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SWAT Kats Hollow Arc

By Polaris the Dragon

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  • 3,046 Words

After a strange attack on his mother, Chance is forced to face a new challenge that is harder then anything he has ever faced. Jake, however, seems to know more about what is going on then he lets on. (Work In-Progress)

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Author's Notes:

Title: SWAT Kats Hollow Arc
Author: Polaris the Dragon
Date: December 5, 2013
Rating: K+
Warnings: Violence
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or elements from Swat Kats or Bleach. They both belong to their rightful owners.
Summary: After a strange attack on his mother, Chance is forced to face a new challenge that is harder then anything he has ever faced. Jake, however, seems to know more about what is going on then he lets on.

(Megakat City, 7:04 pm)

Chance, a tan furred, tiger striped kat, laughed as usual as he continued to watch the Scaredy Cat marathon that was playing. Jake, a cinnamon colored kat, sat in his favorite chair, reading the latest edition of Science Monthly, his favorite magazine to read. He was looking at the supposed newest invention, the Vertigo Cannon, which was pretty funny considering the fact that several months ago they had to go up against the Vertigo Cannon while fighting Chance’s ex-girlfriend Turmoil.

“Hey, Chance, check this out; they finally patented your girlfriend’s favorite toy,” Jake joked, showing Chance the picture of the Vertigo Cannon.

“Ha, they invented it, yah right. Turmoil was the one who finished the design, not those eggheads. Then she used it to try and blast us out of the sky. Too bad no one knows that or else they would be in serious trouble.” Chance snorted.

“Hey, check it out – they do know,” Jake said, looking at the next paragraph. “Though they claim to have built it, some of the scientists are in agreement that some of the inventors were not given credit. According to recent events, the Vertigo Cannon had, in fact, been completed several months ago by the famous Russian terrorist, Turmoil, who had used the same kind of weapon while in attempt to take over Megakat City. This testimony came from the renowned chief enforcer, Commander Ulysses S. Feral, who had faced and captured the criminal after defeating her in aerial combat.”

“That’s a lie; he only was able to capture her because we managed to blow up her ship,” Chance said furiously. “I can’t believe Feral has the nerve to take credit that is not his. He is almost starting to sound like…”

“Like Lt. Steele?” Jake offered

“Yah, Steele,” Chance huffed.

“Look on the bright side, Chance, at least next time we see Feral we can show him up. That is always good for a laugh,”Jake said, turning the page at the same time.

Chance suddenly perked up as the sound of several cars echoed through the night. Chance looked out the window to see several enforcer cars parked outside the garage. Several enforcers stepped out of the car along with Commander Feral, who wore his usual scowl, though for some reason it looked a little less severe than usual.

“Furlong, Clawson, open up – this is the enforcers!” Feral shouted.

“Oh great, do you think that they figured it out?” Chance asked in a hushed tone.

“Maybe it is for something else. Let’s go see what they want, Chance. It might not be for the reason we expect,” Jake said, trying to sound reassuring, but the look on his face gave away his true feelings.

“Alright, but at least hide a smoke bomb in case we need to make a quick getaway,” Chance said.

Jake nodded and opened the drawer in a nearby desk. Inside was a purple sphere the size of a large pearl but had a special mix in it that Jake had designed to create a large, thick smokescreen.

“Hurry up, you two,” Feral called out impatiently.

“Alright, keep your uniform on, Feral,” Chance said, walking to the front door and undoing the deadbolt. He fiddled for a few seconds with the handle but finally managed to open the door.

“Evening, Commander, is there something we can do for you guys?” Jake asked as he strode up to where Chance was.

“Yes, there is. We need to talk, Chance,” Feral said seriously.

“Wow, no insult. That is something new for you, Commander. What’s next? Are you going to start acting nice to the Swat Kats?” Chance teased.

“Now is not the time for jokes, Furlong, I mean, Chance. May we come in?” asked one of the officers.

“Uh, sure, come on in; make yourselves at home,” Chance said, stepping aside to let the enforcers in.

He led them to the TV room where the large beat up sofa laid along with Jake’s favorite chair. Jake and Chance went into the kitchen and got several more chairs, which they set up for the other enforcers and themselves.

“So, uh, what brings you guys here this late at night?” Chance asked, taking a seat in his chair. “Surely you did not come here just to invade on our hospitality.”

“No, Chance, this is about your mother,” Feral said.

“What about her, Feral?” Chance asked lightly.

