Original SWAT Kats Story

Manx’s Heroes

By Professor Isaac Hackle

  • 1 Chapter
  • 5,197 Words

A “Hogan’s Heros” Crossover. Germany, WWII, and a group of American POWs help smuggle a particular Professor Clawson out of the country.

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Author's Notes:

History of a SWATKat #1:

Manx’s Heroes

I’m back again, ruining perfectly good cartoons and other things by combining them. This time, it’s a Hogan’s Heroes spoof, which will lead into other bits.

The ‘quotes contest’ from the last 2 swatkats: the gathering stories is off. It was doomed to fail.

This story is part of a series, the next couple will be told at the end. Anyways, as far as history of a SWATKat goes:

This series is designed to set up a new background/continuity for Jake/Razor. The SWATKats don’t really appear as SWATKats in any of these, but it’s b/g info. This story covers Jake’s Grandfather (hackle) and how he was smuggled from poland to England during megawar 3 (equivalant to WW2.) The next few stories cover various other points in Jake’s life. You DO need to read the character sketches at the beginning. For those of you Hogan’s Heroes fans who are a bit dense, Manx=Hogan, Lynx=Klink. The other names are the same. I realize that it’s a lot of reading at the beginning, but it’s helpful info.

Good (and the only) Hogan’s Heroes pages are:

http://home.t-online.de/home/hamann1/hoganeng.htm Unofficial page

http://www.nick-at-nite.com/tvretro/shows/2.6/ The official Nick at Nite’s TV Land page

http://www.microsys.net/personal/franklin/ Another good Unofficial page

All the info. on the characters was shamelessly ripped off of the Nick At Nite/TV Land Page. Yes, I made modifications.

Thanx to: The creators, writers, actors, and everyone else related to Hogan’s Heroes for making the show successful enough for me to catch it in reruns. Currently, Hogan’s Heroes can be seen on TV Land at 10:00 PM Eastern Time On Nick At Nite’s TV Land on Monday thru. Friday, 11:30 AM Eastern Time on Nick At Nite’s TV Land every morning. On Tuesday through Saturday mornings, it’s a rerun of the episode from the previous night.


Sergeant Carter

Explosives expert and part-time dimwit, Carter is an

average American farm boy and prisoner of war who

often lets important information slip. But his ability to fix

anything with a motor comes in handy. His perennial

pleasantness can be counted on to find the bright side

of any situation. When Stalag 13 gets electrified

fences–making escape impossible–to Carter it’s just a

way to get fried without drinking! Carter also retains some

innocence from mid-western life! When asked to go to Paris

after the war with LeBeau, he asked if his fiancee would like the

girls there!

Corporal James Kinchloe

Technical expert Kinchloe is Manx’s chief of

operations, and the most level-headed of the crew.

Reserved and quiet, Kinchloe easily blends into the

background of everyday prisoner camp life–all the

better for spying. Of course, he’s not above joining in

on Manx’s elaborate pranks. Corp. Kinchloe is the

spy’s spy! Before the war, Kinchloe worked from the

phone company, allowing wiretaps and radio work to be

a piece of cake.

Corporal Louis Lebeau

To everyone’s delight, the irascible, adorable little

Frenchman is well known as an excellent chef,

especially to Sgt. Schultz, who is eager to note that he

cooks finer than his own wife–and is better-looking

too! A personal friend to Bismarck, the German

shepherd residing in the doghouse above the entrance

to Manx’s underground HQ, LeBeau revels in

souffleing trouble for Lynx and company.

Corporal Peter Newkirk

When Newkirk turns on that saucy British wit, you can

be sure that either women are swooning or German

officers are being duped! Always up to a good scheme

at his captor’s expense, Newkirk cracks safes as

expertly as wise remarks. Be it setting up Schultzie in a

poker game or swiping a German general’s top- secret

war plans, this Cockney corporal always has the last

laugh. Before the war, Newkirk was a party magician, and

is a pickpocket and safecracker extrordinaire.

