideout, an abandoned warehouse, and started firing everything they could at it. The beings inside weren’t too noticing of it, mostly because the TARDIS defense system automatically dematerialized the TARDIS whenever there was danger involved in something. It was the Doctor who noticed the motioning time column, and overstated the obvious:

“I think we’re under attack, gentlemen.”

The Metallikats were kind of curious as to this, but they didn’t know how to get in. Everytime they’d try to bash in the door, the box would just disappear and the Metallikats would end up banging themselves more than the doors. Their timing to try something like this was, as usual, dumb and mis-timed. Dumb because all their plots to do something like this were dumb and mis-timed because…


Chapter Thirteen–War Ships


The battle ship was in the process of arriving to the planet which the signal had originated from. On the way, they ran into a series of ships and deep space stations, named Enterprise-A, Enterprise-D, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager. The people on these ships were 1. human and 2. more annoying than Adric, so they exterminated them all, and blew the ships up, but only after salvaging what they needed. Unfortunately, the extra weight from the stolen goods made their course computers off a little bit, forcing them to crash…

In the docks, where Molly and Mac, a.k.a. the Metallikats were trying to bust their way into the TARDIS, when all of a sudden, a big lander module crushed them. Their heads fell about 30,000 feet, where they met Lord Magma, who quickly melted them down into nothingness.

The Doctor and company was watching all of this through the TARDIS Scanner. He saw the Daleks landing and decided to make a break for it.

“Let’s get out of here!!! Setting co-ordinates for MegaKat salvage yard. Prepare for Dematerialization!!!”

The TARDIS dematerialised, and the Daleks were free to reign terror on the city. The teleportation system they had brought with them worked fine, and landed two daleks on:


Chapter Fourteen-Manx


MegaKat golf course. Mayor Manx was teeing off of the seventh hole when two angry robots charged him yelling “EXTERMINATE!!!” in rapid chorus and succession. He jumped into his little golf cart and began careening all over the place. The daleks pointed their eyestalks at each other and began to chase.

The mayor was a bad driver. Always. He was part of the reason that the ex-deputy mayor’s car was always breaking down. He kept crashing into it. This also led to him driving his golf cart around in circles, which made him an easy target.

The daleks easily caught him. It was too easy. All they had to do was to pick out a point, lock their weapons on it, and prepare to fire at it when it came around. An easy job, and a satisfying one at that. But you’ve earned it when you’re the supreme being of the universe. They simply took their blasters, locked them on Manx’s head and


sounding like broken Hitler dolls {one drink for each EXTERMINATE}, they fired and the mayor lay on the ground, dead.


Chapter 15 – a familiar friend


Inside the TARDIS, the Doctor was pacing up and down the control room. Ace was in the back doing something or another, and he was getting nervous about the dalek war ship that had just landed. When dalek war ships landed, there tended to be a few more problems than without them.

Meanwhile, Ace was searching in the TARDIS store rooms. She was looking for anything helpful while her newest batch of Nitro-9 was mixing and settling. She was opening doors and just wandering around when she saw a box. It didn’t say much on it, except for K-9 M IV. She decided that the Doctor should see it.

The Doctor, along with Jake and Chance, was waiting for Ace to come back, and in the meantime, deciding on where they should land the TARDIS. They decided that the best place would probably be the hangar. The Doctor prepared to summon Ace.





Jake and Chance were sort of keeping quiet. All they wanted to do was to go to sleep for a while, and they unfortunately didn’t see that for a while. Jake, however, decided that he should make at least one request.

“When we get back, I need to call Dr. Sinan.” He said.

“I don’t see a problem with that.” Said the Doctor.

“Oooooh. Jake’s gotta call his girlfriend.” Taunted Chance.

“Boot to the head.” Replied Jake, and sure enough, a boot fell from the sky and hit Chance square in the head.

{Inside Joke. People who have Doctor Demento’s 20th anniversary CD, or who take Physics at Millard North High School in Omaha, NE get the joke.}

“Ow. You booted me in the head.”

“Good. Now would you both kindly shut up so I can land?”

“Professor, I’ve brought the box.”

“Huh. Oh, give me a minute Ace, I’m about to land the TARDIS.”