“I’m going to be straightforward with you, Chance. Your mother, Amanda Feral, is in critical condition; she was found late this afternoon in an alleyway on Jefferson Street. Her body was covered with gashes that were extremely deep and looked as though it was done by some sort of animal. She was also under large pile of debris from the attack, but no one was able to see the culprit. We expect that the culprit was chasing her from the rooftops and was using some kind of blade to leave those kind of gash marks on her. We suspect it was the Swat Kats; they are the only ones who would have the technology and intelligence to pull such an attack. There was also a black mark on her back that looked like a giant hand,” Feral stated. For once, his stone cold face was knurled with pain and agony.

“A giant hand, you say?” Jake asked.

“Yes, a giant hand. Does this mean anything to you, Clawson?” one of the officers asked.

“No, it’s just I have never known anyone who could leave a large marking like that,” Jake said ponderously. “Maybe it is some sort of calling card or an outline where the assailant’s weapon hit. Anyway, maybe the attacker was not hiding on the roof. Maybe he had some sort of cloaking device. That kind of technology could have easily been bought from one of the omegas for the right price. ”

“Stop trying to do our job, Clawson. You guys are not enforcers,” another officer with red fur said.

“But, usually Clawson is right, Marie. He used to be the best when it came to CSI. It’s too bad that you are not in the force anymore,” Feral said.

“Well it is not our fault that we are no longer on the force,” Chance muttered angrily.

“I know, I know, Chance, and I’m sorry for what I did to you both,” Feral said, rubbing his temples. “I was nearly thrown off the enforcers as well after Admiral Shang saw the footage of what happened. He let me keep my job only if I would help pay the debt for the enforcer building. Of course, it was not as bad as your mother’s reaction though.”

“Yeah, I could imagine that it was a fate worse than death,” Chance said as he continued to stare at the rug.

“Hang on, you and Feral are related? You never told me that, Chance,” Jake said, looking from Chance to Feral and back again.

“You won’t see any similarities buddy. Commander Feral is my step-father; he came into the picture around the time we came to this city,” Chance said with a dark look.

“What happened to your real father, did Feral kill him or something?” Jake asked, trying to make a joke.

“Actually, yes, Jake, and thank the goddess he’s dead,” Chance said darkly.

“You can’t really mean that, Chance,” Jake replied, frowning at his friend’s behavior.

“Yes, I can and I do mean it. My father was a famous gang lord that was known for first and second degree murder, rape, drug dealing, assassination, theft, kidnapping and who knows what else. He kept my mother and me in the dark until one day she came home early after I got sick during pre-k. At the time, my mom and I thought that he was a wealthy business owner, but we never once thought that he was a gang lord. Of course, after that, Dad used me as leverage to force my mom to keep her mouth shut, and she and I were kept under constant watch in case we tried to rat him out. It continued to be like this until I turned 8.”

“It was New Years Eve, and Dad and his gang were drinking like there was no tomorrow. I was in bed at the time, but Mom was forced to serve them in a slut outfit. She waited nearly all night until Dad and his gang got so drunk they did not even know where they were. She took advantage of their drunkenness to grab me and escape from the house. We drove for miles and miles until we reached this city. We really did not have time to grab much, so it was no surprise when the car ran out of gas as we just reached the edge of the city. That is when Mom and Commander Feral first met,” Chance said.

“I was a lieutenant at the time that was just doing my patrol when your mother’s car broke down,” Feral interjected.

“Yeah, and you could not help but stare at Mom. Admit it, Feral, you like her in that outfit,” Chance teased. “Anyway, that is when we first met the Commander who helped Mom get back up on her feet after what she went through. Soon after, Dad was spotted several miles from here, but he got busted as he tried to enter into the city. He was brought into court and Mom was brought in to court to testify against him and his gang. It was not until several months later that he was convicted and given the death penalty for the crimes he committed. Those members who were with him were given life in jail without parole, though some of them actually managed to escape.”

“Mom and Feral continued to date for several more years afterwards, and, before I knew it, he asked Mom to marry him. I was in sixth grade at the time, and I got to miss a day of school, so I was happy, even though the ceremony was totally boring at the time.”

“Yah, you preferred the party afterwards,” Feral chuckled. “Especially when you got to dance with Ms. Briggs.”

“You danced with Callie?” Jake almost shouted.

“Yah, Commander Feral was friends with her parents, so they were invited to the ceremony. That was not the first time I saw her though; she was in the same class as me in school. We did not know each other too well at the time because I was really shy after how my father treated me. So, that was the first time that I actually had the courage to ask a girl to dance,” Chance said with a dreamy look in his eyes. “So, when am I allowed to see Mom?”

“In the morning. I will have Sam pick you up in the limo. Andy will be there too, so be careful. You know how energetic he can be,” Feral warned.