Colonel Robert Manx

As the highest-ranking prisoner of war, the cool and

confident Manx leads his men not to escape, but to

stay put, spy, and generally confound their German

captors. Whether he’s romancing a French Resistance

woman while Allied bombs fall all around him or

impersonating a Gestapo officer at a neighboring

Gasthaus, no mission is too impossible. With Col.

Lynx as his commanding counterpart, it’s not difficult

to tell who truly runs Stalag 13. Aided by his willing

crew, Manx’s ingenuity easily transforms Lynx,

Schultz, and the occasional visiting Herr General into

bumbling Teutonic “Drei Stooges!” Even though he

is a good military man, Manx is aided by his uncle,

the Blue Manx’s standing and fame. This leads to

obvious conflict with the camp Kommandant, Col.

Wilhelm Lynx.


Colonel Wilhelm Lynx

Lynx tries hard, very hard, but he is not exactly the

prime example of efficiency. He does for German

camps what the Hindenburg did for the dirigible

industry. Unaware of the vast underground network

beneath his feet, Lynx attributes the lack of escapes to

his own brilliant commandanting. His zeal to be the best

camp commander on the block, however, is so

infectious that even Manx offers a helping hand–when

he’s not stealing one of Lynx’s cigars! Lynx is only even

in this kind of position because the Red Lynx of Megawar 2

is his uncle!

Sergeant Hans Schultz

Wunderbar! This is one corpulent sergeant whose large

mass is nearly matched by his numb skull. In constant

fear of banishment to the Russian front, Schultzie

wishes to pad out his time at Stalag 13 and get back to

his wife and kids. He often ignores Manx’s antics

because, as he is fond of saying: “In war, I do not like

to take sides!” Although he claims to know nothing, his

lips can easily be loosened by a heaping helping of

LeBeau’s yummy strudel!

OK. Now that all that crap’s settled, let’s move on to a nice, family friendly (mostly) story….

Act Zero


Chapter One


The year was the equivelant to 1939. Megawar 3 was on the brink of starting. The Kazi troops were beginning their invasion of Poland, coming from the west, while the Soviets were coming in from the east, which gave the kats there a bit of a break, as well as a little more time to escape. The kat staring out his window sighed. His country had been invaded a mere 20 years or so ago earlier during Megawar 2, and he was lucky enough to be a twelve year old then, making him too young for the draft. Now, he was slightly over thirty, and as far as he was concerned, the time was wrong for a war for him, although everyone knew the economy could use one. But then again, he never was too concerned with money, just with his knowledge. He had just completed his doctorate in engineering, and had been married just three years earlier, during the midst of the depression. Life was finally starting to look good for him, why did they have to come now?


Chapter Two


X Time Jump: 1943 X

They had finally come. He had been expecting them to come, although maybe not after this long. Four years seemed to be a long time for them to reach the center of the country, but then again, they had to fight the Russians off first. When they got near, he could hear the artillery exploding, and the guns going off, casting a red glare over the countryside, partly from the flames of the fires along the countryside, and partly from the blood. Yes, the blood. It was rare now to go somewhere and not see a wall or street covered with that dried, red liquid. The kat could hear them getting especially close, now being able to hear the reloading of the rifles and the loudly screamed, almost barked commands. He could hear the sounds of boots hitting the pavement in the intervals of drilled marching. This made him realize that he was going to be taken by them, and that would mean the end of his research. He started to get as many matches to his volumes upon volumes of notes as possible. As much as it pained him to destroy so much of his years of hard work, he wouldn’t let it get into those bastards’ paws. He was so involved in the trashing of his adult life that he almost didn’t hear the knocking on his door.


Chapter Three


“Doctor Emil Clawson?” asked the soldier at the door.

“Yes?” the kat responded.

“Please come with me.”

“No, I can’t give up my work.”

“There is no choice! This is for your own safety!”


“You are on one of the Germans’ top lists for kats to apprehend. I’m here to see that they don’t get you.”