The Doctor went around, flipping switches and turning knobs and eventually pushing the switch that materialized the TARDIS in the hangar buried so far underneath MegaKat city Salvage Yard.

“Now then, let’s see what we have here.” Said the Doctor. “I wonder what it could be. It’s sure dusty enough to be something from the 17th century.

Chance said “If you don’t mind, could we leave now? This is getting too weird. If you want, you can stay here, but we’d really like to get off now.”

The Doctor opened the doors, and Jake and Chance went off to get back to work, and to call Dr. Abi, who decided that it might be a good idea to come over, since after all, time-traveling aliens who aren’t related to the Pastmaster are always good to see.

Inside the TARDIS, two familiar friends were about to encounter a third when the Doctor opened the box and saw the prize inside.

“K-9!!! I thought there weren’t anymore of you! Welcome home!”

“Hello Master. Hello Mistress” the little robo-dog chattered out. “All systems are fully functional.”

“Doctor, what is it? It looks like it’s a little robotic dog.”

“That’s what HE is.” Corrected the Doctor. “K-9 is my second best friend.”

“Affirmative, Master.”

“Now then,” muttered the Doctor, “We can get back to the task at hand, the daleks. I think that we better join our friends outside, eh?”

“Sure, Professor.”

The Doctor, Ace, and K-9 made their way upstairs and outside, where after getting a breath of fresh air, they made their way back inside, leaving K-9 as a guard. As they went inside, a rather large dump truck made its way towards the Salvage Yard.

“Hey Burke—Check this thing out.”

“What is it?”

“Whatever it is, let’s destroy it!”

“Right on, Murray.”

The Doctor and Ace stood back, watching all of this. When Burke and Murray got close enough, Ace shouted “K-9 BITE!!!”


“STUN THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Affirmative Mistress.”

K-9’s nose brought out a little laser beam, and shot Burke and Murray with a stun ray.

“K-9, how long did you stun them for?” asked the Doctor.

“Indefinitely, Master.”

“Good dog.”

They went back inside, and decided to ask the SWAT Kats what to do about the trouble at hand.


Chapter Sixteen-Abi Dabi Doo


Dr. Abi Sinian was tired. She was tired of the gargoyles {Children of the Stone reference}, she was tired of Jake getting maimed every other week, and she was tired because the gargoyles led to insomnia, and she hadn’t had sleep for close to a year. Eventually, she was just going to have to go on a nice, long vacation in the Bahamas, and leave MegaKat city for a long time, and maybe become fully rested. Then again with her life, fat chance.

What she WAS interested in, was the Doctor and Ace, and the TARDIS. She was a skeptic, even with all the stuff she had seen recently. She wanted proof. Or at least, that’s what she said. She really just wanted to get away from Jake for a while, since he was coming onto her very strongly, and she didn’t like it one bit.

The Doctor was more than accepting. Since they had a time machine, they could just come back five minutes later. {This is nothing like the Doctor, but oh well. I’m not perfect.}

As they entered the TARDIS, Dr. Abi gasped. “It’s bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. I don’t get it.”

The Doctor looked at Ace. “Does everyone say that or is it just me? The only person who I can ever remember not saying it is Sgt. Benton back from the days when I was exiled on Earth.”

“Well Doctor, it is rather amazing. It’s not everyday that you see a time-space machine that looks like a police box just hanging around.”

“Well Dr. Abi, where do you want to go?”

“I’m not picky. Just anywhere away from Jake for a while. Did you know that he actually tried to make a pass at me in public? Ech. I love him, but not like that.”

“How about Nova 5? A nice pleasure planet, where we can relax for a while. Then we can worry our little hearts content about the Daleks. Eh?”

“That sounds nice…Doctor…Exactly what are you a doctor of?” Dr. Abi Asked.

“Practically Everything, my dear.”

“I’m sorry I asked. Ace, is he always like this?”

“Yeah, but you get used to it. Isn’t that right, professor?”

“Hmph? Oh, yes. Right. I wonder what Jake and Chance are doing right now. I left K-9 there with them in case the daleks come back. I just hope that they aren’t trying to disassemble him and find out how he works.”

