Original SWAT Kats Story

An Appointment with Britannia

By Peter Vine

  • 3 Chapters
  • 7,740 Words

(Unfinished Series) The SWAT Kats discover they have some new allies — Ace and Silver. Rated for heavy profanity and violence.

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Author's Notes:

(Well Here It is, the third installment in the series. Where TheSwat Kats and their human companions fly their first mission. Above all though ENJOY!!!!- Pete.)

Chapter 3


AWB3- By Peter Vine.

Sergeant Corbec had watched the Tv moniters one last time beforegoing out on a perimiter patrol on the ship. He set the

plane in autopilot and called for his callpilot to come to thecontrol room on the com-net. Nothing. Then the net came into life.

It was corporal Milo the co-pilot alright but he sounded asthough he was in some sort of panic.

“We have a problem!!” he stammered over the net.

“What Milo??? WHAT??” Corbec demanded.

“Genestealer infestation code 8 ughhh!” he moaned as he felt themonster’s juices run through him.

“Code 8!!” Corbec thought, highest code for a infestation.

“Milo? you still there?” Corbec asked.

“Yeah just” Milo anserwed.

“I’m separating the ship ASAP, scanner shows no blips in my halfof the ship. My astropath will send an emergency SOS signal to yourwhereabouts”

“Go for it save yourself!” said Milo with his last breath he thengroaned into his death throes.

Corbec pressed the emergency releasy button and ordered theAstropath to send a signal to any Millitary ship or base within rangeof the Astronomincan.

After the ship separated he set off for the nearest planet.looking back he felt hatred for the unknown invader that had invadedthe Imperium from another

galaxy. He was still thinking it when he heard a set of taps justabove the control room. Corbec reached for his autopistol. Suddenlyfrom above the ceiling

collapsed and down with it came two Genestealers.


“System termination command voice authenticatied” said thecomputer “to start auto-destruct sequence push lever HAUTO-D”.

Corbec fired wildly at the genestealer. He looked at it. It hadfour arm, two of which had heavy talons on them capable of tearingeven twenty inches of titainium apart.

It was purple and had razor sharp teeth. It was the perfectkilling machine. It lept at Corbec, Corbec dived out of the wayfiring his autopistol. It hit the genestealer

and tore its head apart. He stood there for a second trying toget a breather. Then a talon went right through him. Followed by asecond, thrid and forth one. He turned to see

that he had impaled the Astropath as well. With his last breathhe kicked the self destruct secuence into action…

Chance and Jake had gotten used to officers mess in the basewhere they had moved to. The local pub was equaly enjoyable and witha local american CAP base just up the road there

was an amercan bar nearby as well. The base was basicaly anrepair shop the only military traffic that is in the base is the ECIDHarriers and Archers and a refitted TurboKat. Steve and Bill

also were doing well, most of the time working out and at nightgoing the pub or the bar to basicaly get drunk. The four werecurrently sorting out daily newspapers that intrested them, when

they heard some slaming, some banging of some doors and someshouting.

The shouting was between Comander Feral and Commissar Nickholas’ssecretary.

“Bring him in for god’s sake” Nick said as he pressed theintercom.

Feral strode in and did not look a happy man.

“What seems to be the problem Mr.Feral?” asked Nick looking atsome documents.

“I’ll tell you what the problem is, you ordered the transfer ofthose two idiots before they paid off their debt to our society. Nowif you do not give them back I’ll…”.

“What take me and the department to court?” chuckled Nick.

“You find this all a big joke don’t you?” Sneered Feral.

“No I don’t” said Nick, his face now very stern and still lookingat the documents “if you refer to the ‘interdimensional treaty fornew workplace employment systems’ says if any person(s) would like to

transfer in their job it is not just up to them it is up to theirold boss and future boss to sort things out. Now you either aggreebecause I’ve paid the bill for the water tower and other assorteddamage to the city from which film fotage

suggests that you flunked up and used the two in question asscapegoats (defintion=People to blame i.e if I steal a book and mybrother was with me at the time I could blame it on him, use him as ascapegoat!-Pete)

now we would not like to see your ‘touch wood’ illustriouscarerer go down in flames if a certain two Kats take you to court forunfair dismissal loaded with new evidence would we now?” said Nickwith a smile that he

always had with proud and arrogant people like Feral.

“Are you balckmailing me?” Feral asked shocked after what he hadjust heard.

“Well……yes, and due to interdimensional relations it lookslike your hands are tied, you’ll have to aggree with me and you can’tspeak out about it!”

“Look if yo..” again Feral was cut off.

“Good bye Mr.Feral”



“You will not hear the last form me!!!”

“Yeah yeah don’t let the door hit you on the way backplease….mggdhdhd…Ha hahahahahah!!!” laughed Nick.