“You’re one of those resistance fighters, aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir. Please. Come with me! We can get you to a safe place.”

“But how?”

“We’ll get you through Poland and Germany to our contact who will take you to England.”

“But my work-”

“You will be able to continue your work once you get to Britain. Please, we must leave now!”

“All right. I’ll go.”

“Come on, there isn’t much time….”

——————————————————————— ————————————-

Act One


Chapter One


Col. Robert Manx was not very happy. The underground had just delivered a message to him: their main radio contact-an allied submarine-had been sunk, leaving them without their passage across the channel. The underground also gave them their next mission, to blow up an ammo dump approximately 30 km north of camp, and something about a polish scientist that they needed to smuggle across would be getting there in about three or four days. Manx put the scientist towards the back of his head, that could wait until the kat got there. The ammo dump was more of a concern. Blowing up ammo dumps was typically an easy job, unfortunately, they didn’t have a way to arrange for someone to bring explosives into camp. Still, the on-base munitions warehouse was easy enough to break into, considering where they were: Luft-stalag 13.


Chapter Two


Luft-Stalag 13 was in a good location, as far as Prisoner of War camps were concerned: 20 min. from Dusseldorf, 15 min. from Hamilburg, and 45 min. from Berlin itself. For this reason, as well as the incompetency of the camp Kommandant, they decided to place a unit there, which would work under the German’s noses, and aid the Underground in its sabotage missions, as well as helping escaped prisoners from other camps, as well as other kats get to England. The most ironic part was that the Kommandant, Col. Wilhelm Lynx was a relative of the Red Lynx, and Col. Manx, the allies’ decided leader, was a relative of the Blue Manx, leading to a family feud of sorts that would typically set them off. After the camp was filled with Allied skillskats, they were ready to go.


Chapter Three


Manx realized that he didn’t need too many, if any explosives at all, since ammo contained gunpowder, which was explosive. A nice fuse to set it all off was hard to find, though, and to get one that would suit his purposes, he would have to get something out of Lynx. On the way, he saw Sgt. Hans Schultz the fat guard who was mostly aware of what the prisoners were really up to, but he was really a pacifist with a love of streudel, as well as a nice guy to boot, he was easily manipulated into looking the other way after six months worth of persuasion and bribes.

“Hey Schultz, how’s it going?”

“Bad. Kommandant Lynx is in a mood again.”

“Any ideas why?”

“Please, Colonel. I know nothing! NOTHING!”

“OK, Schultz. Sure. I’ll just go pop in on him myself.”

“I would NOT recommend that, Colonel Lynx is REALLY getting violent with this one.”

“Oh come on, how bad can it be?”


Chapter Four


Fraulein Helga was finding out exactly how bad that Col. Lynx’s mood was. The sound of screaming and flying books was the average indicator, and her headache indicated that it was one of the worst ones she had ever seen. The Colonel had been at it for an hour now and was making so much noise that she almost expected the Gestapo to raid for Lynx shouting something he shouldn’t have, like a secret or something. Therefore, she wasn’t surprised when the door to the hut opened.

“Hi Helga. Kommandant available?” asked the calm and collected Col. Manx.

“I wouldn’t think so, he’s in one of his states.”

Manx started nuzzling up to Helga. “Any reason why?”

“Col. Manx, please. You think that a little nuzzle can get information out of me?”

“You’re right.” Manx started to kiss Helga on her neck and cheeks.

“Mmmmm. Colonel manx, please. This is the kind of thing that a girl can get shot for.”

“Then we’ll have to be careful, won’t we?” Manx started to get even more physically romantic with Helga.

“Colonel, this is undignified for someone at your position.”

“You’re right, but war does strange things to some kats.”

“Especially you.”

“Definitely me. But down to business. What’s eating Lynx?”

“Something in the mail. Personal type letter, not something from the war department as usual. It must have been something from someone distant, I couldn’t recognize the handwriting.”

“I’ll go talk to him.”