“Andy?” Jake asked, looking at Chance for an explanation

“He’s my 6 year old half brother; he has a ton of energy that makes even Hard Drive look like a wet bulb.” Chance laughed. “The only time he is ever still is whenever he is either asleep, eating, or doing his homework.”

“Anyway, we should be going; there is a lot to do before this night is over,” Commander Feral said, getting up along with the other enforcers.

Chance escorted them to the door and watched as Commander Feral and his team got into their cars and left. As Chance re-entered the living room, he kicked a nearby piece of junk.

“Can you believe it, Jake? Feral is trying to pin the blame on us for my Mom’s attack, and he does not have any proof.”

“I know, I mean we both know he hates us, but this is extreme even for Feral,” Jake said, picking up the cans Feral and his men left behind. “Besides, I am more worried about what attacked your mom then who is to blame. Jefferson Street is a pretty packed place, and it is not like someone not to see a kat chasing after someone.”

“Well, like you said, it could have been a cloaking device,” Chance said.

“But, they still would have noticed that your mom was running away from something. Not to mention that giant hand has me worried. What kind of weapon or creature could have….” Jake began.

“Hey, what’s wrong, Sureshot, you forget what you were about to say? “Chance asked

“Uh, no. I was just thinking to myself. Anyway, I am heading to my room. There are some things I need to work on before I go to bed,” Jake said, heading for the stairs.

“Uh, ok. I’m just going to stay up for a bit,” Chance said, though not in his usual carefree voice. “There are a few more things I need to do also before I hit the hay.”

“Alright, just don’t stay up too long,” Jake said.

Chance grunted in response and headed for the kitchen.


(Jake’s P.O.V)

Jake walked up the stairs to the second story of their apartment/home and made his way down the hall to where he slept. He entered in and quickly closed the door behind him, hoping that Chance would not hear him. Jake then quickly crossed the room to where a large wood box lay and opened it and began to rummage though it, hoping that what he needed was still there.

“Ah ha, there you are,” Jake said, pulling out a normal candy dispenser. He clicked the dispenser, and a small green pill fell out onto his paw. “Well, it sure has been some time since I have needed you, Mod.”

With a smile, Jake popped the pill into his mouth and immediately felt himself separate from his body. The mod Jake looked around frantically then noted Jake, who was in his normal black kimono with a white vest on top.

“Jake-san!” the mod cried, leaping onto Jake and nearly toppling him over.

“Calm down, Mod, do you want Chance to hear us?” Jake said, pushing the mod off of him. “Anyway, I am going out to investigate something, and I need you to stay here and pretend that you are working. I don’t want Chance catching on that I am not actually here.”

“Got it, Boss, you can count on me,” the mod said with a salute.

“Good, I will be back as soon as I can,” Jake replied as he opened the window and leapt out.

He managed to land in midair several feet away from the house. Jake let out a sigh and pulled out a cell phone like device and flipped it open, and, much to his disappointment, the navigational screen on the inside was blank, which meant that the hollow that had appeared had returned to Hueco Mundo or was hiding its spiritual pressure.

“This is not good; I wonder why a hollow would attack a random kat like that. Usually, the only reason they would attack someone is if they have a high spiritual pressure or if they are somehow related to the deceased soul.”

“Captain Clawson,” someone shouted as two kats landed on the roof of the two story house. “We have brought a report to you from the Captain Commander. It is on a new hollow that has appeared.”

“Really, what’s the word on this new hollow, Rusty?” Jake asked.

“Well, this new hollow has been attacking kats sporadically and then just disappears into thin air. The science department is trying to find any connections that the kats have, but so far no luck,” the kat named Rusty said. “According to the report, it attacked another kat today on Jefferson Street.”

“Let me guess, her name was Amanda Feral,” Jake said with a frown.

“Yes, how did you know, Captain? Did someone already give you this report?” the second kat asked

“No, but my friend down there was the son of our newest victim,” Jake responded, turning towards the city. “Commander Feral, her husband, was the one who broke the news, and I can tell you Chance did not take it well.”

“So, what are your orders, Captain Clawson?” Rusty asked

“My orders are we go into the city and check on the latest victim, and then one of us will keep watch on her while the other two search the city to see if this hollow reappears. We will switch every half an hour. I will take first watch followed by Rusty then Ash. We will keep watch unless otherwise notified,” Jake said, turning to face Ash and Rusty.

“Yes, Sir,” the two kats replied.

“Alright, then scatter,” Jake said.

With that, the two kats took off towards the city with Jake close behind. Tonight was going to be a long night for the team, and, even worse, it was going to be a long day tomorrow for Jake. But, it did not matter; they needed to stop this hollow before it could consume any more souls.

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