{You know what I’m going to have to do now, don’t you?}

Back in the salvage yard…

Jake was tinkering. He had popped the outer shell off of K-9, and was playing around with the insides. He had taken screwdrivers and laser tools, and was reworking K-9 so he could make sure he knew what everything did. It annoyed Chance that he was doing this, but he kept quiet. Jake always loved to tinker, and so naturally he would be playing with this. At least Jake had promised to put K-9 back in working order when he was done.

On Nova 5, however, the Doctor, Ace and Abi realized that they needed to get back to MegaKat City, so they went into the TARDIS, and a few minutes later, were back in the secret hangar base of the SwatKats. When they got out and saw what Jake was doing to K-9, they weren’t happy. However, after making him put K-9 back together, they were all happy again. Ace, however, had a weird, anxious feeling.


Chapter Seventeen-A change


{Notes for now: This part is mostly plot. Also, Some of this stuff is flashback-y. You have to see the episode of Doctor Who entitled Survival to understand all the stuff that’s happening. It will also show what Cheetah people look like. If you don’t get Doctor Who in your area, buy the home video from 1-800-TREKKER, or force your local PBS to show it. Also, Nitro-9 is an explosive contained in Hairspray and Deodorant cans. Ace makes the nitro, and fills the cans with it. I’m also listening to the soundtrack from Tommy: The movie (Yes, the one by the Who) while writing this part. The way that the music flows might affect my writing.}

“Professor! I’m getting a feeling again…”

“What do you mean? Tell me about it? Are you feeling Cheetah again?”

“I don’t know. I AHHHHHHH!!!!”

Ace turned around, and to everyone’s shock and surprise, her eyes turned bright, vivid yellow. She was turning back into a Cheetah person.

{Background on the Cheetah people: they are intelligent carnivores, and lived on a planet, which got more and more unstable each time fighting happened. The Doctor ended up fighting the Master on the planet, and it was destroyed at the end of the episode Survival. The Cheetah people CAN talk, but not very well. They are more feline than human. In our story, the cheetah people are NOT related to Kats directly, but Kats might have evolved from Cheetah people. For this story, it is assumed that they aren’t}


“Professor! I feel-I feel like I could run forever! I feel the call of the hunt! The blood on the Wind!’

{Play SK and Dr. Who theme music}

“Ace! Listen to me! You are not a Cheetah person. You mustn’t fight. You mustn’t fight! You have to overcome this!”

The Kats were confused. They had no clue what was happening, and had been confused for the whole time. They were all getting headaches, and didn’t want to get any deeper into this. They just wanted to have to work on cars, fight Doctor Viper or The Pastmaster occasionally, and get on with their lives. Time Lords, Daleks, and Cheetah People were too much for them. The Doctor kept shaking Ace, and babbling to her about teleporting. Fortunately for the Kats, the alarm rang at that time.


Chapter Eighteen-An attacker at night


{The next part is being written during the song 1921, which is when Capt. Walker is murdered. And if part of this sounds like SWATKATS: UNMASKED (Another fan fiction, not by me, but very good), is because it was a heavy influence in this part.}

“What the hell’s going on? NO one attacks at night!”

“It must be more Daleks”

“Where’s the signal coming from, Jake?”

“Enforcer Headquarters, Chance.”

“Can’t we just leave them?”

“Very funny. I’m afraid that if we do, it will let the Daleks take over the city by killing off most of the people in charge of stopping threats like them. We can’t let that happen. Come on Ace, Into the TARDIS. And remember: YOU CAN”T FIGHT!!!”


While Jake and Chance got into their flight suits, the Doctor and Ace materialized at Enforcer HQ. Ace saw a dalek behind a large car, and as the TurboKat flew overhead, she set off a nitro-9. It blew the dalek, as well as the car and part of the building, driveway, and street near it to bits. The SwatKats liked that. The car was Ferals. However, the Doctor was trying to calm down Ace, to keep her from changing further.

{Note: This is the part where the song gets really high up (the music is reflecting the tone of writing. This part is also like the end of Survival.}

Ace was surrounded. Near her was a part of Daleks circling her. She was in great fear, and circling her magic baseball bat around her head screaming


A light flashed somewhere, a horse appeared. The rider was more feline than the Kats. It spoke.

“Come with me sister. Smell the blood on the wind. Let us leave!”

“NO! I can’t leave the Doctor!”


“NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” For the first time since they left Perivale after fighting the master, Ace cried. It was the second time a cheetah person died saving her. She was furiously raged, and didn’t care anymore what happened to her, the daleks were going to pay. And weapon in hand, they paid more than anyone could have paid before. Ace felt that the daleks needed slow painful deaths. And she was not going to let them down. Ace felt that the daleks needed slow painful deaths. And she was not going to let them down.


Chapter Nineteen-Revenge


The deaths were violent. Painful. Sufferous. Ace was being fueled by pure vengeance. She wanted the daleks to feel what they had done to her. So she ripped off their eyestalks. Every dalek was now screaming “MY VISION IS IMPAIRED! I CAN NOT SEE!” and “UNDER ATTACK!! EXTERMINATE!!”

{1 Drink for each time you imagine them screaming each one. I’m including drinking game bits because they’re fun.}

She continued. The feeling was not completed yet. She punched in their sensor globes, making it impossible for them to know when anything was happening. They were sent crashing into each other, killing each other, and exterminating parts of MegaKat city, including and especially Enforcer HQ. The Doctor, Abi, T-Bone and Razor were watching in shock, never realizing what she had felt. None of them had ever felt so great a loss. And when Ace was done bashing dalek head casings in, they left.


Chapter Twenty-Soul Searching


Once back in the TARDIS, she had gone straight into her room, and locked the door. She was depressed like a mourner, realizing losses from a war. The Doctor tried to console her, but to his avail, it was doing no good.

“Doctor, it happened again. Innocent people have died saving me. First against the master {Survival}, and now again. I can’t take it. I just can’t.”

“Ace, people die. It happens. Everybody dies sometimes.”

“I guess, but this was such a senseless murder. It’s not right.”

“No, it isn’t. But there’s not much you can do to stop it.”

“Can’t we go back in TARDIS and save them?”

“NO! There are some things that can’t be done, even with the TARDIS. The first law of time forbids it.”

“Oh. I dunno. I just feel that I should be doing more.”

“What more can you do? There’s only one of you, fortunately. I don’t think the universe can handle two Aces.”

“I just feel so drained-and so empty. It saddens me, Doctor.”

“And me, too. However, if you want, when we find their actual planet, I can take you there, and you can stay and run and hunt all you want. And now, I should probably rematerialize the TARDIS. And remember what I said.”




“You’re very welcome.”

They landed. It was not a smooth landing, but not one that was horrible either. Just another normal landing for the TARDIS. Ace and the Doctor emerged.

{PINBALL WIZARD!!!!!!!!!!!}


Chapter Twenty-One-And now for something completely different


TED TURNER IS EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chapter Twenty-Two-Evil abounds


The Daleks were not pleased. Nothing had been going right. They had lost an entire battalion. The Doctor was still alive, and the planet was not there. Worse yet was that they had detected Movellan Virus containers on the planet (those things are everywhere)

{For the movellans, see Doctor Who episode: Destiny of the Daleks. On the movellan Virus, see resurrection of the Daleks.}

They decided that it was needed to up the ante. If they couldn’t have this miserable little planet, they would destroy it. However, it was not worth it. They decided that it might be more important to find out who the mysterious SwatKats were. Then they realized that they didn’t care. What did happen turned out to be the end. An end that no one was prepared for.



Chapter Twenty-Three-This is the end. My only friend. The End. Or is it???



The Salvage yard was ruined. The Hangar destroyed. The daleks had blown up the outer city. They had been following the TARDIS’s flight path. When they landed again, it was in a big pit, surrounded by metal rubbish. The SwatKats had felt the same loss Ace had. It was unbelievable, but happening. It would be impossible to rebuild. And what would they say to Feral? It was all over. They had lost. How could this have happened? This couldn’t be real.

{Your choice: You can stop reading the story now, and end it this way. Or you can keep reading and see more really cool stuff.}


Chapter Twenty-Four-Wake up


{Play SK and Dr. Who theme music}

{the next part is cheesy, and very reminiscent of children of the stone. Bite me, though. It’s fun. It’s just sort of another gargoyle, but nothing to do with what really happened.}

A gargoyle had landed on the TurboKat. T-Bone used G-Forces to knock it out. Unfortunately, it had also knocked out Razor and himself. The plane had begun to plummet. Razor woke up first, and used remote flight control from the back of the plane to recover. He then set the climate to 14º. T-Bone woke up with a start, and said “Very funny.”