Chapter Five


Col. Wilhelm Lynx was in a perfectly good rage when he heard the knocking on the door.

“Go away! I’m busy!”

Manx decided to walk in anyways.

“Too busy to hear our latest requests?”


“Isn’t that a bit early for a decision?”


“Oh, what’s wrong? The iron Colonel being alloyed today?”

“Manx, get out of my office.”

“Yes, sir.” Said Manx as he left. “I wonder what’s up with him?” he though.


Chapter Six


As Manx entered the barricks, the usual suspects, aka the main players aka the central unit (those important enough to have their bios at the beginning) quickly gathered around him.

Newkirk quickly asked the obvious question: “So why’s Lynx in such a ruddy knot?”

Manx gave the honest reply. “I don’t know. All I know is that he got something in the mail. What’d he get today?”

Cpl. Kinchloe gave the answer: “Our guy reading Klink’s mail is out today-sick or something.”

Manx nodded. The flu was in a strong force this year, and usually brought various people in their workforce out for a day or two. Today, it happened to be their guy who read all of Lynx’s mail. Because of this, they had no idea of what was eating Lynx. Still, they had an ammo dump to destroy.

Manx turned to Sgt. Carter: “what do we have in way of explisives?”

The American kat thought a bit and gave the data required: “about 1/4 kilo dynamite, 3 smoke bombs, a handful of fireworks, and 6 of Schultz’s rifle clips.”

Newkirk started doing a bit of number crunching. “We ought to be able to put something usable together with that, col.”

“Something usable, yes. What we need, no. that’s nowhere near enough to get through the barrier to where the actual ammo is and where we’d have to plant the bomb is too far away. What we need is more of a firebomb or something that can ignite the ammo that’s there.”

Carter instantly piped up: “we could build a tunnel. It shouldn’t take that long.”

LeBeau smacked Carter upside the head. “Do you know how long it would take to tunnel 30 clicks? It takes 2 days to tunnel across camp, and that’s 500 meters!”

Manx agreed. “That would take almost 4 months to dig to. We need this done fast. The allies need to keep the artillery from shooting them down when they do bombing runs.”

Newkirk added his 2 pence. “Why not just blow up the guns?”

Manx thought for a minute about the proposal and rejected it. “They’d just ship the ammo somewhere else…somewhere else! That’s it! We can take out the guns, and when the krauts are transferring the ammo, we can send the RAF {royal air force} on a bombing run.”

Kinchloe ruined the moment. “But we can’t radio mama bear, remember?”

{quick explanation: the radio contacts are:


the sunken subj=mama bear

london=papa bear

the replacement=baby bear}

“Kinch, can the radio broadcast all the way on our own to London?”

“it can, but the connection’ll be pretty bad. About 1/3 of all transmissions will be lost.”

Newkirk interjected a question: “Then how come we can pick up the BBC in crystal clearness?”

Manx had the answer for that one. “Because the transmission is reinforced through amplifying towers throughout Europe.”

A brainstorm hit Kinch. “Why don’t we patch ourselves into a BBC transmitter ,ten?”

Manx accepted the plan, but added a warning. “Just remember that the krauts will hear everything we transmit. Remember to encode heavily.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll get right on it.”

This mission was looking like it was going to be a success after all.


Chapter Seven


It wouldn’t. The Germans were very careful about moving the ammunition. In fact, they didn’t. Instead they just moved in new guns. However, it gave the heroes time to plan a replacement mission. It came to Manx while they were looking over an installation map.

A light bulb went off in Kinch’s head when he saw an artillery base near the ammo dump they were going to destroy. This one was enough out of the way, though, that it wouldn’t get in the way of any allied air raids, and their ammo was going to be safe for a while. They would eventually have to take care of them, they always did. However, that click in the brain sounded good. “colonel, why don’t we have one artillery division blow up another?”

“you mean feed false coordinates to those poor hard working soldiers so they kill their own? I like it.”