“Ahh look” said Jake looking at the Megakat daily jobappointments page “It’s got our name on it!”.

“Great” said Steve “same here” he said while reading the Londonillustrated News.

The four were in their office. Very small but not much in it thathad anything to do with an office inside. There was a LCD hanging onthe wall with Satelite and Cable connections, a fridge (icebox forall Yanks out there-Pete),

and a coffie maker. The only thing to do with an office in therewas a computer screen, and a touchscreen keyboard, plus a phone, faxand pinboard.

“Chance, Jake, Steve and Bill please head to the breifing room”said the intercom in their office.

“Well looks like we’re needed” said Chance sipping his coffie.

“Lets go and hurry up with that coffie, you know how Nick hatescoffie in the breifing room” Steve reminded Chance.

Soon they were in the breifing room (the place with theconference table in it) at the top of the table was Nick who as usualwas looking at official papers.

“Mornin men!” said Nick in his cheerful mood.

“Morning sir” said Jake. It always sounded unfimiliar for him andChance to say ‘sir’ again. This time round their superior was theirfreind for whom they held the greatest respect for. But it was thewierdness of it

that reminded him of that fateful day of when the got kicked offthe force and into that shabby old garage. He hated those first daysuntil him and Chance found all that great stuff there. But he forgotabout that and listened to Nick.

“Now if you look to your screens I’ll show you the mission inhand. On the screen is a picture if ‘The Vengance’. This ship failedto call in on it’s regular call in’s set-up by the Imperial Spacefleet solar in light of the arms embargo.

Instead it set it’s newly fitted dimension drive and blew intodimension space. It showed up on Comonwealth scaners twelve minutesago. It’s somewhere between Mars and Earth. My team have checked allthe media connections to the public and have found nothing.

The Secretary General of the second world UN, The Prime Minister

and the Administratum of the Imperium have been breifed and wehave decided to send in you four with two squad of Space marines intactical dreadnaught armour provided by the Space Wolves Chapter ofthe Adeptus Astartes of the Imperium. They will provide tacticalsupport

and please remember you four are in charge of all operationsconcerning this matter. The marines will be under your overallcommand.

If that ship and whatever that is inside gets to earth, it willhave catastrophic effects on all three Allied Dimensions. Anyquestions?”

“Has the crew been found?” asked Jake.

“Only the ashes of the pilot of the ship his part of the shipblew up, the co-pilot and the rest of the crew are yet to be found.

Ok then we shall clear the airways to let you lot through andremember guys, you have to get rid of all the people inside the wholeship, you will be breifed with new orders and info when you getthere, anything else?…great dismised!”.

Later as the two planes were taxing off to the launch point. Itconsisted of a short underground runway which ended in what lookedlike a ski jump. T-Bone tried to remember the new take off routine:

“Move in front of ramp, check vectoring postions for both stilland rolling take-off, landing and normal flight. After you’ve donethat you prepare for rolling take off and start movvinng!!!” hethought as he put the latter parts of the rolling take-off intomotion.

The Turbokat, with the ability to do new take off and landingmovements fired up it’s three Rolls Royce Dimension MkIV engines intofull power and shot up the waiting ski jump and into air.

“Now you know how you do it off a ski jump!” said Ace on theradio-net as he followed suit up the jump.

“I know, quite a new expirience, amazing how you go straight up!”Returned Razor “Now ready to engage dimension mode in5..4..3..2..1..go”.

“Roger that TK leader” said Silver “engaging in5.4..3..2..1..go”.

The wings of both aircraft, already in their supersonic positionnow pulled back into dimension position, the engines flared as extrafuel was pumped into the engines then exploded pushing both aircraftforward. after a few seconds one of the aircraft began to disapear,then the other, soon you could

only see half of the aircraft and then seconds later bothdisappeared into the hole. What lay beyond the hole was what lookedlike one big thunderstorm, massive clouds showed shadows of otherwarp traffic, even some long desserted ships condemmed to the warpafter the engines on their craft shut down. The

colour of the warp was a kind of bluish purple, the cloudsdeffinate blue. In fact everything was either black or blue, this wasdue to the fact that there was no proper light source in the warp,only the massive bolts of lighting comming out of the warp stormsplus the glow of the massive engines needed

to propel the craft to their proper destination.

“Found exit hole, extending conductior” said Silver staring athis console looking for any signs of faults in the planes avionics.

Soon they were in the frontiers of the solar system space. Then asmall ship came into veiw, followed by another bigger ship.

“Must be the suspect ship and the imperial ship.” commentedRazor.

“ATTENTION incoming message from ECID HQ sender CommisarNickohlas.” the computer said.

Suddenly Nick’s face appered on the screen.

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