“yeah, it is, isn’t it-sleeping beauty.”

“That’s your nickname.”

“I guess. I remember having this weird dream, that the hangar was destroyed, and that these evil roboalien things came.”

“The Daleks really were here, but all the links to the hangar are still up. Everything is functioning properly, Razor. I guess that all those mongo peppers have gone straight to your brain. A lot of people still are dead, and we still have a lot more fighting to do.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.”

“Come on. Let’s go home.”

{That was probably predicted by 99% or more of the audience. Oh well. I don’t care. I wanted a story that had another depressing bit in it. This gets more happy. I think that we ought to have more fun now, eh? Let’s see what Burke and Murray are up to…eh? and what about K-9? Back to them in}


Chapter Twenty-Five-MKCSY


Burke woke up first. Murray woke up next. The stun blast had knocked them out for 7 hours. They hopped in their truck and left. Unfortunately, they met up with a pack of daleks.


Burke and Murray hit the gas, and crashed head first into a dalek. It flew a large distance, crashed, blew up, and the rest of the daleks exterminated, Murray, Burke, and the Truck. Actually, they just exterminated the Gas tank. It blew up the truck.


{For those of you who are stupid, MKCSY stands for MegaKat City Salvage Yard}

In the lab, K-9 had just woken up too. In his tinny little voice, he said one word.




Chapter Twenty-Six-Where’s Abi, and Why hasn’t Jake been injured to the point of near death yet?



Dr. Abi Sinian was tired. Jake, Gargoyles, immortals, psychic visions, time lords, daleks, cheetah people, she had had it up to here. She was living. Faroe Lake never had this much trouble. And they needed a museum curator. She had inquired, never thinking she’d actually leave, but sure enough, they were willing to pay much more than MegaKat city’s museum of natural history, so she was leaving. The hardest part would be to say goodbye to Jake, but she figured that she could do that. She snuck very carefully over to the salvage yard, and sat in the office, when she heard her young hero land.

Jake was upset about the news, but agreed with her. It was too dangerous in MegaKat City. He personally flew her to Faroe Lake, and after a lot of hugging and crying, he took off for MegaKat City, and they both promised to keep in touch.

{Bite me, DJ.}

{O.K. Here’s a list of the major characters in the shows right now, and what they’re doing:

Mayor Manx-Dead Callie Briggs-Dead Burke and Murray-Dead Feral (Cmdr. And Felina)-Living SwatKats-Living K-9-Living The Doctor-Living Ace-Living Abi Sinian-Moved Away Ann Gora-Dead Johnny (Her cameraman)-Dead The Metallikats-Dead The Pastmaster-Dead Dr. Viper-Living Rex Shard-Living

(might use some of these, might not…)

Now, for the Ferals…}


Chapter Twenty-Seven-Ulysses S. Felina…o.k…


Commander Feral was ticked off. It had been a long day, he hadn’t slept for 35 hours, and his city was up in flames. It was time to strike back. However, the means were harder than the ideas. With a limited number of enforcers, it was harder to make them come true. However, Steel was more than ready to step in for Feral, should something happen. Maybe that’s why he agreed so much with Feral’s plan. Or, maybe he thought it would really work. It didn’t matter, however, when he found out that HE was supposed to lead the main enforcer contingency into battle.


“Yes, You Steel. You want my job, now prove you could really be able to do it. Should you fail this mission, it will automatically be written that Felina should be my replacement.”

“No special Favors, uncle.”

“This isn’t special. I know that you can lead should something happen to me. Unlike this coward who’s been bucking for promotion since he entered the enforcers years ago.”

“Right. I’ll lead them into battle, and WIN.”

This was typical of Steel’s overconfidence in himself. He tended to feel like he was better than everyone, and would make sure to be able to prove it. Or so he thought.


Chapter Twenty-Eight-The battle of the week


“Looks OK, commander” steel oozed over the radio.

“Good. Let’s just hope it stays that way.” replied Feral.

Steel proceeded to lead his men in quietly. Or at least as quietly as a screwed up enforcer flunky could make shift. Actually, they were rather loud, and the daleks noticed them quite quickly.