Kinch smiled while Manx continued. “Kinch, after Lynx goes on his nightly walk, tap into his phone and call that post.”

“Anyone I should call as?”

“No one special. Just a Luftwafe General or something.”

“Right on it Colonel.”


Chapter Eight


“…And in the latest news, the Gestapo is investigating a recent event at an artillery base 20 km from Dusseldorf, which supposedly under orders from a Luftwaffe General to bomb another German artillery base under the belief that Allied sympathizers were residing there, and they were to cover for them in an air raid. Instead, they bombed their compartriates.”

“Good Kinch. Ask them when Baby Bear should be in range?”

Kinch started tapping out Morse code into the radio, and waited for the response. “They say 2600 hours from now, Colonel. And have we gotten the latest package?”

“Tell them negative, but it should arrive soon.”


+++ACT TWO+++



Chapter One


The trek had been long ad dangerous. It was bad enough trying to avoid civilization and having an irregular schedule, their next contact points were going to be hellish. The first was a tavern in Hamilburg that was reported to be crawling with Gestapo agents on a nightly basis, and the next! Oy! The tavern, which was more a refeulling station than a real contact point was nothing. The kat had stopped on many like that before. Unfortunately, after the tavern, he had to take a map and find the next point on his own. Again, not a problem. It was always better that underground members not meet each other so if they were captured, they could not recognize or identify their fellow resistance man.

As the kat left the tavern, he could swear he was being set up but had to risk it. He looked at the point on the map what his destination was. Circled in red was a large prisoner of war camp! If this was legitamite, it would be the greatest irony of the whole war!


Chapter Two


LeBeau was still trying to figure it out. He had been picked to escort the Polish Scientist into camp. How come it always had to be him? Why couldn’t Newkirk or Kinch ever bring the escapees to camp? He knew what would happen if Carter did it and could understand why that scenario would never happen: Carter would get lost on the way back to camp. Making explosives, yes, he could do that. Finding his way in the dark? No. While brooding, he saw the flashing light. Two blinks. Time to be the early welcome wagon.


Chapter Three


The kat sat facing the west and blinked his light. “This is stupid! I’m sitting out here flashing a beacon for them to come straight for me!” he thought. He saw a figure in the shadows heading for him. “They’ve found me!” he thought, and froze with panic.

“Professor Clawson?” asked a small french kat.

“Yes, that’s right. Who are you?”

“Your underground contact. Come on, I’ll get you into the tunnel.”


“yeah, you expect prisoners of war to just walk in and out of camp through the gate?”

“You mean you’re a prisoner?”

“Sort of. More like I’m stationed here. Come on.”

Come on. The kat had heard that many times. He was brilliant, but not very movile. He followed, and after all he had seen, he wasn’t really surprised to see the kat open a tree trunk and hop down. Sighing, he followed.


Chapter Four


The tunnel wasn’t really a tunnel-it was a series of tunnels! They led all over underneath the forest, and the kats! Oy! Allied soldiers everywhere working on various things, yet still scattered about. Mostly enlisted kats, none of them above sergeant. Also, mostly American, with a few british, french, and the very rare soviet working also.

“You’re Prisoners?!’ asked the kat again, in disbelief.

“Yep. Home sweet home.”

“If you have all these tunnels, why don’t you just escape?”

“because our duty is to help other pow’s out of germany and back to england.”

“Oh, I see. Are you the one in charge?”

“No, they wanted an officer for that.”

“Ok. When will I get to meet him?”



Chapter Five


Cpl. LeBeau took the professor a bit further into the tunnel. An american kat was waiting for them.

“Dr. Clawson, I presume?”

“Yes, and you are?”

“Col. Robert E. Manx, U.S. Army Air Corps.”

“Yes, I am familiar with the type of airplanes the U.S. uses. I had a hand in the development.”

“That’s why the krauts want you! What part of the planes did you develop?”

“The engines, mostly. Wonderful pieces of technology. It can go 400 miles without refeuling.”

“Of course! They want to clone our planes!”


Chapter Six


Sgt. Schultz was not having a good day. A double shift for guard duty, bigshot lynx’s most recent rage, and now a staff car entering carrying a bigshot general. To make it worse, Col. Manx was pressuring for information and starting to come again.

“Hey schultz. What’s the bigwig doing here?”

“How should I know? They never tell me anything.”

Manx started waving a chocolate bar in front of Schultz’s face. “really?”

Schultz’s eyes started following the candy bar with great interest. “CHOCOLATE!”

“And it’s all yours if you tell me why Burkhalter’s here.”

“Please, I see nothing, I hear nothing, I KNOW NOTHING!”

“Really?” Manx pulled out another candy bar.

“Very well. Bigshot Lynx just got turned down for another promotion.”

“What a surprise. Explains the happenings of yesterday.”

“And he apparently called General Burkhalter to challenge the decision.”

“Just like Lynx. Now he’ll buckle under pressure and look like more of an idiot than usual.” Manx sighed. “Looks like I’ll have to go bail him out.” Manx said as he started walking away.

“Col. Manx?”


“The chocolate.”

“Oh, right, here.” Manx admitted as he handed Schultz the prize.


Chapter Seven


Manx always had to be careful when raiding Lynx’s office when company called, so he stopped in the barracks to listen in on Lynx and Burkhalter through their tap into his office.

“How is our boy doing?”

“Not so good, col.” Said Newkirk. “listen for yourself.”


Chapter Eight


“Lynx, how long have you been a Colonel?”

“12 years herr general.”

“12 years lynx. And if not for your uncle who was a national hero, you would still be a corporal!”

“Yes mein general.”

“Lynx, there is a place where kats rise with rank very quickly, you know.”

“Really? Where?”


Chapter Nine


In the barracks, newkirk couldn’t contain himself: “As if we don’t know where that would be.”


Chapter Ten


“The Russian Front! And unless you want to go there, I’d suggest you stop wasting my time.”

“Yes mein general.”

“Of course, there is one other way…”


“My sister is coming to visit me in a few days. I want her to be very happy while she’s here. You will take her out, you will show her a good time, and if things turn out, there could be a rise in rank through marriage.”

“Yes herr general.”


Chapter Eleven


“Burkhalter’s sister. Yuck. I almost feel sorry for lynx.”

“I agree, LeBeau. Maybe it’s not so smart for me to go.”


Chapter Twelve


Burkhalter left Lynx’s office and headed towards his staff car when a different staff car pulled in. The difference was that the new car was from the Gestapo. Burkhalter decided to stay a while and see what the Kats in Black wanted with the Col.



Chapter One


“car’s coming!” announced sgt. Carter, peeking into manx’s office.

“any idea who?”

“looks like gestapo.”

“right. Kinch, don’t pack up. Time for the next installment to this little serial.”


Chapter Two


“Major, I demand to know what’s going on!”

“the gestapo does not reveal information to just anyone who asks, herr gerneral.”

“Major hochstetter, tell me why you want to see colonel lynx at once!”

“are you threatening an agent of the gestapo?!?!?!?”

“nonsense. However, it is my business to know what is happening with the officers under my command, now matter how insignificant they are.”

“Very good, general. Come inside with me, and you can find out. By the way, You didn’t hear about the epidemic going around those who tend to be in disagreeance with the gestapo, did you?”

“What epidemic would that be?”

“Transfers to the russian front!’


Chapter Three


“they’re going into lynx’s office.”

“right. Let’s have ourselves a listen-see.”


Chapter Four


“General Burkhalter! Major! How can I be of service?”

“lynx, the gestapo always is in need of service, but not usually from you, thank goodness.”

Lynx frowned at that.

“recently, during the invasion of central poland, we were supposed to pick up a scientist who had a part in the design of some of the newest allied aircraft. However, he fled before we could arrive. He is undoubtedly in the hands of the underground, who will send him off to london. We do not want him going to london.”