The enforcer party didn’t have a chance. They did, however, run. They ran stright back to Feral, and led the Daleks right to their master base.


Felina gasped, and hid in the shadows, keeping as quiet as she possibly could.


The Dalek reached out and shot Feral. Steel was cowering, and then, when he realized Feral was dead, he became ecstatic.



Steel wasn’t commander for very long. The most hated enforcer was now dead, and as Felina sat down by her uncle, she wondered when it would all end. All the killings, all the supervillians, all the need for the enforcers and the swatkats, all of it. When would it end? It made Felina many things. It made her hungry. It made her tired. It made her cry.


Chapter Twenty-Nine: Everybody’s Dead, so now what?


{me again. I’m showing up a lot more now, aren’t I? Anyways, the story so far has been long, and because of this, I’m giving you a short recap.

The Doctor and Ace landed on the Kat’s planet, in search of the Cheetah people (Dr. Who Episode SURVIVAL,), and met Jake and Chance. They know the identities of the SwatKats. Dr. Abi knows the secret identities of the SwatKats. Anyways, the Daleks land on the planet, and go on a murdering spree. After a couple of Attacks, Ace blows up Dalek HQ. The daleks, however, have sent a massive war squadron to the planet. They land. Inside the TARDIS, the Doctor and Ace reactivate K-9 (this is mark IV, for those of you who are counting.) Abi and the TARDIS crew, minus swatkats go on a short vacation. When they get back, the daleks are attacking city hall. The problem is that Ace is turning into a partial Cheetah person again. (SURVIVAL). When surrounded by daleks, she calls for help, a cry which is responded to by a cheetah person who saves her, but gets killed. Ace gets P.O.’ed and kills all the daleks. Ace also does some soul searching in order to find out what to do. Jake has been hallucinating. When the enforcers try to attack the daleks, they mostly die. Steel, being stupid, leads the daleks back to feral, who is killed. Steel starts being ecstatic about being able to lead the enforcers, and is shouting for joy, when he is killed by a dalek. Felina has seen all of this, but is hiding in the wings.

And now for something completely different…NOT!!!


{Theme music for SK and Dr. Who Should be played now.}

Jake was thinking. He needed to be injured. They always win when he’s injured. So he shot himself in the hip.

{there DJ, Jake’s injured now.}

The TARDIS landed.

“Jake you idiot, what happened?”

“Shot myself.”

“Well why did you do that for?”

“Because being mortally injured always means we’ll win.”

“Being mortally injured by yourself means that you’re an idiot.”

“Boot to the head.”

“You missed.”


“You’ll Live.”


“Yes Ace?”

“I think that I’ve seen these before.”

“I have too. Let’s bring them into the light, and we’ll find out what they are.”

Ace brought 5 cylindrical devices into the room. They all had really weird stamps on them, as if they were totally alien, and not from this planet. However, with what the Doctor and Ace had seen, that wasn’t surprising.

“Oy-Jake-What are these?”


“I don’t think our friend here can answer us. How about you Chance? Do you know?”

“No clue. We found them there when we were building the hangar. Never figured out how to open them up.”

“Well, there’s only one way to find out.”

“What’s that?”

“I think I can remember what they are. I was in my fifth incarnation, and we were fighting the daleks on earth. Tegan left then. But what she found was enough to remove the daleks from earth for a very long time.”

“What’d she find?”

“These. Movellan Dalek Virus capsules. Open them right, put them near Daleks, and watch the daleks die. Painful deaths. I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end.”

“And everything’s immune to it except for daleks?”


“Brill! These could be just the thing we needed.”

{One drink for Ace saying “Brill”}

“Yes, my sentiments exactly. Come, it’s time to end this, once and for all.”


Chapter Thirty-Another Ending-But is it the real one?


{For those of you who are angry when I make an ending, and make it not the ending, this is for a good reason: I’ll be thinking it’s near the end, and come up with a new idea to put in later. It’s harder to work a chapter into a story, rather than to falsify the ending, and add on. $10.00 for explination, please.}

{Play SK and Dr. Who theme music now—This should symbalize part six—A long Dr. Who, actually, just 6 parts where you are allowed to stop reading, but hopefully come back because something was stuck in your head or something.}

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