“I see, herr major, that is a problem indeed, but where do I come in?”

“shut up, lynx. Some of our contacts have seen him in the area, and as it is known, the gestapo never makes mistakes. We need some of your troops to comb the areas.”

“of course, herr major. Anything you need!”

“very good lynx.” Hochstetter and lynx saluted each other and then general burkhalter. The general and the major left, leaving the colonel alone.


Chapter Five


“Great. Just great.”

“Oui Col., so how are we going to get him out?”

“Good question LeBeau. I don’t know. With just the prison guards combing the area, that means schultz, and we can get around that. However, the gestapo never works alone on this. The forest’ll be covered with ss agents.”

“so what do we do?”

“I have an idea, and it’s not the best, but it’ll have to work.”





Chapter One


“No. NEVER. I will not let myself be captured by the gestapo!”

“Look professor, we don’t have any choice. Either you turn yourself into them, or they’ll take you in the woods and we’ll be revealed and ruined.”

“I thought you were going to get me to england!”

“We are. However, we need a way to get the heat down in the forest.”

“What will you do after I am in the hands of the animals?”

“Simple. They’ll do one of two things: take you to berlin or force you to work here. If they send you to berlin, we contact the underground and they help us ambush the truck they’ll carry you on, and if they make you work here, we arrange an accident in the lab when you’re not in it, and take you out through the tunnel.”

“I refuse.”

“you don’t have a choice, you’re going to have to trust me.”

“I still do not like it.”

“We don’t have any other way.”

“What time is best for you?”


Chapter Two


Major Hochstetter was investigating the forest. He saw a kat in civilian clothes in the near area, and went to question him.


“I do not have any.”


“Where are you taking me?”

Hochstetter slapped the questioning kat. “That does not matter. You are now a prisoner of the Gestapo.”


Chapter Three


“they’re pulling into camp.”

“right carter. Remember. They’ll have to take him out somehow, or to a barracks. With this level of prisoner, they’ll probably try and ship him straight to berlin.”

“ok. What time’s the underground coming?”

“they’re out there now, waiting for the truck. They said that there were about 8 men with the ss and gestapo, so it’ll be a diversion to get them occupied.”


“yes, carter?”

“I hope this works.”


Chapter Four


“This is major hochstetter. I found the professor, we are bringing him into berlin. He will be heavily guarded, there will be no problems and he will not escape.”


Chapter Five


The female was shivering in the cold. She had a car with four flat tires, and the truck was nowhere to be seen. In the distance, she thought she saw headlights.

Her intuition had payed off. The truck stopped, and four young ss soldiers got out to help her with her car. As they were working, the other underground members quietly took care of the rest and got the truck’s cargo off to safety.


Chapter Six


Kinch came up from the tunnel into the barracks. “good news colonel. We just got word from the sub that the professor’s on his way to england.”

“Good work Kinch. I’m glad we pulled this off.”

Newkirk posed an interesting question: “I wonder what’ll happen to him.”




The following is what happened after Professor Clawson got to england:

-1 year later, Manx’s Heroes helped his wife to get to London

-3 years later, they had a son, Brian

-When Brian was 18, he moved to America and married

-9 months later, they gave birth to a son: Jake

-2 years later:

Find out the next part of the History of a SwatKat, the story showing Jake’s life outside of being a swatkat, and the things going on around him, in Rugkats. Coming soon!

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++

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-Furria: H.O.A.S. part 3

-KENT: H.O.A.S. part 4

-Kat Dwarf: H.O.A.S. part 5-conclusion

——————————————————————— ——————

Yes I read it in the New York Times

That was on the stands today

It said that dreams were out of fashion

We’ll hear no more empty promises

There’ll be no more wasted passions

To clutter up our play

It really was a good sign

The words went on to say

It shows that we are growing up

In oh so many healthy ways

And I told myself this is

Exactly where I’m at

But I don’t much like thinking about that

–Harry Chapin: “There only was one choice”

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